About The Admission Of Alcohol To The Official Discovery Of The Alcohol Meters

Original Language Title: o připuštění lihového měřidla k úřednímu zjišťování alkoholu

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306/1922 Sb.


the Government of the Czechoslovak Republic

of 19 December 2003. October 1922, the

which for the scope of the law on income tax on ethyl alcohol of 20 December. June 1888, no.

95., or Hungarian legal article XX ex 1899 and XXVIII of the ex

1908 admits to the official discovery of the alcohol produced in the distilleries

alcohol meter system Fučikovského and announces his description with

instructions for use.

From the date of publication of this regulation be permitted according to paying

provisions of the law on tax on ethyl alcohol, to the official discovery of the alcohol,

produced in the distilleries, the gauge Fučikovského control alcoholic exactly

According to the attached revised description. When you deploy these gauges dbáti is

included instructions about using them.

At the same time ordering, that the date of the above starting with may be in

distilleries in terms of status and in the activities of the introduction of new instruments to

the official discovery of the produced alcohol used solely to control

gauge system Fučikovského.

In this ongoing need for new verification inspection of measuring instruments, in

distilleries used, admits to further use only control

the gauge of the system Dolainskiho on the condition that it will be the same on spending

entrepreneurs on the system of measuring instruments Fučikovského distillery.

The Austrian Ministry of finance, the former pronouncement of 19. August 1911, no.

61.437, no. 175., concerning either inclusion or amendments

description of the measuring instrument to the control system Dolainskiho, ceases to be valid.

This Regulation shall enter into force on the date of its publication and the implementation of its mandated

is the Minister of finance.

Raja v r.

Sramek v. r.

Malypetr in r.

Dr. Markovič in r.

Dr. Hoxha in r.

Dr. Rašín in r.

Bechyně in r.

Serb in the r.

Dr. Dolansky in r.

Udržal in r.

Silver in r.

Habrman in r.

Dr. Kállay in r.

Smith v. r.

Dr. Franke in r.

Bold in r.

Description of the control system of Fučikovského alcohol meters.

The main part of the control of distilled gauges are:

1. the Cabinet, in which are stored all parts of the meter;

2. the sink for alkoholometru;

3. specific drum with the main totalizer;

4. control and measuring equipment for operation in case of failure of the measuring drum;

5. collection containers for samples of alcohol;

6. special devices.

In addition, belongs to the gauge cast iron base with kotvicovitým zápustkem,

that connects the gauge with a walled brick base.



The Cabinet (Figure 1, 2, 3, 4) is made of ferrous metal sheet, in

the four sides of a wall at a right angle bend and on the joint of the back wall with the

reinforced iron pronýtovaného.

The walls are tightly linked with the cast on the date that is in the middle of the hole and on the

the four corners of the footings, drilled for fastening the enclosure by four screws

on a base.

On the back wall of the closet is nanýtována cast iron heads and (fig. 2, 4)

for alkoholometr and sink (fig. 1, 2, 3, 4), fitted with vent a crack and

přítokovým spirit under the hole (fig. 2 and 4).

Cover, two brass rods uzaviratelné C1 and C2 (fig. 1), is

fitted with a shield with a recessed light glass and fits exactly to the mentioned

cast iron heads. When you open the Cabinet cover to move up front.

Sheet metal walls have 3 mm and cast base and lid 5 mm thickness. The diameter of the

in the bottom of the hole is 40 mm.

Brass rods C1 and C2 on the junction site is a lead seal.


Sink for alkoholometr.

And sink (fig. 1, 2, 3, 4) is made of sheet metal and britanského composed

is in two parts. -Part c (fig. 2), with the top ventilation

grid e, collect alcohol, coming from the oven (fig. 2) to the level of the throat (g)

(fig. 2 and 3), from which the attacking spirit sieve i (fig. 2 and 3) to the second part of the

(f) (fig. 2) and perform power oven (h) (fig. 2) and (3) specific drum B (fig. 2

and 4).

Alcohol or vyhrklý from the sink and captures the Bowl l (fig. 2, 3), and

Returns the side holes of the wheels of the sieve and a part of f.

