Implementation Of The 297/1921 Coll. On Mandatory Grading Of Hops

Original Language Title: provedení z. 297/1921 Sb. o povinném známkování chmele

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217/1922 Sb.


the Government of the Czechoslovak Republic

of 8 March. August 1922,

which specifies the effective and performs the Act of 12 June 2001. August 1921,

No 297 Coll. and n., on the mandatory grading of hops.

On the basis of the law of 12 June 2001. August 1921, no. 297 Coll. and n., ordering

is this:

Article I.

(§ 1 of the law)

(1) on domestic hops introduces compulsory grades starting with the harvest


(2) on domestic hops earlier harvests the following provisions apply:

and) hops that come from some of the production area as referred to in article II.

and which are in the possession of the original grower or local origin can be

prokázati accordingly, based on the weight of the leaves and finally the packaging of the prescribed

the statutes in force before známkoven vejitím of the law of 12 June 2001. August, no.

297 Coll. and n., in efficiency at známkovány under the provisions of this

the law;

(b)) all the other hops earlier harvesting-including hops, which

local origin was already známkovnou authenticated (t nr hops "halírované")-

may be známkovány either by the rules of the law of 12 June 2001. August 1921,

No 297 Coll. and n., or they can be for a transitional period of 2 (two) to

put with the markings laid down by the law of 17 May. March 1907,

No 102.; This time limit may, in agreement with the Ministry of agriculture

the Ministry of Commerce prodloužiti, but not over the 5 (five) years. After

the expiration of that time limit shall be subject to the hops, these also

compulsory grades according to the rules of the law of 12 June 2001. August 1921, no.

297 Coll. and n..

(3) the disputed cases marking hop older years shall be decided by

the appropriate známkovna be definitively collected.

(4) the mailing of any domestic hops, including hop earlier

harvest at známkovány under section 3, paragraph (B) by simply marked "hops" with

indication of the year.

Article II.

(Section 2 of the Act)

(1) for the hop production area claim in the Republic


1. "the Žatec district" are známkovnou in Žatec;

2. "Roudnicko" známkovnou in Roudnice;

3. "Ouštěcko" is známkovnou in Ouštěku and turning in Decals;

4. "Dubsko" známkovnou in Dubé;

5. "Tršicko" známkovnou in the historic Central.

(2) the borders of the individual production areas contains the appendix to this

Regulation; the affiliation of the other municipalities to productive areas of production

the hop, after the case of the establishment of branches can be made to známkoven

the design of the agricultural Council of the Decree of the Ministry of agriculture in

"Official Gazette" after hearing of the participating známkoven in agreement with the

the Ministry of Commerce.

Article III.

(Section 7 of the Act)

(1) Excluding clauses referred to in section 7 may be to mark under section 3

joining these clauses:

and the name of the area in production) adjective with the connection

the designation "hops", after BC. with an indication of the variety "červeňák" or "zeleňák".

Opatřovati packaging these clauses shall be entitled to is známkovna when

local authentication of the origin of the hops.

(b) hops grown) in Moravia, the designation "Moravian hops".

(c)) Regulations may be as hop stamping plant where clause in the trade of hops

common details, expressing specifying precinct inside the hop

the area in which the hops grown. These clauses be mounted in

parenthesis after the name of the production community. If it becomes unnecessary to indicate local origin

name of the production community, not these clauses.

(2) the use of the registered trade marks and regulations of transport undertakings

on the labelling of goods for transportation are not these provisions in no way

without prejudice to the.

Article IV.

(Section 9 of the Act)

(1) the designation of local origin of the hops on the packaging containing the information set out in

§ 4 of the law in this grouping:

The Republic of Czechoslovakia, the Czech (or Moravian) hops 20 ...

the name of a production area referred to in article II.

(2) the name of the production of the municipality be it in the labelling of hops in the production village

located on the side seam of the sack.

(3) when verifying the local origin of the hops známkovnou on the cover of let it be cover

hops bears the inscription:

"Public známkovna hops in......." Turning hop stamping plant so be it in verification

on the package indicated only by the front of the registration number of the

large initial letter shall hop stamping plant community in which is a turn-off

established; This letter, let there be connected also to the registration number in

to the certificate.

