Change Of Requirements To Ensure Safety. Health In The Liquid. Mine Workings

Original Language Title: změna požadavků k zajištění bezpeč. zdraví při likvid. důlních děl

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32/2000 Sb.


The Czech Mining Authority

of 28 June. January 2000,

amending the Decree of the Czech Mining Authority no 52/1997 Coll., which

out the requirements to ensure the safety and health at work

and safety when liquidation of main mine workings

The Czech mining Office lays down pursuant to § 6 paragraph 1. 6 (a). and) Act No. 61/1988

Coll. on mining activities, explosives and the State Mining Administration:

Article. (I)

Decree No. 52/1997 Coll., laying down requirements to ensure

safety and health at work and the safety of operations at

liquidation of main mine workings, is amended as follows:

1. In paragraph 2 (d)):

"(d)) the main mining work-mining work, resulting to the surface. The main

mining mining exploration works are parts (shafts, chimneys),

otvírková (pit, adit), ventilation, drainage, mining and rescue

Wells. The main work of the mine are not search and exploration drilling, ".

2. In paragraph 2 (f)):

"(f))-create a nevýbušného environment Inertisation in likvidovaném mine

the work, ".

3. in paragraph 2 of the letter h) is added:

"h) security space-space on the surface in the immediate surroundings

the mouth of the main mine, in which the acting mining air can

endanger the life or health of the people. ".

4. In article 3, paragraph 3. 2, c) and (g)) be deleted.

5. In section 3, paragraph 3. 2 the letter l) is added:

"l) in gassy coal mines and an assessment of the possible routes the output of methane

on the surface, the evaluation of plynodajnosti and measures

uncontrolled leakage of gases to the surface ".

6. In section 3, paragraph 3. 2 the letter m) is added:

"m) the method and calculation of ventilation. the way of the main mining Inertisation

works at his disposal (section 14a) ".

7. § 5 paragraph 1 reads:

"(1) the pit is disposed of its full smothering of reinforced zásypovým

material. If this is the nature of the pit, on the basis of the authorisation

the district mining Office use unpaved for backfilling operations; enable

must include measures to ensure the safety in terms of stability

the pit and its surroundings. "

At the same time, footnote No. 6) and a link to it in § 5 para.


8. in section 5, paragraph 2 reads as follows:

"(2) the method of disposal of other major mines will determine the documentation

(§ 3).".

9. in section 6 (1). 4 the words ' 100 m3 ' is replaced by ' 200 m3 ".

10. In paragraph 7 (2). 3, after the word "for" the words "or

flooded ".

11. In article 7, paragraphs 4 and 5 shall be deleted.

12. section 8 including the title reads as follows:

"section 8

Retaining dam

Construction of abutment of the dam, its location, the way to ensure the stability of the

recognise columns generously and load resistance

hydrostatic pressure determines the documentation. ".

13. section 9, including the title shall be deleted.

14. in section 10 paragraph 6 is added:

"(6) the closing marks constant representing the ohlubňový way. In the designation

the name of the pit and mine, its diameter and depth, the year begin

excavation pits and the year of completion of liquidation, information on the method of disposal

the pit, the kind of generously, size of the safety zone, and

warning of any danger of gas. Similarly, the marks and the mouth of the

scrap Gallery. ".

15. in paragraph 10, the following paragraph 7 is added:

"(7) the Gases between the rock mass and the migrant jámovým masonry must be

drawn odfukovým the chimney. Chimney CAP must be equipped with a

the shut-off valve and must allow a subscription to their samples and connection to the

the exhaust system or device. ".

16. in section 11 paragraph 1 reads:

"(1) safety zone shall be established on the surface around the likvidovaného

the main mine. The smallest dimension of the safety zone defined

the documentation (section 3) must not exceed their outer circumference of the jam at least

20 m security zone at the dimensions of the pit shall be enlarged with

taking into account the status and how the liquidation, to the mining, geological,

hydrogeological and geotechnical situation in the immediate surroundings

the managed pits. Size of the safety zone for other major

mine workings shall be determined having regard to the nature of the main excavation,

the mining, geological, hydrogeological and geotechnical situation in his

around. ".

17. in paragraph 11 (1) 2 the words "in full height" shall be deleted.

18. in article 11, paragraph 3, including footnote No. 8a):

"(3) safety zone it is necessary to indicate in the mining and geological survey

the documentation.

8A) § 14 para. 1 of Act No. 61/1988 Coll. ".