The sink and is attached to the back of the Cabinet, as well as support

stool m (fig. 2) with two screws. Also stool back m

wall cabinet with two screws neposunutelně.

Brass power tube (h) (fig. 2 and 3) is přiletována to sink in and and

two screws supporting stools m going through its touchdown.

Field of view lens, at least 5 mm thick, in the shield (b) Cabinet, lid

You can contemplate the inflow of alcohol to the gauge and the status of the alkoholometru in part c

and sink (fig. 2).


Specific drum with the main totalizer.

Specific drum B (fig. 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8) is made of britanského

sheet metal 1.5 mm thick and is divided in four chambers of measure, report,

congruent content after 5 litres.

Measurement Chamber (fig. 5, 6, 7 and 8) filled with channels 1, 2, 3 and 4 from the Chamber

the Center, in which he is established the brass cross shaft exit H (fig.

2, 4 and 8) measuring drum (B).

Shaft (H), of the Red cast iron produced is carried in the bed and the bearing of

(fig. 2 and 3).

Beds in inpatient of phosphor bronze is placed in the power tube (h)

(fig. 2, 3) in her mouth in the drum (B). The bearing of the same material as the

bed in made, is equipped with a drum to avoid pošinutelnosti when

its rotation is their group leadership.

The bearing of the bears in the canopy of a lubrication pit.

Alcohol, the inflow tube (h), flooding the Central Chamber of the drum from which

filled with the first Chamber filling Canal is the lowest.

From the pictures 5, 6 and 7 is seen the scope of the specific drum.

Fig. # 5 indicates its position at the time when the unit is filled with

the Chamber also. This must be fulfilled completely, because belonging to the Canal

1 is in a horizontal position, and the alcohol flows continuously expanding in

Chamber symmetrically by the vertical axis and keeps the drum in the balance. It was only after

filling the Chamber, even when the alcohol in the Center Chamber rises to the level of the neck

filling Canal 2, begins with a fine and the unit Chamber II, in which the spirit

collects on the left side of the vertical plane of symmetry of the drum, and cancels the

his balance. Violation of balance occurs against the direction of movement of the drum

clockwise hour and begins with the measurement Chamber and vyprazdňovati.

Emptying of each individual Chamber going on with vylévacími ducts q1,

Q2, q3 and q4, rectangular cut-out in the edge away from the mantle of the measuring

each measurement Chamber drum (fig. 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8).

Pouring channels are so constructed that it can not nastati in any position

alcohol passthrough drum when drum for the inflow of alcohol from any

causes of stopped otáčeti.

Latch, which is adjacent to the bearing (fig. 4), prevents the reverse rotation

the drum.

The shaft of the drum and has A specific disc coupling with hřídelníkem main

the indicator (C) (fig. 1, 2 and 4), which is inserted into a brass frame,

přinýtovaného on the front wall of the housing of the meter.

The main counter (fig. 9) has 6 dials, whose numbers appear in the

circular Viewports of the cover plate of the Cabinet, fitted with glass.

The first dial on the right indicates the gradually every outpouring of the Chamber after five

litres. If the initial report of the spinner 0-0-0-0-0-0, must be

final report 9-9-9-9-9-5.

The next release of the achieved number of 1, 000,000 is indicated by the initial report

(fig. 9).

From each Chamber is ethyl alcohol trough pours D1, manufactured from

britanského (fig. 2).

A complete emptying of the Chamber reaches the level of measure alcohol in D1 above,

in which the sauce begins to odssávat alcohol E into the Chamber G, odkudž the drain

tube r leaves the gauge (fig. 2 and 4).

The leading wall trough D1 is a rectangular slit with insurance

(fig. 2), that the alcohol flows into the Chamber G, if siphon had failed.


Control equipment in case of failure of the regular operation of the measuring drum.

a) Swing:

If the specific drum of this or that causes otáčeti, or if the

the inflow of alcohol into the drum so sudden that the drum when its regular motion

It is not enough filling channels 1, 2, 3 and 4 jímati přetékati of alcohol begins

medium Chamber neck drum on zobákovitý t slot (fig. 2 and 4) and

God's angry Justice on a swing (F) (fig. 2, 3 and 4).

