On The Adjustment Of The Coal Economy

Original Language Title: o úpravě uhelného hospodářství

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260/1920 Sb.


of 9 June. April 1920

on the adjustment of the coal economy.

Modified: 296/1921.

Change: 1/1924 Sb.

The National Assembly of the Republic passed on this

the Act:

Part I.

Adjustment of the coal economy.

§ 1.

Adjustment of the management of coal, in the territory of the Republic harvested

or imported, there belongs to the Ministry of public works in agreement with the

the participating ministries.

§ 2.

Coal means within the meaning of the Act all kinds of coal, stone, Brown

and all types of fuel produced (Coke, kaumacit, briquettes,

ovoids and j.).

§ 3.

All in the Czechoslovak territory mined coal and supplies its

generating stations, coal imported from abroad is under seal. The seal has the

the effect that this coal is not allowed to stack without the voucher of the institutions,

entitled to adjust the management of coal.

The conclusions are exempt supplies of coal for consumers, obtained on the basis of

the proper allocation, then coal, which needs a mining company for custom

the purpose of the mining, sorting and loading inside the mining business, and coal,

which provides cast down as ushers and deputát for their

your own home the need for heating.

§ 4.

The seal shall cease the supply of coal to a consumer who has been properly allocated.

§ 5.

Minister of public works shall determine in agreement with the Minister of finance and the

Minister of industry, trade and craft trades, vyslechnuv coal Council

the highest sale price of coal plant, which loko publicly published in

the official newspaper, the decrees when coal committees and at the races.

§ 6.

Minister of public works may, in agreement with the ministry of the Interior, finance,

industry, trade and craft trades require municipalities to determine the price of coal in

retail sale, vyslechnuvše merchants coal, and it must be říditi

prices set out under section 5.

§ 7.

Ministry of public works with stakeholders in the agreement regulates the

the ministries of economy, coal-fired, either directly or by using the child and

advisory bodies.

Such authorities are: coal, coal Council inspectorates and coal committees.

§ 8.

Coal Council includes:

8 representatives of mining entrepreneurs,

six representatives of the mining workers,

2 a representative of miners ' keepers

3 a representative of the traders,

4 a representative of the industrial enterprises,

2 a representative of industrial workers,

2 a representative of agriculture,

1 representative of the petty traders,

2 representative of the railways,

2 representatives of consumers of heating coal, and

After the mining of the coal traffic experts 1, coal and chemical probádání

the use of coal.

The Ministry of industry and trade and the Ministry of finance

a permanent member of the broadcast Council in the coal.

§ 9.

The members of the Council, in addition to representatives from the railways, coal and the ministries concerned to be determined by

the Ministers, appointed by the Minister of public works, vyžádav suggestions in advance

revírních advice, relevant corporations, trade unions and associations in organisací

the agreement with the participating Ministers.

When appointing the members of the Council of dbáti coal is being represented by

If possible, all parts of the Empire.

For each Member of the Sub, which will appoint a replacement, went to him

something. Replenishment of the coal Board's going on under the same rules.

§ 10.

Coal Council is located in Prague.

Working time of the members shall be three years.

The Council bears the expenses of coal Ministry of public works, which for the purpose of

It provides for the appropriate premium to the sales price of coal.

§ 11.

Of the Council shall establish a full choir coal primarily these expert departments:

and technical-economic) for the coal traffic,

b) technico-economic research and use of fuels,

c) social.

§ 12.

The composition of the Bureau of the coal Board, method and time of the hearing,

the composition and the scope of its trade unions (expert), method and the amount of the

refund of the Member's remuneration and expenses of the neb jinaké organisační questions shall be adjusted

by regulation.

§ 13.

Coal Council is advisory and inspection by the College for the adjustment of the management

coal. The State and other public authorities are obliged to podporovati coal

the Council in its scope.

Coal Council proposals carried out according to its decision, the Ministry of

public works in agreement with the other ministries, if they are


§ 14.

Coal Council belongs:

1. Navrhovati general principles of management of coal and dohlížeti on

their implementation;

2. General conditions for navrhovati delivery of coal for investigation of the policy,

that the consumer may be receiving my coal directly at the price of an officially determined;

3. navrhovati policy for samozásobitelův and for their own consumption

consumption down;

4. navrhovati of mining and outlets for individual dolův and dolových


5. navrhovati policy for permissible maximum profit trade and for

the exclusion of economically unreasonable meziobchodu;

6. the navrhovati conditions and the extent of exports and schedule of contingents of the export

coal for the individual venues or groups of plants;

7. podávati suggestions about adjusting the import of coal from abroad;

8. podávati suggestions about consumer's coal supply to individual or

their groups;

9. navrhovati coal prices and surcharges to the race team;

10. According to the Ministry of podávati opinions when asked, public works;

11. vyřizovati other things, it will be the Ministry of public works


§ 15.

Minister of public works shall, in agreement with the Minister of industry, trade and

trades in coal zájemníků after hearing expert inspektorátech

the committees chaired by the neb Inspector by his representative in the coal.

