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Original Language Title: změna vyhl. o protivýbuchových uzávěrách a bezp. práce v hornictví

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361/2009 Sb.


of 7 November. October 2009,

amending Decree No. 10/1994 Coll., laying down technical

the conditions for implementing protection Cap dust and water, and

Decree No. 22/1989 Coll., on safety and health at work and the

traffic safety in mining activities and mining of non-reserved

minerals underground, as amended, and repealed the Decree No.

12/1994 Coll., laying down the requirements for the insulating protective

devices with chemically bound with oxygen, as amended by Decree No. 447/2001


The Czech mining Office lays down pursuant to § 6 paragraph 1. 6 (a). and) Act No. 61/1988

Coll. on mining activities, explosives and the State Mining Administration:


To change the Decree laying down technical conditions for the implementation of

protection cap of the dust and water

Article. (I)

Decree of the Czech mining Office No. 10/1994 Coll., laying down the

technical requirements for carrying out protection and dust cap

water, is amended as follows:

1. in paragraph 1 of the present text shall become paragraph 1 and the following

paragraph 2, which reads as follows:

"(2) this Ordinance has been notified in accordance with the directive of the European

Parliament and Council Directive 98/34/EC of 22 December 2004. June 1998 on the procedure for

the provision of information in the field of standards and technical regulations and legislation

for information society services, as amended by Directive 98/48 EC ".

2. section 2 including the title reads as follows:

"§ 2

Interpretation of the terms

For the purposes of this Ordinance shall be deemed to

and protivýbuchovou closure device) passive in mining designed to

prevent the transmission of the explosion of coal dust and methane application extinguishing

substance to the profile of the mining works Shockwave explosion

(b) a series of dams on the dust cap) stationed at set

distances in the profile of the mining works, on which is stored an inert powder,

(c) the series of dams the water CAP) stationed at set distances

in the profile of the mining works on which they are stored or suspended trays

or bags filled with water,

d) Dam passive anti-explosion substructure caps in the cross

profile of the mining works extending from one side of the mine to another

the side on which the extinguishing substance intended to prevent the transmission of the explosion.

Extinguishing substance is stored either in an inert powder, or water in the

korýtkách or bags. Unless otherwise specified, are part of the

the dam at water CAP and trough or water-filled bags placed in the

other portions of the same cross-sectional profile of the mining works in order to better

coverage of the entire profile of the mining works. ".

3. § 3, including the title reads as follows:

"§ 3

Determining the type and design of passive anti-explosion closures

(1) according to the extinguishing substance are passive anti-explosion

dust caps ("dust") or passive

anti-explosion closures, water ("water"). Water closures

they are divided into korýtkové and rolling lobe and depending on how the deployment of dams in

mine workings on the focused and split.

(2) in the technological procedure ^ 1) for the management of mine workings must be

specifically, the transport is handled by the method of protection against explosion of coal

dust with passive protection Cap. Profile of the mining works

must be specified, so that given the projected deployment of equipment

transport and machinery, luten and space for walking was

the provisions of this Ordinance. Similarly, must be processed by way

protection against transmission of explosion of coal dust by using explosion

the CAP for the workings of already issued, if there is a duty to these

caps in the mining work distribute. ".

4. In the title of part two, the word "explosions" is deleted.

5. In the heading of section 4, the word "protivýbuchová" is deleted.

6. In section 4, paragraph 4. 1 the words "protivýbuchová" and "(hereinafter referred to as" dust

bond ") ' shall be deleted.

7. In the heading of part III, the word "explosions" is deleted.

8. section 11 including title and footnote No. 2, 3 and 4 are added:

"section 11

Trays and bags

(1) the trays and bags for the construction of a water seal must have a net volume

at least 40 l, must be made of plastic must have sufficient strength,

must not promote the spread of fire or cause a explosion from

static electricity; the tray must have a stable shape. These requirements shall

be considered satisfied if the trays and bags meet at least the requirements

designated standards ^ 2) concerning the flammability of plastic, eliminating the risk of

static electricity and methods and the requirements for non-electrical equipment ^ 3) for

potentially explosive atmospheres ^ 4).

