Amendment To Decree No 51/1989 Coll., On Safety And Health At Work

Original Language Title: novela vyhlášky č. 51/1989 Sb., o bezpečnosti a zdraví při práci

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9/1994 Coll.


The Czech Mining Authority

of 6 May 1999. December 1993,

amending and supplementing Decree of the Czech Mining Authority no 51/1989

Coll. on safety and health at work and the safety of operations at

preparation and refining of minerals, as amended by Decree No. 340/1992 Sb.

The Czech mining Office lays down pursuant to § 6 paragraph 1. 6 (a). a), b) and d) of the Act

The Czech National Council No. 61/1988 Coll. on mining activities, explosives and

the State Mining Administration, as amended by Act of the Czech National Council No. 542/1991


Article. (I)

Decree of the Czech Mining Authority no 51/1989 Coll., on safety and protection of the

health at work and the safety of operations when editing and finishing

minerals, as amended by Decree No. 340/1992 Coll., shall be amended and supplemented as follows:

1. In article 2 (2). 1 delete the letter c).

Subparagraph (d)) up to) shall become point (c)) to (n)).

2. section 6, the following paragraph 1 and 2, which reads as follows:

"(1) when the activities covered by this decree can be operated and

used only workplaces, machinery, equipment, apparatus, tools, objects

and materials which, by their design, implementation and technical condition

provisions to ensure the safety and health at work

and the safety of operations.

(2) the use of machinery, equipment, apparatus, tools and materials must

instructions or technical conditions of the manufacturer instructions and conditions

fixed during the approval or authorization ".

Paragraphs 1 and 2 shall become paragraphs 3 and 4.

3. section 6, the following paragraph 5 is added:

"(5) the organisation shall ensure that at least once a year, tours

steel and wooden structures and buildings, if they are exposed to

humidity or aggressive substances. ".

4. section 10 including the title shall be deleted.

5. In article 11 (1) 1 the words "the head of the Organization" are replaced by the words

"Executive or racing or racing down the quarry".

6. section 18 including the title reads as follows:

"section 18

Emergency plan

If an organization is required to draw up a plan to combat the serious

traffic accidents (hereinafter referred to as "accident"), ^ 11) proceed pursuant to section 18a to

18E. ".

7. under section 18 the following new section 18a-18e:

"§ 18a

The development and the imposition of emergency plan

(1) emergency plan must be drawn up clearly, concisely, clearly

and supplemented or amended so as to conform to the facts.

(2) the emergency plan must be stored in such a place to be at any time

reached with the parties concerned.

(3) in cases where the crash may endanger workers

the adjacent mine or quarry, an emergency plan must be discussed also with

Racing such a mine or quarry.

section 18b

Part of the emergency plan

(1) emergency plan contains a portion of the contingency, the operative and map.

An integral part of the emergency plan is drawn up according to the documentation

the specific legislation. ^ 47)

(2) in the contingency are determined by persons, bodies and organisations

the accident must be reported, as well as the specific obligations of the persons, bodies and

organisations in the event of a disaster.

(3) in the operative are shown predictable types of accidents and

generally also own resources and procedures for rescue of people, their

treatment and transport, as well as the means for disposal measures, including

first-aid resources and their deployment. Also the way

raising the alarm for the staff of the Organization, or mining

an ambulance or the fire department.

(4) in the stand and the operational part of the emergency plan are included

any measures in relation to the neighbouring mines or breaks, or to

the mining works.

(5) the Map section provides a basic map of the plant (the establishment)

plotting the mine workings, or other special-purpose maps according to the needs

the Organization, established under the specific legislation. ^ 48) in a map

documentation must be provided where the resources to rescue the people,

their treatment and transport of injured persons.

§ 18 c

The head of emergency action

(1) the head of the emergency action is the principal or racing mine

or the race of the quarry. In his absence, by the time of the arrival of the

the head of the emergency action, controls the disposal of designated by the accident,

who is familiar with the local conditions to the extent necessary for the conduct of

emergency action. This professional can be a worker carrying out

inspection service (§ 9 (1)).

(2) the head of the units that will take part in the liquidation of the accident (the site of the

rescue service, fire brigades, etc.) progress in the disposal of the crash

in agreement with the head of the emergency action.

§ 18 d

The tasks of the head of the liquidation of the accident

(1) the head of the emergency action governed by the work on rescuing people and control

crash. All orders and received the message indicating the time

shall be recorded. Statements shall be drawn up in duplicate; one copy receives

the person who receives the command, or it forwards, the other

copy remains at the head of the emergency action. From the written

the copies of the statements may be omitted in cases where it is not possible (management

at the crash site, etc.).

(2) the head of the liquidation of the accident you may establish as its advisory body

emergency or another Commission.

(3) the head of the emergency action after the analysis of the situation and, where appropriate,

Adjusts the operational part of the emergency plan, determine the method of control of crash

and gives commands to

and rescue workers, in particular) their appeal from the affected area,

(b)) the profession of emergency mine rescue stations or units

fire protection,

(c) notification of the medical control centre) emergency services ^ 49) and

ensure that they are accompanied by an accident endangered the lives or health


(d)) to perform registration of workers who are in the workplace, and it

in particular, with special attention to workers in the affected area,

e) additional measures for the resulting crash in

the operative part of the emergency plan,

f) informing the responsible staff of the neighbouring mines or quarries,

where appropriate, the other organisations, that would endanger, crash

g) occupation of other workers and organisations involved in fighting


h) material feed and equipment needed to combat the disaster,

ch) informing competent authorities about the nature of the accident, during rescue

the work and the procedure for liquidation of accident.