This Committee includes representatives of the coal business, 3 2 representative of the Statistical Office.

a representative of the workers mining the ushers, a representative of the traders, coal 1 2

the representative of the industry, 1 representative and one representative of the trades,

Agriculture and consumer heating coal and the coal making Committee.

The Committee may be sent a representative of the financial management in an advisory capacity.

§ 16.

Members of the coal Minister of public works Committee shall be appointed in agreement with the

Minister of industry, trade and craft trades, Council draft's Golden Hill vyžádav

of the area and the relevant interest of corporations and organisací.

A representative appointed by the Minister of railways tracks, a representative of the financial management

the Minister of finance.

§ 17.

The coal Ministry of public works Committee served and coal proposals and

opinions are opinions of the ratios of their region.

§ 18.

The Office of Member of the coal Committee is honest and lasts for 3 years.

For each Member of his name is in a way as indicated in § 16 sub that

Member represents, has gone to something.

Members and alternates shall have the right to elect cash fees and expenses

established by the Ministry of public works.

Committees held meetings on a regular basis, coal, at least once every quarter.

§ 19.

Office work coal Committee takes care of the Office of coal

the Inspectorate, which procures also archive and make available the necessary

the room.

§ 20.

Organization of the committees shall be adjusted by the regulation of the coal.

§ 21.

The costs borne by the committees of the coal Ministry of public works in a way

laid down in article 10, paragraph 1. 3.

section 22.

Minister of public works may, in agreement with the Minister of industry, trade and

business, vyslechnuv zájemníky, zrušiti coal committees.

section 23.

Minister of public works may, in agreement with the Minister of finance and Minister of

industry, trade and craft trades, vyslechnuv coal Council and organisations

zájemníků, pověřiti economy, coal company business impact,

that may happen how.

Legal conditions and scope of such companies is adjusted by regulation.

§ 24.

State supervision in coal Council cater to the Commissioners, the determination of the Minister of

public works, who will participate in all meetings of the full choir

the Bureau and the committees. They are entitled to in these meetings at any time

speak and suggestions that will make the resolution. They are further

authorized to execute the resolutions of the Council of odložiti coal up to the time when

Ministry of public works. Government Commissioners have the right to

nahlížeti to all the books, záznamův and the writings of the coal Board and shall require

the explanation, which they consider necessary.

Representatives of the Ministry of finance and the Ministry of industry, trade and

trades are entitled to in the meetings of the full choir účastniti meetings

as advisors and their opinion of the Trade Union zastávati ministries.

§ 25.

Entrepreneurs and other fuel production down, coal traders,

consumers coal and their associations are obliged Ministry of public

the work of the podávati statements, which he needs for the management of the coal


section 26.

Who violate the provisions of zúmyslně of this law, the distinction

the provisions of the coal-fired batch, or against government regulation of the Ministry of

public works, which was issued to him, and publicly declared the neb

in particular, participants delivered, will be punished with a fine of up to $50,000.

The prosecution going on to the Council proposal, the inspectors or the coal coal

Minister of public works courts.

section 27.

Entrepreneurs down shall be liable for the fine, imposed their administrators and other

employees and members of their families in accordance with § 26, and for the costs

criminal proceedings when the impregnable. However, the EC became the wrongdoing

without the entrepreneur's evincible mine, does not guarantee this for a clerk.

However, the liability arises if entrepreneurs would like to prove negligence in selecting

the aforementioned persons, the supervision on them, or came from those offenses

entrepreneurs benefit.

section 28.

Against the owners of the mines, who set out to do vzpečují regulation on the adjustment and

improving the operation, face off with law enforcement resources by ob. mountains.

Cust, after the case of a detention order rights dolovacího.

section 29.

Fines pursuant to § 26 of the fall of the public Treasury.

Bad penalties turned into a prison sentence.

section 30.

Criminalisation when wrongful acts under section 26 is being barred in one year from the date

the day when wrongdoing was done.

section 31.

Against a person who vzpečuje not administer reports, which is obliged under section

25, the district political administration, Slovakia and Přikarpatské Rus

Lordship to the administrative, vyřknouti riot sentences up to £ 10,000.

These penalties shall not invalidate the proceedings criminal pursuant to §§ 26 and 28.

Part II.


§ 32.


§ 33.


§ 34.


section 35.


§ 36.


section 37.


section 38.


§ 39.


section 40.


§ 41.


§ 42.


section 43.


§ 44.


§ 45.


§ 46.


§ 47.


section 48.


§ 49.


§ 50.



*) Note. ASPI: the provisions of part II. with regard to the law of 12.

August 1921, no. 296 Coll. and n., as regards the rate of coal

the levy, shall be abolished on the date of 10. October 1923.

Part III.

Final provisions.

§ 51.

This Act shall take effect on 1 January 2000. May 1920 with regard to coal

benefits in other parts of the day, which shall designate the Minister of public works

a special regulation.

§ 52.

Ministers of public works, finance, industry, trade and craft trades,

to this Act made in agreement with the participating Ministers.

T. g. Masaryk in r.

The Austrian reichsrat in r.

Thomas s in r.

Dr. Heidler in the r.

Hampl in r.

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