Closed On Italian-Czechoslovak Conference In Trieste

Original Language Title: uzavřené na italsko-československé konferenci v Terstu

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14/1924 Sb.

Of the agreement

closed on Italian-Czechoslovak Conference in Trieste

on 21 February 2006. December 1922.


Change: 130/1928 Sb.




The agreement concluded on the Italian-Czechoslovak Conference in Trieste, Italy.

Terstská Conference of the edification of the Czechoslovak service port


The Government of HIS MAJESTY the KING of the ITALIAN with one side, and the Government of the REPUBLIC of

With the other party of the CZECHOSLOVAK full effort to povznésti traffic from

Czechoslovakia and the port of Trieste to Czechoslovakia agreed

uzavříti agreements and arrangements relating to the

1. local fees,

2. plan of the Adriatic,

3. direct freight trains,

4. the rates of marine,

5. service, Telegraph, telephone and radiotelegraphy and

6. passports

for this purpose, and to identify as their plnomocníky

HIS MAJESTY The KING Of The ITALIAN Gr. Uff. Dott. Igino Brocchiho, State

the Council, the

The PRESIDENT of the CZECHOSLOVAK REPUBLIC p. Vojtěch Krbce, legačního

Secretary-General of the I class, and the preferred Department in the Ministry of foreign things,

who vyměnivše their full power, which they found in good and due

negotiated and signed the form attached agreements and arrangements.

These agreements will pay through the nose for one year with the exception of the Special

the provisions of article 7. arrangement no. 5. With the exception of no. 5 of the agreement and arrangement

# 6 can be deduced from these agreements only together with the prior

Notice that one of the two High Contracting Parties three months before the

the expiration of their validity. If not terminated, their

force always for another year.

Without prejudice to the rapid implementation of those agreements and arrangements that may

to enter into force, it shall enter the way administrative agreement negotiated

into force after approval by both Governments in accordance with the legislation of each State.

Which was responsible for the above mentioned representatives have signed this Protocol. Given in the

Trieste in French in duplicate, on 21 February 2006. December



KRBEC in r.

For Italy:



The agreement on the fees of local.

The Italian Government provided through the Royal Main warehouses in

Trieste for sugar produced in Czechoslovakia the following reductions in the

referred to the major Warehouses:

| | | Current rate | Reduced rate |

| Direct shipment | L | 0.35 | 0.25 |

| Shipment through the hangar | "| 1,20 |1,- |

| Input and output from the warehouse | "| 1,60 |1,- |

| Right on board | "| 1,- |0,70 |

| Vážné |" | 0.10 | 0.05 |

| Jeřábné | ' | 0.20 | 0.40 |

| Storage | "| 0.10 | 0.08 |

per 100 kg and the week.

Current free store two-three week extends the main neb

the warehouse on sixteen weeks in favor of the sugar produced in the


If enabled, the main Warehouse of the general reduction of the current rate,

will be given an additional proportional reduction in favour of Czechoslovakian sugar

up to 15% of the fees reduced as a result of this agreement.

If, however, the aforementioned general reductions achieve neb exceeding rates

provided for Czechoslovakian sugar this agreement, will be provided for more

15% reduction in the rates of the main storage of newly introduced.

If at the time of 12 months from the entry into force of this agreement, the total

exports and imports from Czechoslovakia and to Czechoslovakia through Trieste reaches

the amount of 120,000 (stodvacettisíc) tonnes, will be reducing local taxes

contained in this agreement subject to revisi.

The Italian Government will provide in this case and for other bulk goods

originating in Czechoslovakia, as magnesit, malt, barley, hops,

cellulose, paper, iron and steel polozpracovanou, beer and packaged goods

glass, free store in the Main Warehouse in Trieste at the time

not exceeding four weeks, as well as a reduction of current rates in the same

a warehouse in an amount proportional to the top marked decrease for sugar.


KRBEC in r.

For Italy:



The agreement for the next plan.

Noting the importance of the port of Trieste, for international imports

and exports, the High Contracting Parties undertake to offer to each other

tariff relief on its runways for goods passing through by the said


For this purpose, the High Contracting Parties to provide mutual assistance on

international conferences, to agreements with railway

administrations of other States participating in the next plan.

The High Contracting Parties will exercise for the duration of this agreement

Adriatic tariff, in the version that will be published 1. January 1923.

Czechoslovakia accesses on a provisional basis for a period of six months, on the provisions of the

point 3. contained on page 13, paragraph 5., 6. and 7 of the Protocol.

