Implementation Of The Act. 567/1919 Coll. And 568/1919 Coll. Punishment For Váleč.lichvy

Original Language Title: provedení zák. 567/1919 Sb. a 568/1919 Sb. o trestání váleč.lichvy

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597/1919 Coll.

Government of the Czechoslovak Republic

Dated 11 November 1919

Which are carried Act of October 17, 1919, no. 567 Sb. a. and n., a
people's courts to punish war usury (court lichevních)
Act of October 17, 1919, no. 568 Sb. a. and n., the punishment of war

Change: 518/1920 Coll.

According to § 31 of the Act of October 17, 1919, no. 567 and Art. III. Act
same day no. 568 Coll. a. and n., was ordered:

Of judicial organization LICHEVNÍCH.

Establishment lichevních courts.

§ first

Lichevní courts are separate compartments ordinary courts in which they are established
. Staff are subject to the supervision of the head of the court and are dependent on him
and in administrative matters.

§ 2nd

(1) Chairman lichevního Court and its members from the ranks of the test soudcovstva
may be appointed only TACI professional judges who have
capability to perform an independent judicial authority in court, which is the
lichevní court attached.

(2) How far can the President and other judges of the court of
lichevního employ proper in court, will be governed according to the scope of work in the court of

(3) Presidents congregational courts called upon appointment (§ 3 of the Courts
lichevních) request the appointment proposal of the head of the court in which it is the court of
lichevní established. Presiding judges lichevních
for crimes and offenses can also be appointing a judge to
members of the Boards of seven members (§ 12 of the Courts Act lichevních at the end).
Chairman lichevního court in which the Senate sits seven members, she is
chairman of the Senate as well.

(4) In the same way, so be appointed as the required number of judges
alternate members of professional judges and also determining the order in which
team and if the President lichevního court or a member of his
professional judges something has gone. If at any lichevního court more
department must appoint as many substitutes President, how many separation.

(5) The first appointment becomes the period until the end of 1920.

§ third

(1) The presiding judge lichevního turns in his district on
trade union organizations and interest groups of merchants and traders, for instance.
Business chambers, merchant Gremio, trade communities, economic
organizations, associations, talks and under. Farmers, as well as on similar associations
workers and salaried persons as caretaker organization and
zřízenecké, teachers, trade helpers etc., with an invitation to more
8 days suggested his possible eight eligible persons belonging to the
that group as an Associate courts lichevních and as their alternates
(in a group of workers and salaried people so be suggested as possible after
two women). In a challenge so be noted that the requirements (§ 21 and 22 of the Courts Act
lichevních has suggested people have.
Next, let him be blamed for the consequences if they are not designed to eligible persons in 8 days or
if they are not designed ever.

(2) If no such trade and economic organizations, turns
chairman lichevního court with the same challenge to the political organization
group in question.

( 3) If the President does not know enough organizations of all or certain groups
turns to the political district administration with a request to supply those organizations identified

(4) nominees, the Chairperson lichevního court
from each group six persons eligible for assessors and two alternates for (in
group of workers and salaried people so be among the selected prescribed
number of women). in choosing the persons so be taken into account pro rata to all union | || political or judicial district several organizations and also the fact that
represent all economically significant and different from each other
part of the judicial district. Appointment several assessors from one plant that
employs more than 100 people still acceptable, but this should also give heed unto the
proportional representation of the whole district. Persons not proposed by the President may appoint lichevního
court only if nebyly- designed
eligible persons (§ 22 and 23 of the Courts Act lichevních) or not at all in
eight-day period.

(5) Persons convicted of overcharging of the Office of Associate
completely eliminated and that those convictions have lost the right to vote in municipal council
according to § 22, no. 8, Law on Courts lichevních, those with
concerned by the sentencing of these legal consequences were or where they were

Neglected, whether by lapse of time because forgiveness, for lack of properties
anticipated § 23 of lichevních courts.

The exclusion and rejection Associate courts lichevních.

