To The Implementation Of The Law On State Investniční Loan Traffic

Original Language Title: k provedení zákona o státní investniční půjčce dopravní

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the Government of the Czechoslovak Republic

of 14 July 1999. April 1921,

implementing the law of 18 March 2004. in March 1921, no. 126 Coll. and n.

State investment loan traffic.

Change: 397/1921.

Change: 214/1933 Coll.

§ 1.

The Minister of Finance shall be entrusted to the Government loan made out according to the law of

March 18, 1921, no. 126 Coll. and n., to cover investment needs

the Ministry of posts and telegraphs and the Ministry of railways, according to budget

State investment in the year 1921.

§ 2.

Debentures will be bearer and zníti zúrokovány 6 out of 100

zpětmo. The bond will be attached to each 50 six-monthly coupons.

Coupons will be splatny 1. March and 1. September each year starting from the year of

1922. The Minister of Finance shall determine in which pieces of the debt obligations will be

vydávati. Each piece bears the signature of the Finance Minister and snapshots

President of the Supreme financial control authority.

§ 3.

This loan will be repaid by the end of 1946 by debt

subscriptions will be drawn in 40 six-month moves starting from 1 January 2006.

December 1926.

§ 4.

The loan will be divided according to the issued units at 40, if possible the same

parts, each of which will be drawn in the six-month moves way

designated by the Minister of finance.

The winning part will be published in the Official Gazette.

The strokes will be under the supervision of special konati publicly by the Commission, which

the Ministry of Finance shall establish, with the participation of the Supreme financial control

the Office. The place and the hour shall be notified in the Official Gazette no later than the day before

stroke. About the slosovacím performance will lead the Commission special registration, which will be

signed by all the members of the Commission.

§ 5.

On each bond winning part of the payee will be paid in three months

After the stroke, the nominal value of the bond at the Central Treasury in Prague,

or other plateben to be determined as Minister of finance.

If the day of the stroke (section 4) or the maturity date on a Sunday or a holiday,

It will move, or payout konati nearest everyday.

§ 6.

The obligation of the State of vypláceti interest on debentures expires the winning

the date on which the bond is payable.

In the payment of the nominal value of bonds must therefore be the winning

returned with all the coupons in the bond maturity date of the bond even

juvenile; If not so, collides with when the value of these

even juveniles of coupons.

§ 7.

Persons appointed under section 4 of the law of 18 March 2004. in March 1921, no. 126 Coll. and

n., distinction, of the applicant for the establishment of a telephone subscriber stations

shall communicate to the competent authorities (Directorate General of post and Telegraph) amount already

According to the law are required to upsati. These persons shall be carried out under the consequences of the

poznačenými in section 10 of the Act subscription to 30. June 1921 for

postal cheques Office in Prague on the subscription applications,

run out at the same time stating the amount.

Applicants for establishment of the participating stations subscribed by phone without prompting

at least the amount specified in paragraph 4 of the first paragraph in the law; in

these cases shall be carried out under the consequences of the poznačenými referred to in section 10

Subscribe to the law 30. June 1921 for the postal cheques Office in Prague

applications to the subscriber upon request receive at that Office. Mail

management will be the establishment of new stations, preferably přihlížeti to úpisům

of the applicants.

§ 8.

Industrial companies, coal mines, and skladištím, which are

associated vlečkami with railway stations, separate reception area and stops

public and private railways in the area of the Czechoslovak Republic, stores

to commitments already made for each car, which is loaded on the train, according to the type and

the value of goods loaded:

and the amount of CZK 200) each vehicle shipment:

1. ordinary goods fast,

2. quick, discounted goods

3. live animals

4. goods goods CL. I. and II. and bulky goods,

5. goods of class A

6. kitchen salt;

(b) the amount of CZK 150) each vehicle shipment:

1. goods of a special tariff 1,

2. goods of a class B, if not below c) and (d)) made the exceptions

3. salt factory (denatured);

(c) the amount of € 100) each vehicle shipment:

1. goods of class C, d) if they are not made of the exception,

2. goods of a special tariff 2 and 3,

3. the old iron and steel item z-8 and,

4. all kinds of coal, briquettes and coke;

(d)) the amount of $ 50 for each vehicle:

1. building tools item S-40,

2. ordinary building bricks and tiles (žlabovnic) from mid-C-4,

3. lime to be burned for the purpose of construction of pol-2,

4. that pulp of lying, wet from pol. C-9,

5. šámy sugar from pol. H-6,

6. plain of sand and clay from the ordinary pol of-2,

7. gravel and raw quarry stone from pol. K-3,

8. fuel wood from pol D-26,

9. empty packaging, beer barrels, crates with empty bottles

mineral waters, waste,

10. broken glass shelf with-48,

11. Cinderella to fertilization and litter from the streets of mid-H-6


Jurisdiction the goods to individual tariff classes (hence the goods

included in the exceptional fares) apply only to the provisions of the railway

the tariff bill of lading also separate. (B).