Rail Conference bolzanské of 24 September. October 1922 (see annex), in

which is granted to the head of the administration of the tariff privileges to do

without the prior approval of the other administrations the appropriate

measures for the purpose of tariff adjustments according to changes in the conditions setting out its


Such accession shall apply with the proviso that for stations situated in the North of the

the demarcation lines of Cheb-Prague-Bohumín is not exceeded the final frontier

reduction provided 60% of the local rates of Czechoslovak.

But in the Adriatic may be made to the fare changes to the agreement, the agreed

between the railway administrations of the High Contracting Parties.

The head of the administration of the plan will not be able to zavésti for shipments from the

stations or stations lying south of the demarcation line of the above-mentioned discounts

reserved for the shipment of vypravené stations or stations placed on the

North of this line.

In the event that the parties of the federal railways of Austria or the parties

The company of the Austrian southern railway was the current tariff Czechoslovakia-Trieste

denounced by the Government, they undertake to Italian and Czechoslovakian vytvořiti new

tariff – Trieste, corresponding to the spirit of this agreement. The provisions of the

This agreement will set out to do, starting with 1. in January 1923.


KRBEC in r.

For Italy:



The agreement on direct freight trains.

Noting the need to usnadniti the operation of the port of Trieste, not only

tariff measures, but also faster transportation of goods, undertake to

The High Contracting Parties by common agreement of the mentioned transport reorganisovati

the introduction of fixed timetables and direct freight trains.

The High Contracting Parties shall work to ensure that this reorganisace

also participated in other States whose railway authorities have an interest in

transit traffic on the Adriatic.


KRBEC in r.

For Italy:



The agreement on the maritime rates.

If the ferry company, which signed the Protocol of 21 November 2002.

in December 1922, attached to this agreement, do not declare the Czechoslovak

zájemníkům the right to the implementation of the provisions and conditions contained in the same

the Protocol, although applicants will be willing to říditi the provisions of the applicable

Regulation and laws, will be to have the zájemníci right to do with the Government

Italian all the steps necessary to ensure that companies comply with


Each direct responsibility of the Royal Government, the Italian will be excluded.

In the event that the shipping companies that have signed the Protocol, known as

ujednají directly to the specific contract neb the neb indirectly obligations relating to

exports imports from Czechoslovakia neb the neb to Czechoslovakia in accordance with

the Declaration of these companies contained in the said Protocol will remain

benefits and discounts stipulated in the agreement on local charges in force

all the time the effectiveness of those agreements and commitments.

However, it will need to make these agreements and commitments were negotiated within

one year after the entry into force of this agreement and for a period of not more

one year.

Commissariat for commercial navigation shall communicate to shipping companies which:

shall sign the attached Protocol, the date when the agreement expires.

Companies and other zájemníci who ujednají contracts and commitments,

will be able to insist on the provision of benefits and discounts indicated in paragraph

the previous, if shall forward to the Government of the Italian (Commissariat for trade)

a list of contracts and obligations contracted in accordance with the declarations contained in the

the attached Protocol. This communication will be the name of the obsahovati

party, the name and quantity of the goods, for which the advantages provided for in this

Agreement are to be provided.


KRBEC in r.

For Italy:


In Trieste, 21 June. December 1922.

Protocol, drawn up on the occasion of the Conference between the delegates of Trieste

and the Government of the Italian Republic for the edification of imports and exports

goods port of Trieste.

Whereas, in order to uplift the trade with

Czechoslovakia, via the port of Trieste, recognized the necessity of special

measures by the King. the Italian Government and the Government of the Republic

Czechoslovak to ferry company having its registered office at the port

Thus they can formally commit myself absolutely, that will dopravovati the goods of

Czechoslovakia or goods from overseas to Czechoslovakia intended for

such conditions, so that they can not face competition from the ports of the North;

that předvídajíce the perfect match between the two countries on the above mentioned

the measures companies exactly determine in which direction and how

in a way there are willing to sacrifice in the interest of intensivnějšího operation of

which would benefit producers of Czechoslovak so traders in

the port of Trieste;

makes the ferry companies: Lloyd Triestino, "Napoli" Terstská

ferry company, Tripcovich and co. Company. and the company

"Adria", joint-stock company for sea transport, the following declarations:



The company "Napoli"-Societa Triestina di Navigazione, based in


Due to the fact that ' the company Napoli "has already resulted in the largest victim,

to facilitate the československý traffic the port of Trieste by

She admitted a substantial discount for both imports and exports (e.g. coffee)

whereas that agreement appropriate to achieve this purpose could

to be concluded with the Government of the Czechoslovak, which does not address itself by sending

goods, but only candidates from Czechoslovakia or with their



that is out of the question, that could take a strong commitment in terms of

freight rates for imports, which are determined at the naval bursách in

overseas and therefore subjected to the standing, but that the fluctuations will be allocated for the

the export of the following benefits:

A. for North America, the company retains the "Napoli" for a period of one

year from now a reduced tariff export. 18, published in October 1922

on the occasion of the Conference in Bolzano. This tariff contains, for comparison

the previous fare, discount, very serious, reaching in certain

50% of the cases.

