Concerning Certain Amendments To The Law On Social Security

Original Language Title: o některých změnách zákona o sociálním zabezpečeni

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56/1984 Coll.


of 20 December. June 1984

concerning certain amendments to the law on social security

The Federal Assembly of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic has resolved

to this Act:

Article. (I)

Law No. 121/1975 Coll., on social security, as amended by Act No.

150/1979, Coll., amending and supplementing the law on social security,

the legal measures of the Bureau of the Federal Assembly no. 7/1982 Coll.,

to increase the pensions and certain amendments to the law on social security,

Act No. 73/1982 Coll., concerning amendments to the law on social security and

regulations on sickness insurance Act No. 116/1983, Coll., amending

amends the Social Security Act, amends and supplements the

as follows:

1. In paragraph 3 (b). and) deleted the word "apprentices".

2. In paragraph 3 (b). c) after the word "lawyers" are inserted after the words: "the pupils

and ".

3. section 10 (1). 1 (b). d) is added: "(d)) period of study from the first year of secondary school

the school, however, the first after their eight years of schooling; ".

4. in § 14 para. 3, after the words "finished the job" the following words are inserted:

"or a year ago, in which falls the day, which is granted an old-age

pension ".

5. In § 32 para. 2 the words "age applicable to the end of compulsory school

attendance "shall be replaced by" age at which ends with a visit to the primary school ".

6. In article 40, paragraphs 4 and 6 are deleted. The present paragraph 5 shall

become paragraph 4.

7. § 46 para. 1 at the end of this sentence connects:

"Education does not belong to the child, which provides a disability.".

8. § 46 para. 3 at the end of the following words are deleted: "and that he

does not provide disability pension ".

9. § 46 para. 5, the words "§ 40 paragraph 2. 3, 4 and 6 "shall be replaced by ' paragraph 40

paragraph. 3. "

10. In § 73 para. 3 the words "§ 40 paragraph 2. 3 to 6 "shall be replaced by ' paragraph 40

paragraph. 3. "

11. section 78 para. 5 to 7:

"(5) in determining the compensation for lost work Rewards account to these


and) to minors (and the child taken into care or replacement

the care of the parents and to the grandchildren), if they live with the soldier in a joint

the household; If you do not live in a common household, account shall be taken, only

It provides them with a soldier support (maintenance) at least 100 Kčs per month;

(b)) to the adult children (even the child being taken into care or replacement

custody) to 26 years of age if they fulfil the conditions laid down in § 40

paragraph. 3 the second sentence and does not provide them with an invalidity pension if they live

with the soldier's household; If you do not live in the same household,

account shall be taken, only provides them with a soldier support (maintenance) at least

100 Kčs per month;

(c)) to other citizens [for the children, except for the cases referred to in (a))

and (b))], if you do not have an income exceeding 690 Czk per month, live

with the soldier's household and have her full pension, or

do not live in the same household, but a soldier provides them with nutritious, at least

100 Kčs per month;

(d)) to the wife (the trees) or to the husband (the species), is living with a soldier

(female combatants) in common household;

(e)) to the wife (husband), who does not live with the soldier (female combatants) in the common

households and divorced his wife, if they do not have their own income

exceeding 690 Czk per month and provides them with nutritious soldier at least 100 Czech Crowns

on a monthly basis.

(6) the amount of income of citizens referred to in the preceding paragraph is, however, 880

Czech Crowns per month, if the survivors of the resistance, a party to which a pension was

granted pursuant to § 57 para. 2 and 5, § 59 paragraph 1. 2 and section 60.

(7) the implementing regulations provides that income will be included in

the average working salary pursuant to paragraph 4; These regulations also provides

that income will not count towards his own citizens ' income referred to in

paragraph 5 (b). (c)), and (e)) or to which income when determining

own income not taken into account. ".

12. section 87 including the title reads as follows:

"§ 87

Care for young people

Citizens with altered working ability under the age of 18 years after their

elementary school provides for appropriate preparation of priority occupations in

secondary schools, if possible together with a healthy youth, where appropriate, in

schools for young people with special needs. If young people do not have

the prerequisites for such a preparation, secures them with national committees after

the end of compulsory education, the possibility of placing in suitable employment

in organizations that provide to obtain the necessary skills

training. ^ 44) the national committees shall reserve every year in deployment plans

the number of places in the junior secondary schools, and special professional

vocational education institutions needed for juvenile citizens with altered working

capabilities. ".

13. in section 168 deleted the provisions of subparagraph (c)). The existing provisions of

(d)), and (e)) shall become points (c) and (d)).)

14. in § 169 deletes the provisions of subparagraph (c)).

15. in section 172 para. 1 (b). (b)), the semicolon at the end of deleted and connect

the following words: "and the method of clearing old-age, invalidity, partial

disability and personal income when its overlapping with a special contribution

the miners. ^ 45) ".

Article II

(1) payment of the orphan's pension and education is stopped before the effective date

This law on the grounds that the child had its own gross monthly income higher

than 780 Czech Crowns, or that a child marriage and concluded the monthly gross income in

the family per person was higher than the 780 Crowns, will be restored at the request of

soon as possible from the effectiveness of this Act.

(2) if the increase in the pension granted before 1 October for impotence. January

1976 does not reach above the amounts set out in § 47 para. 1 of the law on

social security, these amounts shall be adjusted on the first request from the

payments for the month of September 1984.

(3) the increase in the pension for impotence, which was not before the 1. February 1982

granted, because pension along with an increase in the amount exceeded the 1800 Czk

monthly, or that it was because of this, given a lower amount,

be awarded or adjusted according to § 47 para. 1 of the law on social security on

the request from the first installment for the month of September, 1984.

Article. (III)

This Act shall take effect on 1 January 2000. September 1984.

Husák in r.

Indra in r.

Štrougal in r.

44) § 142 of the labour code.

45) § 10 of the Decree of the Federal Ministry of labour and Social Affairs, no.

129/1979 Coll., on the application and the material security of workers

permanently unfit for work underground in underground mines, in

amended by decrees no. 21/1982 Coll. and no 145/1982 Coll.