Implement The Law On Census And Housing In 2011

Original Language Title: to implement the Law on Census and Housing in 2011

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279/2010 Coll. DECREE of 15 September 2010 for the implementation of certain provisions of the Act No. 296/2009 Coll., On Census and Housing in 2011, the Czech Statistical Office, pursuant to § 30 of this Act No. 296/2009 Coll., On the census, houses and flats in 2011 (the "Act") to implement section 7 para. 1 point. (b)) § 13 para. 5 and § 18 par. 8 of the Act, section 1 of the Patterns of the census forms (1) Sample census form "census sheet entities" in paper form is provided in Annex 1 hereto. (2) the Model census form "Double certificate" issued in registered form is presented in Annex No. 2 hereto. (3) and the sample census form "Electronic Data Sheet" in the documentary form is provided in Annex No. 3 hereto. (4) the Patterns of census forms in electronic format (hereinafter referred to it as "e-forms") are identical in content and graphically similar patterns of census forms in paper form (hereinafter referred to it as "paper form"). § 2 Registration Code census form (1) and the physical form is given a registration code that is used to track the movement of forms during the distribution and collection after the entry forms for data processing. Further, it is indicated the confirmation code to confirm the details of eligibility for access to electronically form. Registration code and confirmation code form the passphrase. (2) Evidence Code census form is alphabetically-digital indication. He and the physical form is expressed barcode with ground tint value of this data. The confirmation code is a six-digit alpha-numeric entry. (3) Evidence Code census form or confirmation code does not contain any other personal information ^ 1). § 3 the Electronic forms (1) Electronic forms have a document in PDF (Portable Document Format). (2) electronic forms to be obtained by a person in accordance with section 7 of the Act on the website of the Census, using registration and confirmation code. (3) After the online form to send data from a new page is created of the form, including confirmation of the successful receipt of data, the Czech Statistical Office (the "Office"). Part of this acknowledgment is the timestamp and a unique confirmation code. In the form, you can not make adjustments after the dispatch. When you send the form by using the data box is confirmation of delivery designed standard tools of data boxes. § 4 Model certificate census enumerator (1) The card takes the form of a plastic card with dimensions 86 x 54 mm and it contains the following information: a) trademark and logotype Census and Housing 2011 b) title, name, respectively. names and surnames of the census enumerator, c) territorial delineation by the census enumerator, it is the name of the district and municipalities and code adder circuit or circuits, in which, or in which the enumerator is entitled it to conduct the census, d) and the license number of the census enumerator, e) time validity, the census enumerator f) photographs, g) protective element impeding falsification license. (2) the Employees of the Office, the ministries mentioned in section 9. 1-4 of the Act, and the employees of the service carrying out inspections in relation to other enumerators have the license the census enumerator in the data "Geographical scope" the inscription "The whole territory of the Czech Republic" or the name of the county, on whose territory they are entitled that exercise control activities. (3) the Sample Pass the census enumerator is given in Annex No. 4 hereto. section 5 of the Effectiveness of This Decree shall take effect on December 1, 2010. The Chair: Assoc., Ing. Melissa r, CSc. Appendix 1 Model census form "census sheet entities" in paper form Appendix 2 Model census form "Residential certificate" in certificate form Annex 3 Model census form "Electronic certificate" in certificate form Annex 4 Specimen license census enumerator 1) Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on protection of personal data and amending certain laws, as amended.