For The Implementation Of Section 36 Of The Law On Building Tourism

Original Language Title: k provedení § 36 zákona o stavebním ruchu

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the Government of the Czechoslovak Republic

of 21 June 1999. May 1921

implementing the § 36 of the Act of 11 June 2002. March 1921. 100 Coll. and

n., on building tourism.

§ 1.

Zakládati limited company obmezeným pursuant to § 36 of the law on construction

Tourism for the purpose of marking, there can be a general rule for each circuit

or several regional (provincial) courts in Slovakia and Subcarpathian RUS

RUS sedrií. For one of these circuits can be zříditi as a rule

the only such company. Let it be the seat of the headquarters of the regional

(regional) Court (sedrie), unless the special conditions of the region.

The company may exceptionally also outside the perimeter of the rozšířiti activities for which the

It was established.

§ 2.

The company let it be equipped with a proportionate share capital. The statutes of the

be adapted to the formula, which is attached to this regulation.

The intention of the založiti for one of the circuits referred to in paragraph 1 of the company pursuant to §

36 of the law on building tourism let there be notified to the Ministry of finance and

to outlining his social contract submitted for approval. The Ministry of

the Treasury shall communicate with the most accelerated, in agreement with the ministries of social

care and public works, obtained in the shortest time, whether the formation of

the company and the proposed social contract agrees, or what changes

asks. Consent to the establishment of the Ministry of Finance shall, at the company's

submitted an outline of the Treaty. The consent of the social contract in the form of

notarial file drawn up literally with an outline provided with the approval

guidance of the Ministry of finance, the commercial court registration of a company in the

trade register povoliti, without it announced within the meaning of section 2 of the regulation

of 27 June. July 1920. 465 Coll. and n., Ministry of the Interior.

§ 3.

For the company with the consent of the Ministry of Finance set up lawfully controlling

Minister of Finance according to established stores needs and according to the yield losové

the loan, with a view to the provision of section 24 of the Act on building tourism deposit

up to one-fifth of deposits for the company and the shareholders

per period of time adequate to its shops, plus equity

the company's capital, cash paid up.

The company will be required to pay through the State of the deposit on the checking account at the

postal cheques Office in Prague office that her State deposit

He pointed out, 4% interest behind in a twice-yearly, always 30 June and 31 December. December

each year due to time limits. If the delay in repayment of some of the

interest periods for more than 14 days, it will be required for the entire period of delay

pay 5% interest on the interest.

Companies leave the capital Government is at any time in whole or in

in these parts. However, they will begin to pay the obligation to the capital spláceti,

the Ministry of Finance shall determine. The Administration will not, however, shall require

repayment of the part of the State of the deposit, which is still located in the


§ 4.

The company pursuant to this regulation are based have the right into from people

third-economical-bound deposits, both the current account and certificate of deposit

books (leaves). To receive deposits on the books (lists) there is no need

a special permit according to § 62. 4. the Act of 6 May 1999. March 1906

REF. 58. about companies with r. o., and of the law of 15 June 2004. April 1920,

No Coll. 271 and n.

The bound is saving a deposit referred to in the previous paragraph, and gave to those days

the depositor rights to find it in whole or in part for a period of at least 5 years

after insertion. The suspension of the time deposit can be prodloužiti at any time, not

However, the zkrátiti.

The State financial administration will provide depositors bound saving deposits

After a period of suspension of the annual interest of the premium in this amount:

When the suspension of at least 5-year 1% per year,

"" over 5 to 10 years 1 1/2% per year,

"" "10" 15 "2% per year and

"" "15 years 2 1/2% per year.

These premiums are also provided from interest and bonuses credited to capital,

He gave up to the depositor for the suspension of the right to their paycheck.

Outside of this case do not allow an interest premium of credited interest and

Premium. The company is entitled to at any time deposits půlletně


§ 5.

The company is also entitled to into the deposits from institutions

of the shareholders. The time commitment and the level of interest and remain free available

party. However, they are not pension deposits interest rate premiums.

§ 6.

