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Original Language Title: změna vyhl. o systému bezpečnosti provozování dráhy a drážní dopr.

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248/2010 Sb.


of 12 October. August 2010,

amending Decree No 374/2006 Coll., on the system of safety

the operation of railways and railway transport, and the procedures for the formation of the emergency

events on rail systems

The Department of transportation shall determine pursuant to section 66 paragraph 1. 1 Act No. 266/1994 Coll.

on rail, as amended by law No 23/2000 Coll., Act No. 77/2002 Coll.

Act No. 103/2004 Coll., Act No. 182/2006 Coll., Act No. 191/2006 Sb.

and Act No. 377/2009 Coll. (hereinafter the "Act") to implement section 22(2). 5,

section 34 h of paragraph 1. 9 and § 35 para. 4 of the Act:

Article. (I)

Decree No 374/2006 Coll., on the system of the safety of the operation of the railways and

railway transport and procedures for creation of incidents on the rail systems

is amended as follows:

1. in the introductory part of paragraph 1 of the provision: "this Decree incorporates the

the relevant provisions of the European Union ^ 1), at the same time follows on directly

applicable regulation the European Union ^ 2) and edits ".

Footnotes 1 and 2 shall be added:

"1) European Parliament and Council Directive 2004/49/EC of 29 April 2004. April

2004 railway safety community and amending Council directive

95/18/EC on the licensing of railway undertakings and Directive 2001/14/EC

on the allocation of railway infrastructure capacity and the levying of

of railway infrastructure and safety certification

(railway safety directive).

Commission directive 2009/151/EC of 27 June 2002. November 2009 amending

European Parliament and Council Directive 2004/49/EC, as regards the common

safety indicators and common methods for determining the amount of damages in


2) Commission Regulation (EC) no 653/2007 of 13 December. June 2007 on the application of

common European format for safety certificates and application referred to in

Article 10 of the directive of the European Parliament and Council Directive 2004/49/EC and

the validity of safety certificates to be submitted in accordance with directive

2001/14/EC ".

2. in paragraph 5 of the first sentence, the words "annex 5 of this order" shall be replaced by

the words "directly applicable European Union legislation ^ 2)".

3. in paragraph 5 of the second sentence, the words "annex 6 of this order" shall be replaced by

the words "directly applicable European Union legislation ^ 2)".

4. in paragraph 6 of the text at the end of subparagraph (a)), the words "; If, after the

submission of a report by the Rail Authority becomes aware of new facts or

irregularities, makes a change or correction of the indicators for the year what

soon as possible, no later than the next annual report. "

5. Appendix 4:

' Annex # 4 to # 376/2006 Sb.

The contents of an accounting review of emergency aid for the year.

Designation of the petitioner:

Registration overview provides common safety indicators, which

they are:


Indicators of severe accidents

Severe accident shall, for the purposes of this reference list means any

an accident with the exception of accidents in transitions and workshops involving

at least one rail vehicle in motion

and the) killed or seriously injured at least one person or

(b)) in which there is a tangible damage to the railway vehicle on the tracks, the

other installations or environment of at least 150 000

EUROS, while for the purposes of an accounting report for the conversion

the amount in euro to the Czech currency using the rate to the foreign exchange market announced by the

The Czech National Bank as at 30. April, or

(c)) that has resulted in the interruption of the operation of trains on the tracks countrywide

the track for at least six hours.

In assessing whether it is a severe accident will be taken into account only

the primary accident, even when the consequences of secondary accidents will

more serious (e.g. fire, resulting in the derailment).

The relative numbers of each item listed in this annex,

means the proportion of the total value in the item and the values of the train (operational)

miles on the track during the reporting period.

Seriously wounded persons, for the purposes of an accounting report means

all the injured persons were was hospitalised for more than

24 hours, with the exception of persons who try to commit suicide.

1.1 the overall and relative number of serious accidents and their distribution by

the following categories:

1.1.1 collision of rail vehicles, including collisions with obstacles within the průjezdném

cross section

1.1.2 the derailment of railway vehicles,

1.1.3 meeting of rail and road vehicles on the level, at

including the engagement of rail vehicles on these crossings with pedestrians,

1.1.4 death (except suicide), or serious injury to people

and) caused by a moving railway vehicle or

(b) subject to) caused by the railway or railway vehicle or subject,

that is separated from the overhead of the vehicle, or

(c)) the fall of the person from a moving vehicle, overhead

1.1.5. the fires of rail vehicles and their costs, with the exception of fires in

transitions and in workshops,

1.1.6. other.