Swing (F) consists of two metal made from britanského příhrad,

controlled content to one litre. Is carried by two pins, stored in the

bearings of phosphor bronze, and the bed is sensitive according to its axis

the material targeted by balanced.

In the regular position of peace must be the right shelves swings open.

If you swing the neb the cause listed in the activities implemented and the

flush both parts alternately into the D2 (fig. 2 and 3), odkudž,

swing, flows through a channel (fig. 2 and 3) into the Chamber (G) and

leaving the drain tube gauge r (fig. 2).

(b)) the bells:

On the right and the left side of the back of the trough D2 are two stejnoramenné

Alpha and Alpha lever (fig. 3 and 4) the covered faces two equally

fixed screws Alpha 1 and Alpha 1 swing (F), in a movement referred to.

Stejnoramenné alpha and Alpha lever lift vertical sticks and Alpha2, Alpha2

performers on strike hammers do you need and do you need alarm bells with and with a '

(fig. 3 and 4).

c) Backup counter:

On the right side of the swing (fig. 2, 3 and 4) is přiletována beta, fork

where is the split pin fitted handle beta1, which passes through freely

vodidlem beta2.

This vodidlo is přiletováno to a protective case for the backup of the counter

M, located in the right rear corner of the wall cabinets. The free end of the handles

beta1 through into the slot of the lever is in the slicer beta4 seslaben and

fitted with a button and a ring her mother beta3 beta3, which list for

activities in the movement of the lever swings beta4.

Lever beta4 that sits on the čtyřhranném hřídelníku the backup profile

the counter M is ensured by single screw beta5 and moves in

angle, přiletovaného all, the beta6 on the protective sleeve of the backup

of the indicator.

All, the angle corresponds exactly to the angle of the swing, which must leverage beta4

vykonávati to counter reported every second outpouring of swings.

Initial report of the backup of the counter is 0-0-0-0-0-0, final

9-9-9-9-9-8. The nearest figure 1 is given again 220,000,000 system

starting (fig. 10).

Because it is in the normal position, swing the right halves lifted, does not

handle of the beta1 counter in the activities of the movement down, just move up

when lowering the left half swings will pick up the lever, dosáhši, beta4

the highest position, this will cause the procedure to replace the boxes about 2 litres.

(d)): Poplaška

In the normal state of the swing is poplaška hidden and in position inclining.

Putting the swings in activity is reported in addition to the alerts Bell also

the appearance of red-coloured poplašky P behind glass in the sink for

alkoholometr, as shown in Figure 3. 3.

Poplaška actuated with the automatic gear lever, the United

with the left side swings. Fork gamma, on the back of swings

attached and the joint associated with supporting rods gamma1, passing through

eye make up, the first member of gamma2 said. It adjoins the

the second, consisting of a nestejnoramenné lever gamma3 revolving in a vertical

plane on the stud and bearing on the longer gamma4 shoulder kloboukovitým

výdutkem, which in the normal position of the swing seats to rod gamma1.

In the normal position of the swing it will tilt the lever of the gamma3 horizontal

position and hits the backrest gamma4. The third part of the leverage deck finally

make up gamma7 and arm gamma8, tightly coupled with shaft gamma6, freely

synchronous rotation in the stool gamma5, attached two recessed screws on the

the pad, which is attached to the Bowl l alkoholometrové and sink.

On the arm of gamma7 is deeply navléknuta poplaška p. gamma8 Arm,

that is angled and loaded on the free end of the leverage weight gamma9, lies,

If the lever is in the horizontal position, the gamma3 in Ridge, which is a shorter piece

this lever on the free end of the bears.

After first lifting the left part of the swing goes up to the lever of the gamma3 position

horizontal and poplaška effect of the weight on the arm off of gamma8

the leverage system, vyšvihne, and neodvisle from the next movement will remain

swings in a permanent position of the warning. To bring this automatic

the device is in the normal position, it is necessary to zvednouti the lever of the gamma3,

skloniti swing left-down and have Korn run a lever to a horizontal gamma3

position until it rests on the support Rod kloubovitý výdutek gamma1.