(4) the designation of local origin of the hops, as well as its validation on the package

Let it be done on the outside of the package, in a clearly visible indelible letters;

(5) for more details about how and where they are to be placed marking and

Verify the local origin of the hops, as well as the clauses on packaging, established

will be the order of the hop stamping plant.

(6) if it is to be used to wrap the packaging already used hops, t. j.

the designation of local origin, notices, case also verification

Hop stamping plant already fitted, and does not correspond to the earlier mark or

clause completely wrapped up in a new chmeli, so be it mismatched part

designation (s) whatever the line, however, always verify the hop stamping plant throughout the

its range horizontal cross (X) so that excluded everyone was misled

with regard to the new content of hops; This break so be it done by Red

in indelible ink. May be, if such packaging used in the

hops is intended for export, it shall act známkovna.

(7) the Známkovna is entitled to refer to and ověřovati local origin with the

hops out of her assigned area; However, it is required, can

Hop stamping plant to make agreement on mutual representation is in the labelling

hops according to § 10, section 1, paragraph 2., as well as authentication hops.

Certification for these hops, however, belongs exclusively to

známkovně, from whose area of hops these come. The said agreement

shall be subject to the approval of the Ministry of agriculture in agreement with the Ministry of


(8) Indicate local origin of the hops in accordance with § 10, section 1, para. 1. "

as well as verification of local origin carried out známkovna in majetnostech

the order of the hop stamping plant (section 12 of the Act); exceptionally, be it outside

These rooms called and verified známkovnou hops only with special

permission of the Ministry of agriculture in agreement with the Ministry of trade only

traders in a permanent storage facility outside the Habitat of hops

Hop stamping plant.

(9) the labelling and verification of hops required to maintain accurate is známkovna

the records, which will be in the details of the modified order of the hop stamping plant.

An Article In The.

(Section 12 of the Act)

(1) the Order under section 12 must also obsahovati in particular detailed provisions on

How to známkovna the black is managed.

(2) as a conclusion of the packaging of let it be used in the production of village seal or seals

or both, when you validate the local origin of the hops seal and známkovnou


(3) the inscriptions on seals after BC. plombách, which closed containers are in

the production village, lays down the conditions of employment of hop stamping plant.

(4) the seal and the seals, which concluded when the containers are the local authentication

the origin of the hops, známkovnou, be accompanied by these clearly legible


Seal: "public známkovna hops in........." and "the Republic of

Czechoslovak ". The words "public známkovna hops in....." At length when

It is built in a closed circle, which made up the words ' Republic

Czechoslovak "also in the inner circle; in the middle of this

the inner circle of let there be placed a small national coat of arms.

Seals: the words "public známkovna hops in........", can be found in the

full circle; inside the banner let there be placed a small national coat of arms.

Article VI.

(Section 13 of the Act)

In areas of mixed population, be it producer in the management representation

divided into different nationalities hop stamping plant based on the area planted with


Article VII.

(Section 17 of the Act)

(1) the Text of the certificate set out in the attached is the formula A); external

Edit the authentication of the Charter provides for the Ministry of agriculture.

(2) on the reverse of the certificate be listed, further devaluing the official seals and

seals, as well as to a reasonable size adjustment and the wording of the local authentication

the origin of the hops známkovnou on the cover [article IV, paragraph 1. (3)].

(3) the certificate shall so be it kolkována 2.

Article VIII.

(To section 19 of the Act)

All fees for the labelling and verification of hops down známkovna for

each administrative year in advance; the amount of these fees is subject to the approval of the

the Ministry of agriculture, in agreement with the Ministry of Commerce.

Article IX.

(Language provisions)

(1) when resolving names of production areas, let it be used in German

the words "Gebiet woodlands. "into French words:" Région by..... "

the English words "District of ..." with the connection name of the village, according to which

the area is named as Czechoslovak.


