On The Adjustment Of Trade Of Grain, Legumes, Oil Crops

Original Language Title: o úpravě obchodu obilím, luštěninami, olejnatými plodinami

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390/1920 Sb.


the Government of the Czechoslovak Republic

of 11 December 1997. June 1920

on the adjustment of trade of grain, legumes, oil crops and products

them, clover, alfalfa, grain and hops.

Change: 147/1921.

Under the law of 15 June 2004. April 1920, no. 337 Coll. and n., ordering


On the seizure.

§ 1.

All grain and legumes in the area of the Czechoslovak

the Republic is in favour of the State to confiscate your. The seizure of these concerns and

earlier harvests and harvest begins in the year 1920 by the moment

crop those separated from their land for legumes earlier harvest date 1.

July 1920. The seizure in the same range applies also to all

mill products from grains and legumes.

The Treaty, which is selling the harvest of crops, or total seized

future harvest at a specific price (section 1276 CIVC.), are neplatny.

Also, neplatny are the Treaty on the transfer of ownership and delivery

leguminous plants and other products, which are not met within 30. June

1920. A claim for performance or damages for failure to perform cannot be used to

force yet. By contrast, claims remain unaffected for the

failure to comply with which originated prior to 1. July 1920. The buyer cannot, however,

to insist on fulfilment of the contract, but only for damages.

For the grain according to this Regulation shall be taken: wheat, spelt, rye,

souržice (natural mixture of wheat and rye neb barley), barley, oats,

corn of any kind (whether or not corn cob), mixture, containing

demanding from these crops, finally, zadina.

For leguminous crops are considered: peas, beans and beans of all kinds, lentils,

field pea, vetches, lupins, millet and buckwheat.

All these plants are marked in the following text words seized


Holders of the seized crop are bound to pečovati them to the proper


§ 2.

Crops and products (section 1), which are of a foreign origin, confiscate your in

to the State as soon as it crosses the border of the local of the national territory. In

to the State also confiscate your crops and products of foreign origin,

that came on the territory of the State before this regulation came into

validity and 1. July 1920 to found. Excluded are the aliens

shipments in progress with the permission of the Government of the Republic through the territory of the local State.

§ 3.

Store seed jetelovým and alfalfa and hops in the Czech Republic is free,

However, it is subject to State supervision. Right after the track or the ship, as well as

even in a cart to transport the certificate is bound. More detailed provisions on the issues

the Ministry of agriculture, which shall, as regards the supervision of the

trade jetelovým seed, alfalfa, and hops, with the Ministry for

the supply of people.

To export these crops from the territory of the Republic is needed the consent of the

the Ministry of agriculture and the Ministry of supply.

§ 4.

The confiscation has the effect that the confiscated objects (sections 1 and 2) or must not be

zpracovati, nor spotřebovati, nor zkrmiti, nor willingly or forcibly

zciziti, if it's not this regulation or pursuant to a specific

laid down by the regulations. Domestic grain kupovati and must not be

prodávati, even at a time when the seizure of new harvest still did not occur.

Legal proceedings such bans are příčící are invalid.

§ 5.

The exception may be

1. holders of agricultural holdings:

and seized grain, spotřebovati) leguminous crops and poppy harvested to

custom nutrition, in addition to the members of the family (household nutrition,

economy) and auxiliary staff the agricultural and the ushers, to whom a wage

It is for the natural food (deputát), as well as persons authorized to výměnku

the other existing NEB share benefits;

(b)) krmiti confiscated crops.

The range of consumption referred to under point a) and (b)) provides for the Ministry of

the supply of people. Consumption, but may not be to the detriment of the obligations of the vans,

ordered in respect of seized crop;

(c)) upotřebiti seized the crops necessary for sowing in quantity

down by individual areas, the Ministry for the supply of people in

the agreement with the Ministry of agriculture;

2. Mills semlíti and sešrotovati them to the milling of grain neb scrappage

that came from the agricultural samozásobitelů according to the zevrubnějších provisions

shall be issued on the basis of the regulations of the Ministry of supply for the people of the Earth

political administration.

§ 6.

The Ministry for the supply of people issues detailed regulations about the buy-out,

acceptance and disposal of seized crop, as well as on the adjustment of consumption.

Also fix the prices of allocation and prices for sale in retail

seized crops and products. These prices shall agree with the Ministry of


Acceptance of seized crop prices shall be fixed at the same time a special Government

by regulation.

§ 7.

When you perform the tasks associated with the economy of confiscated crops and

the products it supplies to the Ministry of the people as the Executive Body

its national corn Institute and shall also more provisions on

his organization.

§ 8.

The holder of the seized crop is obliged to State them special ordered obilnímu

the Institute's agents at the time of the neb and the amount to be determined by the Ministry of

for the supply of people, after the case with its mandate from the provincial administration

political. Special ordered my veškery harvest surpluses, if not

left by more detailed regulations issued on the basis of § 5.