(2) Trays and bags in the event of a blast to ensure the release of the water

in the manner and at the time, which creates an effective fire-fighting effect. This condition is

considered fulfilled where the tray are at all the requirements specified by the

^ 2) standards governing protective systems and explosion prevention in

deep mines ^ 4) or if the examination referred to in annex No 5 of this

Decree verified that tray and bags will ensure the expropriation of water defined

When the specified amount of explosive pressure wave.

(3) on the calibration and the bag must be labeled by the manufacturer, its net volume and

height levels corresponding to this capacity. Water level in the calibration and

the bag must be controllable, the trays without removing the lid


(4) a water bond can be built either from korýtek, in which case

It is a water seal korýtkovou or just out of bags, in this case, the

It is a water seal vakovou; It does not apply to the trough and the bag subsequently

According to § 13 para. 5.

2) Section 4a of the Act No. 22/1997 Coll., on technical requirements for products and on the

amendments to certain laws.

3) for example, ČSN ISO 4589-2 Plastics-determination of burning behaviour method

oxygen number-part 2: test at ambient temperature, in terms of

the risk of the emergence and spread of fire, ČSN 33 2030 Electrostatics-directive

for the avoidance of hazards from static electricity and EN 13463-1

Non-electrical equipment for potentially explosive atmospheres-part 1:

Basic method and requirements, with a view to eliminating the risk of explosion

from static electricity.

4) for example, ČSN EN 14591-2 explosion prevention and Protection in the

deep mines-protective systems-part 2: passive water korýtkové

caps. ".

9. sections 12 and 13, including the following titles:

"section 12

Populate the korýtek and bags of water

(1) the trough and bag water closures must be filled with at least the

volume of water that corresponds to the appropriate character on the calibration or bag.

(2) to limit the evaporation of water from the trough the hatch must be used.

section 13 of the

Density profile of the mining works

(1) the trays and bags of water closures in the cross section of the mining works store

or hung on the dams so as to cover at least 35% of the largest width

light of the cross-section of the mining works on the area of up to 10 m2, 50% of the greatest width

light cross section mine with an area of over 10 square meters to 15 square meters and at least 60% of the

maximum section width of the mining works more than 15 m2; the bags can be

just hung. If the equipment does not allow for the deployment of mine korýtek

flush or hampers the efficient dispersal of water into the mine's profile

the works can be placed in a trough in more planes. For an example deployment

is given in annex 2 to this Decree, figures 2 and 3.

(2) the coverage of free spaces on the sides of the mining works,

It's the korýtek or bags of stored or on media; bags

they may just be hung. Example of density is given in annex 2 to this

the Decree, Figure 3.

(3) the trays or bags of water closures are placed so that they do not touch

reinforcement, rigging, or the side of the mine, nor each other. The total spaces

between in or bags and bags and the sides or in the mining

the work must not be greater than 1.8 m, with no gap between the korýtkem or

bag and the side of the mining works must not be greater than 1.2 m, and between two

in or bags must not be more than 1.5 m. Spacing is measured between

vertical planes parallel to the longitudinal axis of the mining works of many

top edge of the korýtek or bags. Examples of location korýtek and bags

are listed in annex 2 to this Decree, Figure 3, and annex No.

4 to this Decree, Figure 3.

(4) the Dna korýtek placed on the structure and the bottom corners of the suspended

the bag must not be above the počvou higher than 2.6 m or not bag any Trough

the parts interfere with the cross-section for walking and transportation. In profiles, where is over

in bags or free space greater than 1.5 m, other

the dam, for which the requirement does not apply to the first sentence; for the location of the korýtek

and bags for more dam of paragraph 3. Examples of korýtek and location

bags are listed in annex 2 to this Decree, figures 2 and 3, and in the

Annex No 4 to this Decree, Figure 3.

(5) if the distance between the lower branches of the mining belt conveyor and

počvou greater than 0.75 m must be in this area at the site of each

at least one dam, trough or water-filled bag with a capacity of at least

40 l. This trough or bag is not counted among the trays and bags by

paragraph 1 and the water in this calibration or bag is included in the

the total volume of water in the water closure. ".

10. section 14 paragraph 5 is added:

"(5) in a single dam may be a trough placed lengthwise and crosswise.

Lengthwise in the dam may be laid more than 50% of the korýtek; a greater number of

only when it is the test according to the specified standards governing protective

systems and explosion prevention in deep mines ^ 4) or in accordance with

Annex No. 5 to this Ordinance authorized arc-quenching effect of such

arrangement. ".