§ 4th

Associate lichevních courts are excluded or may be rejected by
regulations §§ 67-73 tr. l. on May 23, 1873, no. 119 r. a. (§§
64 and 72 of the Criminal Code. l. Act. Art. XXXIII. from r. 1896). The fact is, if there
valid reason for exclusion or rejection, the President of the court lichevního

Reasons, from which it can be challenged by the office of assessor.

§ fifth

Office assessor may be rejected or only composed of very serious
reasons, for instance. If someone is over 60 years place where active military service
suffer if a defect which does not commit the proper exercise of the office
observer, moves if in another county, and so on. When there is a valid reason
apologetic, president of the court decides lichevního final

When the court loses authority assessor lichevního.

§ sixth

(1) An assessor is lost:

First Occur or come if jevo partly on circumstances that make
person ineligible to the office of associate judge (§ 22 of the lichevních

Second if as a result of environmental change professions assessors
will cease to be a member of a group for which he was called

Third If the court lichevním validly pronounced loss of eligibility for the office of assessor
(§ 25, para. 1, op. Code.).

(2) The loss of the office of associate judge decides in case no. 1 and 2 Chairman
court lichevního. Such a decision is admissible complaint to the court of first choral
stool within 14 days.

(3) Instead of vystoupivšího assessor appointed by the President lichevního
court a new person to the rest of the term as possible of people in the last
proposed appointment and then unnamed.

The oath assessors.

§ 7th

(1) Before taking an oath (§ 24 cit. Act) instruct the Chairman lichevního
court assessors properly about their rights and obligations and also about the fact that
are obliged to keep official secrets. Especially
it is necessary to educate them also that are public officials for the sense § 101, para.
Second, tr. . of May 27, 1852, no. 117 r. a. (§ 461 of the Act. Art. V of
1878) and interpret them the importance of this legal provision. At the same time
explains Chairman assessor appropriately and grounds for exclusion and rejection.

(2) that this instruction was given, be dealt with in the protocol, which writes
oath of judges, and whom signed: Chairman lichevního
court clerk and assessor.

The publication of the names of assessors.

§ eighth

Names, occupations and addresses of assessors lichevních courts transgress with
of the category for which they were appointed, published a decree on board
court and in official newspapers respective county political administration.


Procedure of the Court LICHEVNÍCH.

General Provisions.

§ ninth

(1) Where the law on courts and lichevních this Regulation provides deviations
apply for tenure courts lichevních analogy, the provisions of criminal instruction courts
dated August 16, 1854, no. 165 r. A., As well as criminal
order of 23 May 1873, no. 119 r. a., and the implementing Regulation, the Rules and Regulations for the
courts of first and second stool on May 5, 1897, no. 112 r. a., with
relevant amendments and additions (former regulation.
Hungarian Ministry of justice no. 3700/1899 JM (instructions for criminal courts) Act.
Art. XVII. from r. 1891 (on supervision of the courts) Act. Art. XXXIII. from r. 1896 and
Act. Art. XXXIV. 1897 (blackhead. punishment. uvoz and order. law to him)
further regulation of the former. Hungarian Ministry of justice no. 42100
and 42,200 from r. 1914 JM (rules of procedure for choral courts and district courts)
Act. Art. IV. from r. 1869 on judicial power and the Act. Art. VII. from r. 1871 o | || accountability of judges, with the appropriate changes and additions (.

(2) Likewise also the law on the organization of courts of first and second instance
of November 27, 1896, no. 217 r. a. ( disciple. Art. XXXI. of the year.
1871 XXV. from r. 1890).

The formation of Chambers.

§ 10th

Lichevního chairman of the district court and the appellate court chairman
lichevního for administrative offenses formed of appointed assessors
24 12 permanent Chambers. Lichevních the courts in offenses and crimes, and when

Lichevních Courts of Appeal for misdemeanors court let him be formed and 6
permanent Chambers. Chairman lichevního Court and its alternate preside
all the Chambers in his court (department), which consist. Bringing forward to
down two judicial members transformed the inventors of the Senate
misdeeds and crimes on the seven-member Senate (§ 12 cit. Act. At the end).
In compiling the Senate, the President shall lichevního court at the same time show,
how they are to be invited, alternates. President directs at formation
Chamber of regulation § 27 cit. disciple.

