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Original Language Title: změna vyhl. o bezpečnosti práce při úpravě a zušlechťování nerostů

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395/2011 Sb.


of 5 April 2004. December 2011,

amending the Decree of the Czech Mining Authority no 51/1989 Coll., on

safety and health at work and the safety of operations when editing

and refining of minerals, as amended

The Czech mining Office lays down pursuant to § 6 paragraph 1. 6 (a). Czech law)

the National Council No. 61/1988 Coll. on mining activities, explosives and

the State Mining Administration:

Article. (I)

Decree No 51/1989 Coll., on safety and health at work and the

the safety of operations when editing and refining of minerals, as amended by

Decree No. 340/1992 Coll., Act No. 9/1994 Coll., Decree No. 237/1998

Coll., Decree No. 434/2000 Coll., Act No. 143/2004 Coll. and Decree No.

298/2005 is amended as follows:

1. In section 2, at the end of the letter n) dot is replaced by a comma and the following

the letter o) is added:

"o) incident a serious work accident, fatal event, fatal

operational accident and dangerous State. ".

2. in article 4, paragraph 2 reads as follows:

"(2) Holes, depressions, hollows and other places where there is a risk

the fall of persons, shall be covered or buried, or they must be designed to prevent

access. Lids and covers must be of adequate load-bearing capacity and shall be equipped with

so that they cannot move spontaneously, or release. ".

3. In section 4, paragraph 4. 4, the words "paragraph 1" are replaced by the words "in paragraphs

1 and 2 ".

4. In paragraph 5, at the end of paragraph 1, the following sentence "to ensure the safe

and professional management of the mining activities, or activities carried out by mining

way endorses the operational documentation of racing or racing down the quarry

or race. ".

5. § 5 para. 8, the word "serious" is replaced by "significant".

6. in paragraph 6 of the heading reads: "operation and use of buildings, workplaces and

the device ".

7. In paragraph 6 (1). 2, after the word "instructions", the words "to use ^ 50)".

Footnote 50:

"50) Section 1.7.4 of annex 1 of regulation of the Government No. 176/2008 Coll., on

technical requirements to machinery.

Annex, point 1.0.6 No. 2 of Decree-Law No 23/2003 Coll., laying down

technical requirements for equipment and protective systems intended for use in

potentially explosive atmospheres ".

8. In paragraph 6, the following paragraphs 6 and 7 are added:

"(6) the examination referred to in paragraph 5 shall also determine whether the cover plates

floor gratings or platforms are secured against inadvertent

slide, flip, and tilted position and whether the cover plates or grids

grates are nášlapně hard. For platforms with external defects they find visually and

tap. On platforms that have a welded construction, Visual

inspection checks the status of their tap weld load-bearing parts on

external defects. When the findings of the external defects in the welds shall be carried out their inspection

by using non-destructive testing, such as capillary method, whether the welds fail

the cracks.

(7) the surface of the plates must be fluted or otherwise roughened. The status of the

wear on the cover sheet and the iron grates must be checked in the

the extent of the requirements specified in ČSN ISO 13822. The controlled element is

replace it, if its thickness is less than the determined strength

the calculation referred to in the project or in the expert report. ".

9. in section 18b of the text at the end of paragraph 4, the words "or to

objects ".

10. In section 18b para. 5, the last sentence is replaced by the phrase "in a map

documentation must be drawn escape routes and location of resources to

the rescue of persons, their treatment and transport injured people. ".

11. sections 19 and 20, including headings and footnotes, No 11:

"§ 19

The Organization of the emergency procedure

(1) the organization announces serious accidents at work, which are

and) fatality,

(b)) injury, which is a life-threatening injury with consequent loss of authority,

anatomical or functional, life-threatening damage to health, including

industrial poisoning and injury to such a character of the accident happening that

It was as a result of breach of the safety regulations, which at the same time

indicates a significant threat to the safety and health at


(c)), which is the mass injury accident in which at least three were injured

persons, of whom at least one has suffered mortal injury, or when the

injured more than 10 people.

(2) the organization announces a significant event significant operational accidents and

unsafe conditions, which are

and) delays or landslides materials, collapsing buildings or structures

equipment, gas, water or průvaly zvodněných rocks in which

There has been a

1. the threat to the life and health of persons,

2. the threat to the operational safety of existing installations, including

3. the threat to the public and other legally protected interests, or

4. forced change in traffic technology,

(b)) side a gas leak or liquids that are harmful or


(c)) the search for missing persons,

(d) the death of a person in an object) or in the premises of the Organization,

e) leakage of radioactive and other dangerous substances, loss of

radioactive emitters and demonstrable leak closed the radiator,

f) fire or explosion in the workplace.

(3) the organization further reports a fatal event, severe blockage

and dangerous if they occur during the use of reserved

technical equipment or handling explosives.

(4) the incidents referred to in paragraphs 1 to 3, is the Organization

shall, without delay, inform the competent district mining Office. By

is without prejudice to the reporting obligation imposed in other legislation ^ 11).