11. under section 14 shall be added to § 14a, which including the title reads as follows:

"§ 14a

The location of the bags in the dam

(1) Bags in the dam must be hung on the beams of a curtain, and limited slip

it in a way that preserves the accessible filling and do not cause

physical breach of the bag.

(2) the Beams are placed horizontally, perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the mining works.

(3) Bags are hung only perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the mining works. ".

12. section 15 including the title reads as follows:

"§ 15

The support structure for the water trays and bags caps

(1) the supporting structure for the trays and bags of water closures, which are

supporting frames, beams and their bases, carriers, holders and their

the anchor must be sufficiently rigid and solid, to suit the purpose. In

broad cross-section of mining works, where would any deflection load-bearing

construction could cause a shift korýtek or emptying water out of them, can

be a deflection of the structure to prevent the wire or attachment

chain to the ceiling section of the mine.

(2) the structure is fixed on the reinforcement of the mining works or on the

Compact rock mantle mining works.

(3) the supporting structure for the loosely laid trough must ensure

a large enough area with a trough to prevent

deformation of dna after its filling the water trough. With a combined store

the tray can be stored lengthwise overlay.

(4) the supporting frame for hanging up korýtek consists of two parallel beams

firmly connected together by vertical bars that ensure their continued

distance. The walls of the korýtek supporting frame must not be covered to a greater height

than 0.06 m.

(5) the support structure must be secured against movement in the direction of the longitudinal

the axis of the mining works. Example ensure the support structure for the bags is listed

in annex 4 to this Decree, Figure 5. ".

13. In article 16(1). 2 the second sentence of the number "25" is replaced by "20".

14. in article 16, paragraph 3 reads:

"(3) the Water bond concentrated consists of the number of dams, in

which are placed the trays or bags filled with water. Adjacent

dams are placed so that the distance between the in and bags

the adjacent dams was 1.2 m to 3 m total length of water closures

concentrated must be at least 20 m. ".

15. in section 17(2). 1 the second sentence with the number "25" is replaced by "20".

16. in section 17(2). 2, the number "25" is replaced by "20".

17. in paragraph 18, the dot at the end of the text is replaced by a semicolon and the following

the words "Similarly when you move individual dams.".

18. sections 19 and 20, including the following titles:

"§ 19

Water-bond split and its length

The water bond single consists of groups of dams with or in bags,

which are distributed continuously in the mine workings in accordance with Annex 2 to this

the Decree, Figure 1. The distance between adjacent dams one

the group must be at least 1.2 m, but a group of dams may be in the mining

the work spread in a length of more than 4 m distance between groups of dams

may be the most 30 m, while the profile of the mining works up to 10 m2 more than 50 m.

section 20

The volume of water in the dams group

In the Group of dams must be at least such a volume of water, in litres, how much

makes the volume of mining works in the neighboring group m3 dams. The calculation is

the sections in both directions from a group of dams and by higher

the values shall be determined by the volume of water in the dams group. ".

19. in paragraph 21, the words "korýtkách" are deleted.

20. Appendix 2 is added:

"Annex 2 to the Decree No. 10/1994 Coll.

21. Appendix 4:

"Appendix 4 to the Decree No. 10/1994 Coll.

22. After annex No 4, the following new annex 5, to read:

' Annex No. 5 to the Decree No. 10/1994 Coll.

The basic conditions for efficacy testing of water seal in the experimental gallery


Preliminary provisions for the test water closures

The test may be performed only accredited testing laboratory. The result of the

the test shall be indicated in the test report. Water seals shall be tested

in the experimental gallery in model implementation of closures on the průšleh of the flame.

Trays and bags will meet the requirement for correct function, if the water

Bond compiled from them according to this annex, in the model test

the criterion of efficiency.

Efficacy criterion test caps, the value is the intensity of the explosion

the flame sensor located on the F7 on transfers measuring point 7 (see

Fig. # 1), which must be less than or equal to 10 mV.


Preparation of water closures for exam

The water bond is in the experimental gallery builds up between the measuring points 4 and 5

(see fig. # 1) of the three dams with or in bags so that per 1 m2

cross section of the gallery found it (40 +/-1) l of water. The first dam (in caps

the direction of the explosion) is placed at a distance of (64 +/-2) m from the face trial

stoles. The length of water closures is (6 +/-0.1) m.