For all other information, which are prescribed in the labeling and authentication

the local origin of the hops, let it be used in German, French and

English these words and this spelling:

The Czechoslovak Republic: German: Čechoslovakische Republics;

French: République Tchécoslovaque; English: Czechoslovak

The republics;

Czech hops: German: Böhmischer Hopfen; French: de Houblon

Bohęme; English: Bohemian hops;

Moravian hops: German: Mährischer Hopfen; French: de Houblon

Moravie; English: Moravian hops;

Public známkovna of hops in.........: German: Öffentliche

Hopfensignierhalle ins......; French: Office public pour le

marquage du houblon ŕ........; English: Public Marking Hall for Hops

at ........;

"Žatecký chmel": German: Saazer Hopfen; French: de Žatec Houblon;

English: Žatec hops;

Roudnice hops: German: Roudnicer Hopfen; French: de Houblon

Roudnice; English: Roudnice hops;

Ouštěcký hops: German: Auschauer Hopfen; French: de Houblon

Ouštěk; English: Ouštěk hops;

Grogan hops: German: Daubauer Hopfen; French: de Houblon Dubá;

English: Dubá hops;

Tršický hops: German: Tršicer Hopfen; French: de Houblon Tršice;

English: Tršice hops;

(Hops) červeňák: German: Rot (Hopfen);

(Hops) zeleňák: German: Grün (Hopfen).

Under the control of "repacked": German: Unter Kontrolle umgepackt,

French: Sous contrôle remballč; English: Repacking controlled.

(3) the certificate shall be drawn up in the language of the let it be always the State. When listing

its also the text in another language, be it the text shown on the second

place. The formula of the certificate with the text of the German, French, and

the English are listed in the Annex B/C/D.

(4) the designation of local origin of the hops for hop on the packaging for export

and verification of local origin of the hops on the cover of let it be done in the language of the

Czechoslovak. If, however, the certificate in bilingual format, can be

with the guidance of the designation and the validation on the package to produce such in the language in which the

is the appropriate instrument in addition to the text of the validation of the Czechoslovak issued;

the designation přípustna is an exception from this provision only for hops,

which exported have to be in the original packaging, with your original designation

carried out in the production community.

(5) the prescribed Inscriptions for the seal and the seals, which closed containers are

When you validate the local origin of the hops in the language at známkovnou

Czechoslovak. If, however, the relevant certificate

bilingual inscriptions can be beheld at the same time also in the language in which

the certificate is issued in addition to the texts of the Czechoslovak. The seal of the

at these inscriptions located in the dolení half a circle in which located

is the text a Czech; the seals so be it the inscription located on the

the other side of the seal.

(6) for hops and intended for export may be exceptionally for a transitional period of 5

(five) years the exiled Czechoslovak official name of municipalities Žatec, Ouštěk, Duba

will be joined by their German official name, Saaz, Auscha, Dauba also in

indications and verifications carried out in a non-German language, except

However, the text of the Czechoslovak. When listing the German official name of these

communities, be it always put connecting equal sign (=) in the official name

Czechoslovak. Otherwise it appears when placing the names of municipalities as on the package, so

and in the accompanying schedules of dbáti the provisions of article 3. Regulation of 25 June 2002.

August 1921, no. 324 Coll. and n.

(7) any translation of texts representing the local designation of origin

hops, the official names of the známkoven, as well as the texts of the instruments verification

shall be subject to, if the wording is not already provided for by this regulation,

the approval of the Ministry of agriculture in agreement with the Ministry of trade.

(8) Rules and the official language is the language of the Czechoslovak známkoven;

If agreed on how the Administration, also German hop stamping plant. In the rules and

the official language, with regard to both meeting and official languages takes place

with all the meetings and administration buildings and label hop stamping plant and

známkoven inside and outside the Office. The official seal of the hop stamping plant contains the words

always fill in the Czechoslovak language.

(9) the bilingual certificate an official seal

You can use the seal hop stamping plant also with fill in the language in which

the certificate is issued in addition to the texts of the Czechoslovak; fill

the language of the Czechoslovak OK at the first place.

Article X.