Transitional storage of surplus cash for companies with similar

the purpose, the Ministry of finance approved, as well as with accredited

the stock of banks and other financial institutions with the exception of public

companies with a not in gainful employment and the

the path of liberation from the Ministry (zárobkové) tax, provided for in § 37

the Act on the construction industry. Interest and bonus of saving deposits paid and

credited are exempt under section just quoted from the pension

(interest and rentové), as well as from the 4% fee.

§ 7.

Stem and deposits of insurance companies for such companies saved

being regarded as equivalent to those that are eligible to be paid

Premium reserv.

§ 8.

The long-term lease of the mortgage lending company, which will be referred to in section 1 of the

According to their statutes, it must provide: conform to the requirements of section 27.

2.-6., the Czechoslovak government regulation of 21 June 1999. may

1921, number 191 Coll. and n., on financial support for the building, according to tourism

Title VI. and (VII). the Act of 11 June 2002. in March 1921, no. 100 Coll. and n.

The highest interest rate as from long-term leases and the mortgage

construction loans provided by such companies shall determine from time to time

According to the ratios of the money market Treasury, vyslechnouc Bank

the Committee.

§ 9.

The Ministry of finance, it is for the right to at any time its authorities

assure for proper management of the company and for that purpose to see into him

all of their books and writes. Companies are required to odstraniti the fault,

the Ministry of finance to them vytčeny.

§ 10.

The implementation of this regulation, which shall take effect on the date of its publication in the

they are Ministers of finance, social welfare and public works.

Black v. r.

Dr. Cinderella in r.

Dr. Burger in r.

Dr. Edvard Beneš in r.

Dr. Smith in the r.

Hanačík in r.

Dr. Gruber in r.

Dr. Mičura in r.

Dr. Hannah F in r.

Dr. William I in r.

Dr. Hotowetz in r.

Dr. Brdlík in r.

Dr. walk in r.

Husák in r.

Dr. Fajnor in r.

The social contract (statutes) zápůjčkového Institute for the building industry,

limited company obmezeným.

Companions, name and registered office of the company.

§ 1.

Banks and insurance companies listed below and this: establish after the sense of § 36

the Act of 11 June 2002. in March 1921, no. 100 Coll. and n., on building tourism,

for an indefinite period the company with limited liability under the law obmezeným dated June 6.

in March 1906, No 58/1906., and of the law of 15 June 2004. April 1920, no. 271

Coll. and n., under the company:

"zápůjčkový Institute of building, a company with limited liability obmezeným".

The company has its registered office in and scope of its perimeter is covered by the regional authorities

Court (sedri) without prejudice to the provisions of the last sentence of section 1 of the implementing

section 36 of the Act to the regulation of the construction industry.

The purpose of the company.

§ 2.

The purpose of the company is:

1. provide the lease State-guaranteed on building homes with small apartments,

on extensions and superstructure houses according to the law of 11 June 2002. in March 1921, no.

100 Coll. and n., on building tourism, both in the form of construction

loans, partly in the form of mortgage borrowing facility;

2. the procedure under přejímati mortgage claims no. 1 listed;

3. cash, which cannot immediately be used for the purposes as no. 1. and

2. referred to may be temporarily stored on the interest for accredited

joint stock banks or other credit institutions, in public, with the exception of

companies with r. o., or they can be made available to companies,

the approval of the Ministry of Finance set up for the same purpose.

The resources needed to perform the tasks below. 1. and 2. referred to, if at

It is not enough equity capital of the company and reserve funds, he

the company by into: a) from money and insurance

the institutes that make up the company, deposits under section 36, paragraph 1. 1. "

the law on building tourism; (b)) deposits from the State; c) saving deposits

(deposits on the books of neb sheets) under section 36, paragraph 1. 2, of the same law.

§ 3.

How the company will perform the tasks in the section 2, ref. 1. and 2.,

referred, established the rules of procedure, approved by the ministries of finance

and social care.

§ 4.

Bodies of the company are:

1. the Managing Directors (Board of Directors),

2. the Supervisory Board,

3. the general meeting.

Directors (Board of Directors).

§ 5.