Location and arrangement of korýtek and bags of water closures shall be carried out according to the

figures 1 and 2. Trays and bags are hung diagonally on the supporting structure

located in the upper third of the profile of the gallery with the fact that the distance between the

vertical planes many outside of the extreme korýtek or

bags must be at least 40% the greatest width of the slicer experimental light

stoles. In the other, the provisions of part three of this order.


Preparation of equipment for explosive system

In the space between the face experimental galleries and the measuring point 2 are saved on the

method the experimental gallery, 9 SC steel angles (120 × 120 × 12 mm), each of

length of 4 m (see fig. 1). Angles to the invert, fixed so that each of the

they formed the trough and could be freely to them nasypán multiprach.

Angles to the invert arch to be placed parallel to the axis of the Gallery so that the three are

next to each other in front of the face with the fact that one is in the axis of the adit and the remaining two

to the right and to the left at a distance of 1 +/-0.1 m and six is in timeline

Gallery towards the measuring point 2 (see fig. 1). Longitudinal distance

between the angles is (1 +/-0.1) m drift Zone ends at the measuring location


To initiate detonation of explosives using black (this) dust (see chap.

1.4) vývrtový steel mortar and pestle 531 mm outer diameter, length of 1

203 mm with a diameter of 57 mm and depth of the bore hole bore hole 992 mm located

approximately in the middle of the face.

The default amount of multiprachu on each bracket is (10 +/-0.1) kg and

It may vary according to the instructions of the head of the test depending on the

obtained in pressure measuring point 4, so that in this measuring point was

reached above the pressure setpoint (see section 4).


Registration explosion pressures of the flame

Explosion wave is generated by the explosion multiprachu.

The parameters of test explosions are registered with the pressure and

photoelectric sensors T, F in the places indicated in the diagram in Fig. 3.

# 1 the numbers 1 to 7.

Due to the capacity of a measuring system are equipped with space having regard to the

the need for registration. In addition to the starting part of the explosion in the tests

protection CAP is always about pressure and flame indication before

the seals and the flame for the seals.

Registration explosion pressures and the flame shall be carried out on the measuring

points 4 and 7.

The values of the other sensors which can be fitted to the other measuring

places, are informative and only allow you to evaluate the quality

development of explosive transformation in a given space.

For the evaluation of the test result are critical input parameters

the explosion, which the flame and pressure values are recorded in the measuring point 4

(the value of the intensity of the flame to the sensor transfers F4

min. 500 mV, pressure (90 +/-20) kPa), and the value of explosion flames in

measuring point 7 (the intensity values of the flame on

transfers F7 sensor max. 10 mV).


The conduct of tests

Multiprach is rozviřován of steel angles bleskovicí in time (0 to

140) ms (this time interval is given by the use of detonators, the degree of the DeM-S

0-6, by detonating in the three angle brackets in the face are initialized by

detonators, detonating cords in grade 0 other angle brackets from the face

detonators degrees 1 to 6). Agitation of the multiprachu is provided so that

pieces of detonating cords with a length of 4.1-4.2 m adjustují detonators, the

at the bottom of the angle brackets and spread evenly spray multiprachem. As follows rozvířený

dust in the Gallery creates an explosive concentration and is set on fire and brought to

explosion load 500 g Vesuvitu TN from the chalet with a time delay, 750 +/-

50 ms from the early initiation of detonating cord detonator grade 0 (initiation of explosive charges

Vesuvitu TN executes the exploder DeD-with grade 3).

Fig. No 1 lay out the test in the experimental gallery


Evaluation of tests

When the explosion explosive parameters must be reproducible, which

measurement of input pressure explosion waves in point 4, which must be

in the range (90 +/-20) kPa.

Blasts with an input pressure of outside this interval are not counted.

Evaluates the file only 5 tests that meet a condition

the desired explosion parameters.

From file 5 tests that its parameters comply with the výbuchovými

requirements, must in all cases comply with criterion water bond

the relative effectiveness of the test, i.e. closures. the intensity of the explosion flame

the F7 sensor must be transfers less than or equal to 10 mV. The tested

sample korýtek or bags in this case complies with and fulfilled the conditions

of the test.


