Whereby The People's Courts Shall Be The Price

Original Language Title: , jímž se zřizují lidové soudy cenové

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299/1919 Sb..


of 28 June. in May 1919,

whereby the people's courts shall be the prices.

According to the resolution of the National Assembly, decrees:

§ 1.

Rozhodovati disputes about the payment of compensation for the fact that someone in the war until the

on 28 October 1918 paid cash or Exchange items necessary for the price

too much, if the refund does not exceed CZK 10,000 recovered,

exclusively to the courts of the people's courts of arbitration, such as the price, which at

set up whenever a District Court for his girth. Such disputes before

the ordinary courts if the proceedings initiated in the stools by the judgment is not

completed, following the publication of this law, be suspended and referred to the

people's courts of the price as soon as it becomes operational.

§ 2.

The one who received the items necessary to further alienation, as well as the one who

from its original plan to continue them, nezciziti, is in fact also, and when

It did not have any losses or loss for any reason other than the fact that

the goods received for the excessive price has no entitlement to a refund of overpayment and

do not domáhati such compensation or prior to these, or before the full

the courts.

§ 3.

The Arbitration Tribunal consists of a Chairperson of the prize and its náhradníkův and 12

lay judges. The President is the head of the District Court, alternates his

by the provisions of náměstkové of single judges, which the Court


Lay judges appointed by the head of the District Court, and that three of the traders and

tradesmen, three of the farmers, three of the workers, and three of the people with a fixed

the salary; in both the last groups of one woman, in all groups of the

people, the proposed expert neb, if not, the political organisations

group concerned, where such organisations propose their candidates to the

the week when prompted. If they do not, appointed by the head of the district

According to their own knowledge of the District Court for a conscientious selection of appropriate


For the assessor at selected person excellent and righteous

honesty, their views and knowledge of local circumstances and people, from which

can one expect that rozhodovati impartially. Be selected to

were distributed throughout the district as far as possible, in order to be represented

economically significant and different from each other. From one plant

shall not be appointed associate more than one member.

Member of the people's Court of the price can be rejected and are excluded

of the same reasons for which a judge can be odmítnouti or vyloučiti (§ 19 and

20 i. n.).

Head of the béře District Court lay judges to a promise to all upozorniv

is that they are public officials pursuant to § 101, para. 2. tr. from.

§ 4.

Actions are applied in the claims referred to in paragraph 1, be submitted

in duplicate in writing or orally at the people's Court

price (District Court), the area in which the defendant resides.

If the applicant does not reside in the same area, may insist that the action was executed

in the District Court of his place of residence, which shall send it to the competent folk

Court price.

People's Court, in whose district the price is the one from which the overpayment is

asks, is the locally competent.

§ 5.

Claims for overpayments, as referred to in § 1, at courts both before the folk

price, so before ordinary courts made within 6 weeks from the date of the scope of the

This law, otherwise claims shall be forfeited. Mail transport time

in this period, the nevčítá, and just when the action was in the two-week

drawn up in the period of the Protocol at the Court of the residence of the plaintiff.

§ 6.

The President shall order the court actions brought by year an amicable negotiations

time until the deadline for the submission of claims (article 4, para. 1), and in accordance with their

the number, either all at once or in larger groups. An amicable negotiations with

invited all Member and President of the court divides between the negotiations on the

settlement. Regularly forming groups of two lay judges, one of the

consumers, the second of the neb producers traders.

§ 7.

The settlement was reached, the assessor that amicable negotiations led,

the President (or his Deputy) and draws up a protocol about settlement under the

the supervision of předsedovým. It is signed by the parties, the judges, the President and

the writer.

§ 8.

The actions, where a settlement has not been reached, the President orders the year oral

the negotiations.

The price is decided by the Court of arbitration of the claims to the 5000 to judges

of three, consisting of the Chairman or his Deputy, and two

lay judges, one of whom is from consumers, the second from manufacturers or

the traders. If it runs on claims worth over 5000 K, let it be composed of court

the President and four lay judges, of which two are from each group.

The boards shall lodge the President permanently on all the time, the individual case at

allocated to the Chambers in senáte sat from merchants or third-party

always a member (members) of a group of the defendant.

§ 9.

Proceedings before the people's Tribunal, a price so be it done according to unprecedented

civil control of the contested matters little if they are eliminated against

finding remedies, otherwise, according to the civil equivalent of sound management.

About the amount of compensation the court discretion, all circumstances,

decisive for the adequacy of the claim (§ 273 Civ. r. s.). People's Court

price decides by simple majority vote of the arbitration. Find so be it

drawn up and briefly justified. Sign it President and writer.

Against the arbitration award is meant to odvolati to the murmur of the Court as well.

bowel movement only when compensation exceeds 1000 to recovered.

Conciliation (section 9) i find referees are vykonatelny by the Court (section 1 row).

§ 10.