Managers make up the Board of Directors of the company. The Board of Directors consists of

(a) managers. Directors elected by the General Assembly on 3 (three) years

by an absolute majority of votes of members present. In a tie

shall be decided by lot. If you have not reached the first choice of the most absolute,

subjected to they who have received the most votes, the election closer.

He died one of the executives, the resignation to his functions, or has ceased to be a

incapacitation, chosen on the spot nearest the next General Manager apostatised

meeting another the rest of the working period.

The General Assembly has the right to Executive elected at any time without giving reasons

odvolati. One of the Executive to appoint the Ministry of finance and one

the Ministry of social welfare.

§ 6.

The Manager may be selected for each person enjoys the fysická. Managing Directors

shall elect each year from among their number Chairman and two Vice-Chairmen.

Directors meet at the invitation of the Chairman, the incumbent Vice-President,

or asks if it one-third of the managers.

To a valid quorum is required, to the Chairman of the neb was present

Vice-President and 5 managers. Resolutions by a simple majority, is going on when you

as the President put to the vote also. When the same number of votes shall be deemed

the adopted proposal, for which voted President. If something had

against the voice of the Ministry of finance or of the manager appointed by the social

care, may be such a resolution only with the permission of the

of the Ministry. Elections are held.

The negotiations entered into the book of entries to which the subject is recorded

deliberations and resolutions of the directors, after the case of minorities, as well as suggestions

any protivota the managers appointed by the ministries. Book listings

shall be signed by all present.

§ 7.

Fundamentally, however, the directors shall act collectively on matters relating to

immediate management may elect the leadership of these pověřiti

shops by the Executive Committee, whose remit will be modified rules of procedure.

In a declaration of will on the outside is needed, interaction between the two managers,

also to signatures.

He was appointed to the Chief Clerk, is the Declaration of the will and the signature needed

the synergies of the two managers either or one of the Manager and authorized agents.

Signing going on in the way that the text of the business written under anyone's

NEB connects either the printed signatures of two managers, or a Managing Director and

the Chief Clerk; This is then followed by procuration indicating.

§ 8.

The competence of the Manager or managers include:

1. the management of the undertaking in accordance with approved rules and performing schedules;

2. Assembly of the accounts accounting pursuant to articles 22 and 23 of the Act on companies with

obmezeným limited liability company.

Against the company are obliged to observe the provisions of the General Directors

meeting and the Supervisory Board and the company is liable for its activities according to the

the provisions of the companies Act s r. o.

Managing banking technical so be it special Convention entrusted to one of the

partners, if possible, at the headquarters of the company.

§ 9.

Manager remuneration and reimbursement of expenses incurred pursuant to the provisions of the finished

the general meeting of shareholders. Remuneration and reimbursement of expenses to be incurred

Manager, appointed by the ministries, it paid the Treasury,

to be determined by the Ministry of finance.

The Supervisory Board.

§ 10.

The general meeting of shareholders shall elect the supervisory board consisting of members ()

elected for a term of three years, without prejudice to the provisions of section 30 of the law on

the companies of the first Supervisory Board operates only up to

resolution on the first annual review.

As a member of the Supervisory Board to be elected, each person enjoys the fysická.

Members of the Supervisory Board of the company shall be liable within the meaning of the Act. As members of the

the Supervisory Board cannot be elected directors, representatives, officials of the

the company, then the person that with someone who cannot be elected, are in

links marital or příbuzni and sešvakřeni in the direct line of the neb in

filial to the second degree of kinship.

Former members of the Supervisory Board may be elected again after the grant

discharge. Membership in the Supervisory Board terminates itself, if

any circumstance, negative choice.

The Supervisory Board shall elect a Chairman and a Vice-Chairman. The Chairman or

Vice Chairman, if the Chairman of the meeting shall be convened by the busy

necessary but at least once every quarter. He died a member of the Supervisory Board,

If the NEB was revoked, or disembark to chooses the nearest general meeting

a new Member for the remainder of the period, which fell away.

The General Assembly has the right at any time to odvolati a member of the Supervisory Board by the majority

three quarters of the votes of the shareholders.

§ 11.