§ 11th

(1) Schedule of work between the Boards procure chairman gazing to the nature of matter and
factual knowledge and local assessors. The Chairman shall determine the agenda at the same time, Chambers
how they sit. In doing so we are viewing a duly substantiated
wishes assessors. To this end, the President, Associate,
order for a period of one month previously announced days in which the office of the assessor was
they were impossible or very difficult. From
set the agenda be with a deflected when it comes to an extraordinary session,
when the trial is to be conducted before the same Senate, if we can not be one of
assessors arrive, if validly dismissed or rejected.

(2) The meeting transgress assessor awareness least three days in advance.
The assessors are obliged to notify the president of the court lichevního time
nemohou- When appearing in court in order to be provided with a replacement.
Substitutes living at the headquarters of the court transgress invited, if need be, perhaps

(3) The assessors are required to notify the presiding judge lichevního change
apartment within three days.

The office staff lichevních courts.

§ 12th

Office work office obtains the powers of the court in which the court is established
lichevní. To this end allocate the chairman of the court lichevnímu
court sufficient number of people who not only have the proper knowledge and skill in doing
office work and keeping registers, but also in retail

O registers in the courts lichevních.

§ 13th

(1) Outside registers U, Z, Ns, Vr and Bl leads for the management of administrative
Index Sp au lichevního appeal court for administrative offenses
Index Spo according to formulas II. and III. by period provisions applicable to the case
index and an index Bl. (On the territory of Slovakia and Ruthenia lead
at lichevních courts outside of factual books B, V and Sp Bf registers and Spo according
Formula II. And III.)

(2) cases referred by the ordinary court (§ 30 of the Courts Act lichevních)
court lichevnímu transgress marked in the proper court registers as

(3) If introduced proceedings against the military person, be it indicated in the memo section
letter "V" in red ink. Also there either
wrappers, if it has been arranged provisionally secured assets of the accused.

The awareness of administrative authorities.

§ 14th

(1) Any conviction for an offense, as soon as the power comes
law, inform the court lichevní district political office, on whose behalf
thinks about things.

(2) Cases in which it was furnished with interim collateral assets
defendant (§ 18, para. 2 of the Act on Punishment of war usury)
transgress beyond that reported in a separate alphabetical list.

O lists and presidiálních writings courts lichevních.

§ 15th

Special presidiální journal-actors kept. Presidiální things, for instance.
Appointment of judges, protocols and under oath. transgress written to the journal
presidiálního proper court. (The Slovak and Carpathian Ruthenia
applies here as the existing regulations on keeping things presidiálních).

The designation writings.

§ 16th

(1) Writings lichevního court transgress marked externally in the left upper end
colored inscription: "usury".

(2) Rather more Celta same lichevního court transgress
with Roman numerals in reference numbers, with respect to the filing.

The statements lichevních courts.

§ 17th

About Business lichevních courts transgress served DoJ
quarterly statements of formulas IV. and V by 15 January, 15 April and 15
July and 15 October of each year. District courts lichevní
submit their reports no later than the fourth day of the aforementioned months Congregational
court of first instance, which is exploring and zařídiv what is needed
after the formal statements connects lichevních courts set up by him and

Submit a joint report to the Chief Provincial Court. Higher Regional Court
proceed in the same manner as the first collegiate court stool and submit all reports
připojiv sketchy report of the Ministry of Justice.

The rooms and costs lichevní courts.

§ 18th

Needed rooms provide the court where the court is lichevní established.
The cost of the people's courts lichevní borne by the judicial administration.


On court proceedings LICHEVNÍMI.

The limits of jurisdiction lichevního.

§ 19th

(1) The substantive jurisdiction of the court lichevního applies only to those legally
offenses in respect of which the government specifically declared, and
administrative offenses that were the court's jurisdiction lichevního Regulation
especially commanded (§ 1, para. 2. Act on lichevních courts).
The powers of the people are subjected to civil and military.

