On The Exchange Of Military Files With Poland

Original Language Title: o výměně vojenských spisů s Polskem

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17/1928 Sb.

The agreement

between the Czechoslovak Republic and the Republic of Poland in the matter of the exchange of

the files after the former military offices of the Austrian, Hungarian and


The name of the Czechoslovak Republic.

The name of the Czechoslovak Republic


the Republic of Poland

This agreement has been negotiated:

The agreement

between the Czechoslovak Republic and the Republic of Poland in the matter of the exchange of

the files after the former military offices of the Austrian, Hungarian and


Article 1.

The Government of the Czechoslovak Republic and the Government of the Republic of Poland shall undertake to

each other's soul and free the writings of all sorts of former Austrian,

Hungarian and Austro-Hungarian military authorities, which are in their

held anywhere in their territory and relate to nationals of other

Contracting Parties or objects residing on their territory.

It is not rozhodovati fact, if these files are held by the State

already from the time of předpřevratové or placed in his possession after a

the coup follows any.

This is, in particular, of:

I. personal Writings:

and) stem (záznamní) leaves all kinds of officers and ratings,

b) qualification (konduitní) of the Charter officers (NCOs), as well as

extracts from the records of the disciplinary punishment of officers and ratings,

(c) certificates of voluntary commitment) longer serve and returns another


(d)) superarbitrační writings, medical records, medical, hospital report card

záznamní sheets, medical findings and t. d.,

(e)) extracts of records of births, marriages and deaths, with

military authorities (Registry Office),

f) pertaining to AIDS (t. j. discharge lists and logs recoverable),

accounting tools (t. j. gážistů accounting logs and crew, and it

Replenishment District Headquarters and the tribal bodies), and other tools

of the same nature, relating to the former militia, as the leaves of domobraneckém

sorting, záznamní leaves, leaves the residence registration, presentation

logs graded domobranců and recording equipment to former militia,

g) provident writings of officers and ratings, or widows and orphans after the


h) disability books

even the writings of the former military) the criminal courts (posádkových, field and

zápolních), if you do not apply to political activities according to the article. 23. point (b)),

the second sentence of the Treaty between the Czechoslovak Republic and the Republic of Poland

legal and financial issues of the day 23. April 1925

j) writings of spare bodies, which was for the war from their replenishment

counties in the territory of one Contracting Party in the territory of the other party is moved,

If there are still these writings,

lists and data to), which is mentioned in article 172 of the peace treaty

Saint-St. Germain and in the article. 156 the Trianon Peace Treaty, with the relevant

úmrtními and registration sheets and hřbitovními maps. If the data at hand

and referred to the documents of the second State nationals, who were buried on the

the territory of other States, even these and connects to them also

the relevant cemetery maps.

II. factual Writings:

and) plans and projects of the barracks and other military buildings and land with

the relevant writings, as they relate to military objects, as well as any

elaboráty drawn up by the former military administration for the minefields on the device

communication objects, residing on the territory of the other Contracting Party,

(b) on the application of) the writings of acting and the liquidation of claims, based on the

the provisions of law No. 236/1912 Austrian Imperial code and

Hungarian legal article LXVIII of the 1912 of war operations

(c)) the files relating to military funds and foundations, which consisted of one of the

of the Contracting Parties.

III. The writings of ad I) and II) will be issued with all attachments (such as the first

leaves, leaves home, calculations, etc.).

Article. 2.

The mutual commitment to the issue is limited to military material, records retention

in the time from 1 January 2003. January 1890 to 28 June. October, 1918.

From the period from 1 July 2002. May 1848 until 31 December 2006. December 1889 will be committed

all relevant priora.

Article 3.

Both parties mutually undertake to ensure that every

military filing material, which is aware of this agreement, maintain the

neztenčený and without the knowledge and consent of the other party, there was no

part of this material is shredded or in some way or zcizen


Article 4.

Both parties mutually undertake to:

and to study its archives), filing cabinet, Office, as well as other

the place intended for the custody of the military documents, which happens

the mention in the article. 1.,

(b)) that prepares to send material that has to be issued by the

the provisions of this agreement,

(c)) that begin it odesílati not later than six months from the date on which the

This agreement shall enter into force,

(d)) that the to accompany each consignment list, containing the names of persons, or

the names of the objects, whose documents are to be sent, as well as the kind of documents,

(e)) that issue in the shortest time on special request individual files,

to which they are entitled in accordance with this agreement and which urgently need, therefore,

outside the normal implementation of the General exchange according to the points and)-d) this


Article 5.

Classification of military personal documents shall be carried out by the home

jurisdiction, referred to it or that the document, if it has not been established that the

the person to whom the document concerns, later changed his nationality.


and) Writings relating exclusively to one of the Contracting Parties, it will be issued

in the original.

(b)) the files relating to both parties at the same time, remain in the

the previous possession, while the other State gets their certified copy.

Expenditure for cribbing and verification shall be borne by the party that issued the copy.

If a voluminous writings (e.g. criminal files, etc.), by cribbing

It would require a lot of work and time, granting the original on the necessary

time on which the two Governments agree on a case by case basis.

(c)), concerning also the writings of the third State, will remain in the possession of the

a Contracting State which is still held, if interesovaný State nesjedná

with him, the Convention of the file will not be reflected, as appropriate, the consent of a legal separation, with

documents of the State field.

To request but will be sent to each other's writings of this kind in the authorized

copy or lent in the original according to the principles referred to in point (b))


Article 7.

Number of separation under the provisions of article. 1-6 of this Agreement shall make

military of the central authorities of both Contracting Parties.

Přejímacími authorities, diplomatic representatives, or upon mutual

the understanding for the effectiveness of consular representatives to determine.

Material to be issued gradually, as will nashromážděn.

The transport and export of military documents, the provisions of section

(b)) article. 27. the Treaty between the Czechoslovak Republic and the Republic of Poland

legal and financial issues of the day 23. April 1925.

Article 8.

This agreement will remain in force until the time when the two Governments each other

declares that it is the exchange of military documents.

Article 9.

Diversity of opinion, if they occurred, shall execute the agreement between the two

military of the central authorities. In the absence of the agreement in this way, it will

postupovati under the provisions of part IX. the Treaty between the Republic of

Czechoslovak and the Republic of Poland on legal and financial issues

of 23 December 2003. April 1925.

Article 10.

This agreement shall enter into the scope of the 30th day after the exchange of instruments of ratification

of documents, which will be performed in Prague.

Drawn up in Warsaw the day 8. February 1927 in two identical

original copies, each in the language of the Czechoslovak and Polish; both texts are


Dr. John L.s. Opočenský.

Prozkoumavše this agreement, we agree and we confirm it.

The conscience we have signed this sheet and the seal of the Republic of

The Czechoslovak přitisknouti.

In Athens, 30 October. April devítistého one thousand years of the twenty-seventh.

The President of the Czechoslovak Republic:

T. g. Masaryk v.r.

L.s.: the Minister for Foreign Affairs

Dr. Edvard Beneš-v.r.

Announces that the instruments of ratification, in accordance with article 10. the agreement

were exchanged on 7 December. January 1928 in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in

Prague and that this Agreement under the provisions of the same article shall enter into the scope of

day 6. February 1928.

Dr. Benes v.r.

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