Organization Of The College Of Commerce In Prague And Studying On It

Original Language Title: organization of College of Commerce in Prague and studying on it

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529/1919, Coll. Government Regulation of the Czechoslovak Republic dated 30 September 1919 on the organization of the College of Business in Prague and studying on it. According to the Law of July 23, 1919, no. 461 Coll. and and n, is decreed: § 1. Since the College of Business for the beginning of the party as a separate department at the Czech Technical University in Prague, valid for the time being of the organization and its studies on the principle provisions for the Prague Technical University with public laid down in this Regulation. Spin-college business issues of the Ministry of Education organizational statute and its definitive study and examination procedure. § 2. The statutory time studies at a university business lasts three years (six semesters). The first two years, forming the general section studies are devoted this general education business. Year Three, forming a special section will be divided in separate courses. § 3. Regular listeners execute at the end of the second year of the first (general) of the state exam, then after the third year, they may undergo another (professional) state examination. For these state exams will be issued by the Ministry of Education to detailed experimental procedure. § 4. In the college of business vypuštěním ties wheresprinklerů ordinary and extraordinary professors, private lecturers (habilitated), teachers, supply teacher and assistants. Members of the teaching staff are professors and associate professors of privacy, according to these provisions valid for the Technical University in Prague. Others may be invited, and the meeting of professors, if it is a subject which they represent; in that case, they have the right to vote. Lecturers are those who habilitated not being held on college business Foley or tutorials. Substitute are those who were for a period of 1 year commissioned the holding of Foley and exercises. Assistants support the professor during the Foley and exercises. § 5. ordinary listeners may be grads and grads of Czech secondary schools general direction and assimilated vocational schools (business schools or business colleges, high schools, industrial and p.) If you execute and test of maturity benefits. § 6. Exceptionally, in the academic year 1919/20 to be admitted as regular students graduates from business schools, in which when completed, was not introduced graduation. § 7. Regular students and graduates of business schools or other equivalent higher education expert, who in 1918-1919 the academic year or have the snake at the Technical University in Prague registered all prescribed Foley of the first year of a two-year study of business, may this year continuation study in the studio of the college business as regular listeners and will be the end of the academic year 1919-1920 the first state admitted to the examination if they found that they have attended and Foley exercises, which this year will be for them rarely implemented. § 8. The admission of foreigners come for registration, netting semesters from other universities or from universities of foreign decisions after hearing the teaching staff of the Ministry of Education. § 9. The main subjects of the section are: the national economy, právověda, private industry science, mathematics and simple arithmetic, business, geography and history, doctrine and technology, natural and modern speech. Detailed schedule of Foley of the section, designed by professorial corps, approved by the Ministry of Education. § 10. Regulation of May 24, 1907, no. 315 l. Of. He preparing candidates teach at colleges of business, will remain in force. Studying in the first two years of college, business is not yet equipped it to suit the requirements of this Regulation at the same time. § 11. The study claims technicians apply existing regulations still remain. § 12. The Regulation has been operating since the beginning of the academic year 1919-1920. Performed by the Minister of Education. Tusar Dr. Horacek vr vr vr vr vr Švehla Habrman Stanek vr Powder Dr. Vesely Dr. Šrobár vr vr vr K Dr. Winter, Dr. Heidler vr vr vr Hampl Dr. Franke vr