Transitional Cease. The Armed Services Of The Law On The Implementation Of The Levy In 1920

Original Language Title: přechodná ustanov. branného zákona o provedení odvodů v roce 1920

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374/1920 Sb.


the Government of the Czechoslovak Republic

of 31 March 2004. in May 1920,

which is carried out by the transitional provisions of the Defence Act of 19 December 2003.

in March 1920, no. 193 Coll. and n., to make contributions in 1920.



§ 1.

Training levies in 1920.

For payments in the 1920s used be it the preparations that have been already made

under the current provisions, if they are in conformity with the branným law

from 1920; Let there be therefore taken into account the preparations and measures

based on the provisions of the new law, which is assumed by the military, on the

BC. the application of some of the benefits in the performance of military conscription, posting

contingents of recruits etc. All requests for the granting of such benefits

Therefore, as the groundless nature be returned.

For the implementation of the levy in the 1920s, the provisions below.

§ 2.

Pertaining to the obligation.

(1) the obligation to Exhaust in 1920 are subject to the members of the years 1900

, 1898, 1899 and 1900 for the first year of birth, class, year up

birth 1899 for the first and second exhaust class, year of birth in 1898

all three exhaust class.

Exhaust the obligation also applies to persons referred to in § 2, second paragraph,

the armed services act, if it belongs to the designated years.

In addition, within the limits of § 20 br code. subject to removal in 1920

whether or not foreigners who will take the Czechoslovak nationality.

(2) the members of the said years, who were as volunteers

taken on a business period pursuant to § 7:4 or § 21 of the laws of the army

1912, are not subject to exhaust the obligation; However, if it were for the inability to

the military released from duty in a former dormitory

Army (Navy, Austrian neb Hungarian zeměbraně),

shall be subject to the obligation to exhaust, however, were permanently allocated to them

military benefits a provident, fails to appear in person before the Commission, pertaining to the

but the air-handling procedures will be carried out in the manner specified in § 42

of this regulation.

(3) the members are not subject to obligations pertaining to the years of 1897 and earlier,

who according to the laws of the army from 1912 exhaust obligations so far

do not, however, during the war with domobraneckému sorting according to

domobraneckých laws of 1886, or entered the Czechoslovak

foreign troops (Foundation). Those of them who are under the

the last valid classification eligible for military service,

being regarded as paid and will be transferred subject to § 61 armed services

Act in accordance with the special regulations in the backup.

Those members of the previous vintages, who nepodrobili or by

the army law of 1912 levy, or according to the domobraneckých of the laws of the

the year 1886 domobraneckému sorting, or entered into the Czechoslovak

foreign troops (Foundation), and who therefore have no

classification, appear before the outlet to determine the classification and, if

recognised as eligible, will be transferred to the reserve; If they are members of

years 1897 to 1892, shall be subject to military training according to § 62

the armed services act.

§ 3.

The obligation to dostaviti personally to exhaust the Commission and exceptions to this


(1) If this regulation does not provide for exceptions, the dispersal of the statutory

personally to the outlet to the Commission.

(2) the person fails to appear;

and members of the Czechoslovak foreign army) (legionnaire),

Apart, they are in active employment or anything;

(b) members of the dispersal of the compulsory years) who were in the war, according to the

domobraneckých laws of 1886 recognised as eligible for the service

domobranecké, albeit without a weapon, and are still in active service military;

military persons on temporary leave, military persons in Active

the service;

(c) disabled persons to whom they were) přiřčeny permanent military provident benefits.

Exhaust control on such persons made so be it pursuant to section

42 this regulation with a view to their last valid classification.

(3) persons with the classification of "disabled", which provident benefits granted

not at all neb only temporarily, in person to exhaust to the Commission; the same thing

is true of the previous domobrancích years of compulsory levy, who were

superarbitračním management as incompetent at the time, released on

a vacation for a while, whether with temporary zaopatřovacími perks

or nothing.

(4) in person dostaviti to exhaust the Commission must also present domobranci

years of compulsory levy, who has been granted leave to perform the

superarbitrace, excluding persons who have been subjected to in between

superarbitraci and recognized, therefore after confirmation

superarbitračního award again joined the active service; with these, the

dispose of as with other persons in active employment jsoucími, which are

required to carry off.

(5) Exemption, as well as on the study, vague and non-permanent vacation

so far, the dispersal of the compulsory years of domobranci shall also

dostaviti personally to the levy, if they are not, perhaps, in accordance with previous

the provisions of this duty exempt.

§ 4.

The jurisdiction of the exhaust.

(1) each for the dispersal of the debtor, who has to exhaust dostaviti, the Commission has

as a rule, meaning pertaining to the obligation in its respective District

odvodním, t. j. in the odvodním district, in whose district is its

home village. If any outlet District established several

exhaust air seats, meaning its dispersal required must exhaust the obligation in

the odvodním place that is his home village.

Each area of political office and make up for each other. stool outlet district.

(2) if the law of your home may not be doubtful, the dispersal of the mandatory evacuation

presented. When the investigations were to be with all due speed challenge

does not lead to any result, is considered responsible for the dispersal of the debtor

in the odvodním place, which permanently resides. If this place

to be examined, shall act at all.

(3) If a mandatory levy's to dostáti your exhaust

obligations in a different place, like odvodním would lay in the same odvodním

the district has about požádati.

(4) the Exhaust outside the competent district outlet let there be allowed to those who are:

and in another district) settled or employed in the public service;

(b)) for work or for earnings are absent or permanently residing permanently

outside the outlet in any district private service;

(c)) in another district of the city.

These persons may, however, dostaviti the only district in which

is permanently present.

(5) the application for a permit to the applicant could the outside dostaviti

the appropriate outlet district, be lodged with the competent political authority

I. the stool directly no later than 14 days before the start of the exhaust in the political

the district in which the applicant intends to levy shall dostaviti.

If such a person cannot be put in the main drain revenues,

so do the additional levies.

(6) persons carrying away the obligatory residing outside of the Czechoslovak

Republic, may be at their request, under the conditions referred to in point (4)

This section allowed, to do their duty in the exhaust

one of the odvodním district, which is their stay more than the district

the competent.

(7) Udíleti this authorization, it is for political office and stool.

the home village of the dispersal of the debtor. From negative due to the political

Office stools may I tell you, which thing is concerned, in 14 days, odvolati to

the Office of the political (II). stool, whose decision is finally valid.

(8) the municipal mayors at ex officio its through

helpful to foreign mandatory levy, who want to dostaviti to the levy in

the District of the place of stay.

(9) about the removal of those who are permanently residing outside of the Czechoslovak

Republic and do not come in it to the outlet (para. 27), special provisions apply.

§ 5.

Request for postponement of full-time service.

Request for deferral of the full-time service under section 16 of the Act were to be armed services

administer with the competent political office stool before performing I.,

However, at the latest, at the outlet of the Commission. However, if the circumstances have occurred,

to justify the postponement of the full-time service later (after removal) may be

also after removal of applications.

Request for deferral of the full-time service to continue to be supported by studies

confirmation of a school visit in the previous year, as well as proof of

continuation of studies in the 1920s. Requests for deferment of full-time

services for other reasons attached at a reasonable evidence of the preparation of the

the future of the profession or of the circumstances of the special lodging.

§ 6.

Outlet list.

Let it be used for exhaust air handling lists that have been established under

issued the regulation. The territory once Hungarian need not be of the third

specimens of outlet list, who was in the area of the former Hungarian


Records of a claim for benefit in the performance of military duties under

sections 29, 30, 31, and sections 20 and 21 of the army law of 1912, which are

posted in 9 exhaust air for the year 1920 lists perhaps already written at

cut; for let it be noted, there was a request for deferment of

full-time service, and let it be there shortly stated grounds for the request.

§ 7.

Extract from the outlet list.

(1) extracts from the outlet list be made by political authorities as well.

stool in duplicate:

and of all the compulsory levy), who did the main and

shall be subject to payment of an additional levy (section 25);

(b)) of all the carrying away of the compulsory, which were allowed to dostaviti

levy in a foreign County;

(c) the compulsory levy) of all who have been designated to the examination.

(2) the result of the levy so be it written to the extracts from the outlet to the list

the relevant sections.

Immediately after the levy so be it its result from statements outlet list literally

entered in the outlet list, then be kept for listings.