Zaklesnutím the end of the arm into the Ridge, gamma8 hole on a shorter

the end of the lever, the gamma3 poplaška lowest place and will be after the conclusion of

the appliance of the invisible.


A sampling device.

For the detection of stupňovitosti ethyl alcohol are in the closet control gauge

inserted two collection containers to and (J), in which the collected samples of alcohol

ladle N of the vylitého content of each Chamber of the measuring drum selected (fig.

2, 4, 12, 13).

Collection containers are made from britanského metal, and their dna

have a sufficient slope to drain pípkám nk and nj (fig. 12 and 13), in order to

These containers could be perfectly and quickly vyprázdniti. Top bottoms are fitted with

screw Stoppers tk tl and, next to it on the rear wall directly under the

the top day pass to them the two brass tubes to přepadní?

and it? s leading to troughs D1 (fig 4, 12, 13).

From both these vessels are used for container, placed on the left side of the box,

to sampling checks direct, (J) on the right side to collecting

samples of control top.

Container collection to check the direct extraction has according to the scale of production the distillery

approximately 15 or 30 litres, for control of the top approximately 22 or 44


The front wall of the measuring drum B (fig. 2, 11) carries exactly the center established

urychlovadlo, consisting of centrického cases from the hub U R, and

the five gears k80, k20, ' 20, and of having to ' 52.

Centric case R is separate, the rear part of the r1 is

přiletována on the one hand on the wall of the drum and is associated with four bolts with

second (front) part of the r2. Both parts of the vytvořují in the housing cavity so R,

in which the ball bearing in the hub turns freely.

The charge for carrying the Dipper arm N with balancing weights in, is

three bolts connected with gear to ' 52.

(H) on the shaft that goes through the free hub, is recessed screw

seated gear k80, which interferes with the k20 wheel on hřídelce

W1. This shaft rotates with the pins in the stool O1 and in Central

reinforcing plate.

K20 wheel extends into the wheels to ' 20, that has the gear having

common •insert w2, whose pins rotate in the stool O1 and in extreme

the Board of O3. Wheel of having fits into the wheels to ' 52.

If the shaft turns the measuring drum H once around its axis, the turns are also

one gear k80, by direction and by the same rate, as

specific drum, in that they have a common shaft (H). The direction of rotation is

the opposite running clockwise clockwise.

If the wheel rotates k80, turns an k20 wheel čtyřikráte in

the direction of rotation clockwise clockwise.

K20 wheel and ' 20, interlocking, have about the number of rotations, but

offensive to the direction of movement. Against the wheel to wheel ' has the k80 20 same direction of motion,

but the speed of the čtyřikráte more.

Having wheel, which, as noted, has shared with the scroll wheel to securely locked in ' 20,

fits in a circle to ' 52. to the number of rotations is the movement of the wheels to the ' 52

the same with a wheel of having, but the direction of rotation is the opposite direction of rotation

This wheel.

This arrangement makes the movement of the gears the ladle N (fig. 2),

strung on the arm of an embedded in the hub in a way that turns the drum

90 St. turns the arm of the Dipper N o 360 St. movement of Dipper N is

reverse the direction of movement of the drum.

If it is for cases of extraordinary range of the average daily production in the

docíliti the taking of samples of distilleries ladle N ob Chamber, or if the

debit charge U with ladle N against the surface of the drum speed up 2:1, it remains

arrangement of wheels urychlovadla the same, and it changes only the number of teeth on the

wheels to 60 and at k80 wheels k20 and k ' 20 to 30. If the unit of measure

Chamber of the numbers I, II, III and IV, and we then scoop N to the Chamber

I, vybéře samples from the vylitého the contents of Chamber II and IV, and omits the content

Chamber I and III.

Scoop N is essentially bipartite container on the common medium wall

the longitudinal cross-section shape is lemniskaty. The mouth of the two vessels is

extended in Harry with spikes from the middle of the wall having. Účinkovati

the shape of zobanů is at nepřípustno.