(5) the incident is an organization required to evaluate and register.

section 20

The conservation status of the place of incident

(1) The place where the incident occurred, do not change anything, as long as

the district mining Office has not made an inspection of the place or not decided otherwise,

except when it comes to the rescue of stricken, or for more

rescue work or safety. The changes required of other serious

the reasons can be made only with the consent of the district mining Office.

(2) on the site of the emergency referred to in paragraph 1 takes organization

documentation, in particular, drawing, map, photographs, witness statements

or any other text or audiovisual records.

11) § 6 para. 3 (b). (b)) to d) of Act No. 61/1988 Coll.

Decree No. 447/2002 Coll., on the reporting of serious events and dangerous

conditions of serious traffic accidents (accidents), serious accidents at work

and disorders of the technical equipment.

§ 105 para. 2 of the labour code.

Government Regulation No. 201/2010 Coll., about how to record accidents, reporting and

sending a record of accident. ".

12. in section 21 para. 1 (c)), including footnotes, No 51:

"(c)) the book of incidents, which is also the book of accidents according to the

other legislation ^ 51),

51) section 105, paragraph 2 of the labour code.

section 2 of the regulation of the Government No. 201/2010 Sb. ".

13. In article 35, paragraph 2, including footnote # 52:

"(2) the documentation must address ensure safe operation ^ 52) and

maintenance of equipment and must also have a maximum permissible operating

the values of the device.

52) section 3 of the Government Regulation No 378/2001 Coll., laying down more

requirements for the safe use and operation of machines, technical installations,

equipment and tools ".

14. In article 35, paragraph 5 is added:

"(5) for any part of the appliance, which does not allow manual handling and

they have to be transported, the documentation must be given their weight. U

the parts that have to be lifted with lifting equipment and which are not

structurally prepared for mounting of slinging or lifting

resource binding schema must be specified. ".

15. In article 37, the following paragraph 4 is added:

"(4) if the automatic, remote controlled or programmed

the device is equipped with a recording device, must be traffic data and

device status kept for at least 72 hours. ".

16. In article 46 at the end of paragraph 2 the following phrase "parts of the device that

According to the manufacturer, it is possible to clean and lubricate the running of the Organization, in

operations documentation, including the designation of space and determine the tools and equipment

to carry out these activities. ".

17. § 47 para. 4, the second sentence is replaced by the phrase "after the termination of such

job and after release, the device checks the worker specified operating

documentation, proper function of the device. ".

18. in § 63 paragraph 7 is added:

"(7) the machine shall be equipped with at least two podkládacími wedges against the

driving, if it is not secured against driving its design. ".

19. in § 69 paragraph 2 and 3 shall be added:

"(2) between compressor and compressor vzdušníkem if it is not directly linked to

the vzdušníkem, or between the compressor and the divorce must be tlakovzdušným

shut-off valve.

(3) between the shut-off valve and piston or rotary screw compressor must

be a safety valve and a turbocharger and a rotating compressor rear

check valve and discharge valve, if the blower is not arranged as

Compact. ".

20. In § 80 para. 3, the words in brackets "§ 81 para. 3 "shall be replaced by the words" §

paragraph 81. 4. "

21. in paragraph 81, the following new paragraph 1, including the footnotes

# 53:

"(1) paths for walking, including staircases, sloping ramps, fixed

ladders and loading and unloading bays and ramps must be chosen and

located so as to ensure easy and safe access and to

to avoid danger to persons staying on them or in their

nearby. Paths for walking shall be marked according to the annex to Regulation

^ 53 Governments) that customizes the appearance and location of safety signs and

the introduction of the signals.

53) Government Decree No. 11/2002 Coll., laying down the appearance and location of the

the introduction of the safety signs and signals, as amended by Decree-Law No.

405/2004 Coll. ".

Paragraphs 1 to 5 shall become paragraphs 2 to 6.

22. in section 82 paragraph 2 reads as follows:

"(2) bridges, ramps, walkways and scaffolding must be inspected at designated

the time limits, and the period for the control and the person responsible shall lay down

the organization. Scaffolding must see the foreman intended to explore the

workplace, and always before the first use of the scaffolding when the non-working

shift. ".

23. in paragraph 87, paragraph 3 reads:

"(3) the Hopper must be in darkness or reduced visibility, illuminated by the

and the area around the výsypného space shall not have a slope to this place. Traffic

of procedure (section 92) determines how a hedge against swipe machines to výsypného

space. ".

24. In paragraph 92, the following paragraph 3 is added:

"(3) the part of the transport regulations is the schema of the generated traffic routes with

indicate the direction of travel. "

Article. (II)

This Decree was notified in accordance with the directive of the European Parliament

and Directive 98/34/EC of 22 December 2004. June 1998 on the procedure for the provision

information in the field of standards and technical regulations and rules on services,

the information society, as amended by Directive 98/48/EC.

Article. (III)

With the exception of item 6 must be the requirements referred to in article 3(1). I fulfilled not later than

from the 1. April 2012.

Article. (IV)

This Decree shall enter into force on 1 January 2000. January 2012.


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