(3) extracts from the outlet list be signed by the Chairman of the exhaust

the Commission and the military representative.

§ 8.

Organization of the Commission discharge.

(1) the main exhaust outlet shall be carried out, the Commission, the number of which in each

gap provides military district of the provincial headquarters in agreement with the

political authorities II. the stool according to the necessities.

(2) in any district may be odvodním established several exhaust air

places by the number of compulsory levy, in Bohemia, Moravia, and in

Silesia, so that each odvodnímu point shall be assigned at least one

judicial district.

Only in very exceptional cases, in particular for urgent reasons

transport, enables the Ministry of national defence, in agreement with the Ministry of

of the Interior to be one judicial district allocated a few odvodním places.

(3) the Chairman of the Commission is the head of the Department pertaining to the political office as well.

stool, or if it is busy, his Deputy.

The members are:

and an official of the political office) i. stools;

(b)) physician, political office and designated u. stools and, if

busy, his representative;

(c)), or the County Commander doplňovacího, exceptionally, another with the replenishment of troops

familiar with the rank of officer at least capital as military


(d) an officer in the rank of zdravotnictva) of at least captain;

e) officer of the district headquarters doplňovacího neb another replenishment

troops knowledgeable officer.

Witnesses may be the outlet one Member elected municipal

the top outlet of the place and the Mayor (neb his representative) of the commune of

conscripts are předváděni.

The name of the Member elected Municipal Government let there be notified

political authority I..

(4) the Military members, the Commission establishes the land pertaining to the military

Headquarters, and that the officers on a proposal from the competent zdravotnictva

Health boss.

Zdravotnictva officers allocated to the Headquarters district, 1848

who usually carry out medical examinations of conscripts to military service

emerging, let there be used for exhaust air handling by the Commission of the same doplňovacího

of the County.

(5) in determining the military members of the Commission, the Commission for the exhaust so be it

in particular, take account of their language skills.

(6) every outlet at the Commission in addition assigned: from political office

I. the writer from the stools of the pedestrian plow local neb nearest crew on

request of the headquarters doplňovacího area 3 non-commissioned officers and 2 pawns.

(7) if necessary, so that in one district were established several gap

exhaust air handling by the Commission, members of the Commission be appointed according to the same


§ 9.

Travel and work plan of the exhaust air handling by the Commission.

(1) when the Assembly of exhaust air and the working plan by the Commission either

observe the following principles:

and the main drainage of the persons) which must be personally dostaviti to exhaust to the Commission,

Let there be carried out in the period from 2. August 15. September 1920;

(b)) where the master chip within this period only infers a Commission

It is not possible, be established for replenishment district two or more exhaust air

by the Commission;

(c)) for one outlet district may only úřadovati the only outlet of the Commission;

an exception shall order the Ministry of national defence, on the proposal of the provincial

the military command;

(d)) for each day, either as a general rule a maximum of 200 levy předvoláváno


On Sundays and on public holidays, the exhaust does not take place; These days, however, according to the options

be used as travel days.

If the number does not exceed the statutory levy, who have to be one day

odvodnímu control, one hundred, so be it if maybe the same

the day continued in the path of the Member's discharge of the Commission.

(2) under this policy provides for the travel and work schedules for exhaust

the Commission, the district headquarters of refilling, in agreement with the political authority as well.

bowel movement. In doing so, let there be taken according to the provisions of paragraph (1), lit. (d)),

of this section to the number of registered levy of mandatory in the exhaust air

the districts, as well as to those who are absent, according to the experience and to

those who come to chip in another district, or whose removal will be

performed pursuant to § 42 of this regulation.

For this purpose, shall notify the political office and necessary data timely bowel movements.

the headquarters of doplňovacího district.

Thus provided for travel and work plans be submitted up to 20.

June 1920 the Earth's military headquarters, that is in agreement with the

political authority II. the stool has approved. To travel and work plans

Let it be accompanied by a statement of the number of compulsory levy in each odvodním place.

(3) When travel and work plans were approved, which granted

by 1. July 1920 at the Earth's military immediately

the Headquarters also reported with travel days military Commission members directly

the political authorities and the stool and gap. a district headquarters, then

the Ministry of national defense and the Ministry of the Interior.

Political Office II. the stool will announce the official days of exhaust air (not also

travel days) in the official newspaper.

This provision does not apply to the implementation of the levy pursuant to § 42 of this

of the regulation.

§ 10.

Decree levy in municipalities.

(1) political office as well. According to an approved of stools and work

the plan shall designate, from which the village and when the levy required to be

presented to the Commission, and shall exhaust the municipal mayor by giving them

shall send the relevant decree.


2) this Decree has obsahovati:

and calculation of the exhaust air) locations and days designated for this outlet district,

the provisions, in which the time of day will begin with the official proceedings;

(b)) the calculation of the municipalities, of which the levy must be in each exhaust air

days held;

(c)), to the dispersal of the mandatory invitation early in good and clean condition

presenting to the exhaust place and brought with them the development of the military documents,

as the leaves, layoff leaves, documents of proof of exemption,

the last domobraneckém sort, etc.;

d) warning that the application for authorization dostaviti to exhaust outside

the district must be lodged with the exhaust of the relevant political

the Office of i. stools, and not later than 14 days prior to the removal of the

political district in which the applicant intends to levy dostaviti;

e) warning that the request for deferment must embark upon a full-time service

administer to the competent political authority I stool before performing,

by then, the Commission and the exhaust directly that only occurred after the

the circumstances justifying the suspension exhaust full-time services, such

request podávati and later. In addition, be it in the Decree emphasised that

by enabling the delay boarding service operates full-time service in no way

does not truncate, but that one was the postponement of the commencement of full-time service

enabled, the pobýti as well for a long time in active service, as if he

the postponement was not allowed, and was this year the service nastoupiti;

(f) a reminder that failure to fulfil) pertaining to the obligations, as well as at all

the obligations imposed by the Act cannot be done branným ignorance

This prompted, or the law.

(3) the municipal mayors are required to notice this publicly vyvěsiti and i

in a different way in the place of the usual vyhlásiti.

§ 11.

The tasks and administration pertaining to the Commission.

(1) the Exhaust for the Commission to:

and decide on the eligibility of levy) liable to military service;

(b)) rozhodovati on applications for postponement of the commencement of full-time service;

(c) specific responsibilities, however zaznamenati) for different types of

Weapons (industry and institutes).

(2) in addition to the persons referred to in section 8, as well as persons who are the

attend (and be called up in groups), no person shall be

present in the exhaust air of the room.

Political office as well. it is for the udržovati order in the stools of the official

the room and in the circuit outlet locations.

(3) the Chairman and members of the Commission are obliged to exhaust be dealing

with the necessary care; about bodily defects that have been given, or

found to be the most stringent and long life, mlčelivost.

(4) the official negotiations either conducted, that the differing opinion of the Commission

they could not come to be known for the dispersal of the mandatory.

A compulsory levy, which exhaust decision reads "Neodveden", so be it

the competent political authority and stool ex officio. released

the certificate according to the formula 1.

Exhaust dispersal required, which was adjourned, receives an acknowledgement by the formula

2. which also issues a political office i. stools.

(5) the Chairman and members of the Commission must exhaust any effect odmítnouti


Any attempt like that of influence, especially the offering of gifts, so be it

immediately reported to the Court.

Military and civilian doctors who are members of the Commission, as well as the exhaust air

and to all the officers in active service at zdravotnictva is strictly

disabled prohlížeti dispersal required, who want to zvěděti before performing

medical opinion about his physical aptitude.

§ 12.

The scope of the President and members of the Commission discharge.

(1) the President of the Commission shall conduct the negotiations pertaining to the entire exhaust and watches over his

proper implementation. It shall also be the procedure for delay commencement of full-time

the service, in which case it shall act in agreement with the military prosecutor.

The President has to assure himself of the identity of the undertaken more frequently.

(2) the task of the second political officer is přednášeti request for

postponement of the commencement of full-time service; shall supervise the proper demonstration dispersal

mandatory, and in each municipality according to the order of the classes and the exhaust air in each

exhaust class according to the order of registration in the odvodním list. To do this he must

However, the dispersal of the mandatory list organized by municipalities, in each village

then by exhaust air classes and in the order of registration in the odvodním list,

dohlédá Finally, it is correctly written specimen outlet

list of designed for political office as well. after bowel movements and comparing

completion of the levy on each odvodním place with a written list odvodním

for military purposes.