(2) Investigations and searches in cases of offenses and crimes happening
according to the rules applicable to criminal proceedings for offenses and crimes in general (
on the territory of Slovakia and Ruthenia under the former regulation. Hungary. Min. | || justice no. 41900 / JM 1917 on accelerated criminal proceedings) without
Appointing judges, even against military personnel under a general order
criminal. This also applies to previous searches (tracking), if there
it rarely matters of misdemeanors, and for investigation
outside the main trial.

§ 20th

(1) converge if a criminal act commanded by the courts lichevní other
judicially offenses exclude the court lichevní do not involve themselves in their
analysis and withdraws the competent court to independent treatment (§§ || | 57 and 58 of the Criminal Code. r. on May 23, 1873, no. 119 r. a., and § 21 of the Criminal Code. r. a. Art.
XXXIII. from r. 1896). Similarly, maintain a proper trial, whichever is such
competition proceedings before the ordinary court.

(2) The court, which has one of these things will bring earlier judgment, it
notify the court in which the second thing is still pending. If it was one of those
court verdict condemning, be it at a later conviction of second
disregarded court to sentence already vyměřenému. If the offense for continuous
penal provisions in the law the death penalty or life prison, be with
execution of the sentence, spoken before the court lichevním, awaited until
rightful termination of continuous criminal proceedings before the ordinary court.
It If this procedure is fully accepted on the death penalty or a life prison
may not be the sentence imposed by the Court's judgment lichevního

(3) converge if the crimes commanded by the courts lichevním
administrative offenses, commanded by administrative authorities, exclude administrative
violations of judicial procedure. In the case of such an administrative offense, the punishment ordered by the court
lichevnímu at the office of the administrative, management
performed in accordance with §§ 5-9 of the Courts Act lichevních otherwise resigns
the matter immediately to the competent authority for separate discussion. If they were the same
criminal offense not only exceeded the highest price according to § 6 of the Act on Punishment
war usury, but also committed another criminal act, commanded the
judging lichevním courts apply the provisions of the last paragraph of § 6
this Act. Administrative Office with respect court lichevní representing
administrative authority, is obliged to report immediately to the competent court lichevnímu,
in which a thing leads punishment for that offense, such demarcated,
when stating the punishment for a criminal the court could act lichevní court
account the administrative penalty imposed. It was when judicial proceedings are pending judgment
earlier than administrative proceedings, the court shall notify lichevní its judgment immediately
Office, which is responsible for the administrative judge for the offense with
fact that it was the court lichevním punished, prosecution administration
offense eliminated. (§ 6, last paragraph above sentiment. Act).

A criminal court order.

§ 21st

(1) The order issued by the chairman of the district court lichevního
without the participation of assessors. Ku issuance of a criminal order in administrative proceedings and judicial
still needs the consent of the public prosecutor (state officials
offices), namely not only with the issuance of the order, but also with acreage
punishment. If the judge intends to issue a criminal order, agreed orally with
representative of public prosecution, and agrees with the same issue a criminal order
a term of punishment, issue penal order and a representative of public prosecution

Sign a record in the file for issuance of a criminal order.

(2) In order to prepare a criminal court office, sparing prescription
§ 7 of the Act on lichevních trials using the form I.

(3) The right of opposition to the penal order is not public prosecutor.

(4) Unless the consent of the representatives of public prosecution given or exceeds a value
items declared forfeited or proceeds from selling them in 1000
K, is necessary to establish proper management.

About confidante public office.

§ 22nd

(1) confidants public office (§ 6, par. 1st Law on Courts lichevních
) may be appointed by the State Czechoslovak citizens who are
preserved, have their residence in the periphery of the political administration district, fully | || enjoy civil rights and enjoys the confidence of the population. In appointing these confidants
either taken into account in particular the members of the economic councils
if you have the above characteristics.

(2) The trustees of public office for a sense of this provision belongs
oversees that the rules mentioned in § 1 of the Law on Courts and Law
lichevních do notice, on the basis of which may be issued
criminal order.

