For Further Adjusting The Delay Of Payment And Interest Obligations Of Members Of Agricultural Cooperatives

Original Language Title: o další úpravě odkladu placení a úrokování závazků členů JZD

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31/1958 Coll.


the Bureau of the National Assembly

of 29 April 2004. May 1958

for further adjusting the delay of payment and interest of certain financial obligations

members of the unified agricultural cooperatives

The Bureau of the National Assembly of the Czechoslovak Republic passed

pursuant to section 66 of the Constitution, on the legal measures:

Article. (I)

Government Regulation No. 36/1955 Coll., deferring the payment and interest

some of the financial obligations of members of the unified agricultural cooperatives,

amended and supplemented as follows:

1. In section 2 shall be amended and the following paragraphs 2 and 3 and connects for more


"(2) the Modification does not apply to pecuniary obligations arising in

connection with the operation of an agricultural holding or trade

the company, brought in the uniform agricultural cooperative. The adjustment is also

does not apply to debts incurred after 1. January 1958.

(3) payment and interest cash obligations incurred before the 1. January

1954 shall be suspended for the duration of the membership of the debtor in the single

the agricultural cooperative. This is true even of the arrears on inheritance tax, and with it

souvisícím real estate fee, even if the heritage is acquired after

that date, as well as the financial commitments arising out of the loan according to the

Act No. 86/1946 Coll. on building restoration, as amended by Act No. 115/1947

Coll., even if incurred after 1. January 1954.

(4) payment and interest cash liabilities arising from 1. January

1954 to 1. January 1, 1958, with the exception of pecuniary obligations referred to in

paragraph 3, second sentence, shall be suspended until the end of the year in which the debtor

He entered into a unified agricultural cooperative, and after three years

beginning with the year following the entry of the debtor to the cooperatives, at least

However, until 31 December 2006. December 1960. "

2. the provisions of paragraph 3 shall be amended and supplemented as follows:

"§ 3

(1) the Deferment of payment and interest shall apply to the payment of unpaid

cash liabilities payable before 1 May 2004. January 1958, to cash

liabilities due and payable and onwards it also applies to the payment of debt repayments and

interest, which reached 1. January 1958.

(2) the date of entry of the borrower into a unified agricultural cooperative, first

on 1 January 2004. January 1955, the debtor's obligation to pay the interest on the

financial obligations referred to in paragraph 1 and per period

the duration of the delay of the payment and interest referred to in section 2 (2). 3 and 4. "

3. the provisions of § 9 para. 1 is amended as follows:

' (1) on January 1. January 1955, where applicable, from the date of the later of the entry, there is

After a period of delay of payment and interest cash obligations the limitation period

for these claims. "

4. the provisions of section 10, paragraph 1. 1 is amended as follows:

"(1) the expiration of the period of deferment, cancellation, where appropriate, the date of a final,

When the borrower ceased to be a member of the unified agricultural cooperatives,

the debtor's obligation to pay debts with

accessories and interest of these commitments. "

5. the provisions of article 11 shall be amended and supplemented as follows:

"section 11

(1) a member who has, pursuant to section 1 allowed deferment of payment and interest

financial obligations, not uniform agricultural cooperative to pay amounts

According to the resolution of the meeting of members held on the town because of the compensation

for the use of land or for reasons of installments for brought in live and dead inventory.

(2) the creditor claims, the payment and interest is deferred, shall notify the

the team that has a claim for his Member, for its creation, the original

the amount and legal ground the claim; at the same time, the creditor shall inform the amount of the claim and the

outstanding balance on the interest accrued to the date of cessation of interest.

(3) the cooperative is required to the amount referred to in paragraph 1 and the amount of interest and

installments paid directly to the creditor; details provided by the Ministry of

Agriculture and forestry in the agreement with the Ministry of finance and the

the participating central authorities. "

6. in section 12 connects the next paragraph:

"(3) postponement of the payment of interest and the financial obligations referred to in section 2 of the

paragraph. 1 (b). (e)) the management authority of the District National Committee to cancel the

before the expiry of the periods referred to in § 2 paragraph 1. 3 and 4, where the material and

the Ministry of the debtor's circumstances are such that the payment would be referred to the commitments

do not undermine the nutrition of the taxpayer and the members of his family. "

Article II

This statutory measure shall take effect on 1 January 2000. January 1958; carry out is

the Ministers of agriculture and forestry, finance, and justice in the

the agreement with the participating members of the Government.

Novotný v.r.

Fierlinger v.r.

Wide v.r.

Dolansky v.r. Tesla v.r.

Kopecký v.r. Uher v.r.

Ing. V.r. jankovcová Aries v.r.

PA v.r. Jonah v.r.

House v.r. Pig, v.r.

Ing. Šimůnek v.r. Dr. Skoda v.r.

Dr. Acid v.r. Ing. Black pp

Plojhar v.r. Dvořák v.r.

Dr. Gentry v.r. Dr. Kahuda v.r.

V.r. Bakuľa Colonel General Lomský v.r.

David v.r. Dr. Neuman v.r.

Ďuriš v.r. Ouzký v.r.

V.r. Krajčír Pacheco v.r.

V.r. Krosnář Ing. Púčik v.r.

Machacova v.r. Dr. Vlasak v.r.

Dr. Nejedly v.r. Z. v.r.

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