The current hop stamping plant established on the basis of the law of 17 May. March 1907,

No 102., enter the date on which it takes effect in this regulation,

liquidation, which shall be carried out according to the respective approved bylaws.

Article XI.

The law of 12 June 2001. August 1921, no. 217 Coll. and n., compulsory grades

the hops, and this regulation issued for its implementation shall take effect on the date of

August 15, 1922.

The implementation of this regulation will be entrusted with the Ministers of agriculture, trade and

the Interior.

Dr. Edvard Beneš in r.

Dr. Dolansky in r.

Staněk v. r.

L. Smith v. r.

Black v. r.

A. N. r.

Serb in the r.

Dr. Šrobár, in r.

Bold in r.


(border of hop production areas).


The Žatec district.

The hop production area present include the following:

1. from the Court. area bilinského: Hrádek, Dear;

2. from the Court. the District of Chomutov: Bílence, gateway, Brančíky, Brezno,

Čermíky, Denětice, Holetice, Hořence, Hrušovany, Lažany, Libouš, Our,

Nechranice, Nezabylice, Přečaply, Račice, Sided, Střezov, Sušany,

Škrle, Vičice, Voděrady, Všehrdy, Zálezly;

3. from the Court. the Jeseník district: Bedlno, Bílence, Bukov, Germany

Černčice, Děkov, Drahouš, Hermannsdorf, Hokov, Hořesedly, Wa

The German, Chmelištná United, Chotěšov, Jesenice, Kletečné, Kolešovice,

Kosobody, Krty, Lhota, Malměřice, Nedovice, Libyně, Nová Ves u Děkova,

Oráčov, Pastuchovice, Saint Petersburg, Podbořany, Coordinates, Reže, Soseň,

Stebno, Švihov, Tlestky, Coordinates, Velečín, Vlkov, Vrbice, Zderaz,

Zdeslav, Hobart;

4. from the Court. area jirkovského: Březno small;

5. from the Court. the District of Kadaň: Běšice, Anton Dee, Burgstadtl, Čachovice,

Dolany, Drhonice, Autumn, Hořenice, Chotěnice, Kadan, A Beautiful Back Yard,

Krhovice Small Libědice, Lomazice, Lausitz, Mikulovice, Milžany,

Miřetice in Towns, Neudörfl, Neuhof, Pětipsy, Poles, sought after by,

Přezetice, Radčedice, Radonice, Rachel, Seehaus, Tušimice, Úhošťany,

Vidolice, Powys, Winemakers, Saint Louis, Zahořany, Vrchnice, Želina;

6. from the Court. area lounského: Brodce Bedřichovice, Brlohy,, Břinkov,

In Cítoliby, Čenčice, Divice, Dobroměřice, Domoušice, Dohna, Dřívčice,

Filipov, Hořany, Hříškov, Hřivice, Chlumčany, Chrabřece, Kocanda,

Konotopy, Kožov, Křtěno, Kozojedy, Kystra, Lenešice, Lištany, Louny,

Markvarec, Nečichy, Netluky, Nová Ves, Park, Orasice, Oulovice, Friday,

Počedělice, Pochválov, Področov, Pšany, Radonice, Early, Ročov Top,

Senkov, Slavětín, Smilovice New, Smilovice Old, Smolnice, Solopisky,

Stradonice, Sulec, Touchovice, Toužetín, Třeboc, Týnec Virgin,

Veltěže, Vinařice, Wolf, San Diego, Vrbno in the Forests, Vršovice, Zbrašín,

In Czechoslovakia, Žichovec, Žerotín;

7. from the Court. area: Bečov, most Březno, Havraň Bylany high,

Stone Water, Koporeč, Lišnice, Polerady Nemilkov, Moravěves,,

Saběnice, Slatinice, Page, And Good Food, Volevčice Židovice;