(3) confidant public office appointed for the needs of the State Bureau
combat usury or political district administration (office slúžnovský) and give
from them promise an impartial and faithful performance of duty.
Issue them identity cards, upozorníce them on their rights and obligations and in particular
consequences if done knowingly giving false (§ 101, para. 2 nd, tr.
. Of May 27, 1852, No. . 117 r. a., and § 461 tr. from. Art. V of r. 1878).
The names of the trustees shall notify the District Political Administration
lichevnímu court in whose jurisdiction his residence. Political Management District
fiduciary is entitled at any time and for any reason sprostiti. Against
This is not an appeal.

(4) Trustees are not entitled to compensation.

The hasty proceedings.

§ 23rd

(1) Direct sending delegates to the main trial is excluded in proceedings before
seven-member Senate.

(2) The public prosecutor will consider on the basis of a criminal complaint, whether the evidence at hand
existent, will probably be in a position to convict the accused.

(3) If the conditions for urgent proceedings, suggests prosecutors
directly to the President lichevního court to immediately place the main
hearing. Written copy of the proposal shall contain such:
naming lichevního court and the accused, as well as an accurate indication
offense after the fact and its legal name.
One copy of the application must be served on the accused.

§ 24th

(1) The chairman of the court lichevního capped on the basis of this proposal, all
what is needed for the main trial, and put his year holding period
closest, but so that the three-day period of § 221 of the Criminal Code. l. on May 23, 1873,
no. 119 r. A. (Eight-day period §u 286 of the Criminal Code. L. Act. Art. XXXIII. From r. 1896)
been violated. During the main trial represents the proposal of the public prosecutor to express
impeachment proceedings and must be a criminal information read below
confusion. (§ 244 of the Criminal Code. R. On May 23, 1873, no. 119 l. Z.
§ 304 of the Criminal Code. L. Act. Art. XXXIII. From r. 1896.)

(2) If the criminal case, which was introduced expedited procedure
later bequeathed before the seven-member Senate (§ 14, para. 4th Act. Lichevních of
courts), is necessary to establish control sound (on the territory of Slovakia and Ruthenia
expedited criminal proceedings) and submit duly indictment.

(3) On the territory of Slovakia and Ruthenia paid
appeal against the judgment of the five-member Senate lichevního Court (§ 12, first sentence,
Law on Courts lichevních) of § 12, para. 1 st, regulations
for expedited proceedings and the appeal against the judgment of a seven
Senate (§ 12, second sentence, the Law on courts lichevních)
provisions of the second paragraph of § 12 of the same law on an accelerated procedure.

About martial law.

§ 25th

(1) The complaint to the announcement of martial law may give the Senate any court of
lichevního. Is there any way, the President lichevního court Corps
judges rule according to § 28 paragraph. Lichevních second Law on courts.
The record of the hearing of the church must be accompanied by a statement that
all assessors and judges occupational provisions in this Court
lichevního in all its departments, they were duly invited to the meeting and that

The invitations were otherwise noted afterwards that they shall act on the proposal
to the imposition of martial law for overpricing.
Resolution of the judicial corps, the President of the court lichevního President Choral court
I. stool, which is responsible to make another proposal by the political administration
au provincial Director of Public Prosecutions.

(2) The imposition of martial law let him be taken notice
Ministry of National Defense for the purpose of publication in respect of military persons (Art.
LII Law of 19 December 1918, n. 89 Coll. Of. N .).

The proceedings against those military.

§ 26th

(1) If criminal procedures for offenses before the courts enjoined
lichevní against a person who is in active military service, or where the
for such action to a military person placed under provisional bond, inform
the investigating judge, with respect to the Chief Justice lichevního without delay
superior commander, in the first case decided if
accused for the introduction of criminal proceedings be sproštěn services (§ 169 development.
tr . r., nov. Art. XXVIII of the Act of 19 December 1918, n. 89 Coll.,. and n.).

