About The Organization Of The District (County) Of Grain Offices

Original Language Title: o organisaci okresních (župních) obilních úřadů

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443/1920 Sb.


the Government of the Czechoslovak Republic

of 6 May 1999. July 1920

about the Organization of the district (ľupních) of grain.

Under the law of 15 December 1999. April 1920. 337 Coll. and n., directs the


§ 1.

To the provision of work resulting from the regulation of the Government of the Republic of

on June 11, 1920. 390 Coll. and n., adjusting the trade of grain,

luątěninami, oleaginous crops and products made from them, cum

clover, vojtěąky and hops, set up is in the kaľdém political district (on the

Slovakia and Carpathian Ruthenia) in the ľupě district (ľupní) combine the authority. On

Slovakia can be used in the premises of the slúľnovských authorities ustanoviti exposed the authorities

ľupních grain authorities to these grain procurement work přísluąejících

to the authorities.

§ 2.

The leadership of the district (ľupního), a corn of the Office is entrusted with scratch

přísluąné political officer (ľupní), jemuľ náleľí title

the head of the district (ľupního), a corn of the Office. Týľ is for this feature

appointed to the design of the provincial administration, the political Minister for supply to the people

in agreement with the Minister of the Interior and is subject to the nejvyąąí instance of the substantive

the Ministry for the supply of the people. Zproątění Office of the neb transplanting its

is to stand only in agreement with the Ministry of the Interior Ministry for

the supply of people.

Veąkerá and measures of the district (ľupního), a corn-Office issues

Head of his self and is as such the district (ľupní)

the political administration of the independent.

Head of the budiľ as a clerk of the political administration of the district on behalf of this

commissioned and agendas, which according to §§ 10-13, §§ 16-24 of the regulation referred to in

§ 1 fall within the competence of the district political administration. Settlement in this

the industry issued on behalf of the political management happen district. The provisions of the

This paragraph does not apply to Slovakia and Subcarpathia.

§ 3.

The district (ľupní) combine the Office consists of the buyout group, and from a group of


§ 4.

In the buyout group will be vyřizovati veąkeré záleľitosti, which according to the

the above regulation and přísluąných regulations which, on the basis of its

they were issued on the management confiscated the crops at all, přísluąejí

obilnímu district (ľupnímu) of the Office.

This group of přísluąí obstarávati in particular:

and the surveys are sowing areas)

(b) any stocks, inventories)

(c) the State of the harvest, zjiątění)

(d) an estimate of the harvest)

(e) the capacity of computing, jímľ) can be sráľce the custom needs of farmers

disponovati for public chat service supply,

(f)) other contingent, a corn-, the district schedule

g) buyout of seized crop, and the issue and implementation of curlers from commands to

evacuation of them possibly coercive way

(h)), and the implementation of the compulsory authorization of combining, and forced odbírky,

ch) supervision over the activities of subordinate agents and feed-in of the institutions,

also check the draining of curlers from the seized crop at all,

I) rayonování service hired Mills, milling and issuance

ąrotovních statements, the supervision of wage-mills and other companies

zpracujícími confiscated their crops and revise,

j) procurement of seed,

to be a causal factor in procurement) of coal and petrol to combining, and leadership

veąkerých records, registers, etc., which arise from a given work.

§ 5.

In the sharing group will be vyřizovati veąkeré záleľitosti adjustments

the consumption of mutton, and mill products, luątěnin, etc., which according to the

the above-mentioned regulation and other regulations that have been issued to another

přísluąejí district (ľupnímu) obilnímu authority.

This group of přísluąí obstarávati in particular:


zjią Kit for the district consumer share and implementation of veąkerých with

the United statistical work,


picking bread and floury výkazních tickets and supervision of authorities, jímľ

is entrusted to the other staggered,


receiving and staggered grain mill products, luątěnin, etc., that the Earth's

grain Institute have been allocated to the district, and the implementation of the veąkerých deals with the

the United,


supervision of rozdělovnami in the district, which is concerned with the apportionment of soon

flour, and revise them,


supervision of the races, which are processed into flour, and revise them,


veąkerých records management, records, etc., which are associated with

those works,


certification of transport, if the right is vystavovati přísluąí

the district or ľupním a grain authorities (section 15 of the regulation of the Government of the day 11.