Ladles, decorated on the contents of 1 cm3, 2.5 cm3 and 5 cm3 are snimatelny and

vyměnitelny. The gauge is added to each inspection after one kit

naběraček of the contents; ladles, temporarily unused, must be

permanently stored inside the gauge.

Scoop N pours the contents into the dual trough Q (fig. 2 and 4), which

lateral – the walls are convex, and central divider area is increased.

Spodová area is created according to a parabola, in which are

vletovány exhaust tube, screw nuts and sealing ring

are tightly linked with double hydraulic deadlines Xk and Xj (fig.

2, 4, 12, 14), under the upper days collection containers, K and J placed.

To assess the potential loss on alkoholovitosti of samples in collection

containers for some time collected within are vletovány into each of them half-

rounded vessel Lk and Lj, 0.5 litres, fitted with a content výpustnými pípkami etak

and rók etaj and shuttered and rój (fig. 12 and 13). These containers

filled with alcohol by a certain stupňovitosti, which compares the stupňovitosti

in the same spirit, after a period of the same vessels identified.

Screw closing is fitted with a small hole in the Middle

Etak and Pípky etaj, as well as the nk and nj are accessible doors and Tj Tk on

the lead of the Cabinet (fig. 1).


Special locking devices.

and) protection against artificial stopping alcohol odtékajícího.

Pouring trough swings D2 (fig. 3) in the rear wall has two circular

the notches in the pí1 and pí2, which are laid in a proper distance between the bearings

swings and lower edge of the Central filling Chamber of the measuring drum in

horizontal position.

In addition, it is on the back side of the trough suspended narrow container (fig. 3, 4

and 14 of 0.25 litres) as content. This vessel is equipped with a slit y, its

the lower edge is located beneath the lowest points of the holes pí1 and pí2 and under the edge of the

the lead of the wall of the Chamber (G).

Vzedme-the spirit posléz to the following designated holes, does not have a backwater

any effect on the regular rotation of the drum or the activities of swings.

If the flow continues, it will be protékati alcohol both holes, as well as through the

the edge of the front wall of the Chamber (G) into the Cabinet, the hole in her bottom

situated and pitch after the stand, without in this case occurs,

disorder in the functioning of the drum or flipping the swings.

If it is attempted, but also prevent the outflow of alcohol through the opening on the bottom

the Cabinet and the docíliti of such a backwater in the device, so that the failure occurred

in the regular operation of the measuring drum, or in the activities of the swings, populates it with the

Y y-slit rubbing alcohol container and will be populated.

A similar case was used as a water vzduvné fluids.

Bowl Y remains then filled with water.

(b)) the maximum thermometer.

On the top floor of the container top is saved check J sub-scale

the maximum thermometer from Celsius (fig. 4).

Increase this maximum thermometer indicates the status of each intrusion of vapours into the

gauge housing, or any other heated gauges.

(c) the Protective coat.)

The entire unit to the viewing glass and dial the main area

the indicator (C) completely obscured by the zinc casing.

On the front side of the confinement are two doors, the corresponding

door Tk and I.e. the gauge housing.

(d) the control unit) official seals.

I. on the Cabinet:

1. at the junction point of brass rods C1 and C2 on the lid of the Cabinet;

2. the door Tk and I.e. ku marshalling vessels;

3. on the d and spout tube r;

4. on the wires, passing through the screws to mount the Cabinet,

the gauge to the pedestal.

Besides, it is the maximum thermometer and both counters in

gauge main official oloveným in conclusion, cejchovního Office, and are

marked cejchovními marks after the decision, the verification of outlet edge

four vylévacích channels specific drum, přepadní edges of both příhrad

swings and mothers both grub screws of the příhrad and finally the two

opposite the place on the wall of the closet inside the gauge.

If you remove the original conclusion on both indicators must be

replaced by these findings, seal the top of the check.

II. on the mantle:

1. Insert the lead walls and lids;

2. on the cover had the water inlet tube and spout p r;

3. on both connections the back wall of the casing walls just then;

4. on each door.