(2) Provisional bond executed in the prison court in which the court is lichevní
established and according to the rules applicable to civil courts. The appeal
media during the preparatory proceedings the court decides civil criminal
or, if the court decision called lichevní.

(3) Judgment lichevního court, be it ever announced
superior headquarters to take further measures by way of administrative
respect of the consequences for military personnel associated with the sentencing for
felony, misdemeanor, criminal or civil offense courts.

(4) Exercise of imprisonment imposed by the court lichevním, conducted in jails or prisons
civil accordance with the regulations applicable to them.

The confiscation of assets. a) Provisional detention.

§ 27th

(1) If the court (the investigating judge, chairman of the trial)
before his sentencing for that could lead to the confiscation of assets and that he
need a fortune to insure submit writings choral court I. stool
who decides in closed session four judges shall hear
state representative. If by a court that the defendant has assets
provisionally be ensured in the resolution expresses that against the accused is
introduced to control crime, which is the statutory punishment
confiscation of all assets and therefore his fortune provisionally provided.
Same time declare that the date on which this resolution will be posted on the board
judicial, legal proceedings concerning the defendant's property are against the state
obsolete recognize if the decision on confiscation.

(2) Development of a four-member Senate, be done in a manner similar
build Chambers of others. When voting decides in case of equality of votes
opinion, the accused (convicted) favorable.

§ 28th

(1) This resolution declares trial manner set out in paragraph 4, § 18 of the Act on Punishment
war usury, beyond that delivers one copy
accused, one civil court, which, according to the relevant regulations were
would be called to discuss the estate of the accused, and financial
prosecution, in whose district the court is located (on the Slovak-General
financial directorate in Bratislava). Any interim measures must
outside notify the Ministry of Justice.

(2) The civil court will do without delay what is necessary in order to prevent
misplaced assets of the accused. The court is obliged to look after the
that fortune was accused without any harm to properly manage.
Financial Procuratorate (General Tax Directorate in Bratislava) and
accused the court may do the comments and suggestions of what has to be furnished,
fortune to avoid injury.

§ 29th

(1) The court, which led interim administration fortune levied upon request
accused or members of the hedged assets required pension
which the accused or a person for whom he pursuant to a legal obligation because of moral cares
they need eyeing their earnings ability, nutrition and education of children

(2) A pension that can be meted out even later and changed according to ability
authorized either increased or decreased or completely stopped. Against the resolution,
which is levied on income of raising, it is for the accused
its members and financial Prosecution Service (General Financial
headquarters in Bratislava) right of recourse under decomposition and management principles


§ 30th

Same way suits postupovati also in those days, he acknowledged, if only
lichevní court in its judgment that the accused has the fortune to be provisionally

B) Management of liquidation.

§ 31st

(1) Once a court verdict lichevního confiscation of assets of convicted
acquires legal power, to inform the lichevní court competent civil court,
to carry out the liquidation of the assets of the convict. Civil court proceedings
introduced by unprecedented control of the survivor. State law, which is considered
heir who volunteered to heritage boon inventory represents
financial Prosecution Service (General Directorate of Finance in Bratislava), in whose district
is headquartered liquidation court. Financial Prosecutor belongs
making appropriate proposals on the liquidation of assets confiscated, and if it was from
assets of pension meted out to convicted or its members, to ensure that appropriate

(2) If it has been simultaneously with confiscation recognized in other punishments, in particular
pecuniary penalty or fine or the loss of privileges Trades,
behooves these punishments was pleased from confiscation.

C) The abolition of provisional securing assets.

§ 32.

Unless properly recognized for confiscation must be secured by all assets
after serving sentences imposed by a judgment returned without delay
owner or his heirs. Of assets that can be pushed only costs
which were associated with providing interim management and good fortune to

The supervision on the performance of agricultural trade and the economy.

§ 33.

(1) Implementation of supervision on the exercise of a trade or agricultural economy
for the district administration policy (the main service pay), in whose district
convicted or, in the case of § 19, no. 3 of Law business owner runs a trade
or agricultural economy. To this end the court will serve lichevní
district administration policy (the main service pay) a copy of the judgment
once his statement on the introduction of the surveillance law comes into power.