If the person submits the requests to return the overpayments that he dearly

bought the subject needs and it was hacked away with a reasonable profit, the

look to this objection, the Court only if there is reason to suspect that

was the purchase of a breach of the provisions of § 21 cís. the CLP regulation. of 24 July 2003. March 1917,

of the row No. 131, or that the theft happened in chain store or with

pletichami, zapověděnými in section 23 of the regulation. If the Court recognizes this

the objection admissible and if the subject was bought or exchanged by people in

country living, odročí to the proposal which the defendant's conduct, or to

the end to supply a copy of the claim with a copy of the Protocol on claims

the defendant, that defendant identified as your supplier. When the Court

will give this vendor a copy of the proceedings, he shall inform at the same time on the next

the year of the negotiations, which also was established against him, and instruct him that

eligible actions is directed also against him as predecessors of the defendant and that the

It may be against him at the next year issued by a judge for the award

by default, does not appear if the next hearings leads against

the respondent and its predecessors, and after hearing the Court will decide

the claim to be baseless, and the State of affairs may either, according to odsouditi

the defendant or his predecessor, or both, each for part or hands

jointly and severally to the whole. When does contributing predecessor,

may be issued against him, a judgment by default.

The naming of the predecessor of the respondent be it noted.

§ 11.

Proceedings before the courts of the price subject to the folklore kolkovým fees

graduated according to the price of the subject of the contested, according to the principles of General

applicable to judicial proceedings.

On the right of the poor, the provisions of section 63 c. l. s. et seq..

Attributed to the neb agreed compensation settlement be it lodged within 14 days for

the price of the people's Court.

It accounts for 10% to the official backup of the District Court, 40% will take the Court

the Ministry responsible for social welfare of the less fortunate children on the benefits of such

persons in the service of war fell neb became unfit for earnings

neb onemocněné continuous injury with their wartime service, or

benefit of other general social care. The rest of the court prosecutors.

This provision also applies to the case, if the dispute was discussed the chorus

Court, because it was a sum of 10,000 more to.

§ 12.

Member of the people's Court of the price, if you do not live in the place of the Court shall be entitled

to reimbursement of travel, lodging and meals. The associate, who makes a living wage

daily or weekly, receives compensation for loss of earnings from the official backup

the District Court, as well as farmers, who with their výdělkovými ratios

These associate are equal. The President shall decide on the amount.

§ 13.

Who committed to 28. October 1918 including crime against sections 19 and 20

the Imperial Decree of 24 March 2006. March 1917, of the row No. 131, as well as against the

similar provisions of the Imperial regulation of 21 June 1999. August 1918 from the row.

# 261, 7. August 1915, from row # 228, and 1. August 1914, of the row No. 194,

it becomes beztrestným, the punishment was no longer enforced, unless the crime and

If he was not saved or prolonged imprisonment of seven days, or a fine of

above 1000 K, subject to the following conditions:

1. When the excess returns for no reason taken from the goods from him

not to further alienation acquired directly or through the third and

refund of overpaid on it either already asked or after the issuance of this law

just asking. Ask the person who purchased the goods not to further

the alienation, the excess amount, if that person is known or unknown to her

residence, as well as in this case, where the goods are obtained to further alienation of

or not for this purpose, but if it's stolen, either without further

loss or just at a loss for any reason other than the fact that the goods were

obtained under the excessive price, it becomes the one from whom the goods have been produced,

beztrestným, if the overpayment to the folk Court price. For this

the purpose is the one who is not enforced or enforced the overpayment to be

cannot (§ 2 of this Act) shall be entitled to insist on a period of 6nedělní § 5

This Act laid down and, in cases where criminal proceedings have not yet

It was not initiated, in 14 days after the date of the first responsible questioning

of the folk of the Court, to determine the amount of a price recovery. Popular

the court appoints the prize such a proposal before the Senate for three-year or

pětičlenným according to the likely amount of excess payment (section 8) and shall decide by resolution

According to the principles of suppressed in section 9. The amounts of the compound rather than for one who

overpriced goods received, 10% of the official reserve District Court

(the people's Court of the price), the rest will take the Ministry of social welfare

the benefit of the less fortunate children of such persons, which in war service

fail, or have become unfit to earnings for injuries or

disease contiguous with their wartime service, or the benefit of another

the general social care.

2. You must pay the excess, with regard to the Court of složiti in the period

provided for the settlement, judgment or resolution (paragraph 1 of this section), and

If the time limit laid down in the peace, within 14 days from the date of settlement, and if the

this closed before the release of this law, within 14 days of its effectiveness.

3. In the case of misdemeanor, is another condition of impunity, to within 3 years from the

refund of overpaid is not guilty of the crime of the Criminal Court as Imperial

Regulation of 24 September. March 1917, of the row No. 131, or zákonův, and

the regulation governing this imperial regulation may be nahraženo or

accompanied by, being sued.

Compliance with the conditions of impunity, the Court finds ex officio; Criminal

proceedings for the offence during the period of the survey, don't be performed on,

than necessary to the finding of the evidence.

Judgments handed down by the offense nebuďtež carried out until

meet or thwarting the conditions of impunity will be found.

If who became sympathetic amnesty under these regulations, shall not be

punished even for criminal action against the legislation, which prohibited the neb

obmezeno disposal of items needed for the overcharge, and must not

be punished or the one who took the item from him.

§ 14.

This Act shall take effect at the end of the seventh day following its publication.

§ 15.

The Ministers of Justice, Interior, trade, agriculture, finance,

supply and social welfare are required to have performed this Act.

T. g. Masaryk in r.

Raja, r.

on behalf of the Prime Minister and as Minister of the Interior.

Dr. Stransky v. r.

Dr. Rašín in r.

Dr. Soukup in r.,

as Minister of Justice and Minister of social welfare.

Staněk v. r.,

on behalf of the Minister of agriculture.

Dr. Suresh Vaishnav in r.

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