Amendment Of The Act On The Organization And Implementation Of Social Security

Original Language Title: změna zákona o organizaci a provádění sociálního zabezpečení

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265/2002 Sb.


of 30 March 2004. May 2002,

amending Act No. 582/1991 Coll., on the Organization and implementation of

social security, as amended

Parliament has passed the following Act of the United States:

Article. (I)

In Act No. 582/1991 Coll., on the Organization and implementation of social

security, as amended by Act No. 308/1993 Coll. and Act No. 241/1994 Coll.

§ 11a including footnotes # 73a and 73b)) reads:

"§ 11a

(1) the Ministry of the Interior provides under a special legal

prescription ^ 73a) Czech social security administration from the information

system of population register in electronic form in a manner allowing

remote access to the following information:

and) name, surname, or change them, maiden name,

(b)) date of birth,

(c) gender and its change),

(d) the municipality and district of birth); for the citizen, who was born in a foreign country, only

State of birth,

(e)), social security number,

f) country of citizenship,

g) address of the place of residence, including the previous permanent addresses


h) origin of the residence, where appropriate, the cancellation date data on the place of

permanent residence,

I) deprivation or restriction of legal capacity,

j) prohibition of the residence and its duration,

k) social security number, father, mother, or other legal representative; in

If one of the parents does not have a social security number, date of birth,

l) marital status, date and place of its changes,

m) spouse's social security number; If the husband is a foreigner who does not have an assigned

social security number, name and surname,

n) social security number of the child,

about) adoption of a child,

p) date, place and County of death; for the citizen who died abroad, only

the State of death.

(2) the Ministry of the Interior says the Czech social security administration

details concerning those over 15 years of age,

and the allocation or change), social security number,

(b)) about changing the name or last name,

without the request within 15 days of the date when such data become part of the

the information system of the population register.

(3) Czech social security administration from 1. January 2003

and the Ministry of the Interior shall submit the supporting documents) necessary to determine, where appropriate,

correct the social security numbers of citizens born before 31 December 2005. December 1968,

(b)) may apply for a social security number or allocation repair issue

instead of a social security number, where appropriate, the Ministry of the Interior, where the reasons

for its allocation or repair under special legislation. ^ 73b)

73A) Act No. 133/2000 Coll., on registration of the population and the birth numbers and

amendments to certain laws (law on population register), as amended by Act No.

2/2002 Sb.

73B) § 13 to 17 of Act No. 133/2000 Coll., as amended by Act No. 2/2002 Coll. ".

Article II

This Act shall take effect on the date of publication.

Klaus r.

Havel, v. r.

Zeman in r.