Determining The Amount Of The Fees And The Manner Of Their Puncovních Paying

Original Language Title: o stanovení výše puncovních poplatků a způsob jejich placení

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the Ministry of industry and trade of the Czech Republic

of 15 November 2004. January 1993,

laying down the amount of puncovních fees and method of payment

Change: 67/1995.

Change: 325/2000 Sb.

Change: 364/2003 Coll.

The Ministry of industry and trade of the Czech Republic according to § 3 (b). (d))

the Czech National Council Act No. 19/1993 Coll., on State administration bodies

The United States in the field of puncovnictví and testing of precious metals (hereinafter

' the law '), provides:

§ 1

For the acts performed by the Puncovním Office under section 6 (1). 2 of the Act

selected assay fees, the amount provides for tariff

are annexed to this Decree.

§ 2

Assay fees are payable in cash at the time of the product "^ 1") or

other things made of precious metals, ^ 2) covered by the Act the assay Office concerned,

where appropriate, when the issue of the certificate, vocational assessment, or the official award

If it is not with Puncovním Authority agreed a different method of payment.

§ 3

Measures shall be repealed by the Ministry of metallurgy and heavy engineering

The Czechoslovak Socialist Republic No. 11/1985 promulgating

the scale of compensation for acts of State services for precious metals, notified in

the amount of 33/1985 Coll.

§ 4

This Decree shall take effect on the date of publication.


Ing. Long CSc. v.r.



The subject of the entry fee Czk


I. testing of purity

and domestic goods) one gram of alloy

01 Silver (Ag) 0.50

15 for the testing of one piece of silver goods, however,

at most, the 100.0-

(b) domestic and foreign goods) per one gram of alloy

02 gold (Au) 10.0-

03 Platinum (Pt)-10.0

c) foreign, old and repaired goods for one gram


04 silver 1.0-

15 for the testing of one piece of silver goods, however,

at most, the 100.0-

d) old and repaired goods for one gram of alloy

05 gold 40.0-

06 Platinum 60.0-


and the fee is selected), even though no reference

the goods for defects in the prescribed condition or purity,

(b)) in respect of goods where it is combined with another material alloy,

the amount of the fee is established on the basis of a qualified estimate

the weight of the precious metal, carried out by the Office, Puncovním

(c)) přetřídí if the assay Office at the request of the translator item

domestic or foreign goods on the perfect and defective pieces, selects the

triple the amount of the fee.

II. the official description of the assay mark, or otherwise

and for each item)

07-silver 1.0

08 5.0-Gold or Platinum

(b)) for each repair

09 doznačení or cancellation hallmarks 5.0-

III. qualitative detection of metal

10, Ag, Au, Pt, generic metal-one try-30.0

30 premium on item 10 for sample adjustment by melting 70.0-

IV. The approximate determination of the fineness of precious metals alloys

for each item

11 silver-40.0

12 gold 60.0-

13 Platinum-100.0

V. Chemical fineness of precious metals in the coins, dental

and registered jewellery alloys

14 Ag by titration or 60.0-kupelací

17 Au 100.0-kupelací

19 Au and Ag common kupelací 150.0-

20 Au in alloys with nickel-150.0

21 Platinum and platinum metals-for each metal-250.0


and arbitration and fees) final exams are up to, for

the test repeated x 3,

(b) the arbitration fees,) the repeated and the final examination shall be borne by the

party for which the test result is negative.

Vi. Other analyses of precious metals

and) in metallic materials

22 determination of silver 120.0-

23 determination of gold kupelací 250.0-

16 determination of gold and silver kupelací 350.0-

18 determination of Au 500.0-wet

24 determination of Pt and platinum metals-for each metal-1200.0

(b)) in the smears

25 determination of silver 500.0-

26 determination of gold-700.0

27 determination of Pt and platinum metals-for each metal-1500.0

28 determination of platinum in catalyst

the 6000.0-

determination of silver in 47 of the catalytic converter on a support 1000.0-

(c)) in solutions and chemicals

48 determination of silver 400.0-

determination of gold 600.0-49

50 determination of Pt and platinum metals-for each metal-1200.0

(d) the method of determining metal) ICP-OES

one metal 1000.0-51

52 for each additional metal-400.0

(e) the determination of the alergenního nickel)

53 determination of nickel content of 2000.0-

determination of the loss of nickel 54-3500.0

f) separately by edit patterns

determination of dry matter 250.0-55

determination of loss on ignition of the 250.0 56-


Notes for section V applies mutatis mutandis to section VI.

VII. the fineness and weight of precious metals including ztavení

to slitku

31 Ag to 100 g-200.0

over 100 g 32 Ag to 1000 g-600.0

33 for every additional 1000 g initiated Ag-300.0

34 Au to 10 g for the purposes of succession 150.0-

35 Au over 10 g to 25 g 200.0-

29 Au above 25 g to 200 g-400.0

36 Au over 200 g to 1000 g-800.0

37 for every additional 1000 g initiated Au 400.0-

38 jewelry alloy Pt 25 g 630.0-

39 other alloy Pt 25 g 1300.0-

VIII. fees for verification of test equipment

40 the test acid on Ag and Pt-for every 50 ml-30.0

41. nitric acid, and concentrated on acid

Gold 25/1000 and 333/1000-for every 50 ml-15.0

42 all kinds of lučavky Royal-for every

50 ml 25,-

IX. other fees

44 request on the implementation of operations

transport-related, with the exception of the price for


45 find the subject when you lose the confirmation of 20.0-

Selected provisions of the novel

Article II of Decree No. 361/2003 Coll.

Transitional provision

Fees for the acts of the assay Office pursuant to § 1 the ordered before the acquisition

the effectiveness of this Decree shall be collected according to the existing Tariff

puncovních fees.

1) section 3 of the Act No. 539/1992 Coll., on the puncovnictví and testing of precious metals

(assay Act).

2) section 33 of the Act the assay.

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