(3) Military Representative shall act within the limits of competence, conferred to him

This regulation, according to the report presented by deflecting the military

doctor [section 17, paragraph (2)]; If they are against the opinion of the opposition, shall follow the

point (8) of the same section; paid béře to the oath.

(4) an officer shall submit a zdravotnictva osudek health levy

mandatory; If they are against the opinion of the opposition, shall submit, pursuant to section 17, paragraph (8),

the opinion also a civilian doctor.

(5) an officer in topping obeznalý is odpověděn to body height

correctly measured; shall supervise the proper writing specimens list, outlet

intended for doplňovacího district headquarters, on the copies of the protocols

recoverable and určovacích sheets; detects if possible, special

eligibility, however for their zařadění in the various Councils (institutions) and

recording in that direction; performs a check on a daily basis by comparing the

the Protocol, however with odvodním; When it reads the oath

recoverable přísežnou formula and instruct paid about their duties.

(6) the team assigned to exhaust the Commission measures the height of the body, the dispersal of the statutory

writes a list for doplňovacího Headquarters pertaining to the area and the Protocol

recoverable shall be declaratory and leaves for the paid.

(7) for the safe storage of exhaust air outlet for the lists are primarily

responsible to the President and the military representative.

§ 13.

Demonstration dispersal required before discharge to the Commission.

(1) the statutory Levy be předváděni before the outlet to the Commission in the designated

exhaust air handling places, according to the municipalities in the order of classes (starting with the exhaust air

year of the youngest) and in each of them in turn as they are enrolled in

odvodním lists.

(2) the municipal mayors of neb representatives are required to levy předváděti

mandatory and vouches for the identity presented.

(3) pertaining to the Commission on the nebuďtež:

and dispersal required, already), pursuant to section 3 shall not be personally to the exhaust dostaviti

to the Commission;

(b)) those who are provisionally detained for criminal acts or are in the

custody investigation, criminal, or polepšovací;

(c)) "apparently incompetent", t. j.:

1. lacking hand or foot, or several limbs,

2. both eyes osleplí,

3. kretini,

4. the deaf-mutes,

5. persons who have been court for morbid insanity or imbecility deprived

completely incapacitation.

The judicial authorities or a prison, in the case of (b) shall notify the) release from custody

(serving the punishment, reprieve) persons should levy dostaviti,

political authority I., in whose district the is judicial authority

(the prison). On this will be made an additional outlet, or it will be for the

the purpose of the informed, the political office i. stools.

(4) the statutory Levy shall there for his military papers, such as:

Cruise, a layoff leaves, evidence of waiver, etc.; especially those

who were the domobraneckých in the war for sorting are assessed as being unfit for

domobranecké service, there must be proof of the last


Municipal mayors are required to levy compulsory poučiti accordingly.

§ 14.

Measure the height of the body.

(1) inspection of the dispersal of the debtor begins by measuring the height of the body.

(2) For zařadění to the defence body height is required at least 152


Craftsmen, clerks, even those which can be upotřebeno in other occupations

in the army, represented, if they are otherwise eligible, or for auxiliary services

eligible, may be taken if they are smaller 152 centimetres, but

not under 150 centimetres.

(3) the statutory levy at Remarkably little measurement of clothing, but without


(4) measure the height of the body is carried out so that the dispersal of the debtor shall be

straight tough knees to the measuring device with her heels together and

heels touching the device.

(5) the measuring device be it before the beginning of the outlet compared to the calibrated

the normal contribution doplňovacího of the district headquarters and corrected as necessary.

§ 15.

The dispersal of the mandatory medical examination, and with those who control themselves


(1) medical examination compulsory levy so be it done as gently

behind the wall in the presence of members of the Commission; It takes place primarily officer


(2) for the medical examination and for the assessment of the eligibility of the carrying away of

mandatory is applicable "code for medical eligibility

to military service ", the Ministry of national defense issued.

(3) will come when a medical examination has reason to suspect that the defect

thrown intentionally and for the purpose that the neb přivoděna full partial

the inability to fulfil the duties, let there be a mandatory levy,

If the doctor was found to be "Capable" or "able to auxiliary services

as....... ", subject to further prosecution escorted; in

other cases, the Commission shall decide on his ability to discharge with

subject to further prosecution as other presented.

If you suspect that a mandatory levy on the body's hurt or with price

health harm, or put harm to themselves, the neb poškoditi draws up a

the Protocol, in which let there be exactly vytčen finding and opinion of medical

the members of the Commission pertaining to; signed by the President of the Commission, this protkl, military

the representative of the members of the Commission, and medical načet to political office and stool.

shall send forthwith to the competent court in criminal proceedings.

The suspicion that the dispersal of the debtor's hurt to the body, or damage to the

health, or put harm to themselves, or poškoditi, and the opinion of a medical

the members of the Commission made at entered in the outlet list.

(4) Light illnesses and injuries may not have influence on the medical report

"Unable to join the service with a weapon" or "Able to ancillary services such as


(5) the Commission is in principle according to the Outlet's own findings and

the belief. If the levy required medical certificate, has

pertaining to them to see into him and also his information as needed

municipal mayors hear oral submissions on such dispersal of mandatory,

who know of, but in further detail is not bound by these

vysvědčeními neb výpovědmi.

(6) If, however, Argue that a mandatory levy suffers from violent antipathies, may

exhaust the Commission thought me this disease as determined, if it is demonstrated

the task of the přísežnými výpovědmi two credible witnesses before

political authority I.. The Commission may, however, may be up to

levy was required due to the military hospital to detect epilepsy.

Medical school report military therapeutic institutes, the report card

provincial institutes for the criminally insane, Bohnice in Prague, Dobřany,

Kosmonosy, Upper Beřkovice, Opořanech, Brno, Jihlava, Kroměříž,

Šternberk, Opava and the Department in General Hospital for the criminally insane in

Nitra and Bratislava in the State hospital can be considered valid

licences of a fit, if this disease was detected private

the observation of the constitutional the doctor, and in a way that any doubt


If it is a diploma of the Institute of another, so be it every time requested by decision

the Ministry of national defense.

(7) the same way as for epileptics either proceeded for the mentally

sick, slabomyslných and mentally less valuable. The Commission is to exhaust

After the hands report card institutes referred to in point (6) of this section, the

which are received by a person of this kind, be regarded as

crucial. In the case of term papers that are not listed in point

(6), be it of any requested by the decision of the Ministry of national defense.

(8) the municipal mayors shall be required, if possible, before performing or

upozorniti political office removal I. stool, or pertaining to the Commission on

the dispersal of obliged entities, which are to the village of sales agent, or

present and are mentally abnormal or mentally or morally weak, heavily

defective. Political Office stool I thing examined, and that, in the case of data

made only when and if the levy was required, or where a

the postponed, after the levy.

§ 76h

Commit to the dispersal of the mandatory hospital observation.

(1) if the defect Cannot be adequately evaluated by the removal, may be

given the dispersal of the debtor to the military hospital.

The dispersal of the debtor so be it handed over to the military hospital when it comes to defect,

which, according to the medical observations may not be sufficiently assessed when

levy, since it is possible only after a longer period of observation or after

inspection of medical devices, which levy is not; Furthermore, if it is to be

in the case of epilepsy detected paragraph 15, point (6), finally, also called the,

If the carrying away of a mandatory suspicious tuberkulosou and if it is not suffering from any

Another defect that it amounted to military service completely invalid.

(2) Submission to the military hospital on medical orders the military design

the representative of the Commission pertaining to; However, the stand only if carrying away of

mandatory without this defect was able to service with weapons or military

auxiliary services. Commit to the hospital, so be it done immediately, if

There is no specific objections against it.

Reluctant to submit to a compulsory levy hospital observation,

Let it be forced to do so by lawful means.

(3) upon release from the hospital's political office as well. If needed,

pečovati, also about a return trip for the dispersal of the debtor.

He was handed over to the dispersal of the debtor to the military hospital, the hospital will send

find relevant doplňovacího district headquarters hospital, which in

the agreement with the political authority and establishes whether the stools. defect for which the

the findings of the dispersal of the debtor was handed over to the military hospital, or whether

some other defect was found that eliminated the ability of the service.