In addition, the company is "Napoli" is willing to offer in the case of

the agreement further discounts, moving around an additional 10%, for certain types of

goods listed in the annex.

B. South America: company "Napoli" is committed to: 1. provide

in the case of the goods the origin of the Czechoslovak agreement discount fees

unloading in ports of South America going up to 40% for unloading at the

Buenos Aires, to 20% for the showdown in Santosu and to 40% for unloading at the


2. to provide on its own normal export plan currently in force

for certain types of goods export indicated in the annex, discount moving

between 2/6-5/-shillingy or about 10%; the details are zřejmy from


C. that the goods over to the Czechoslovak, as regards operations in the port of Trieste,

will be awarded participation in the benefits provided by the King. The Main Warehouse,

which can be used by a certain hangarů to store goods

intended for export to the transportation costs were spared from the warehouse to the

hangaru, under the same conditions, which will be used for the goods in Italian

of the same kind.

For the Ferry Company "Napoli":

And Napoli in r.

Dr. MOSCHENI in r.


D Tripcovich and co..

Navigational d. Tripcovich and co.. in Trieste, guarantees for a period of

one year starting from 1. in January 1923, for goods originating in

Czechoslovakia or specified the following advantages to its two

regular lines below marked with the condition that it will be approved

agreement concluded between the King. the Italian Government and the Government of the Czechoslovak

railway tariffs approved the necessary for the edification of the operation of the port

silversmith and Main Warehouses on charges for the transportation of sugar from


l. track: Adriatic Sea-W. Mediterranean Sea-Morocco (track Rgbconnections), departure

twice a month, with a stop in these ports:

A. the way there: Catania, Messina, Palermo, Naples, Genoa, Marseille,

Barcelona, Valencia, Alicante, Malaga, Oran, Tangier, Casablanca, and


B. the way back: Tangier, Oran, Malaga, Alicante, Valencia, Barcelona,

Marseilles, Genoa, Naples, Palermo, Messina and Catania

and for export from Trieste) discount on the normal fare from 10% to 40% according to the

various ports; the company appointed down to určujíc rates

říditi rates the ports of Antwerp and Hamburg, předpokládajíc

of course, that it is a normal rates and not about the rates, which are the result of

the tariff of the fight between the ports of the North;

(b)) for imports via Trieste normal rate valid for the individual places in

the time of shipment of the goods.

2. Track: Adriatic Sea-North Africa, departure twice a month with

stop at these ports:

Malta, Tripoli, Bengasi (as needed), Tunis and Algiers. For goods

exported from the Trieste discount from the normal fare from 17 to 29% by destination

This item.



Lloyd Triestino.

Due to the fact that the goods they have already admitted from the time when

again launched a maritime shipping, preferential treatment; under the condition that

closed will be between King. the Government of the Italian Republic and the Government of

the Czechoslovak railway tariffs approved agreement necessary for the

uplift the traffic Areas, as well as on charges of major storage facilities for

transport of sugar originating in Czechoslovakia,

"Lloyd Triestino" undertakes to:

1. it holds for the export of goods, which are subject to the general tariff, after

for 1 year 15% discount, which could be increased in certain cases

to 20% for exports to the Mediterranean Sea, and this independently from the discounts

the tariff, which is "Lloyd Triestino" committed to beheld in force from 1 January.

January 1923 that could move according to the type of goods and the

the distance between 10-20%;

2. that holds also for the period of 1 year now valid fare special for

certain types of goods basis, which includes a more excellent discounts,

is committed to revidovati this tariff from case to case in order to

improvements in the limits of the options;

3. give a voucher in foreign branches, in order to determine the import rates intended for

Adriatic Sea in such a way that they can be more favourable in comparison

with the rates of the competing ports, to the exclusion of any liability in the

the basis of the discount percentuelních due to the fact that the amount of rates to be determined in

ports of loading and unloading by day-ahead market, and exporters must therefore

things are offered rates for Adriatic Sea in comparison with the rates

competing ports;

4. to provide in accordance with the laws of the Warehouses for goods originating in

Czechoslovakia or intended to Czechoslovakia the benefits that will be

granted the administration of the Main storage facilities for the export of the goods;

goods originating in Czechoslovakia shall be granted the necessary shipping space

When the immediate departure of the Steamboat from Lloyd to the port of destination

This item. In the event that for any reason the goods specified in the

a port in which the ship from the Lloyd could not stop

be ready in due time, Lloyd Triestino will allow this item

free store on your warehouse for a period of 4 weeks.