8. from the Court. area: novostrašeckého, Čanovice, Bdín Drnek, Dušice,

Prague, Star, Jedomělice, Kalivoda, Kroučová, Human, Malkovice,

Sweet, Vancouver, Pozdeň, Přerubenice, Ruda, Řenčov, Srbeč, Třtice, Žehrovice


9. from the Court. podbořanského: Běsno district, Blšany, Brody, Buškovice,

Comma, Černoc Little, Dětaň, Dvérce, Hlubany, Dolánky, Chotěbudice,

Chřášťany, Kaštice, Kolešov, Kněžice, A Pretty Courtyard, Kryry, Letov, Lešky,

Liběšovice, Libořice, Lužec, Maštov, Mlýnce, Mora, Mukoděly, Nepomyšl,

Němčany, Neprobylice, Očihov, Očihovec, Oploty, Podbořany, Podlesice,

Přibenice, Pšov, Siřem, Only, Soběchleby, Stachov, Strojetice,

Třebčice Sýrovice, German, Třebčice Wide, High, Valov, Třebušice

Great Village, Vesce Vidhostice, Vitřice,, Vrbička,, Zlovětice, Vroutek

The iron;

10. from the Court. postoloprtského district: all municipalities;

11. from the Court. the District of rakovnického: Hostrokreje, Hředly, Forest,

Chřásťany, Genoa, Kněževes, Krakow, Krupá, Krušovice, Lišany, Lubna,

Lužná, raspberry, Plumstead, Nesuchýň, Milostín, Nouzov, Nový Dvůr u

Chrášťan, Nový Dvůr u Šanova, Nová Ves, Olešná, Pavlčím, Pavlíkov,

Petrovice, Cause, Přílepy, Rakovník, Rousinov, Senes, Senomaty,

Svojetín, Šanov, Tytry, Újezd, Veclov, Big Velhota, Rugby, Zavidov,


12. from the Court. area: Bilichov, slánský Hořešovice small Plchov;

13. from the Court. According to the District: all municipalities;

14. from the Court. district villages: Drahonice, Kostrčany, Libín, Canadian,

Lubenec, Nahořečice, Podštěly, Řepany, Top, The Lower Hinterland Záhoří.



The hop production area roudnické include the following:

1. from the Court. area: Bukol, in Kralupy – Dřínov, Klodzko, Germany

Jedibaby, Křivousy, Slovakia;

2. from the Court. area libochovického: Brozany, Břežany, Budyně n/,

Hostěnice, Libochovice, Martiněves Mšeno, Pistons, Radošín, Radovesice,

Roudníček, Vrbka, In 1118;

3. from the Court. District: Litoměřice, Czech, Kopisty Observatory Kopisty

The German, Podčaply Bottom, Travčice;

4. from the Court. Melnik district: Beřkovice bottom, Citov, Germany

Křivenice, Podvlčí, Lužec, Constable, Centre Line, Vraňany, Vrbno,


5. from the Court. area: Bechlín Beřkovice, transported into the top, Brzánky,

Birch, Ctiněves, Čerňoves, Gay, Dobříň, Dolánky, Doksany,

Dušníky, Hněvice, Tomb, Chodouny, Chvalín, Categories, Kleneč,

Kostomlaty, Kozlovice, Krabčice, Kyškovice, Lečice, Libotěnice,

Loucká, Lounky, Canadian, No Fear, Nížebohy, Nové Dvory, Nučničky,

Podčaply Upper, Podlusky, Předonín, Přestavlky, Račiněves, Račice,

Roudnice, Woodbridge, Straight, Spomyšl, Straškov, Vesce Vědomice, Vetlá,,

Vodochody, Voleško, Vražkov, Záluží, Židovice;

6. from the Court. area velvarského: Czech Republic, Hleďsebe, Chržín, Mlčechvosty,

Mířovice, Nová Ves, Ouholice Old, Ouholice New, Podhořany, Fried,

Veltrusy, Kani, Všestudy.