(4) the head of the liquidation of the accident shall be for the duration of the accident

pověřován in other tasks that would have prevented his performing the duties of the head of

emergency action.

(5) persons provided for in the plan, which do not fulfil the specific

tasks determines the leading emergency action any other appropriate person.

section 18e

Familiarize yourself with the emergency response plan

(1) all workers must be properly instructed on how to behave

in the event of a disaster.

(2) all persons to whom the emergency plan imposes special obligations,

must be duly familiar with them.

(3) the Instruction of workers and getting to know people with their specific obligations

under the emergency plan must be repeated each time you change

emergency plan, which concerns them, but at least once a year. ".

47) Act of the Czech National Council No. 133/1985 Coll., on fire protection, in

amended by Act No. 425/1990 Coll., Decree of the Ministry of Interior of the Czech

the Socialist Republic No. 37/1986 Coll., implementing some

provisions of the Act of the Czech National Council on fire protection.

48) Decree of the Czech Mining Authority no 435/1992 Coll., on mining surveying

documentation when mining activity and certain activities carried out by the

using mining techniques.

49) Decree of Ministry of health of the Czech Republic No. 434/1992

Coll. on the emergency medical service.

8. § 19 para. 1 the following subparagraph g) is added:

"(g)) loss of radioactive emitters and proven leak closed

the radiators. ".

9. section 31, including the title reads as follows:

the "section 31

The tailings impoundment.

(1) for the establishment and reconstruction of tailings dams must be handled by the project,

that addresses:

and prevent or reduce) dust and their control,

(b) protection against negative effects on) mode of underground and surface

the waters in the vicinity of the tailings impoundment and their pollution

(c) modification of the tailings impoundment and its) objects after their operation,

(d)) how to monitor the quality and quantity of leachate and surface water,

e) stability of the dams,

f) monitoring of air pollutants,

(g)) the manner and procedure naplavování,

h) safety in exceptional circumstances (natural disasters, floods,

disasters, interruption of power supply, threats to water quality),

ch) any collection of materials from the tailings impoundment and its influence on the surrounding area.

(2) prior to commissioning, the operating regulations must be drawn up, which

contains in addition to the particulars referred to in paragraph 1 whether or not operating

documentation of individual objects and devices.

(3) The tailings ponds can store only such materials, for which it was

the tailings impoundment is specified.

(4) the Collection of material from the tailings impoundment is performed according to the technological

the procedure, which is prepared in accordance with the regulations. ".

10. In § 36 odst. 1 connect the end of the following sentences:

"Device, which may result in undesirable forces motion effect, you must

be securely anchored. Permissible is just such a construction of the equipment,

that will allow its safe anchorage. ".

11. section 40 para. 3 read as follows:

"(3) the pipes shall be marked according to the purpose or nature of the flowing

the substance. It is sufficient to indicate the pipeline about the breadth of the stripes of 20 cm in

distance of 30 m, and it

and fire water) in dark red (red cinnabar),

(b)) for the compressed air piping light blue (blue light).

The mark must also be at each branch pipe and fittings. Way

the designation of the other pipes will determine the organization. ".

12. § 51 para. 4 is added:

"(4) If the tractor cable gland on the movable device transfers

move the cable, the machine must be equipped with an interlocking device that turns off the

movable equipment exceeding the permitted tension in the cable. ".

13. section 52 para. 5 is added:

"(5) for the device you specified is exceeded, the position can be

threat to safety or operation, must be

and setting out the specified switch) an end location involved in the power circuit,


(b)) two end stops in the control circuit; in this case, must be

one final switch involved in the respective actuator control circuit and

the second in the circuit control switches, coils or

(c)) for equipment programming two processor information end position

in the programming facilities. ".

14. section 52, the following paragraph 6 is added:

"(6) if the device is equipped with electric blocking ensuring

the safety of persons, must stop his device. In

such a case may be put into operation again its just a

conscious unlocking. ".

15. § 57 para. 5 is added:

"(5) direct over-current protection for equipment above 1 kV must be tested and

functionally validated prior to initial operation and at least

once every three years. ".

16. § 57 para. 8 reads as follows:

"(8) for the testing of relay protection and automatic must be available

operational documentation. ".

17. section 91 paragraph 2. 3 read as follows:

"(3) for lines that are subject to special regulation, 39) does not apply to the provisions of

paragraphs 1 and 2 and section 67, 68, 92-95, § 100 para. 1 and § 103. ".

18. § 96 para. 7 read as follows:

"(7) when carrying and transport of sealed radioactive emitters can

be present only persons whose activity is associated with this transport.

Radioactive emitters may be transported only in the means of

resources for that purpose. ".

19. § 108 paragraph. 9 is added:

"(9) the clamping and opening slings when handling

the material is carried out from the ground or from secure platforms or floors,

that was not done in larger binding working height than 1.5 m. Clamped and

disconnect the slings from the surface material can be stored only in

If it is excluded, the spontaneous movement of the stored material.

Material handling is possible only after a worker was

a safe place. ".

20. section 108, the following paragraph 11 is added:

"(11) the organization may store radioactive emitters only in rooms

this purpose approved. ".

21. section 115 of paragraph 1. 1 reads as follows:

"(1) the equipment, instruments and tools must be maintained in an operational

and safe condition and shall be spaced so as not to impede the natural

ventilation. Escape routes and spaces for the handling of materials, locks

water, gas and electricity must be permanently free. ".

22. section 115, the following paragraph 6 is added:

"(6) the laboratory work must be made for the corresponding

the danger that it is possible to assume on the basis of the characteristics and the quantity of

of the substances and materials. ".

Article II

This Decree shall enter into force on 1 January 2000. March 1994.


Ing. Bartos in r.