Instructions for use of the control system of Fučikovského alcohol meters.

For the application of the control gauges indicated alcohol system to

the official discovery of alcohol produced in the distilleries, pays General

the provisions and rules on the use of the control system of Dolainskiho meters,

issued by the sentencing of the former Austrian Finance min 2. July 1888,

No 22.238, no. 124., Journal of min. # 30 of the year 1888, or

plotting the FYRO. UH. min. of Finance of 30. July 1888, No 45.795, Journal of

UH. min fin. # 27 of r. 1888, with variations, in relation to


I. every instrument that has to be built in the fact that the distillery

to detect alcohol according to the actual product, must be to ensure the objectives of the

tested by the Inspectorate for the Czechoslovak central verification service

in Prague or its authorised body of the verification of the Administration and the latter both

the official finding of the report, on the one hand by the competent State administration marks


Duplicates of these official findings also gives the Czechoslovak Central

Inspectorate for the verification in Prague.

The entrepreneur is obliged to distillery when ordering the gauge udati quantity

ethyl alcohol in liters on average an oilbath in one minute

provided by the. If the quantity is more than 10 liters per minute, the

entrepreneur, however to the official discovery of the distillery product control

the meter, calibrated on the inflow rate of more than 15 litres per minute.

The Czechoslovak Central Inspectorate for the verification in Prague must affix the

each tested meter official conclusion on the end-pieces

the Cabinet and the lid on its two doors, as well as on both indicators

inside the gauge. These official conclusions must stay in position and editing

the inspection of the meter intact.

As well as the continued use of already built, tried the control

alcohol is bound by gauge condition that a measuring instrument shall be permanently under the

prescribed by the official conclusion, except for the time that is subject to

the official investigation.

II. the status of the control gauges in a distillery which are done: must be under the supervision of

the two financial institutions, and authority of the higher technical and financial control

důchodkového Manager of the inspection authority.

Each meter has a transport next to the wooden reinforcement of internal parts

the meter and buffer specific drum also přítokový and drain hole

protective metal plate bearing.

A thorough test requires the whole constructive connection specific drum

with urychlovadlem, which is characterized by normal state absolutely light,

netrhavým, the continuous movement of the drum to the left and the same continuous,

netrhavým movement in the direction opposite of the Dipper.

If the Court finds a defect in the urychlovadla operation, there must be a higher authority

technical check immediately the cause of pátráno, or must be

they began immediately to the partial dismantling urychlovadla.

To do this, the target is removed by unscrewing the two screws urychlovadla gear,

recessed part O1 to stools to touchdown reinforced region vylévacího

troughs, and a reasonable test by rotating movement of the drum and clutch, U.

When znovuúpravě gearing urychlovadla bring specific drum into position,

that is pouring hole exactly in the vertical axis of the drum, and the same vertical

axis stand and ladle N, just their highest position.

To achieve the correct position will serve a special mark on the Bowl l and

special sign is affixed to each pouring hole of the drum. These

tags, as well as a similar mark on the arm of the Dipper N, must be in

This znovuúpravě in the same straight line.

In the mutual position of the measuring of the drum and the Dipper moves, the gearing

drawn cup roller clutches for so that the wheels and castors k80 k20 with having to his ' 52

teeth perfectly into each other realities of the world. When the correct state snap suppositories

the stool accordingly into the relevant socket O1, the reinforcement of the region vylévacího

the trough.

Above vzpomenutými recessed screws ensure the end position of the

the gearing.

Each inspection gauge is added in a separate case after three

ladles, 1 cm3, 2.5 cm3 and 5 cm3, which according to their content

and according to the needs of the production on the arm, slid in the hub for recessed.

Neužívanými case naběračkami must be permanently kept inside

the inspection of the meter, if this is in official use.

The new ordering of the Dipper shall be paid on that distillery company Fučikovský

in the package, provided the official conclusion of the Czechoslovak Central

the Inspectorate for the verification in Prague to the IRS I.,

in whose district the distillery is located.