In the case that would Manage the main warehouses in Trieste has provided referred to

a longer period for the item free store, Lloyd Triestino

This item free store over this longer period;

5. it will be acting with exporters from Czechoslovakia, provides them for

transport for the Suez Canal, whose export expenses are not included in

plan in advance issued, such rates so that they can soutěžiti with ports

the Northern.

Lloyd Triestino:

S. UCELLI in r.

M. TRAUNER in r.

The undersigned demand that the content of this Declaration has been notified by the Government

the Czechoslovak Republic candidates, so that the companies can be pulling

direct contacts with leads and plays, the detailed terms and conditions of transport.

Napoli Societa Triestina di Navigazione:

And Napoli in r.

Dr. MOSCHENI in r.

Lloyd Triestino:

S. UCELLI in r.

M. TRAUNER in r.




concluded between Italy and Czechoslovakia on the Telegraph, telephone and

radiotelegraphy and between the two countries.

As a consequence of article 17. the International Telegraph Convention, St. Petersburg

the purpose of appointing representatives of the administrations of the Italian Telegraph subscribers and the Czechoslovak

by mutual agreement, and subject to the approval of the competent authorities:

Article 1.

1. canceled

2. deleted

3. The same rate decreased by 60% for telegrams, the services at the time of printing

identified in the paragraph preceding agencies for news of political and

business, especially to determine each of the two administrations of the contracting, and

sent to the representatives of the agencies in the other State.

The same reduction will be provided, where appropriate, boosting the print telegramům

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of each Member State to its Embassy in

the State of the other.

4. Rates and reduce them from the top of the marked will be applied equally and

for telegrams exchanged direct way radiotelegrafickou between the two

States. Transition rates, which must be paid for telegrams

the way of the Telegraph brought Austria, Austria and the Kingdom of Serbs,

Croats and Slovenes, distributed among Italy and Czechoslovakia. Also, when you

these transit rates shall apply a reduction of 50%, 60%, after the case

provided for the press and for the telegrams telegram agencies particularly

the two countries marked the foreign ministries for telegrams


Article 2.


Article 3.


Article 4.


Article 5.


Article 6.


Article 7.



The agreement.

Looking ulehčiti according to the input of members of the Italian options in the

Czechoslovakia or the passage of Czechoslovakia, and the input of members of the

Czechoslovak in Italy, or their transit through Italy, agreed with both

The High Contracting Parties on this:

1. Visum entry transit Passport members the neb on both High

The Contracting Parties will be cancelled at the time as short as possible.

2. If a member of one of the High Contracting Parties,

potřebovati in order to obtain a transit visa in a third power

preliminary visa the other High Contracting Parties, that a visa has been granted

free of charge.

3. both the High Contracting Parties reserve for exceptional cases,

justified circumstances medical or the interests of public safety, or

Finally, by adjusting the labour market, the right to temporary visa to entry zavésti

passports, means that this measure will be deleted as soon as

has passed an extraordinary cause. This visa will be granted in each case

free of charge.

4. both the High Contracting Parties reserve all rights relating to the

the issuing of passports to its nationals, with the explicit designation of countries of destination, or

without him.


KRBEC in r.

For Italy:



Due to the fact that the Italian delegation has expressed its wish to facilitate

the passage of Czechoslovakia Polish emigrants in the ubírajícím

Italian ports, notably to the port of Trieste or

coming from these ports,

due to the fact that the current fee for a transit visum collected

participating States could maintain the development of the Polish ztížiti neb

emigration referred to conduit,

the Czechoslovak delegation declares that they will recommend your Government wishes

expressed by the Italian delegation in the hope that the Government will be able to snížiti for

Polish emigrants passing through the territory of the Czechoslovak fee

Visa at the lowest legal rate if the Polish Government will allow this

measures the same treatment given to members of the Czechoslovak.

Given in Trieste this twenty-first of December of the year



KRBEC in r.

For Italy:





PRAGUE CASTLE on 23 December 2005. In MAY 1923.


T. g. MASARYK in r.



Is announced, saying that the agreement came under verbal notes,

exchanged in Prague on 28. November 1923, in the international scope of the day

May 23, 1923.

Dr. Edvard Beneš in r.

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