Change The Decree On The Protection Of Health At Work In Vertical Transport

Original Language Title: změna vyhlášky o ochraně zdraví při práci při svislé dopravě

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571/2006 Sb.


of 14 July 1999. in December 2006,

amending Decree No 415/2003 Coll., laying down the conditions for the

ensure the safety and health at work and the safety of operations

When the vertical transport and walking

The Czech mining Office lays down pursuant to § 5 para. 3, § 6 (1). 6 (a). and) and § 8

paragraph. 4 of Act No. 61/1988 Coll. on mining activities, explosives and

the State Mining Administration, as amended by Act No. 542/1991 Coll. and Act No.

124/2000 Coll.:

Article. (I)

Decree No 415/2003 Coll., which sets conditions to ensure

safety and health at work and the safety of operations at the vertical

transport and walking, is amended as follows:

1. In paragraph 1, at the end of paragraph 1, the following sentence "this Decree was

notified in accordance with European Parliament and Council Directive 98/34/EC of

on 22 November. June 1998 on the procedure for the provision of information in the field of standards

and technical regulations and of rules on information society services, in

the texts of Directive 98/48/EC ".

2. In paragraph 2 (a). with) the words "and intentionally made the change in the security

the circuit "is replaced by" replacing the original braking device

brake device of a different type, or a change in the safety circuit that

has the effect of increasing current or voltage on contacts

security features ".

3. in article 2, the following new paragraph 2a, including title and notes

line 6a is inserted:

"§ 2a

Selected mining equipment

Winding gear is selected mining device ^ 6a).

§ 8 paragraph 6a). 4 of Act No. 61/1988 Coll. ".

4. in article 4, paragraph 2, including the footnote No. 9 and 9a is added:

"(2) Extracting equipment and pit before placing them in the test and

the Commission shall examine the experts, the permanent operation in which are represented by the

profession mining, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. The Commission shall determine on the bottom of the race

the mine, in other cases, the head of the Organisation (hereinafter referred to as "racing

mine "). If it is part of the hoist device concrete headframe shall be determined by

racing down a member of the Commission is also an expert ^ 8) in the field of construction. Work

the Commission also will participate in the employees referred to in section 6 (1). 2 to 5,

the employees, determining the race down. For the purposes of this

the Ordinance for the profession of mining expert, mechanical or electrical engineering

just a graduate study program in the appropriate

the industry, which has been around for at least 5 years in charge of supervision under section 6 (1).

3, 4 or 5 and passed the examination of professional competence before State

Mining Authority under special legislation ^ 9). For an expert

the profession of mining, mechanical engineering or electrical engineering in the field of the

also considered to be an expert connoisseur ^ 9a).

9) § 5 and 8 of Decree No. 301/2005 Coll. on technical requirements

qualifications and competence when mining activity or activities

by using mining techniques and on amendments to certain laws, as

amended by Decree No. 240/2006 Sb.

9A) § 2 (2). 1 (b). j) Decree No. 301/2005 Coll. ".

5. In section 4, paragraph 4 reads:

"(4) after the introduction of the pit or the relevant part of the hoist and the device to the

continuous operation can enable a proper ride racing down at

device. ".

6. in paragraph 4 of the paragraph 6 is added:

"(6) the adjustment of the winding devices not having the character of substantial changes may be

carried out with the consent of the technique with supervision (article 6, paragraph 3, 4 and


7. in paragraph 4, the following new paragraph 4a, including title and notes

line no. 10a is inserted:

"§ 4a

Continuous operation of the hoist device

(1) the introduction of a new type device or hoist the hoist device on which

substantial change has been made to use, that is, into permanent operation,

enables ^ 10a) the Czech mining Office. Making substantive changes at

the device is the original type of the hoist device changes to the new type.

(2) before issuing a permit of permanent operation of the hoist device shall be assessed

information about loaded carriages back device pursuant to § 4 paragraph 2. 7, evaluation of the test

operation of the hoist device and testimonials of professional experts.

§ 8 paragraph 10A). 3 of Act No. 61/1988 Coll. as amended by Act No. 204/2002

Coll. ".

8. in paragraph 6 of the text at the end of paragraph 2, the words ", including at least

one year in Office in accordance with paragraph 3, 4 or 5 ".

9. in section 6 (1). 6 ' 2 to 5 ' shall be replaced by "3-5" and the words

"before the Commission the district mining Office." shall be replaced by the words "professional

eligibility before the authorities of the State Mining Administration under a special legal

prescription ^ 9). ".