If the body of the different kinds of goods, the consignment within two neb and

multiple valuation classes, top in the first paragraph of this section

referred to above, the subscription according to the type of goods belonging to a higher,

Alternatively, the highest class value.

The amount, which the owners of the cars are required to upsati, according to the amount of

cars on a siding in 1920, loaded.

The owner of the siding, or the lessee may, calls for the deposition unless specifically about it,

upsati the amount according to the annual average of all cars in the last three

years (1918, 1919 and 1920) on the siding, or složišti loaded.

Owners of cars that have been or will be disposed of during the year 1921, transport,

are required to subscribe to the transport investment loans under the same arrangements with

the change, that the amount of loans will be charged at the rate of

dvanáctinásobného the number of cars on the siding in 1921, at an average of one

month loaded.

The provisions of the preceding two paragraphs shall also apply for the tenant složišť and

under the. and for the loading and unloading of wagons on a plain line.

The relevant Directorate or Directorate of the State Railways (management) tracks

other sidings owners, shall notify the složišť and below. through

postal cheques Office in Prague of the compulsory subscription of, and will be

the owners of the cars, složišť, etc. obliged to under the consequences of the provisions of § 10

law of 18 April. in March 1921, no. 126 Coll. and n., 30. June 1921

the amount, according to the above provisions of them assessed, directly at upsati

the post office in connection with cheques in Prague.

Directorates (Administration) of all Czechoslovak railways other than Government

are required to communicate to the maximum of 14 days, starting from the date of the Decree

of this regulation, the post office cheque list owners of cars with

the amounts of the statutory obligations of the individual owner, there is a tenant, složišť

etc. per and the Ministry of railways at the same time submit

accurate documentation, on the basis of which statutory bond was calculated.

§ 9.

Shippers of shipments in section 6 of the law of 18 April. in March 1921, no. 126 Coll.

and n., referred to are required for each vehicle shipment, which in

some of the station, the bus stop and a separate reception area of the State and other railways in

1921, starting from the day of the 9. May 1921 prokázati is way below

that the subscribed amount for each car 200 Czk, $ 150, $ 100, or 50

CZK according to valuation of goods in section 8, paragraph 1. and). 1.-6, para. (b)). 1.-

3., para. (c)). 1.-4. (a). (d)). 1.-11. of this regulation,

said. The provisions of § 8 of this regulation of different kinds of goods of the same

wagon, covered by the different valuation classes also applies to

the sender of the wagon consignments in section 6 of the Act poznačených.

Senders of these consignments notes shall be carried out either at the post offices or

General upisoven, which will be officially announced.

Postal authorities issue Subscribers immediately when you subscribe for specific official

check mark with a sign: "an investment loan of transport of the Republic of

"On every one of the subscribed £ 50 stamp.

If they are notes for other upisoven, the post office will issue a checking these

check mark only on request through upisovatelovo

upisovny. The sender is under the consequences of the provisions of § 10 of the Act of

March 18, 1921, no. 126 Coll. and n., shall render to the competent

staničnímu Office of the railway when offering to sell your goods so much control

the signs that correspond to the amount of vagonových consignments and valuation of goods in

the first paragraph referred to. (E.g.: two full live

animals 8 control marks, 10 wagon consignments of šámy sugar

10 control stamps.)

§ 10.

Subscribers according to sections 4 and 5 of the Act of 18 June. in March 1921, no. 126 Coll.

and n., control of the mark referred to in § 9 of this regulation will be issued.

§ 11.

The provisions of section 7 of the law of 18 April. in March 1921, no. 126 Coll. and n.,

the Ministry of railways will carry out special returns that will issue the child

the authorities of the Czechoslovak State Railways, as well as on the management of other railways.

§ 12.


§ 13.

Administrations of all other than imposing a Czechoslovak State Railways

the exact implementation of the law and of this regulation, as well as the obligation to

comply with all instructions, the Ministry of railways for the purpose of

the implementation of this law.

§ 14.

Plays, the subscription rate, as well as the conditions of subscription and payment

It is for the Minister of finance.

§ 15.

This loan is exempt from income tax (rentové).

§ 16.

This Regulation shall enter into force on the date of publication.

§ 77h

The Ministers of finance, post and Telegraph and railroads are hereby directed to this

the regulation made.

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