The State grain Department is obliged to převzíti, if the seized crop

comply with the rules in force in the matter issued by the. Legal act these provisions

contrary to are invalid.

The stock records.

§ 9.

Minister for supply of people is empowered to issue a more detailed

provisions concerning the register of seized plants and products, as well as that from

the needs of those ordered inventory.

Výmlat, uk, milling and transportation.

§ 10.

Who has kept by the neb produced threshing machines, manual threshing machines, žentoury,

threshing with žentourovým drive, cleaning and sorting machinery, to drive the

threshing machine used steam-engine and petrol, vztažmo, benzolové

moving steam engine, or traded them, is obliged to these machines at the invitation

the Earth's political administration neb-with its mandate-the district (County)

corn-Office, shall beheld at their own expense to the State to

the operation is eligible and is a district (župnímu) of office space, by neb

marked, they temporarily neb for reasonable compensation for threshing,

to be determined by the district management policy, in the second instance of the provincial administration

political, zapůjčiti. The District Office may combine, as appropriate, company

the machines in the paragraph. 1. marked listed were on the spending of the holder to

the proper state.

§ 11.


§ 12.

Provincial political and management who has the district (County)/cereal

the authority may, if necessary, shall demand and zabrati storage, drying and

jinaké suitable rooms for storage of seized plants and products,

either permanently neb temporarily. Compensation for it will determine if the parties do not agree,

the Earth's political management.

§ 13.

The owner of the cargo carriage with a covering neb, because without the cover owners

the animal, the same matching to transport loads, the district (or) a grain

the Office be saved special ordered is within the same political district (County)

or to the nearest loading station or to the nearest mill for

reward, already provides for the district, in II. an instance of the provincial political management, with

adequate equipment for transport work, State resulting from the implementation of the

This regulation, the neb regulations issued on its basis. Political administration

the district may also should a person when the cargo vehicle or animal,

to be special ordered, the service crew, konati waxes or leader


The provisions in the first paragraph of this section shall apply mutatis mutandis to the

service delivery silostrojů (section 10).

§ 14.

Businesses supplying coal and petrol, are required to the commands of the Ministry of

public works neb of its organs for the supply of these items for výmlat

According to the official statement and other instructions to make and administer about

mandated reports and statements to the Ministry of supply to people and to the public

the work of the neb are authorities.

§ 15.

Railway undertakings may accept the neb ferry shipments seized

crops and their products as well as shipments of alfalfa and clover seed and

hops to transport only if it is connected to the transport documents for

each consignment transport certificate. Rail and ferry staff

are responsible for maintaining this code.

If the consignment has been delivered without transport to transport the certificate, let

the station of destination shall notify immediately (telegram) to the competent district

(župnímu) obilnímu authority. If this fails, within three days after receipt of the

notification of their measures the station of destination, the shipment may be released

the consignment note referred to the addressee. Vyhotovovati certificate

transport is fundamentally entitled to State (regional) grain Institute. District

(County) authorities are allowed to combine the certificate vyhotovovati transport only as long as

with regard to transport in the same political district (County).

Transport certificate is required for such shipments when

to the right is happening after the remedy (neb carriage by car) from one

political (slúžnovského Slovakia) area to another.

Comprehensive provisions on the procedure, which should be šetřiti, and the model

issues the State grain Department with the approval of the Ministry of supply

of the people.

The preceding provisions shall also apply to shipments of military administration.

The provisions on sanctions and administrative management.

§ 16.

Prison Lockdown on the territory sometimes influenced from one week to three

months either punished:

1. who zúmyslně damaged, destroys, removes, or wrongly processes, zkrmí

or disposes of seized crop neb products (sections 1 and 2);

2. who seized crops (sections 1 and 2), as those who sow the neb to

the purpose of the acquired, for the purpose of necessary zúmyslně not apply;

3. train neb ferry staff member who knowingly accepts for carriage

the shipment seized crops neb products (sections 1 and 2) without a valid

transport certificate, or who otherwise knowingly complicit when zúmyslně neb

transport of consignments which are not covered by transport certificates;

4. the holder of the mill, who else in the contract of the order (§ 11) semílá,

store or otherwise processes grain legumes for State grain neb

the Institute shall take a grinding or other treatment on its own or foreign

account of corn, leguminous grain mill products A neb Institute him


5. who unjustly takes the neb's own coal neb gasoline (benzene)

designed for výmlat, because those things shall be used for other purposes.

In addition to imprisonment (locking) can be uložiti the fine money from 50-2000


Who is guilty of acts listed in inventory, which value exceeds $500,

either punished with prison (locking) from one month to six months.

In addition to the prison sentence (lockout) can be uložiti fine from 500 to 20,000


§ 17.

A fine of from 20-20.000 Eur or prison (on the territory of the then Hungarian

locking down) from 24 hours to three months either punished:

1. who intentionally takes or sprostředkuje acquisition of the seized crop and

products (sections 1 and 2) from someone who is not entitled to is zciziti;

2. who neomluviv properly will not make the information requested regarding the crop

desktop, when you register (inventory) of inventory, or who are reluctant to revisi is

zodpověděti questions to him, because the answer is incorrect.