10. In section 6 (1). 7, the words "2-5" shall be replaced by "3-5" and the words

"before the Commission the district mining Office." shall be replaced by the words "professional

eligibility before the authorities of the State Mining Administration under a special legal

prescription ^ 9). ".

11. in section 7 (2). 3 (b). (b)) after the word "scope", the words "machinery

or the electronic ".

12. In paragraph 7 (2). 3 letter d) including footnote No. 14a is inserted:

"d) validation of competence before the authorities of the State Mining Authority in accordance with

special legal regulation ^ 14a).

14A) section 5 of Decree No. 301/2005 Coll., as amended by Decree No. 240/2006 Sb. ".

13. in section 7 (2). 5, in the first sentence the words "the competence of the

The Machinist again validates "is replaced by" expert knowledge engineer

validates the "and other words in the sentence" the verification of professional competence must "

shall be replaced by "verification expertise must".

14. in section 7 (2). 5 (d)):

"(d)) within 3 years from the last examination".

15. In § 8 para. 3 (b). and the word "scope)" shall be replaced by the words "mining

transport ".

16. in paragraph 10 to the beginning of paragraph 1 the following sentence "the organization maintains

winding gear and a pit in a sound and safe condition and perform such other

adjustments in order to achieve the most effective and the most advanced degree

the safety of operations. ".

17. in section 10, paragraph 1. 10, the second sentence is replaced by the phrase "at the same time ensures

handling the space between the stop and the pit was empty. ".

18. in paragraph 22 of the following shall be added at the end of paragraph 6, the phrase "the most adverse

the position is determined by the project. If the project is not established, it shall determine the

professional expert ^ 9a). ".

19. in section 22 paragraph 7 is added:

"(7) driving and parking brake drum of the hoist in its full

impressing when driving under load corresponding to the load at the proper riding

must cause the average delay was identified in the period of time from the beginning

speed reduction in stopping at least 1.8 m. s-2, and in the time

the section from 1.0 s after the start of braking to the time when speed

drops to the level of the level crossing rate, not the greatest value

the delay should not exceed 5 m. s-2 ".

20. in article 23 paragraph 1. 2 (a). n), the words ", where appropriate, on the initiative of the device

oily slide the rope for the hoist with the friction wheel "are deleted.

21. in section 29, the following paragraph 10 is added:

"(10) if the hoist device operated in automatic mode

to slip the rope must not be to the time of removal of the cause of the slip started

the new ride in the automatic mode. ".

22. in § 33 para. 2 (c)):

"(c)) the documentation referred to in § 5 para. 2 (a). k),".

23. in § 58 paragraph 6 is added:

"(6) a Corrosive loss of thickness of metal elements of the rigging of the pit is

checks the pits in the dry or dry areas, jam once every four

years, in other cases, once every two years. Corrosive loss is

on the measurement of the characteristic elements of the checks, for example on the

průvodnici, rozponě, rung, ladder, shoring, grate and the console. At the same time

checks the status of each element and gripping the handles.

Controlled metal element, replace it, if its thickness is less,

set out in the strength calculation referred to in the project or in the expert

opinion. ".

24. In § 63 para. 1 (b). and) the words "brake delay characteristics when

impressing brake "are replaced by the words" of the brakes, even

While impressing brake, "and the sentence with a semicolon, the word

"delay" is deleted.

25. In paragraph 63, the following paragraph 5 is added:

"(5) where it is technically demonstrated that verification of the correct operation of the hoist

the device or its parts, or verify the results of the tests

results from the implementation of other tests on the same device can be loaded carriages back from

appropriate test. ".

26. in § 64 paragraph 7 is added:

"(7) non-destructive control of the lan and its evaluation will be carried out according to the

technical standards DIN EN 473, ČSN EN ISO 17 025 and EN 12927-8. ".

27. in section 70 para. 4, the words "section 66 paragraph 1. 1 (b). (e)) "shall be replaced by ' paragraph

66 para. 4. "

28. in paragraph 70, at the end of paragraph 5, the following sentence "the conclusions of the review report

the hoist device for an older 30 years must be certified professional

experts from the ^ 9a) mechanical and electrical engineering profession. ".

29. in annex 5, part A, point ad 6), the words "so that their top

edge was approximately 20 cm below the lower edge of the transport container ' shall be deleted.

30. in annex 5, part A, point ad 7), the words "so that their top

edge was approximately 20 cm below the lower edge of the transport container ' shall be deleted.

31. in annex 5, part C, section ad 2) brand in the formula "log"

replaces the "ln".

Article II

This Decree shall enter into force on 1 January 2000. January 1, 2007.


Prof. JUDr. Ing. Makarius, CSc. v. r.

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