The Supervisory Board is required to dozírati in the management of shops managers and

the Executive Committee in all disciplines of management with the diligence of the trader and the

the purpose of the procedure to assure the company's Affairs. Namely

the Supervisory Board is authorised, with regard to the obligation to:

and překládati from the managers) at any time report and inspection of the books and

securities of the company, the social status of the Treasury bond prozkoumati


(b)) prozkoumati financial statements, the annual report with the proposals for the distribution of

profit and administer a report to the general meeting of shareholders prior to the usnášením;

(c) accounts and the rules of procedure) performance of its duties and schváliti rules

of procedure for the Executive, the Executive Committee and the establishment (collection point);

(d)) zbaviti elected Executive, an agent of the company and officials there

the Office, however, and what should be kept and further shops;

(e)) the resolution of the Manager or managers, which it considers harmful to the company,

under the decision of the general meeting, which must be immediately

convened. Also the acts of internal administration, against which the Supervisory Board

She said, not the managers realized up to the decision of the general meeting;

f) svolati general meeting immediately, if someone from the elected directors was

deprived of their Office, or if it appears to be necessary in the interest of the company,

or, if the implementation of the resolution stopped managing directors;

g) decides whether to be appointed prokuristé.

§ 12.

Members of the supervisory board belongs to refund travel expenses and salaries of full-time finished

According to the resolution of the general meeting.

The general meeting.

§ 13.

The General Assembly consists of all members, who will be represented by either

your statutory or legal representation, either by special agents,

a general meeting of zvolávají agents, according to the statutes, or

There are also other persons act entitled.

The annual general meeting must be convened immediately after the accounts of the accounting officer,

until 1 April. June of each year. Extraordinary general meeting is convened in

cases, necessary and, in the cases provided for by law, t. j. If

that half of the share capital is lost, or asking for it

partners affected by deposits make up the 1/10 of the share capital, uvedouce purpose

of the General Assembly.

The general meeting shall be convened by the rekomandovaným letter, which must also show

negotiations to be listed. If the change on the agenda of the social contract

(articles of Association), the content at the same time be informed of the planned amendments. The invitation must

be at least 14 days before the general meeting, delivered to the post office.

Directors appointed by the Government have the right to be present at the General

hromadám and might at any time ujmouti words.

§ 14.

The General Assembly takes place at the registered office of the company and is able to usnášeti,

If it is represented by more than one quarter of the share capital. If this is

However, a change of contract social, increase or decrease of equity

capital, or the amendment of an undertaking is required to force a resolution to the

the general meeting were represented by at least two thirds of the share capital.

§ 15.

The exercise of voting rights by an agent is, it is allowed.

However, this need is written, in the exercise of this right-sounding full

power. Legal and statutory representatives of legal persons must be

Once admitted to the exercise of voting rights and do not need to do this, the power of attorney.

The agent can only zastupovati the sole partner.

§ 16.

The resolution of the shareholders in general meeting are reserved outside of the objects,

referred to in § for 35 of the companies act with r. o., these things:

1. zkoumati and schváliti of the financial statements, the breakdown of net usnášeti

the profit, on the discharge to the Manager, the Board of Trustees and liquidators;

2. exercise claims against the companies that belong

Manager, their representatives or against Supervisory Board, as well as zříditi

shortcut to litigation, if the company cannot be represented or

managers or supervisory board;

3. voliti and odvolati of the Manager, the Supervisory Board and liquidators;

4. určovati compensation of neb rewards for the Supervisory Board and the Managing Director;

5. usnášeti is about changing the Treaty social and an increase or decrease

equity capital;

6. usnášeti is about the cancellation and liquidation of the company.

§ 17.

The companions of the usnášejí at the general meeting, unless the law neb social

contract nothing neustanovují, by a simple majority of the votes cast.

Every £ 10,000 equity gives the 1 vote.

Resolution on the subjects referred to in section 16, below. 5. and 6., and on appeal

the members of the Supervisory Board may stand only a three-fourths majority

of those present.

§ 18.

If someone be absolved by a resolution of the general meeting of the undertaking, or if the

someone to be provided to the benefit of, the person concerned does not have the right to vote

nor on behalf of its own nor foreign. The same applies to absolute being,

Companion closed legal proceedings or, if between him and the company

be launched or settled the dispute.