19. in article 11, paragraph 4, including footnote # 9):

"(4) the Organization shall submit a proposal for the building authority to issue a decision on the

building closure in the safety zone, of the nature and extent of the protections and

Mark likvidovaného of the main excavation, or other change

in the use of the territory. Determination of the safety zone, and submission of the proposal

the organisation shall notify the building authority of whether or not the authority of spatial planning.

A copy of the decision to allow the liquidation of main mine shall send

the district mining office building Office and the authority of a territorial planning.

9) Act No. 50/1976 Coll., as amended.

Decree No. 133/1998 Coll., which implements certain provisions of

Building Act. ".

20. in section 12 (1):

"(1) when disposing of the main mine around his mouth down

security space. Security space with across the Board shall specify at least the

the extent of the safety zone. Its height will determine the Organization of the documentation

so, in order to avoid possible adverse effects of mine gases. ^ 10). "

21. in § 12 para. 3, § 13 para. 2, § 14 para. 3 and 4, the word "pit"

replaced by the words "main mining tasks".

22. in § 14 para. 5 the first sentence reads as follows:

"The pipeline that is referred to in the documentation left in vertical likvidovaném

or úklonném the main mine workings must be, if it is not used for ventilation

or pumping water, exhaust or gas indication or if the

leaves for future filling of vacant space, filled with plastic

zásypovým the material. ".

23. in article 14, the following paragraph 6 is added:

"(6) all accesses to the likvidovaného the main excavation from the surface

must be disposed of. The documentation will determine how the liquidation,

in particular, depending on the potential air likvidovaném inerting

the main mine workings. ".

24. under section 14 shall be added to § 14a, which including the title reads as follows:

"§ 14a


(1) documentation for the making inert of includes, in particular:

and) the type of inert gases, which will be used for inerting,

b) equipment designed for filling of inert gases into the main mine


(c) the method of implementation) inerting,

d) ratio of inert gas to methane, which will be achieved and inertization

the method and frequency of verifications,

(e)) the measures to ensure the safety and health at work.

(2) for the making inert conditions must be created before the commencement of the liquidation

the pit.

(3) source of inert gas must be located outside the security area.

(4) after the making inert of backfilling the pit must be instituted immediately. ".

25. In section 16(1). 3 footnote 13):

"13) section 20 to 22 of the Decree No. 22/1989 Coll.".

26. in section 17(2). 2, the words "and the status of jámových/plugs"

shall be deleted.

27. in section 18 of the present text shall become paragraph 1 and the first sentence

the following sentence shall be added:

"For the other major mines that was destroyed before the acquisition

the effectiveness of this Ordinance and whose location is known, it should be the requirements of §

11 secure until 31 December 2006. December 2004. ".

28. in article 18, the following paragraph 2 is added:

"(2) within six months from the entry into force of this Decree shall submit to the

the organisation of the competent authority with the district mining Office time works

the fulfillment of the requirement under § 18 para. 1. ".

29. in paragraph 19 of the present text shall become paragraph 1 and the following

paragraph 2, which reads as follows:

"(2) the results of the checks pursuant to § 16 para. 4 and 5 and § 19 para. 1 including

the Organization shall submit a summary of actions taken once a year

the relevant district mining authority. ".

30. In Appendix 1, point 9 is added:

"9. the Final solution to the issues associated with mining the waters and the output

mine gas:

and communication can be surface water) with the environment of the mine,

(b)) data from the neighbouring mines or mining districts, especially with regard to the method of

contact and a solution of water,

(c) the quantity of mine water and) planned frequency of measurement after making

the dismantling work,

(d)), the level of mine water and waste-water management, mining

tributaries and drainage,

e) technical measures that prevent any contamination on the surface

groundwater and surface water contamination of the waters and the entrepreneurial class of mine water

from the sources on the surface,

f) technical solutions associated with the possible accumulation and mine

gases to the surface with regard to mines, firing ".

31. in Appendix 1 of annex v, point 2, map the first sentence reads as follows:

"Maps of the effects of mining on the surface made up to the date of termination

liquidation. ".

32. in annex No. 1 of the annex shall be added to the map point 3 is added:

"3. the anticipated effects on the landscape Map on the surface.".

Article II

The main mine workings, for which disposal method, it was decided

before the entry into force of this order, the settlement does, or

According to the schedule already approved will complete the liquidation.

Article. (III)

This Decree shall enter into force on 1 January 2000. April 2000.


doc.JUDr. Ing. Makarius, CSc. v. r.

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