Salaries And Zatimních Suplujících State Center Of The Professors. Schools

Original Language Title: o platech zatimních a suplujících profesorů státních střed. škol

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275/1919 Sb..


of 23 December 2003. in May 1919

salaries of provisional and suplujících professors of State secondary schools.

Change: 541/1919 Sb..

According to the resolution of the National Assembly, decrees:

§ 1.

Zatímními professors under this Act is, without distinction according to

the gender of the previous interim Government schools and professors

business, who have done the prescribed exam Professor

(competence of teaching in secondary schools).

§ 2.

Suplujícími professors under this Act is, without distinction according to

the gender of the teacher training secondary candidates, those who do not have

provided a full teaching and competence have been exceptionally for a period of

entrusted teaching at schools of a transitional medium-sized business. the neb

§ 3.

Interim professors receive they conform to its inevitable qualifications

conditions, in the first year (čekatelském) their service perks to the lowest

grade X. rating class without a local addition, since the beginning of the second

of the staff regulations, the full benefits of rating classes X mostly as adjutum.

§ 4.


§ 5.

Suplujícím professors belong as adjutum benefits of the lowest grade

XI. rating class without a local addition.

§ 6.


§ 7.

Special categories of actual teachers gym class and music and female teachers

lycejních as well as provisorních teachers shall be removed and paying for them

the same provisions as for the other teachers.

§ 8.

Substitute professors, who performed in the two years since its provisions

the prescribed examination his qualifications and meet Professor inevitable

conditions, will be appointed the provisional professors and the whole business time

they counted them full range to achieve the higher degrees


§ 9.

From the business time of the existing actual teachers gym class and music and

teachers lycejních does not count into the acreage of pětiletních allowances so much

years how many years was their study shorter than the study of science professors


§ 10.

From the service to the schools lower category, State or non-State actors with the right

the public is započítati professors for advancement to higher levels of

pay business time after full approbation for the middle school, neb

business, and two-thirds.

§ 11.

Staff time was awarded the qualification of the less satisfactory or

unsatisfactory, it is not započítatelná for advancement to higher levels of


§ 12.

Not if the interim Professor (substitute Professor) for two years in a row

going at least good qualification shall be released from service.

§ 13.

During the transition from non-State schools and business schools with the law

public, as well as from the schools of the State or non-State law

the public, which are on a par with middle schools were built, the

staff time, as though it was in the public schools was

medium (business).

§ 14.

Extraordinary allowances, diet, travel fees, reimbursement of removal expenses

and other benefits, which shall be provided to all civil servants according to the

class hodnostních or služného, depending on the amount of their grant to

Provisional professors (suplujícím professors), the same amount as

other government officials, enjoying the same salary, two-year allowances

in it including, but not lower than, according to XI. rating class.

§ 15.

He became the interim Professor (substitute Professor) unable to service

injury or severe and nezhojitelným disease in the execution of services

without their own guilt, is entitled to bargain in the amount of the last adjuta

or the named novels. After the death of interim Professor (Professor suplujícího)

survivors in a particularly notable cases are entitled to a provident

benefits pursuant to the provisions in force for the IX. rating class.

§ 16.

All interim professors (substitute teachers) public schools

and business, čítajíc also those who 1. July 1918 were

appointed by the real teacher, receives a bailout once and for all, and

who serve less than two years, 600 K, more than two years and less than

four years, to 800, more than four years, 1000 K; In addition, they get on

wife and each dependent child after the 200.

§ 17.

This Act shall take effect on 1 January 2000. April 1919.

§ 18.

In one case this law imposes on the Minister of education and national education and

the Minister of finance.

T. g. Masaryk in r.

Raja, r.

on behalf of the Prime Minister.

Habrman in r.

Dr. Rašín in r.