1.2 the total and the relative number of serious injuries and fatalities by

the following categories:

1.2.1 passengers (also in relation to total number of passenger-kilometres and

train kilometres in passenger transport) including people tumbling into the

a moving vehicle overhead, or leap,

1.2.2 the person carrying out the activities for providing operation

railways and railway transport,

1.2.3 level crossing users,

1.2.4. individuals who are illegally present in a circuit track,

1.2.5 other.


Indicators of accidents during the transport of dangerous goods;

2.1 Overall and relative number of accidents during the transport of dangerous goods,

to be reported in accordance with section 1.8.5 of procedure for international

carriage of dangerous goods, the renowned Communication

Ministry of Foreign Affairs No. 22/2010 Coll., amending and

the following communication from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs No 19/2007 Coll. m. with.

the publication of a new version of the C-Connection Procedure for international

transport of dangerous goods (RID) of the Convention on international rail

carriage by rail (COTIF), in the following categories:

2.1.1 of the accident, which involved at least one railway vehicle

carrying dangerous goods,

2.1.2 number of accidents according to 2.1.1. where there has been a leak of dangerous



Indicators related to the suicides in the case that the killing was due to the

a moving railway vehicle

Total and relative number of suicides.


Other indicators of incidents

Total and relative number of events, regardless of whether the led to

the accident:

4.1 rail fractures caused by splitting into two or more pieces or

consisting in the separation of a piece of metal, which is on top of the rail

creates a gap with a length of more than 50 mm and a depth of more than 10 mm,

4.2 deficiencies in the geometrical position of track that for your safety,

exclusion of track out of service or immediate reduction enabled


4.3 the failure of signal systems leading to the signalling information

they are not so restrictive, in order to guarantee the safety of the operation of railway


4.4 traveled signals prohibiting driving of the vehicle, with the exception of overhead

without traction unit or vehicle unattended and overhead

in the case where there is no signal for any reason, changed to driving ban

in a timely manner, to enable the driver to stop the train before the signal,

4.5 quarries Wheelsets and axles for railway vehicles operated

creating the risk of an accident (derailment or collision).


Indicators for determining the economic impact of severe accidents

Total (in $), and the relative costs associated with:

5.1 the number of deaths and serious injuries of persons multiplied by the value of prevention

accidents (VPC); VPC is made up of an estimated average direct and indirect

economic costs attributable to one death or serious injury,

which consist of the costs of medical care and rehabilitation of injured

people, costs associated with funeral expenses and compensation to survivors according to the

of the civil code, legal costs and legal expenses, the cost of

Police, emergency services and administrative costs associated with insurance

death or serious injury, and from production losses made up of social

the value of the goods and services that could be produced and made available to the

person, if the accident had not happened,

5.2 the costs of environmental damage, which costs

the rail operator and the rail transport to bring the damaged area to

the condition before the accident,

5.3 the costs of removing the vehicle or damage to the railway transport way

railways, including the costs associated with renting the vehicle overhead replacement for

the vehicle is damaged,

5.4 costs of delays, which are the costs of compensation and

the provision of additional services to passengers when the train delays, ensure the

alternative transport and freight compensation for exceeding the delivery

periods or damage and deterioration of the consignment due to delay.


Indicators relating to technical safety of railways

6.1 percentage of tracks with automatic train operating services

security device (ATP) and the percentage of train kilometres

the mileage on the lines with the aeroplane, ETC; automatic train

security device means a system that enforces such

signals and speed limits its control, including automatic

stopping in front of the signals.

6.2 number of level crossings (total, per kilometre of track and

mile tracks) according to the following categories:

6.2.1 crossing the security device: automatically-controlled ride without gates, automatically-controlled ride with gates without warning

lights, automatically-controlled ride with gates and warning lights, approval of automatically-controlled ride with gates and warning lights and

rail security device, which means the signal or

another train security system that will allow the train to continue only

in the event that the crossing secured and nenarušeno, with

integrity is provided by the oversight or survey system

barriers, controlled operation without gates, controlled operation with gates without warning lights, controlled operation with gates and warning lights.

6.2.2 crossing without a secure device (i.e. secure only

warning of the cross).


Indicators related to ensuring the safety of

Internal control carried out by the operators of the railways and railway transport by

safety assurance system documentation. The total number of

internal controls and this number, expressed as a percentage of

prescribed or planned internal controls. "

6. Annex 5 shall be deleted.

7. Annex 6 shall be deleted.

Article. (II)

Transitional provision

Registration overview of incidents for the previous calendar year

According to annex No 4 of Decree No. 376/2006 Coll., on the system of safety

the operation of railways and railway transport, and the procedures for the formation of the emergency

events on rail systems, as amended by this Ordinance, it shall apply for the first time for the year


Article. (III)

The effectiveness of the

This Decree shall take effect on the date of its publication.


JUDr. Bárta in r.