3. who denies official or Government agents of the Institute's entrance to the corn

their company, their reservoirs of neb other rooms, will not allow

see into him in his economic neb business records neb denies debit

demand an explanation of the neb explain incorrectly;

4. who participates in the register (inventory) stocks them and the neb revisi

wrongly giveaway seznané private ratios neb business secrets

the holder of stocks;

5. the agent of the Commissioner of the National Institute of the neb, the holder of a corn-mill

or other industrial trades the neb undertaking obligations to

It violates them, oblivious to the migrated neb, or who your harm without command

The National Institute has confiscated a corn crops neb products


6. the holder, Director of the responsible officer of the enterprise supplying the neb coal

NEB gasoline (benzene) on výmlat, the absence of the neb in a timely manner at all mandated reports

and statements (section 14) or staying the neb supply for no reason whatsoever fails to

official statements (§ 14) effects.

§ 18.

All other offenses of this government regulation or the rules on

the basis of the certificates issued, be punished by a fine ranging from $10 to $10,000

or prison (on the territory of the then Hungarian locking) up to 6 weeks for

aggravating circumstances, however, a fine up to $20,000 or a prison

(locking) up to 3 months.

§ 19.

Punishment of violations the § § 16-18 it is for the political authorities, on the district

the territory of the Hungarian nobility, sometimes administrative police, if performance

the factual nature of the Court, shall not constitute a crime.

On the management and the right of appeal in criminal matters applies so far


§ 20.

When a conviction under section 16, paragraph 1., 3., 4., 5., section 17, paragraph 1., 3., 5., and §

18 may be determined by the loss of trade privileges.

§ 21.

Farmers who were sentenced under section 16, paragraph 1., 2., § 5, paragraph 3, and

to section 18, the regional political administration odejmouti the right to nourish the grain,

legumes harvested (§ 5, paragraph 1). Complaint on it goes to

the Ministry of supply for the people.

section 22.

The PSC District Office (Administrative Office of the police), and how the punishment

pursuant to §§ 16-18 may, in the award, the vyřknouti objects (sections 1 and 2)

the offence is covered by, or products derived therefrom, neb proceeds from

These items (products) shall be forfeited to the State.

If it is about the Act of apparently illegal, to which it is designated, the penalty

pursuant to §§ 16-18, the political management of the district, regardless of when the

against a person introduced the criminal proceedings, vyřknouti fall. Political

the district, the State police offices (administrative nobility of police),

Additionally, the district (County) authorities may combine to ensure forfeited

items, products obtained for them the neb gains make the necessary

precautionary measures.

section 23.

Secured objects (products) can occur if other costs,

or if there is danger of destruction, to be the authority the neb deterioration in reinsurance

carrying stolen prior to the Declaration of the downturn. Forfeited

subjects of the neb uses proceeds from State administration to supply

the population according to the regulations, it shall issue to the Ministry of supply

of the people.

§ 24.

Of decisions and measures issued by the political district neb district

(or) a grain or a Police Office, if this

the regulation does not expressly provided otherwise, the right to appeal.

Only in cases of special consideration of the Ministry for

the supply of people prominouti forfeiture of stock.

§ 25.

The scope of this regulation, which is the responsibility of the provincial political administration,

cater in Slovakia Slovakia's economic Office, and in the territory of the

Carpathian Ruthenia Regional economic Office for Subcarpathia. For

Hlučínsko caters to these tasks, the Earth's political administration in Opava.

Final provisions.

section 26.

The municipalities are obliged to spolupůsobiti in the implementation of this regulation, as well as

other regulations issued on the basis of his. The synergies of this, as well as

on the obligation of cooperation of third parties in the management of confiscated

crops and products derived therefrom will be issued more detailed provisions.

section 27.

The performance of this regulation authorizes the Minister to supply the people.

section 28.

This Regulation shall enter into force on the date of publication.

At the time, are void in so far as this regulation is in

conflict, after the case under this regulation amended and the following all

Regulation which relate to the management of confiscated crops and

products, then the jetelovým grain shop, and hops (§§ 1-3).

Deleted: Government regulation of 7 April. November 1919, no. 588 Coll. and

n., on the release of trade corn; Regulation of 21 June 1999. in May 1919, no.

264 Coll. and n., on the release of trade oil crops; Regulation

the Government of 23 December 2003. in March 1920, no. 169 Coll. and n., which amended the regulation

of 27 June. June 1919, no. 354 Coll. and n., on trade of grain and

Rock products.

The Austrian reichsrat in r.

Dr. Meissner v. r.,

as Minister of Justice, and on behalf of the Minister who is absent

social care services.

Johanis in r.

Dr. Engliš in r.

Silver in r.

Habrman in r.

Dr. Suresh Vaishnav in r.

Dr. Hotowetz in r.

Dr. Dérer, in r.

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