Conditions Of The Bonds Of The United States, 2009-2019, 5.00%

Original Language Title: emisní podmínky Dluhopisu České republiky, 2009 - 2019, 5,00%

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70/2009 Sb.


The Ministry of finance

of 13 October. March 2009,

which specify the conditions of the bond of the Czech Republic, 2009-2019,


The Ministry of Finance issued Treasury bonds in accordance with § 25 of the law No.

190/2004 Coll. on bonds, as amended, (hereinafter referred to as

"the law on bonds") and specifies the terms and conditions of the bond of the Czech

Republic, 2009-2019, 5.00%:

1. basic characteristics of the bonds:

Issuer: Czech Republic represented by the Ministry of finance

Name: Bond of the Czech Republic, 2009-2019, 5.00%

Abbreviated name: 5.00% CR, 19

Serial number of the emission: 56.

Nominal value: £ 10,000

Form of a bond: bearer securities

Form of a bond: book-entry securities

Date of issue: 23. March 2009

Maturity date: 11. April 2019

Interest income: fixed rate coupon 5.00% p. a.

The taxation of interest income: according to the legislation of the Czech Republic

Isin: CZ0001002471

Coupon no. 1, ISIN: CZ0000702022

Coupon no. 2, ISIN: CZ0000702030

Coupon no. 3, ISIN: CZ0000702048

Coupon no. 4, ISIN: CZ0000702055

Coupon no. 5, ISIN: CZ0000702063

Coupon no 6, ISIN: CZ0000702071

Coupon No 7, ISIN: CZ0000702089

Coupon no 8, ISIN: CZ0000702097

Coupon No 9, ISIN: CZ0000702105

Coupon no. 10, ISIN: CZ0000702113

The principal detached, ISIN: CZ0000702014

2. Bonds are within the meaning of § 25 para. 2 of the Act on bonds issued

on the basis of special legislation, which release Government bonds.

3. the following shall be added to the bearer Bonds and are issued in book-entry form.

The register of owners of securities Centre leads.

4. Bonds may acquire legal and natural persons established or

resident in the territory of the Czech Republic and abroad. Repatriation of proceeds and

paid-up nominal values abroad will be carried out according to legal

the laws of the United States.

5. the issuer shall make a proposal on the adoption of the bonds to trading on the

market of the Prague stock exchange, a. s.

6. The record date for the payment of the proceeds of the bond is preceded by one month

days to maturity yield from the bond. Ex-coupon date is the day following the

the closing date is set at 12. March. Interest income always receives

investor, which is the owner of the bond 11. March of each year,

starting from the year 2010. Interest income for the first period from the date of issue of the

April 11, 2010 will receive an investor who is the owner of the bond 11.

March 30, 2010.

7. the Bonds yield fixed interest rate in the amount of 5.00% p. a.

Interest income is paid once a year, to 11. April

of the relevant year. If payday falls on a day that the yield is not

business day, the payment of the first following working day

without the right to return for this postponement of the payment.

8. transferability of the bonds in the securities Center, beginning on the day

credited to the accounts of the first owners of the bonds. The last day will be

experience to transfer securities on accounts in securities Centre

of papers is 11. March 2019.

9. calculation of aliquot interest rate is based on one year of 360 days

and 12 30-day months (BCK-standard 30E/360). Pipette an aliquot part

interest income is added to the price of a bond calculated from the date of issue.

10. Bonds to be issued after each of the sections (tranches).

The primary sale of 1. the tranche will be made in the form of American auction organized by the

The Czech National Bank for a group of actors on 18 July 2005. March

2009. Other investors may participate in the auction via direct

participants. Notice of the auction and the list of direct participants in advance

disclosed to the public. The primary sale of other tranches will be carried out under the same

terms and conditions. The emission limit shall expire on 11. March 2019.

11. Each order passed to auction direct participants are

met gradually from the highest price offered. When the progressive

meeting the orders with a specific price exceeds the offered "

the volume of orders, the volume of bonds, which are sold by the issuer

order with this push price met only in part. Bonds

are sold at the prices offered.

12. The total volume of bond issue is 60 000 000 000 CZK.

Bonds may be issued in a small or large volume in accordance with §

11 of the Act on the bonds in a range that will respond to the development and

the structure of the funding of the national debt. The volume of emissions may be increased

a maximum of 90 000 000 000 CZK.

13. Valid assessment of financial eligibility (rating) of long-term

on CZK-denominated liabilities on the date of release of these emission conditions made

by Standard Poor's & is level A +, Moody's on

level A1.

14. The Department of Justice on the yield of a bond pursuant to section 18 of the Act on bonds

is made possible.

15. The Ministry of finance declares that he owes to each owner

Bond nominal value of the bond. The bonds will be repaid in

nominal value to 11. April 2019. From this day ends with the remuneration

bonds. The nominal value of the bond and the last interest income will be

paid to investors, who are the owners of the bond on 11 July. March

2019. If the day goes to the repayment of principal on a day which is not a working

on the date of payment will be the first following working day without

the yield for the transferring.

16. Any and all rights associated with the bonds and coupons are issued to them in

pursuant to section 42 of the Act on bonds forfeited in the expiry of 10 years from the

the date on which it could be invoked for the first time.

17. The Ministry of finance is committed to secure the payment of interest

the proceeds of the bonds and repay the nominal value of the bonds of their

According to the owners of these emission conditions. Payment is

National Bank. Coupons and the principal of the bonds are paid by direct debit

transfer or in cash, according to the instructions of the owner of the bond.

Payment instead shall publish the manner in which payment of the coupon and redemption

the nominal value is executed.

18. Bonds are direct, unconditional and nepodřízenými liabilities

States that are on the same level with all the other existing

and future direct, unconditional and nepodřízenými liabilities

of the Republic.

19. the notification to the public about these bonds will be

published in newspapers or other similarly focused

the journal, commonly available in the Czech Republic and in a manner allowing

remote access.

20. these terms and conditions may be translated into foreign languages. If there is a

a conflict between the various language versions, the issue conditions

Czech version.


Ing. Kalousek in r.