If such defects are not at the Hospital found, political office as well.

the stool for the dispersal of the debtor prior to the nearest předvésti acting

(additional) pertaining to the Commission, a decision was made on the basis of

files received from the exhaust air doplňovacího headquarters of the district.

If this is not so, let it be dropped from the demonstration and exhaust (additional

exhaust) the Commission be submitted to the only writings. Detects if the pertaining

on the basis of the writings that there is defect, negative capability, take

the decision "Wicking adjourned" or "Neodveden". Hospital find and

the decision of the Commission shall be entered into the exhaust outlet list, or, if it was

exhaust is executed in a foreign odvodním district, or if the files were received only after the

-completed the main drain back, the extracts from the outlet list.

The decision shall be notified to the debtor for the dispersal of political office i. stools.

However, if the exhaust (additional exhaust) the Commission considers that the defect in the

the hospital is not contained such finding, to exclude the ability of, or

If doubts whether the hospital finding apply to the dispersal of the debtor

order that a compulsory levy was again brought before the exhaust

(an additional outlet) to the Commission.

Political Office and procure a stool demonstration.

If the bona fides of the dispersal of the debtor, to the hospital, but resigned in a foreign

odvodním district to levy, be it a hospital find posted headquarters

doplňovacího district of obytu and the place of official negotiations is the responsibility

doplňovacímu Office of the place of stay. If left, however, such dispersal

mandatory, which is to be předvésti again before my discharge to the Commission,

the current stay, be it in the rules file, indicating the new stay posted

the headquarters of the respective doplňovacího of the County.

(4) the travel costs to the hospital and back at ploughing under section 30

of this regulation.

Treatment costs incurred by submitting the compulsory levy in the military

Hospital for observation, to be borne by the budget of the Ministry of national


The parade typically used only when you let it be a simulation, the suspicion of escape,

or resistance. Otherwise, let it be the person designated to hospital observation

as a rule, determined by the report card of identity, containing a comprehensive description of the person.

§ 17.

Classification of the dispersal of the mandatory and decisions pertaining to abilities.

(1) the medical officer shall report to the dispersal of the mandatory exhibited

zdravotnictva (doctor), formulated according to the "regulation for the

medical assessment of fitness for military service ", in paragraph 15, concerned


(2) the medical report read as follows:

and the service is) capable of weapons without defects or with a defect. (abbreviation:

Able to municipalities in. "," able to (vada) ";

(b)) capable to ancillary services such as ... with a defect (an abbreviation of "able to as

... [defect] ");

c) Yet unable to (defect) ...;

d) Incapable (vada).

(2) a military representative will cast under this medical opinion outside

cases in points (3) POS. paragraph 1, and (8) of this section this


ad a) "Drafted"

Ad b) "Drafted to ancillary services",

Ad c) "extraction of adjourned"

Ad d) "Neodveden".

(3) decision "Taken to ancillary services" only the absolute

the latter, when levy is compulsory for any defect is not fully able to

the weapons, however, after the 12nedělním first proper military training,

that after the case also can be interrupted, is eligible for the activities

reasonable your intelligence, your profession, or your profession,

an activity after the case also in its civic life for earnings

without the glitches ran and in which the defence may konati useful

the service.

Those who were conscripted as "Able to ancillary services", must not be

upotřebeno after the first military training the essentially to the ordinal of the service; can

they are to be used only for the auxiliary services, which were classified

According to the competence determined by military doctors.

To what extent may be conscripted dispersal required for auxiliary services

in each of the districts will be provided for bridging special

Regulation of the military administration after the finding of the required number of such recruits.

The levy, which sounds the mandatory medical opinion (the award), "able to

auxiliary services as ... ", and not to cover organisačně

a defined number of people able to ancillary services needed, so be it

made in I and II. exhaust class decision "Wicking adjourned", III.

exhaust class "Neodveden".

(4) the medical report "so far unable to (vada)" and its corresponding

the decision "Wicking adjourned" may be made only in the I and II. exhaust

class, and has in the wake of that dispersal of the debtor must dostaviti again to

exhaust outlet in the following class.

(5) in the III. exhaust class, be it made definitive at all times

the decision, t. j. is not mandatory if the levy as "able to done

service with a weapon "or" capable of supporting

services ", be it a decision made" Neodveden ".

(6) the decision of the "Neodveden" can only be called from the latter, if the

dispersal required permanently unable to service weapons, as well as to

military auxiliary services; In addition, in the cases of the last paragraph

point (3).

Dispersal required, having tříselnou keel, may be, if this doesn't

defect very prominently or in a high level and are also unable to

auxiliary services, declared as a rule only in evasion III.

the class of the exhaust.

In i. and II. exhaust class can be called the said decision only

"Neodveden", when the medical report is "Incapable".

The decision "Neodveden" indicates that the dispersal of the debtor is relieved in peace

from military conscription for mobilisation and in the war, however, is obliged, under

its capabilities and forces to the services referred to in section 3 of the defence law. Outside of the

It is subject to for mobilisation and in the war after the case of the obligations indicated in the

section 28 d) armed services act.

(7) about "non-eligible" [article 13, paragraph (3) (c))] may be made

the decision "Neodveden" on the basis of the investigation files, exclusive

every doubt, and does not need to appear in person to the levy.

If the outlet has the Commission considered that the outcome of the investigation is not sufficient, you can

It doplniti, or carrying away of compulsory předvésti.

(8) If a military representative against the opinion of an officer zdravotnictva

objections, so it cannot vyřknouti referred to in point (2) of the decision, which would

match the medical opinion, it shall notify the President of the Commission, who

ask a civilian doctor to comment on the matter.

If confirmed, the civilian doctor doctor's opinion of the military, the military

Representative, if he would, according to this opinion, make decisions,

to be subjected to an examination by the přezkoušecí by the Commission; the President of the

the Commission shall determine on it attributed to the examination. If a civilian doctor

a different opinion than the doctor by the military, must be subjected to the

always check.

(9) that will be subject to examination by the President, so be it

the Commission immediately informed verbally and in time before the Commission přezkoušecí

summoned in writing. The purpose is to check the specified shall be obliged to

oznámiti of any change of residence.

(10) a decision taken when levy "Taken" or "Drafted to

auxiliary services ' cannot be odvolati.

(11) the official changes to the outlet of the decision "Wicking adjourned" or

"Neodveden", which are in addition to, son, because it was incorrectly

used the above provisions of this section, shall not be

vztahovati also on the opinion of a medical.

These changes, if they cannot be carried out when the heart no longer levy can be realized

only with the permission of the Ministry of national defense.

(12) all dissipating at zařaděni all, without exception, as

new recruits.

§ 18.

The record made for their allocation to specific Corps (institutes).

(1) if it has a special competence or piped the obvious incapacity to

certain types of weapons, noting it refillable officer in odvodním

the Protocol, however, if nevysvítá this circumstance no longer without it, from the records of the

the school of education, employment and medical opinion. For the assessment of

Special eligibility applies until the release of the new provisions in annex IV. to

branným regulations, 1. part of 1912.

(2) however they Wish, concerning their allocation at also

recorded, not contradict the interests of the staff and in the absence of illicit

reasons. Also be logged, however they wish to sound

navštěvovatelů public schools to be allocated to military service in the

the site of učeliště, which they are visiting. The consecration of the neb, the provisions of the spiritual and

candidates of the spiritual status of all the law recognised religion be-

seeking it-recorded for use in the health service.

(3) the records referred to in the previous paragraphs should be recorded in column 29

the Protocol, however briefly and clearly the ink pen, e.g.: "just to

driving! " "No to the infantry!" "Begs the artillery", etc. Přenechati

decision on the record of one of the non-commissioned officers is nepřípustno. Each

the record confirms the officer his signature make-up.

§ 19.

Writing outlet list.

(1) the result of the levy so be it written in the odvodním list (see formula 3) into

the relevant sections of the levy compulsory in 1900, born in

sections i. exhaust dispersal required classes of the year 1899 born in

sections II. exhaust class and for the dispersal of the mandatory year 1898 births to

sections III. exhaust class as follows:

and the date of official negotiations for) each for the dispersal of the debtor, without distinction, as

It was decided, to column 10;

(b)) also attributed the dispersal of each statutory body height, in

centimeters to column (11);

(c)) (doctor), an officer of the zdravotnictva brought on, then

decisions pertaining to column 12; While at how medical

the classification as well as the decision of the Commission after each exhaust outlet written large

the prefix písmenami. "Able", "Done", etc., in order to

prevent spoofing of the registration;

d) decision on the application for postponement of the commencement of full-time service.