§ 19.

The General Assembly controls the Chairman or Vice-Chairman of Directors elected (section

6), or the age of the oldest present Managing Director.

The vote by word of mouth and elects the tickets.

Equity capital.

§ 20.

Equity capital of the company amounts to €, from which all refer to these




One quarter of that capital is repaid fully in cash, more

Pro-rata payments Appoints Managing Directors.

§ 21.

Equity capital may have enhanced or merely by changing the Treaty snížiti

social. Increase share capital, existing shareholders have in the

the time limit laid down by the General Assembly the right to increased capital převzíti and thereby

its stem deposits rather have enhanced.

If one partner fails to do this within the time limit laid down by the law

Assembly passes his right to the other shareholders in proportion to their

ordinary deposits.

Each tribal deposit must be dividable 10,000 without a remainder.

Racing shares.

section 22.

Racing společníkův the amount of the share of equity contribution by

taken over.

section 23.

The transfer of shares or parts of them Racing requires the approval of the company.

It grants approval or deny boarding to managers, nejsouce bound to giving

reasons. Companion, whom the agents denied consent to the transfer of shares,

can either immediately to use the rights of section 77 of the companies act with r. o., or

odvolati previously to the general meeting, and denied if this also

consent, to use only the paths in the above-cited section indicated.

§ 24.

Transfer of shares requires a notarial act racing. When the distribution of the shares

each part must be dividable 10,000 without a remainder.

Change of contract social (articles of Association).

§ 25.

Changing the social contract must stand in the form of a notarial record.

Reduction of equity capital assumed to change the contract and which are done: they can only

According to the provisions of articles 54 to 58 of the law on private limited companies obmezeným.

Účení administration of the company.

section 26.

Administrative year begins with the day 1. January and ends on 31 December. December. The first

administrative year begins with the entry of the company in the register of the commercial and ending with the

on 31 December 2007. December of the following year.

section 27.

When the balance sheet is šetřiti the provisions of article 23 of the law on

obmezeným limited liability companies. Of the net profit, which looks after

depreciation corresponding to the nature of the design of the device, shall be 5% of the Fund

reservnímu, if this Fund is less than the amount set out in section 29.

The remaining net profit shall be distributed to the shareholders after the general meeting

in the ratio of paid-up ordinary deposits with the obmezením that the tribal

the proportion shall not připadnouti more than the average interest paid by

for the past year from bonds to third persons, increased energy-saving of

the interest premium at the top area. Left over from this because of something else,

delegates, according to the resolution of the general meeting, either to a new account, or orders

one of the funds.

The company's funds.

section 28.

Of the net profit is form the reserve fund. The general meeting may

usnésti also on the establishment of other funds, especially the Fund to pay for the loss

loss of some kind, or a Fund for promoting the care home.

section 29.

The reserve fund is used to cover the possible losses; is it shromažďovati

up to 10% of the initial share capital. Once it reaches this amount,

may přestati for more allocation of net profit. If the Fund losses

reduced must be replenished until the approach outlined above.

Collection point.

section 30.

Directors may, subject to the consent of the Supervisory Board of zříditi collection point outside the registered office of the

the company.

Their mission is:

1. into the request for the provision of leases and loans, to deprive them

pending, podávati information about úvěruhodnosti applicants and vykonávati

supervision of debtors;

2. into the saving deposits. For collection point, which may be

set up only to a member of the company, issued by the special rules of procedure.

Dissolution of the company.

section 31.

On the dissolution of the company by a majority by the General Assembly. If the cancellation occurs,

must be disposed outside the cases referred to in sections 95 and 96 of the Act

obmezeným on private limited companies.

The general meeting, which shall take a decision on the withdrawal, at the same time still has three

the liquidators. These have zastupovati company and lead the race for

liquidation and the company labeled, marked by destruction, together

came under unprecedented § 7 of the social contract. Liquidators may not

be members of the society. The General Assembly has the right at any time to the liquidators

odvolati. For disposal shall remain in force, the provisions of the General

meeting and the Supervisory Board. For the distribution of the assets of the canceled companies pay

provisions of the law on private limited companies obmezeným.