Amendment Of The Decree On The Design And Implementation Of Geological Work

Original Language Title: změna vyhlášky o projektování a provádění geologických prací

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18/2009 Sb.


of 5 April 2004. in January 2009,

amending Decree No 369/2004 Coll., on the design, implementation and

evaluation of geological work, reporting of risk geofaktorů and the

How to calculate stock deposits

Ministry of the environment shall be determined according to section 26 para. 1 of law No.

62/1988 Coll., on geological works, as amended by the Act No. 543/1991 Coll. and

Act No. 366/2000 Coll., to implement section 9 paragraph 1. 3 and § 10 (1). 2 of the Act

No 62/1988 Coll., on geological works, as amended by the Act No. 543/1991


Article. (I)

Decree No. 369/2004 Coll., on the design, implementation and evaluation

geological work, reporting of risk geofaktorů and about how to

inventory calculation deposits, shall be amended as follows:

1. In paragraph 6, in the second sentence, the words "or mitigate the effects of the impending crash

or natural disasters "are replaced by the words" imminent ecological

injury ^ 16a), crash ^ 16b), a serious accident or natural disaster ^ 16 c) event ".

Footnote # 16a, 16b and 16 c:

"16a) Act No. 167/2008 Coll. on prevention of environmental harm and

correcting and amending certain laws.

16B) section 40 of Act No. 254/2001 Coll. on waters and on amendments to certain laws

(Water Act).

16 c) Law No 59/2006 Coll. on the prevention of major accidents caused by

selected hazardous chemicals or chemical products and

Amendment of the Act No. 258/2000 Coll., on the protection of public health and amending

some related laws, as amended, and the Act

No. 320/2002 Coll., amending and repealing certain acts in connection with the

ukončenm activities of the district offices, as amended, (the Act

on the prevention of major accidents), as amended. ".

2. In article 16(1). 1, at the end of the second sentence the words "and reports on

the survey of anthropogenic pollution of the rock environment ".

3. In article 16, paragraph 3, the following paragraph 4 is added:

"(4) the final report on the survey of anthropogenic pollution of the rock

environment is processed in accordance with Annex 11. ".

Paragraphs 4 to 9, shall be renumbered as paragraphs 5 to 10.

4. After annex No 10 the following Annex No 11, which reads:

' Annex No 11 to the Decree No 369/2004 Sb.




1. information on the territory

1.1. General information

1.1.1. The geographical boundaries of the territory of the

1.1.2. The existing and planned land use

1.1.3. Basic characterisation when Trevize said grimly of the territory

1.1.4. Property relations

1.2. Natural conditions area of interest

1.2.1. Geomorphological and climatic conditions

1.2.2. The geological conditions

1.2.3. Hydrogeological conditions

1.2.4. Hydrologic conditions

1.2.5. Geochemical and hydrochemické information about the site

2. Exploration work

2.1 Current hydrological territory

2.1.1. the basic results of previous exploration and rehabilitation work on the


2.1.2. An overview of the sources of pollution

2.1.3. Identification of substances of potential concern and other risk


2.1.4. the preliminary conceptual model of pollution

2.2 Current research work

2.2.1. the methodology and scope of the exploratory and analytical work

2.2.2. Results of work for exploration

2.2.3. Summary area and spatial extent and degree of pollution

2.2.4. the assessment of the spread of pollution The spread of pollution in unsaturated zone The spread of pollution in the saturated zone The spread of pollution of surface waters characteristics of the development of pollution in terms of natural processes

regarding attenuation

2.2.5. a summary of the dissemination and development of pollution

2.2.6. The limitations and uncertainty

3. Risk assessment

3.1. Risk identification

3.1.1. Identification and justification of priority pollutants and other risk


3.1.2. the basic characteristics of the recipients of the risks

3.1.3. Summary of transport routes and overview of real-world exposure scenarios

(updated conceptual model)

3.2. evaluation of health risks

3.2.1. Exposure assessment

3.2.2. estimation of health risks

3.3. evaluation of environmental risks

3.4. Summary of overall risk

3.5. The limitations and uncertainty

4. recommendation of remedial measures

4.1. the recommendations of the target parameters of remedial measures

4.2. recommendations for corrective action procedure with an estimate of the financial

the cost of

5. conclusion and recommendations

Used literature

Overview used keys


1. copy of the registration sheet of geological work

2. the overview map area of interest in the scale 1:25, 000, or

a more detailed

3. extract from the land registry including a copy of the cadastral maps with

indicative features area

4. the specific and special maps and slices, with professional content, including maps

of work containing the specification and documentation localization

, direct measurement, sampling and technical work (including

relevant archival data)

5. a tabulated summary of the results of measurements, tests and analyses

6. Geological documentation of exploratory works

7. specific hydrological map and other maps documenting the results of the work

8. maps and schemes of conflicts of interests protected by special legal regulations

the prerequisites for the use of the results of the work, where appropriate, evidence of the results of the

discussion of conflicts of interest

9. regional interpretrační schema, documenting the main results achieved

and proposed recommendations

10. the results of the survey and exploration site orientation works

(report including an overview of geodetic coordinates and graphic schemes

measuring points)

11. technical reports or opinions processed to solve subproblems

specialized workplace

12. the protocols of observations, measurements, tests and analyses for individual

types of special work, stating the terms of their acquisition (in particular

laboratory protocols)

13. the documents on the transport and disposal of waste generated by research

the work of

14. the Ministry of the environment on site to record

the database "a system for registering contaminated sites"


1. Overview of physico-chemical and toxicological characteristics

priority pollutants, preparations, organisms or


2. models, statistical calculations

3. a copy of the relevant permits and administrative decisions (e.g., copies of

waste water management permit if the waste water when

prospecting this authorisation required)

4. a copy of the protocols on disposal technical work with the signature of the owner of

or lessee of the land

5. photo documentation

6. a copy of the summary documentation in digital form ".

Article. (II)

The effectiveness of the

This Decree shall enter into force on 1 January 2000. February 11, 2009.


RNDr. "in r.