"Request denied" or "postponement of full-time service until ..." to

posted in 13;

(e)) to be tested, the dispersal of mandatory good semblance of physicians and

opinion of the military representative with the short justification to column 12;

the decision of the "tested" to column 15;

f) interim measures, such as the BC. "to observe the alleged defects, so be it

handed over to the military hospital "," suspicion that he hurt on the body "

etc, also for not entering and perhaps cause it to column


In this section be in addition recorded briefly for the dispersal of sentences

the debtor attributed to him after the founding of the outlet list

the offences referred to in articles 42 to 46 of the Defence Act, and II perhaps

data about mental illness, yet lasting, or no longer, about his mental

a smaller value and this mental anomaliích (dumbness,

stunted mental development, etc.).

(2) if the name blotted off of a levy be compulsory.

because so far died or because his name occurs twice,

at length the reasons why he was škrtnut, succinctly and accurately presented. The name must

be blotted off so that it remains yet readable.

If it is necessary to odvodním the list of fixes have been made,

be explicitly marked as corrections and the President of the Commission as well as the exhaust

Military Representative signed. The exhaust air must not be anything lists


Pertaining to the lists at kolacionovány carefully before signing.

(3) the entries in the exhaust air handling lists and signature must not be

used stamps neb ink pencils.

(4) the above provisions shall apply mutatis mutandis to take statements from the exhaust air


§ 20.

The drafting of the Protocol, however; copies určovacích sheets.

(1) members of the years 1900, 1898, 1899, and who in the gap district

to the right were taken home and enrolled at the log

levied for the year 1920 by the formula 4. Logs recoverable at

written for each outlet district in particular. This Protocol, be it in

workbooks are based and the end of the calendar year is bound to the solid boards and

index of names connected to it.

To this log at all pojati in 1920, deflecting without

regardless of whether you voluntarily entered, or when the main or

the additional levy were conscripted.

Workbooks, however log kept by removal at to workbooks

earlier, and so be it in box 2 in the current issue of the shortfall.

(2) posted in the log, however be supplemented under the supervision

doplňovacího officer according to the outlet list, and by giving

recoverable; in particular, it notes:

and) if piped knowledgeable music or telegrafování, so be it, it is marked in the

section 17; for persons knowledgeable of the music let it be mentioned also the tool;

(b)) to column 19 let it be opsán medical opinion and decisions pertaining to the

Commission of 12 outlet list;

(c) in section 26) let there be given the time that piped perhaps earlier in the

military service and spent as the scope of the neb, the Institute, in which the latter

served and at what rank, after the event whether he graduated from a school for backup

officers or other professional courses and reported either (i) gun (scope);

in particular, then so be it logged here, according to military documents submitted

NEB data be also listed, performed service for domobranecká

the war with regard to the interruption. If it's just a data outlet,

Let there be particularly noted. The accuracy of these records, so be it, what

first examination;

(d)), it is noted in section 27 on the basis of the total levy

"taken under section 60 br code."; also be stated whether piped

he swore the oath or perhaps denied;

(e) section 28 be it filled in) only after the decision on the zařadění recruited

to the full-time active service;

(f)) to column 29 so be it, after completion of the allocation to the various Corps

(institution) written tribal tělesno;

g) to column 30-33 let there be written instead of standing brancova stay,

must be kept in mind on the basis of reporting leaves stay

the headquarters of the respective doplňovacího of the County.

(3) protocols be withheld each day ended with odvodním

list of aligned [section 12, paragraph (5)] and military members pertaining to the Commission


(4) a foreign made lists, however they are also special protocol

According to the formula 4.

(5) each piped receives declaratory sheet according to the formula 5. that so be it

signed by a military representative.

If it was zařaděn, but immediately piped in an inactive proportion left,

receives IRS 501(c)(3) determination worksheet worksheet instead of the military.

§ 21.

The oath.

(1) each day at the end of the exhaust deflecting swear by pursuant to section

12, point (5). When you let one officer present in the oath of the political

the Office.

(2) be suspended so long mainly instructed of their obligations before and after

embark upon a full-time (active) service, then on the meaning and importance of the

oaths, and then execute the oath in their mother tongue. Sworn formula

determined by the law of 26 June was. March 1919. 169 Coll. and n.

(Journal of the Ministry of national defense, the substantive part, 1919, part of the

27., point 667).

If one has denied meaning oath, paid him the oath

in particular, read and recorded in section 27 of the Protocol


(3) the dissipation of at further notified that they will be called to full-time

the service of those who are according to § 61 Br. Cust. obliged to. On this they

determination shall be issued by the leaves.

section 22.

Exhaust outlet outside the competent district.

(1) If, in order to attend to the dispersal of the debtor in a foreign

odvodním district, the exhaust according to the following provisions.

(2) any compulsory levy to be dostaviti to exhaust outside

the exhaust is a district comprising an extract from the outlet in the list

duplicate (and even in the territory once Hungarian) and posted what

First, the political authorities and the stools. delegated. A copy of the

the statement from the outlet list may be drawn up protiskem and you can use the

ink pens.

(3) a delegated political office even has a compulsory levy. stool, went to

extract from the outlet list before the main dispersal, předvésti this

levy, however, otherwise to the nearest additional levy.

(4) a municipal mayor of the place of stay shall be responsible for the identity of the attributed. When

the identity cannot be certainly identified attributed the municipal mayor,

other credible persons, or in any other way, or if when you

levy in doubt, let there be a mandatory levy remitted without exception to

its the exhaust to the Commission.

(5) if the permitted dispersal, zdržujícímu inter

Czechoslovak Republic, to return to some of the exhaust to the Commission,

his place of residence, it may also be called the dissipation

executed when extracts from the outlet list even were received; but levy

mandatory must předložiti the competent authorities of your voucher

the identity of the prokázati beyond a reasonable doubt. In this voucher be it explicitly

specify the date, which has dostaviti to the levy.

Such a levy so be it drawn up, the Chairman and all members of the exhaust

the Commission is signed and sent to the competent political authority and stools, and it.

the people, however, along with the Charter, however; posléz referred to the political

the Office also arranges other stools. in agreement with the headquarters doplňovacího

of the County.

(6) the dispersal of mandatory foreign home jurisdiction, presenting

the outside of the exhaust, the district leads the political office and stool.

responsible for the dispersal of the list by names.

(7) those who appear to drain out the outlet district,

sign the statement of outlet list of specimens, designated for

Political Office stool, and I do it in the section for notes. Extracts from the

be signed by the Chairman of the exhaust air handling lists pertaining to delegated

and the military representative.

(8) on the procedure for dealing with requests for the postponement of the commencement of full-time

the service applies the provisions of article 11, paragraph (1) (b)) and § 41.

(9) about foreign levy compulsory levies, be made of the Charter

recruited by the formula 4. Deflecting receives the determination leaves under section 20,

paragraph (5).

(10) after completion of the levy so be it of the outcome of the official negotiations immediately

he possessed the political office and the headquarters of the stool.

doplňovacího district. Report shall be sent to the resupply of the place by the Office outlet

It shall send an extract from the outlet list, however even with the Charter

recoverable; According to the circumstances, be it notified why it was performing a levy


The headquarters of doplňovacího district must zapsati the instrument made to

log home members withheld and then put it as a file


(11) If the supplementary authority I had a bowel movement, that the

a compulsory levy, who else came, however, was not

has been used incorrectly, the provisions of § 17, shall submit a report

doplňovacímu the Office of the higher bowel movements.

Political Office II. the stools will decide then on how the levy is to be

examination by the Commission, subject to a mandatory přezkoušecí.

section 23.

Additional charges and their execution.

(1) the statutory Levy, who did the main outlet, at what

Maybe soon subjected to the additional levy.

(2) For additional charges, let there be established generally in the post

the headquarters of each doplňovacího, the Permanent Commission of the District of exhaust. If

on the scale of the geographical conditions of a communication or doplňovacího

the County, that is, must necessarily be zříditi the other permanent outlet to the Commission,

It may, exceptionally, the provincial military headquarters may be in agreement with the

political authority II. bowel movement. About this establishment so be it report

the Ministry of national defense and the Ministry of the Interior.

(3) additional contributions are held as needed. For the main exhaust

pertaining to the additional charges neúřadují.

