About Personal Radiological Passports

Original Language Title: o osobních radiačních průkazech

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419/2002 Sb.


The State Office for nuclear safety

of 18 July 2003. September 2002

about personal Radiological passports

The State Office for nuclear safety provides under section 47, paragraph. 7 to

the implementation of § 3 (3). 2 (a). (j)), section 18, paragraph. 1 (a). r) (a). 6 of the Act

No. 18/1997 Coll. on peaceful uses of nuclear energy and ionising

radiation (Atomic Act) and amending and supplementing certain acts, as amended by

Act No. 13/2002 Coll. (hereinafter the "Act"):

§ 1

Personal radiation license

(1) Personal radiation proof must be, starting from 1 January 2005. January 2004,

equipped with the staff person, who has received an authorisation pursuant to § 9 (2). 1

Act (hereinafter referred to as "the holder"), and who are temporarily assigned to

the performance of work activities as personnel category and ^ 1) in

a controlled area to another licence holder (hereinafter referred to as "operator

controlled area "). The same requirement of personal radiation

licence also applies to the holder of the authorization, who as staff

category and perform these activities in person for another operator

controlled area. For the purposes of this Ordinance shall be the natural person referred to

in the first and second sentences be considered as external staff.

(2) for the issue of a personal licence in writing of the holder of the radiation asks

to enable the State Office for nuclear safety (hereinafter "the Office") for their

employees who have to carry out the activities referred to in paragraph 1, or for

myself, if this activity will perform in person. In the application for the issue of

personal licence holder of the authorisation shall indicate the radiation information referred to in points 1

up to 4 and 6 to 9 of the annex to the order and shall be accompanied by a photograph of the size

3.5 x 4.5 cm.

(3) Personal radiation pass consists of two parts, part A and part B.

Part (B) is used to record the benefits in the current year and is valid always 1

the calendar year. The validity of the card is personal and radiation until

fill data, up to a maximum of 10 years. The validity of both parts of the personal

the radiation of the licence shall expire whether or not the death of an external worker or, if

external specialist at the demise of the holder of the authorization, the authorization under section

16. 6 (a). b), c) and (d)) of the Act.

(4) Personal radiation pass is in the upper left corner, marked with a

the character and the name of the Office and provides

and) the registration number,

(b) an external worker identification characters) in accordance with points 1 to 9 of part A of

the annex to the Decree, including photos of size 3.5 x 4.5 cm

(c) records of annual effective) dose an external worker,

(d)), the name and address of the authorisation holder, including the registration number,

the number of the permit issued by the authority,

(e)) the beginning and end of each outside worker jobs

permit holders,

f) records of completed preventive medical examinations and

their results,

records of training completed) of radiation protection,

GH) results of the individual monitoring of each outside worker

operators of controlled zones, including the name of the operator

the controlled zone, its work and its registration number.

(5) personal radiation Pattern of the card is listed in the annex to this Decree.

§ 2

Dealing with personal radiation certificate

(1) the holder of a permit for their employees or for yourself, if the activity

According to § 1 (1). 1 has to carry out, personally,

and requests from the Office's) in good time before the beginning of each

calendar year, but not later than the end of November preceding the

year, a new part (B) of personal radiation card,

(b)) shall send the Office no later than the end of February of the following year, part B

personal radiation card, where all the exposure will be recorded

an external worker from the previous year, including the evaluated and

the confirmed total personal annual benefits

(c)) shall immediately notify the Office of the loss of personal radiation card and

at the same time the authority for the issue of a new licence, in which make up

all the necessary information until the loss of the card,

(d)) shall send the part and a personal certificate of the authority of the radiation after it is full and

shall, not later than one month before the expiry of the

the term of validity of a personal certificate from the authority of the radiation, the new personal

radiation card,

(e)) shall send the Office a personal radiation licence not later than one month from the

termination of employment or termination of its external worker

activities, if the holder of the authorization itself as an external worker,

(f) changes in the Office) announces the data referred to in points 1, 7 or 8 of

And the personal radiation card and submit personal radiation card Office

to record these changes,

g) recorded in the personal certificate in part A of the radiation doses received in

the previous four-year period so that you can always keep track of the five-year

total personal dose an external worker,

h) recorded in part B of the personal identity card, issued by the radiation in the

during the calendar year, all the personal benefits received by the worker to the

time equipment personal radiation proof so that it was possible to evaluate

the total annual personal dose an external worker,

I) recorded in the appropriate section (B) personal radiation card monthly

summaries of the personal benefits of an external worker, including the results of

monitoring for all operators of controlled zones, where the external

a worker in a given month to exercise the activities referred to in section 1 (1). 1; procedure

the evaluation of these monthly summaries must be listed in the approved

the monitoring programme of the authorisation holder, ^ 2)

j) shall indicate in the section and the personal radiation card total personal annual

the benefits of an external worker,

the results of the annual) medical examination, on the basis of the received

medical reports,

l) makes a record of the completed training of radiological protection.

(3) the operator of a controlled area in which external specialist

carries out the activity according to § 1 (1). 1, shall, in accordance with the approved

the monitoring program for its controlled zone evaluation of personal

levy received an external worker in carrying out this activity in its

a controlled area. The evaluated dose records continuously, not more than

However, in the one-month intervals, in the relevant part (B) of the personal

external radiation worker's card. If the operator does not have

controlled area all the measurement results available before the end of

the activities of the outside worker in its controlled area, send the following

the results in writing, immediately after the evaluation of the benefits to the holder of the authorisation,

that is external to the worker or the employee is an external


§ 3

The effectiveness of the

This Decree shall take effect on the date of its publication.


Ing. In r. Drábová.


The pattern of personal radiation certificate

1) § 16 of the Decree No 307/2002 Coll., on radiation protection.

2) section 73 of the Decree No 307/2002 Sb.