June 1920. 390 Coll. and n.)


veąkeré business záleľitosti, which the State grain Department of the district

(ľupní) combine the authority transfers.

The Ministry for the supply of the people, or with his authorization of the provincial

political management is left to in accordance with the provincial přísluąnými

Activator zruąila in the Constitution okresích with the menąí agenda of the redemption or

the split of the Department and shift his agenda on the sharing group, after

the case of the buyout.

§ 6.

In agreement with the Ministry of the Interior Ministry for the supply of people can

without prejudice to the authority of the district grain in major tasks his převzíti

other work, which přísluąejí the State district administration policy

management items needed.

§ 7.

The district (ľupní) combine the authority has its registered office in the place where it is District

political administration (ľupanský). Income and measures, which fall within the

its scope, signed head of district (ľupního), a corn

the Office. About criminal agenda in terms of government regulation of the Republic of

Czechoslovak from 11. June 1920. 390 Coll. and n.

the provisions of § 2, para. 3, to this regulation. In Slovakia and

Carpathian Ruthenia authorities exercising police criminal jurisdiction,

cater to this agenda.

§ 8.

The district (ľupní)/cereal Office has to keep their own záleľitostí

contractual staff and its own official room.

§ 9.

The buyout group will be controlled by the administrator, which are familiar with the economic


The buyout group also náleľí the executive organ entrusted with

purchase of grain, and the supervision of enterprises zpracujícími the seized crop.

§ 10.

The sharing group administrator will be driven by business professionals. The group that

náleľí authorities that have been delegated to, and control over the apportionment of flour

Racing zpracujícími flour.

§ 11.

Both groups appointed by the administrator, and services to the provincial grain zproą»

Institute with the approval of the provincial administration policy. Other staff

the Office establishes and propouątí provincial grain Department. Feed-in tariff

Commissioner, where they are established, shall appoint a head of the district (ľupního)


Payment sluľného both administrators State grain Department with the approval of

the Ministry of supply.

§ 12.

Both groups reporting to administrators are přednostovi district (ľupního)

corn-Office. Týľ let» takes care of the effective interaction between the two groups.

Head of the Department he represents district (ľupní) combine the Office on the outside, and specifies in the

under these regulations, and the other in this direction issued detailed

bliľąí commands on the procurement of the works. Could not be head of the Department for

any longer lasting překáľku function zastávati, the provincial

the political administration of other measures for the purpose of substitution.

§ 13.

The district (ľupní) is subject to the authority in respect of grain management

the Earth's political administration in respect of the activities of the provincial grain trade

of the Institute.

If this is about záleľitosti, which relate to both the activities progresses

the Earth's political administration and the provincial grain Department, jakoľto the parent authorities,

in the agreement.

The Earth's political administration, provincial grain Department of curlers from and are entitled to

dohlíľeti on district (ľupní)/cereal Institute in the field of their jurisdiction.

§ 14.

The provincial grain Department pays veąkeré personal and material costs, excluding

poľitky, the head of Office or business.

If the District Office handles grain within the meaning of § 6 of his other tasks

In addition to those kteréľ in sections 4 and 5 are marked, it is not the duty of the provincial

corn-Institute of hraditi resulting from the higher cost.

§ 15.

Bliľąí provisions on the establishment and management of the district (ľupních) of grain offices

issues the State grain Department with the approval of the Ministry of supply

of the people. Where the conditions in Slovakia and in vyľadují, Carpathian Ruthenia

provides for the Ministry of supply people to design the Marketing Office

for Slovakia in Bratislava or the Earth's economic Office for

Subcarpathia, in Uľhorodě, in agreement with the Ministry of the Interior of the derogation in

Organization of the district (ľupních) of grain authorities for these areas from above,

the requisite legislation.

§ 16.

The scope of this regulation, which, according to přísluąí of the Earth's political administration,

cater in Slovakia's economic Office for Slovakia in Bratislava and

in the territory of Carpathian Ruthenia Regional economic Bureau of Subcarpathia

in Uľhorodě. For these tasks, handles the Hlučínsko provincial political administration

in Opava.

§ 17.

Power is entrusted to the Minister for supplies to the people.

§ 18.

This Regulation shall enter into force on the date of vyhláąení.

§ 19.

Regulation ruąí, regulation of the Government of the Republic of

August 8, 1919. 477 Coll. and n.

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