Exceptions to these provisions shall order the Ministry of national defence in the agreement

with the Ministry of the Interior.

(4) the composition of the Commission for additional levies outlet is the same as

the composition of the other exhaust air handling by the Commission.

Chairman, members of the Commission, in addition to the members, which transmits itself HQ

doplňovacího of the County, as well as the support staff be taken from

Political Office stools and I also as possible from the Corps in the military

pertaining to the unit.

(5) in the exhaust of the Commission for additional payments at Headquarters

doplňovacího area is stationed as a military representative of the master of the doplňovacího

the district, with the Commission's established outside the exhaust unit headquarters

doplňovacího of the district staff officer or the captain of the crew outlet

location or the nearest crew.

(6) the persons to be dostaviti to an additional outlet at the Commission,

If you do not have the official evidence, issued municipal authorities of the place of stay

the report card of identity according to the formula 6.

(7) the proceeding with additional outlet is the same as for the main exhaust;

also, by analogy, taken either all the other rules for the main drainage


§ 24.

What happens to those who will attend to the main drain.

(1) If a levy does not required to be pursuant to § 3 dostaviti

personally to the levy, let it be by lawful means subsequently brought.

(2) Political offices and have a special obligation to stools. to work,

to those who did the main chip, what may soon arrive

to the payment of an additional chip, which is also the headquarters of replenishment counties

have přihlížeti.

(3) the necessary search for a stay absent and after completely unknown at

done in the first place, the home of the village's municipal mayor, or completely

the Mayor of the municipality of unknown, in which a list is written.

Political authorities and stool are obliged to dohlédati. on this activity

municipal mayors.

(4) the Political authorities and the stool are according to the circumstances. themselves this search

in one case, or beyond, and that with all due diligence and energy.

He was the one, who has not appeared, searched for, so be it immediately furnished his

an additional levy.

(5) if someone is caught, about which of the search goes on the scale undertaken or

can you have reason to believe that the outlet has not fulfilled its obligations, vyžádejž

the political office and residence of the stools. political office as well.

stool home village of necessary explanations and postupujž.

(6) Every municipal mayor shall forward the political office and stool.

immediately after the main outlet in the area for a list of those who

the report from the village and who are completely unknown.

(7) the Political Authority as well. so be it notified immediately to the stools as soon as

He'll recover because that is for the disease to levy, or as soon as

absent comes to the village, or as soon as is examined, where in a foreign country

staying, or that he died, or as soon as is required for the dispersal of the

released. Political Office stool on the notification I municipal mayor or

the judicial authority (the prison) immediately to arrange to make this a mandatory levy

subsequently presented, or if he died, is cleared.

(8) the lists according to (6) be kept and changing in an earlier

the municipal mayor successors committed.

§ 25.

The copies of the extracts from the lists for the additional exhaust air outlet.

An additional outlet to be executed, shall draw up a political office stool on the I.

the dispersal of the compulsory, who after the main outlet to stop the additional

Austrians, complete listings from the exhaust air outlet list according to the counties in the


For the compilation of extracts from the exhaust air to the lists of those who have

dostaviti the outside of the exhaust, the district in addition to

the provisions of section 22, paragraph (2).

section 26.

How, after completion of the additional levy.

(1) the result of the additional levy so be it from extracts from the outlet list

written in red ink in all specimens of the respective exhaust air

a list of.

In the section for notes, let it be noted a statement from outlet list, and

on the reference number.

Extract from the outlet list, let it be kept in the files.

(2) any additional entries in the exhaust air of the lists be signed

the head of the political office of i. stools, with regard to the Commander

doplňovacího district.

section 27.

Payments abroad.

For the implementation of charges in a foreign country will be issued special regulations.

section 28.

Effective keeping book absent.

(1) Everyone shall be obliged to levy, who until the day of the General boarding

recruits in the 1920 's, however they failed to comply with its obligations pertaining to the

be included in the book for political offices effective keeping i. stools and

HQ replenishment counties by year of birth (formula 7.):

and) those who did to the levy, whatever is their absence

justified or not;

(b)), those who had to arrive, but that from any

because according to the provisions of this regulation could not be made to the final

decision on BC. those who have been designated to the examination and are not yet


(2) effective keeping book absent may be merely scratched:

and) divert;

(b)), to which some of the exhaust or přezkoušecí the Commission decided to "Exhaust

adjourned "neb" Neodveden ";

c) deaths and judicially for the dead of the Declaration;

(d)) "completely unknown", who were pojati to the list of outlet;

e) those who, with the permission to actually move away;

(f)) those who, based on the false assumption of the home rights were

included in the list of outlet, and are enrolled in odvodním list

home outlet area, finally

g) those who have become relevant to the levy in another district of odvodním.

(3) every time you strike out let it be pointed out at the meeting, on the basis of

which removal occurred.

Deletion for reasons other than in point (2) referred to may be

carried out only on the last replenishment offices and design. stool with

by allowing political authority II. bowel movement.

(4) in the cases in point (2), lit. g) referred to must be for the dispersal of the debtor

entered in the books of the relevant effective keeping absent a new political and

military doplňovacího Office stool which I belong more in management

the cause of the discharge requirement.

section 29.

Check whether the exhaust has been fulfilled the obligation.

In men who have exceeded 20. year of age and

and change their home law);

(b) trade concession) for neb business license;

(c)) for the instrument of legitimizing and etc.;

d) travel;

the provisions in the e) public service

is the Office to which it is for the extradition law, decision-making neb shall

assure is whether, and which way the applicant has fulfilled its exhaust


If the applicant has not complied with its obligations under the law pertaining to the armed services from

in 1920, it immediately introduced additional control, after the case so be it done

notification to the competent political authority I..

section 30.

The cost of exhaust.

(1) the cost of exhaust is divided into:

and the daily salaries) (allowances) and travel costs of the President and members of the exhaust

the Commission, then the auxiliary staff;

(b)), the cost of delivery tools for this Commission;

(c)) cost of providing room for the official control of the Commission and with the

heating, lighting and cleaning;

(d) the cost of meals and) the path to the removal of the compulsory levy;

e) costs associated with submitting to hospital observation displayed

and with a stay in the hospital.

(2) the costs referred to in paragraph (1), lit. a), b), c), (e)) are a charge on the

the budget of the Ministry of national defense. The exceptions are only for cities

consists of special outlet district, in which at the relevant daily:

salaries and travel expenses of municipal public servants always removal from municipal

money and equipment and room to be provided with these official performance from

of the city.

Device for measuring the height of the undertaken must, however, always special ordered political

Office stools I..

In order to avoid the costs, so be it, if possible, applied to health and appropriate

the rooms in the official buildings.

The costs referred to in paragraph (1), lit. (d)) shall be borne by the dispersal of the debtor. The destitute

replace the necessary costs of the home village, which it is for the watch

political authority I..

When delivering a poor foreign levy compulsory can be

requested from the home village of reimbursement of necessary expenses incurred for

their food and path.

If it is mandatory when submitting the levy to the military hospital needed

accompanied by the fault of the dispersal of the debtor (for simulation, suspect escape,

vzdorovitost), shall bear the costs for the escort for the dispersal of the debtor itself; whether or not you

pays its expenses travel and food for the journey.

section 31.

The provisions of the General.

Of the examination.

(1) examination of the matter in the new inspection and assessment of the special mixed

Commission (přezkoušecí by the Commission), whether the levy required is able to

military service.

(2) the Commission shall establish a political office Přezkoušecí II. stool in agreement with the

the Earth's military headquarters for its circuit in the needed numbers.

The examination shall take place as appropriate in specific and timely proclaimed days

and hours.

(3) political office i. stools shall take measures to those that look beautiful

přezkoušeti, came early on the day of the official talks to přezkoušecí

to the Commission; their appearance so be it notified in time to the President of the Commission, to

This meeting only when necessary.

(4) the medical examination of persons presented to the examination and

the classification is applicable "code for medical assessment

eligibility for military service ", referred to in section 15; the Commission shall not be

omeziti only the examination of the defects that have been given or that are

the cause of the examination.

§ 32.

Organization of the Commission přezkoušecí.

