Change On Commodity Exchanges And The Change From The Plot Of The Czech Republic.

Original Language Title: změna z. o komoditních burzách a změna z. o Pozemkovém fondu ČR

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285/2005 Sb.


of 16 December 2002. June 2005,

amending the Act No. 229/1992 Coll., on the commodity exchanges, as amended by

amended, and Act No. 569/1991 Coll., on the plot of the Czech

Republic, as amended

Change: 503/2012 Sb.

Parliament has passed the following Act of the United States:


Amendment of the Act on commodity exchanges

Article. (I)

Act No. 229/1992 Coll., on the commodity exchanges, as amended by Act No.

216/1994 Coll., Act No. 103/1995 Coll. and Act No. 70/2000, is amended

as follows:

1. in article 1, paragraph 1, including footnote No. 1a is added:

"(1) the Commodity Exchange is a legal person established under this Act

(hereinafter referred to as "change") to the organisation of stock exchange trades the goods (hereinafter

"commodities"), derivatives relating to commodities, that are

the subject of trading on commodity exchange (hereinafter referred to as "commodity

derivatives ") or with the agricultural accounts are a special worksheet

^ law 1a).

1A) of section 4 of Act No. 308/2000 Coll., on agricultural rock formations, worksheets

agricultural public warehouses and amending certain related

laws. ".

Former footnote No. 1a and 1b are referred to as comments below

line no. 1b and 1 c, including links to a footnote.

2. Footnote 3 is added:

"3) Government Regulation No. 502/2000 Coll., on the commercial bulletin, as amended by

Government Regulation No. 408/2003 Coll. ".

3. In section 4, paragraph 4. 1 (b). (j)), the word "publication" shall be replaced by

"public disclosure".

4. In section 10, paragraph 1. 3, c), (d)), and (e)) shall be deleted.

Subparagraph (f)), g) and (h)) shall become point (c)), d) and (e)).

5. § 12 para. 2 (a). (b)) the words "the amount and period of payment of the Member

contributions and admission fees, the amount of stock pricing, "shall be deleted.

6. § 12 para. 2 (a). l), the word ' publish ' is replaced by


7. § 12 para. 2, the letter n) the following points about), p) and (q)),

are added:

"o) adopt a resolution on the stock exchange rules,

p) to decide on the amount and due date of contributions and

entrance fees,

q) fix the amount of stock pricing, ".

Letter o) is referred to as the letter r).

8. in section 17(2). 1, point (b)) shall be deleted.

Subparagraph (c)) and (d)) shall become point (b)), and (c)).

9. in section 17(2). 1 (b). (b)), the words "and the Secretary General of the stock exchange (§ 16)"

shall be deleted.

10. in section 17(2). 2 the words "(a). (d)) "shall be replaced by" subparagraph (a). (c)) ".

11. in section 18 para. 2 the words "(a). (c)) "shall be replaced by" subparagraph (a). (b)) and "and

the words "the General Assembly" shall be replaced by the words "Stock Exchange Chamber".

12. in section 19 para. 1 (b). (b)), the words "and (c))" shall be deleted.

13. in section 19 para. 3 the words "(a). (d)) "shall be replaced by" subparagraph (a). (c)) ".

14. in section 21 para. 1 and 4, the words "(a). (d)) "shall be replaced by" subparagraph (a). (c)) ".

15. in section 27, paragraph 7 is added:

"(7) indicates the stock Courses Chamber in kursovním Gazette, which is published by the

the manner prescribed by statute; unless otherwise provided in the Statute the way of publication

It is considered the publication of the notification of the data sheet in the commercial kursovního

journal. ".

16. in section 29 para. 5, the word "publication" shall be replaced by the word "publication".

17. § 36 odst. 2 and 7, the word "Crowns" is replaced by "Eur".

18. in § 36 odst. 5 the second sentence reads: "the procedure for the imposition of fines in accordance with

paragraph 4 can be instituted within six months from the date of any unauthorized

the use of the indications referred to in article 1 (1). 4 the competent authority of the State

the Administration, however, at the latest within one year from the date on which such

the negotiations occurred. ".

Article II

Transitional provisions

1. A commodity exchange established under the existing legislation shall indicate the

their internal affairs in accordance with this Act, not later than 31 December 2006.

December 10, 2005.

2. Unless changed their internal affairs in accordance with this Act in the

the time limit referred to in paragraph 1, the provisions of its Statute, that are in violation of the

with this Act, cease to have effect.



Article. (III)




Article IV

This Act shall take effect on 1 January 2000. October 2005, except the part

the other, which shall take effect on the date of its publication.

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