The hop production area ouštěcké include the following:

1. the Court of the District of benešov (okr. pol. manage děčínská):


2. from the Court. the District of Czech-Leipzig: Drmy;

3. from the Court. the District of a voyage. Tuhanec;

4. from the Court. Litoměřice district: Babiny and, Babiny B, Blahov,

Býčkovice, Byňov, Doubravice, Encovany, Haslice, Hlupice, Hlinná,

Homola, Hrušovany, Chudoslavice, Kamýk, Kotelice, Lbín, Lhota, Křešice

German, Seattle, Liškov, Maškovice, Miřevice, Myštice, In

Nezly, Nezly Lower, Nezly Upper, Nezly, Nová Ves, Nová Ves u

The Plan, A New Large Nučnice, Mlýnec, Windows, Peklov, Plan Ploškovice,

Pohořany Mountains, Pokratice, Stickers, Proboštov, Rydeč, Repčice Lower,

Horní Řepčice, Řetouň, Sedlec, Vitriol, Soběnice, Staňkovice, Old

Mlýnce, Sulotice, Tašov Trnová, Trnovany, Těchobuzice, Třeboutice,

Třebušín, Týnec Lower, Upper, Újezd Týnec Great, Wine, Vrbice,

Všeradiště, Zababec, Záhořany, Historical, Žitenice;

5. from the Court. ouštěckého district: all municipalities;

6. from the Court. štětského district: Hoštka Čakovice, Brocno,, Chcebuz,

Ješovice, Kochovice, Krzeszów, Quarries, Mastýřovice, Minato-Ku, Mošnice, New

Ves, Počeplice, Radouň, Strachaly, Bødker's Older, Střížovice, Sukorady,

Svařenice, Šnědovice, Steti, Újezd, Veležice, Hilarity, Vrutice;

7. from the Court. the District of Ústí n./Lab.: buildings, Pregnant, Březno large, Sherwood,

Leština, Malečov, Němčí, Old Homola, Vitín, «Vítov, Zubrnice.

To turnoff ouštěcké hop stamping plant in the decals are from those communities as follows:

1. from the Court. Litoměřice district: Encovany, Hrušovany, Křešice,

Seattle, Nučnice Large, Windows, Stickers, Thorn, Třeboutice, Vrbice,


2. from the Court. District: Hoštka Kochovice, štětského, Minato-ku, Mastýřovice,

Svářenice, Vrutice.



The hop production area dubské include the following:

1. from the Court. area: bělský Březovice, Březinka, Boreč, Bezdědice,

Doubravice, Boys, Lobeč, Nosálov, Sharp, Thorn, Valovice, Valovice

Justice, Hamlet, Geography, Vrchbělá;

2. from the Court. the District of Czech-Leipzig: Holany, Hawk, Davenport, Arcade,

Neugarten, Roaches, Újezd;

3. from the Court. District: all municipalities except a voyage Tuhanec;

4. from the Court. Melnik district: Bosyně, Březinka, Hleďsebe, Wikimedia,

Chorušice, Chorušky, Janoves, Jenichov, Kanina, Kadlín, Kokořín, Ledce,

Lhotka, Mšeno, Nebužely, Sedlec, Skramouš, Page, Centre Line, Střemy,

Šemánovice, Truskavná, Big Tejno, Újezd, Has Star, Big Zamachy;

5. from the Court. area mladoboleslavského: Bezno Cetno, top and bottom;

6. from the Court. area: Chodolazy, štětského, Tupadły, Medonosy Bylochov,


In the.


The hop production area auscha include:

1. from the Court. area: lipnického, Big, Daskabát Lazníky Lazníky Small,

Radvanice, Staměřice, Svrčov, Tršice, Blockhead, Ujezd, Ujezd Big Bottom,

Veselíčko, Vykleky;

2. from the Court. area oloumouckého: Cranston, Bystřice United, Ireland

Čelechovice, Doloplazy, Grygov, Hodolany, London, Hokovice, Krčmaň,

Lipňany, Welwyn Garden City, Nelešovice, Chronologie, Přestavlky, Suchanice,

Svísedlice, Big Vacanovice, Týnec Vsisko;

3. from the Court. District Zubr: Brodek, beech, Čekyň, Dluhonice, Kokory,

Lhota, Zábeční Lhota, Little Luka, Penčice, Czech Republic, Popovice, Roketnice,

Vinary, Žeravice Sobíšky,.