(1) examination of the Joint Commission held usually in the headquarters of the political office

II. the stool. The Chairman of the přezkoušecí Commission is an official delegated

political authority II. stools, where necessary, of the officialdom of the political

offices I.. Members are: civilian official doctor of political authority

II. the stool to the delegated, pursuant to the provisions of the military

regional headquarters staff officer as a representative of the provincial military

Headquarters, higher military physician and officer who understands

gap field. When the examination shall not be involved any Member that

úřadoval in the exhaust to the Commission.

(2) the President of the Commission shall maintain control and keep watch over the fact that the examination of the

properly done.

(3) the Registrar shall appoint one to přezkoušecí the Commission political office

II. the stool and the provincial military headquarters.

§ 33.

The scope of the Commission's přezkoušecích.

Be subjected to the examination:

and the statutory levy,) whose skills have been different opinion when levy

[section 17, paragraph (8)];

(b)) dispersal required, who came to the district in a foreign odvodním

and have been recognised as unfit in the cases of section 22, last. paragraph 1;

(c)) dispersal required, who were considered unfit, it is established

criminal judgment, that have reached this finding any of the criminal offences

in branném the Act referred to (article 11, paragraph 2, of the armed services Act);

(d)) persons in active employment in cases of section 42, paragraph (3).

Epileptikové and mentally twisted nebuďtež předváděni before the Commission


§ 34.

Přezkoušecí of the Charter.

Of all the compulsory levy, who have been designated to the removal of the examination and

to be held at the same place, draw up a political office and stool.

for each individual in particular extracts from the outlet list referred to in

exhaust air districts in two original copies, which can be vyhotoviti protiskem

an ink pencil.

The examination shall be carried out on the basis of these statements; There is no need

vyhotovovati special přezkoušecích lists. Each listing must

indicate the red ink at the top labelled as "Examination".

section 35.

Appearance to the examination.

(1) persons who have dostaviti to the examination, be issued

municipal authorities of the place of stay a report card of identity according to the formula 6.,

If you do not have any official evidence. Let it be done-examination

as soon as possible.

(2) if does not appear without due apologies for the dispersal of the debtor within the time limit

přezkoušecí, for which he was summoned, it furnished the additional

the demonstration in front of the Commission přezkoušecí with the use of a legally acceptable

coercion, and if failure, ospravedlniti

Let it be with it loaded according to sections 42, 43 and 44 of the defence law. Such

the dispersal of the debtor is required to nahraditi travel costs caused by

the additional examination.

Dispersal required III. exhaust class that was intended for the examination,

However, it did not appear, let it be subjected to this additional

examination up to 31. December of the year in which completes 50. year age

their; otherwise, the provisions referred to in the preceding paragraph.

However, if the failed dispersal required i. or II. exhaust class up to the

the beginning of the following year's main outlet to the examination, let there be

Additionally tested, but let it be immediately brought before the exhaust

the Commission and, if the failure before the Commission přezkoušecí

ospravedlniti is loaded with him under section 42, 43 and 44 of the armed services

the law.

(3) the instrument of exhibited Přezkoušecí, t. j. extracts from the outlet

the list shall be forwarded for examination drawn up by the political authorities and the stool.

political authority II. stool, after the case of the political authority of the stool, I.

where the examination. konati

(4) the path of those political authorities sent to the examination, the

According to the rail options or the ship.

When you use the rail or boat can be counted only the lowest

class. This provision also applies to the return path.

§ 36.

Decision přezkoušecích by the Commission.

(1) formulating a medical opinion (the award), and Commission decision applies

the provisions referred to in article 17, paragraph (1) and (2) of this regulation.

(2) those who are already in the III. exhaust class and were found

inept, it made the final decision.

(3) the opinion of the Court shall First Officer zdravotnictva. If the military

the representative of a different view of the competence attributed, it shall notify the

President of the Commission, which prompts a civilian doctor to his

a testimonial.

If this is confirmed, the physician opinion of the military doctor, vyřknouti

the final decision, that this opinion corresponds to. If confirmed, the civil

a preview of the military representative, the doctor from the opinion of the military doctor

departs at writings with the appropriate message, possibly with justification

opinion of the opposite, submitted to the Ministry of national defense, which in

the agreement with the Ministry of the Interior decides, if necessary, order the new

examination of the (ministerial).

(4) if the Commission přezkoušecí that is necessary to the investigation or

the observation attributed in a military hospital, be it in that direction

the resolution has been made. If it was in the hospital, found that there is no defect for which the

There he was handed over to the dispersal of the debtor, and that is otherwise capable of, so be it its

exhaust is executed without a new examination.

(5) indeed, applies to the examination of the provisions of § § 14, 15, 16

of this regulation.

(6) The Commission's decision cannot be přezkoušecí stěžovati.

section 37.

How to carry out přezkoušecí records.

(1) the medical findings, then all decisions of the Commission at přezkoušecí

written immediately to the relevant sections of the listing of the outlet list under

record pertaining to the Commission, or on the other side of the statement, if there is no space on the

the first side; in this case, let it be noted on this side, they are

the medical findings and decision přezkoušecí, the Commission on the other.

The medical findings and decisions of the Commission shall be signed by the Chairman and all members of the

of the Commission.

(2) to produce documents withheld and určovacích sheets, as well as to

execution of oaths at deflecting committed headquarters doplňovacího

the County Commission in the place of přezkoušecí.

In section 27 of the Charter (the Protocol), however they let there be expressly noted

He was executed by the decision of the přezkoušecí drainage Commission.

section 38.

The sending of přezkoušecích records and documents.

(1) extracts from the outlet list, drawn up for the examination and supplemented

According to the provisions of the preceding paragraph by the Commission at přezkoušecí

sent to:

and one copy shall be sent) political office II. bowel movements after the case

political office i. stools where examination of the tragic, political

Office stools that I arranged for a demonstration; This Office shall send a statement of

the dispersal of the compulsory jurisdiction of the competent authority's foreign policy as well.

the stool;

(b) send a copy of the supplementary), second district headquarters in the place

examination of the relevant doplňovacího district headquarters; If there was a

a decision made "Drafted", so be it to posléz referred to a copy of the

attached to the relevant instrument.

(2) the competent political office and the headquarters of the respective stools and.

doplňovacího district entered the medical report and the decision of the Commission

přezkoušecí verbatim in its own outlet list.

§ 39.

A new examination of the (ministerial).

(1) the new examination of the Ministry of national defence may may be in agreement

with the Ministry of the Interior in the cases of § 36, paragraph (3).

(2) the new examination Commission, composed přezkoušecí will perform, as shown in the

§ 32. The President shall designate the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of military members

national defence and the Ministry of public health and the civilian doctor

and physical education.

(3) indeed, apply the provisions referred to in the previous paragraphs for

the new examination.

(4) If or when this new examination could not be made to the final

the decision, to be submitted to the decision of the Ministry of national files


section 40.

The cost of the examination.

(1) the costs of the examination is divided into:

and the cost of meals and) the path of the dispersal of the mandatory for testing


(b) salaries and travel) day for the President, then for members of přezkoušecí

of the Commission.

(2) these Costs are going mostly to the budget of the Ministry of national


If, however, was ordered to the examination because of § 11, para. 2., the armed services

law, bears the cost of the demonstration that was lawfully controlling recognized

guilty of this criminal offence there referred to. Political Office stools I.

hands down the award for compensation based on rightful criminal finding.

(3) the fare, as well as its method of clearing the political authorities provides for II.

bowel movement.

§ 41.

Postponement of the commencement of full-time service.

(1) the request for the postponement of the commencement of full-time service in accordance with section 16 of the armed services

the law, which was brought before the dispersal or removal, the Chairman shall refer

pertaining to the Commission, if the applicant was drafted, a second political officer [section 12,

point (2)]; This request shall make an appropriate proposal to the military representative.

With the consent of the President of the Commission, pertaining to him becomes this proposal

by decision of the Commission, the proposal for a decision of the Commission, and so be it

as the decision notified to the applicant in writing to the President of the Commission, and also

Political Office and delivered the stools. If you can't get permission, so be it

the file on the grounds of the military representative and the proposal by the opposition předsedovými

posted doplňovacího district headquarters, to which exhaust the Commission

It belongs. This will submit the file to the provincial headquarters of the superior military,

that decides on the acceptance of the political office of the II. bowel movement. If you can't get the

with the permission of the file submitted is a Ministry of national defense, which

After hearing of the Ministry of the Interior shall decide.

The integration of decision zaznamenati in the odvodním list in column 13 and, if

application processed, whether or not the total in column 23.