(2) The District Political Administration (major salary) establish reliable,
local conditions knowledgeable person who has the opportunity to still oversees the performance
his trade or agricultural economy, taking into superintendent promise and issued him
letter of appointment and take care to be in his office
appropriate manner given as a range of businesses or farms met.
If convicted several trade businesses or farms can be as required
named several officers. Supervision extends to
new trade or new economy, which condemned acquires
for the duration of the surveillance.

(3) Regulation supervision and commissioning appointed superintendent announces political
Administration District (main salary) condemned the Board and the municipality in whose district
convicted operates a trade because the agricultural economy,
and announce the same way in the village as usual, after the event in local newspapers

§ 34.

(1) The superintendent is authorized to enter into all the rooms in which
trade runs into the rooms of business, as well as in warehouses and all
farm buildings. May look into business books and records
professional activities or management convicted and is entitled to demand
any explanation on how small businesses or
management, inventory and orders, and especially about what was where and || | welcome bought or sold.

(2) The superintendent is required to preserve trade secrets and manufacturing
enterprise about which acquired knowledge in the property as a security guard. Where the
any inaccuracy in the trade business or management of
who was under surveillance built, he is bound to do about it immediately notice
District Political Administration (main service pay). The costs of supervision shall be paid from the proceeds
trade or economy over which the surveillance was introduced.
Guards entitled to remuneration to be determined by the district administration policy,
gazing to the circumstances of the case.

§ 35.

Supervision performance trade or agricultural economy has passed the expiration
term for which he was appointed. Its demise let him be declared in the same way as the introduction

The prohibition of residence, expulsion and police supervision.

§ 36.

Execution court verdict, which was condemned forbidden to abstain
in a certain place because the circuit, or which was expelled from the territory of the Republic
, or which was put under police surveillance for the political

Authorities remain valid regulations. To this end it shall lichevní
court competent authority political delivering a copy of the judgment
once his verdict on punishment according to § 21 of the Act on Punishment of war
usury law comes into power.

The registration at the district administration policy.

§ 37.

All cases in which it has been recognized for supervision over the trade
or agricultural economy, transgress registered with the district administration policy
a special list to be remedial overview of the performance of these


The activities of the prosecutor before the courts lichevními.

§ 38.

(1) In proceedings before the administrative courts do not lichevními at the state prosecutor's office
no records of administrative offenses. The prosecutor
(functionary Prosecution) writes his proposals and statements directly
in the concept of the files lichevního court. Implementation of appeals and complaints before the court of
lichevním happens in administrative proceedings always verbally.

(2) In proceedings for offenses of criminal origin judiciously manage the activities of the state representative
provisions of Criminal Procedure and instructions applicable to State
council (for Slovak Ruthenia and also regulations on
accelerated procedure).

(3) For the crimes and misdemeanors, coming before the courts lichevní, reserve at
government councils in the registers Sp and NST (for Slovak and
Ruthenia in the register of St and if it is introduced) a special unit | || which is marked: "Usury". In the note section so be it state whether
used expeditious proceedings in accordance with § 13 of the Act. Indictments and criminal
proposals for expedited proceedings transgress entered into the record of a special department
indictments and this section either externally similarly labeled "usury".

(4) The monthly statements transgress crimes, forced courts
lichevním, listed separately.

Regulations territory according to § 29 of the Courts Act lichevních
excluded from the scope of this law.

§ 39.

§ 40.

Příslušící measures under the third paragraph § 18 of the Act on Punishment of war
usury Congregational court of first instance in the four-member Senate, belongs in court
military court divisnímu.

§ 41.

§ 42.

This regulation comes into force on promulgation and implementation of its
for the ministers of justice, national defense and interior.
Tusar vr

Švehla vr

Sonntag vr
Dr. Vesely vr

Habrman vr Stanek vr

Klofáč vr Powder vr

Dr. Winter vr

Dr. Heidler vr

Dr. Franke vr

Houdek mp

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