Define other test conditions


Multiprach requirements

For the explosive system is used by the dried Brown coal dust.

multiprach, the lower explosion limit max. 75 g. m-3 at initiation

energy Ei = 9 kJ and medium grain size max. 0.1 mm.

The value of Ei is given with an accuracy of +/-10%. The quality of each new shipment

multiprachu must be accompanied by accredited test protocol

the lab.


Requirements for pressure sensors

Sensors used for the capture of pressure must have a valid

calibration of the output signal, in the range of 1 to 10, measuring range 0 to min.

160 kPa, overload capacity min. 150%, min. 0.6% accuracy and must have

temperature compensation (the values are given by the technical specifications of the sensors).


Requirements for photoelectric sensor

For the measurement of flame sensors are used with spectral sensitivity in the

the area of 0.4-1.1 mikrom.

Photoelectric sensors must have a valid calibration.


Requirements for the climatic conditions

Climatic conditions in the section of the Gallery, where the tests will be carried out,

must correspond to the following values: temperature (15 +/-5) ° c, humidity

(95 +/-5%). The temperature and humidity must be measured in the face trial galleries

and in the measuring point 7, before starting the tests.

Fig. # 2 Arrangement of bags of water closures

Fig. No. 3 experimental Scheme Gallery

Article. (II)

Transitional provisions

1. Anti-explosion locks built in accordance with the requirements of the existing

legislation before the entry into force of this order in the mining

related immediately with dobývanými or likvidovanými faces and in

mining, whose lifetime will be shorter 12 months,

be deemed to meet the requirements of anti-explosion closures of this order.

2. other explosions locks built prior to entry into force of this

the decree must be brought into line with this Decree to the twelve

months from the effective date of its effectiveness.


Amendment of the Decree on health and safety at work and safety

When operating in mining activities and mining of non-reserved minerals in

the underground

Article. (III)

Decree No. 22/1989 Coll., on safety and health at work and the

traffic safety in mining activities and mining of non-reserved

minerals underground, as amended by Decree No. 477/1991 Coll., Decree No.

340/1992 Coll., Decree No. 3/1994 Coll., Decree No. 54/1996 Coll., Decree

No. 111/1998 Coll., Decree No. 434/2000 Coll., Act No. 326/2002 Coll.,

Decree No 141/2004 Coll., Act No. 300/2005 Coll. and Decree No.

282/2007 Coll., is amended as follows:

1. In paragraph 164 of paragraph 1. 1 the words "must be placed" is replaced by "

builds if possible "and the number" 30 "is replaced by" 20 ".

2. In paragraph 164 of paragraph 1. 5 after the word "korýtek", the words "or bags".

3. In article 164, paragraph 6 is added:

"(6) if it is between two groups of korýtek or bags anti-explosion

caps cut cross, turning, fork or curve, in which the amended

the direction by more than 90 degrees, can be justified, the distance

between these groups korýtek or bags larger than 30 metres. The number of

korýtek or bags must, however, be increased enough to comply with the

the condition of at least 1 litre of water per cubic meter of volume of excavation

among the groups korýtek or bags. ".

4. In paragraph 164 of paragraph 1. 8 the first sentence after the word "korýtek" shall be replaced

"or bags".

5. In section 165 paragraph. 2 the first sentence after the word "korýtek" shall be replaced

"or bags".

6. In section 165 paragraph 3 reads:

"(3) Protivýbuchová bond single tables, must be marked on the

which is the number of the closures, the cross-section of the mine in metres

square, the number of korýtek or bags, or the amount of water in one

Group korýtek or bags, the date of the last periodic inspection and the signature of the

the oily. The tables are placed on both ends of the closures. In the case of

that single bond transitions into another excavation, must be marked

the new tables. The same is true when changing the cross-section of the mining works, according to the

which is changing the amount of water in the Group korýtek or bags. ".


The cancellation of the Decree laying down the requirements for the insulating protective

chemical oxygen-bound

Article. (IV)

Decree No. 12/1994 Coll., laying down the requirements on insulation

protective devices with chemically bound with oxygen, is hereby repealed.



Article. In

This Decree shall enter into force on the thirtieth day after the date of its publication.


Ing. Pěgřímek in r.