Neodvedeným at their request as pointless returned.

(2) when possible, in order to exhaust the Commission discussed the request immediately

postponement of the commencement of full-time service, or if the request is made after the

levy, as well as on the applications of persons, which were intended for the examination, and

When the examination have been paid, shall be decided by the competent (home)

the headquarters of doplňovacího district in accordance with the (home)

political authority I. stool; If you can't get the consent, shall submit to the

District parent request supplementary military headquarters to the provincial

Headquarters, that a decision thereon in accordance with the political authority II.

bowel movement. If you can't get even such consent, shall submit to the provincial military

the file to the Ministry of national defence headquarters, which shall decide on the request

After hearing of the Ministry of the Interior.

(3) against the decision of the Commission pertaining to the neb replenishment offices and stool.

the applicant may not administer complain to the competent provincial military

Headquarters in 14 days from the date of receipt of the written assessment; the day, which

the assessment was delivered, does not count the period of 14 days. A complaint against the decision of the

the Commission must not administer exhaust with the competent political authority I.

stool, otherwise at the headquarters of doplňovacího district. A complaint can not administer

orally, in writing or by telegram. The date of filing the complaint, mail or

telegrafnímu authority is assumed to be the date of filing of the complaint. If applicable

the last day of the time limit on a Sunday stížnostní neb holiday, it shall stížnostní

the deadline closest everyday.

If the complaint under the provisions of the preceding paragraph for policy

Office stools, I send it to this Office to the competent doplňovacímu

Headquarters. This command will submit all complaints received

the language of the writings and with a certified excerpt from the outlet list manager

the Earth's military headquarters; This will decide, in agreement with the political

authority II. stool definitively. If the conduct in this instance

consent, shall submit to the provincial military headquarters writings to the decision

the Ministry of national defense, which shall decide, after hearing of the Ministry of

the Interior.

(4) submission of an application for the postponement of the commencement of full-time service, as well as

a complaint against a negative decision, such requests do not have the effect of

the swap.

(5) the dissipation of that deferral of the full-time service is enabled, you must

each year, up to 1. November, předložiti to its competent

the district headquarters doplňovacímu proof of the continuation of studies

or evidence that the circumstances which justify the deferment of full-time service,

Furthermore, they insist. Those who in this period prescribed documents through no fault of their own

fail to provide, be called to full-time service.

(6) the dissipation of that deferral of the full-time service is enabled at once

zařadění left up to the time allowed on permanent leave; However, they may

even before this deadline, nastoupiti full-time service.

(7) on the obligation to forward the předkládati referred to the documents, as well as the

the consequences of failure to comply with this obligation, be dissipating in the assessment

admitting the postponement of service advised full-time.



§ 42.

Implementation of contributions of members of the years of 1898 and 1899, 1900, without a personal

appearance to the levy.

(1) for the preparation of contributions also applies here, the relevant provisions Of section I.

demonstration dispersal required before the exhaust to the Commission are not excluded [article 3, paragraph


Persons in active service-members shall be subjected to the Czechoslovak

foreign troops, however, only if they ask to yourself-for your

military bodies (institutions), where it held active status, komisionelním

medical shows, and if he's on temporary leave as soon as possible

After returning from a vacation to be detected degree of capability for military

the service.

About komisionelní medical parade will be drawn up a record of classification and

posted to the appropriate doplňovacímu to the district headquarters and the political

Office stools I.. About invalidity of permanent military zaopatřovacími

disability registration authorities shall forward to the perks of superarbitrační writings

the relevant gap district headquarters.

On the basis of the classification of records of the performed

komisionelních of medical shows and superarbitračních files

the Commission shall carry out the exhaust compound according to § 8 contributions in the relevant

exhaust air handling lists, without the statutory levy had personally before

exhaust dostaviti to the Commission.

(2) the Replenishment District Headquarters shall establish at its headquarters, in agreement with

political authority I. regulations for stools additional

exhaust exhaust exhaust to the Commission and makes under this section before

the start of the main charges pursuant to section I.

(3) the decision of the Commission for the exhaust are decisive in classification

classification komisionelních medical records shows; for

the formulation of the decision, the provisions of section 17, paragraph (2); for members of the

years of 1900 and 1899, who according to the classification of the record have

the classification of "Unfit", it always made the decision "Wicking adjourned".

It is clear from the record that the classification in komisionelní medical

the parade were members of the Commission of a different opinion on the eligibility of the

you are viewing, the military representative to the exhaust navrhnouti to the Commission

the writings were referred to the přezkoušecí to the Commission for decision. The proposal must

the President of the vyhověti. Přezkoušecí the Commission, which must be viewed personally

dostaviti then decides in accordance with provisions contained in the section.

The scope of the levy to ancillary services and about how to determine if the

people to such services capable of excess, the provisions of section 17, paragraph

(3) the last paragraph.

For permanent disability benefits zaopatřovacími take on the basis of

medical opinion (the award) contained in the writings of superarbitračních

the Commission's decision pertaining to the "Neodveden".

(4) the Exhaust be filled by the Commission pertaining to the lists in sections

the appropriate outlet class according to the classification of records, superarbitračních

the writings and other evidence. To column 10 is written as day levy day,

which the Commission's entry in the outlet list. Commission decision

Let it be recorded in the record shall be signed by the Chairman of the classification and all

members of the Commission; sections 11 and 12 of the list be completed on outlet

the basis of the classification of the record under the supervision of an officer, doplňovacího

that the correctness of this write your signature will confirm.

In the note (section 15), noting: "Levy implemented under the

classification of record (sup file) § 42 prov regulation. 1920 ".

Be entered in the log can be dissipated, however according to the outlet list

and classification of record and extracts from the log, however be sent to the

After completion of military housing (the Institute), the number of equity

It is for.

(5) the members of the Czechoslovak foreign troops (legions)

Let there be carried out, mutatis mutandis, on the basis of the most recent classification, which

notify the appropriate tribal housing gap district headquarters

special classification record.

(6) the provisions of this section apply also to the additional outlet of the Commission,

that will set out to do payments under this section on the ground that the

were not proper at the time as specified by the Commission with the work done.



The provisions of the final.

section 43.


Persons who were under the provisions of i. and II. section of this regulation

removed, putting on 1. October 1920.

§ 44.

Reporting of large exhaust air handling absence and nuisance.

Political authorities and stool are obliged to immediately. hlásiti Ministry of

national defence cases where citizens in greater numbers to levy

fails to appear, or where they occur to a greater extent when levy

goings-on, to be the Department of national defence in consultation with the

the Interior Ministry made under section 10, the last recorded. paragraph 1., the armed services act

the measures necessary for the proper implementation of the levy.

§ 45.

Political offices I and II. bowel movement.

(1) up to the effectiveness of the law of 29 April 1999. February 1920, no. 126 Coll. and n.

the establishment of County and district offices in the Republic of Czechoslovakia,

carry out competence, dedicated in the branném the Act and this regulation

the political authority of the mill: I.

and) in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia district political administration, respectively.

cities with its own statute municipalities,

(b)) on the territory of the Hungarian authorities, once slúžnovské in the cities with the right

municipálním and in cities with regulated municipal city councils.

(2) the scope of the political authorities II. bowel movements they perform at this time:

and) in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia regional political administration,

(b)) in the Hungarian county authorities, once in the cities, with the right

municipálním Ministry of national defence, in agreement with the Ministry of

the Interior.

Ministry of national defence is authorized in the agreement with the Ministry of

the Interior and the Ministry for unification of legislation and organization of management

to do in that direction as appropriate measures of derogation.

§ 46.

The effectiveness of the regulation.

This Regulation shall enter into force on the date of publication.

§ 47.

Implementation of the regulation.

Implementation of this regulation, it is for the Minister of national defence in consultation with the

Minister of the Interior, the Minister of Justice, the Minister of public

health and physical education and the Minister for unification

legislation and organisation management.

The Austrian reichsrat in r.

as Prime Minister, and the administrator of the Ministry of national defense.

Raja, r.

Dr. Engliš in r.

Thomas s v. r.,

Dr. Meissner in r.

Habrman in r.

Staněk v. r.

The powder in the r.

Dr. Hotowetz in r.

Johanis in r.

Dr. Winter in r.

Silver in r.

Dr. Suresh Vaishnav in r.

Dr. Dérer, in r.

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