Each inspection gauge is added to the special lubricator, metal

a suitable oil-filled, the upper screw before use it is necessary to

the real. Lubrication of the axis of the drum is going on with the administrations of the oil to the mazného socket. After

use the upper screw is loose again, and tighten the Lubricator inside

the appliance stores. If there is a defect, examined a proportionate turn the drum,

as well as the manual movement of the swing operation of the two counters, pivoted

down left half swings, poplaška place, as indicated in the description, the

its normal position, the blank vzduvná the container s hooks on the outside

the wall of the trough swings in to wardrobes and dressing of water into the trough

try on the end of the effectiveness of the siphon.

The possible release of the disc of the clutch shaft (H) the main counter (C)

use the adjusting screw plates, situated on the hřídelíku counter (C).

After examination of the control gauges the Cabinet immediately

the official conclusion of the inspection, except for the doors, which can be accessed

collection and control of the direct container cartridge. Ensure the door

It is for direct control.

III. When fitting the base plate must be her party, a letter from the

the marked, the affirmative side with the water inlet tube p control

the gauge.

IV. the connection of the control instrument with chladnicí achieved with bushing

a mother and two screw connectors, the lower of which is přiletována on the sink

alkoholometrové and the top is sletována with lihovou tube from the power

a refrigerator.

Between nipple tube sleeve ball přívodné and control the meter shall

be always inserted protective ring metal that is added to each

the device. Also must be equipped with three connecting bolts on výtokovém

executives say the protective plate metal, belonging to the gauge.

In the cover objímkového to fitting the water inlet tube is used on the alcohol

Tin zákryv, ku each device added.

Vi. Urychlovadlo must be so constructed that the scoop in the sinking

the water from the drum to the alcohol vylitého at the moment when the measuring Chamber the drum is

already almost emptied, and emerged from the fluid just at the moment when

siphon effect E.

This will achieve the uniform collection of samples of alcohol from each Chamber of the drum

vylitého. These patterns will always be of the same size, because it picks up just

one and the same scoop.

Because of the content of one of every five litres drum Chamber, except

a special case of sampled below, corresponds to the quantity of the samples

from one HL flow rate according to the size of the Dipper used 20 cm3, 50

CC and 100 cm3.

It is obvious that can be still and ladle, nasaditi range

the production of reasonable, and thus needs a sufficient sample for the need for

official findings.

What is the gauge naběraček upotřebiti, an official of the always decides

higher control, either already when you edit the instrument, or during production,

If it proves necessary.

Replace of the Dipper for another, different content, just may be, however, which are done:

If both the container Assembly and shim emptied and alcohol samples

both checks detected.

The distillation apparatus, in which the average daily performance in one

the reporting period exceeds 20 hl, and container for the control

direct set up at the bottom and 15 litres of content when the content of 1 cm3

the Dipper is determined by the entrepreneurs distilleries at will, either

1. use it two inspection gauges, which sampled 15 litres tank

for direct control and 22 litres to control top, either

2. check the gauge's sincerity, the collector Pan checks direct

collect 30 liters and checks the top 44 litres, or

3. požádati with financial authorities and. running of the stool, undertakings subject to

permanent technical inspection and so favorably stacked that frequent

carrying out the top control is not associated with expense accounts to značnějšími

emptying the waste bin both checks could at intervals which are done:

at least 14denních, possibly to commit myself absolutely voluntary payment arising

the expenses of carrying out more frequent checks or finally

4. use it after you have obtained the permission of the Ministry of Finance of the Special

order by Fučikovský gauge, changing gear on the

urychlovadle so sestrojeného, that during one rotation of the drum wheel axis

scoop only twice the sample selects and flushes.

In addition, you are allowed to use it for a suitable connection of individual permitted

ways in the previous mentioned.

VII. when drafting the Discovery Protocol on the position of the control gauge

Let there be taken into account to ensure that the vessel is merely a vzduvná only and is used

just for the need for the top of the check.

Vypářecí beaker, what is the gauge of the system Dolainskiho, the gauge

Fučikovského, as a dispensable, the latter is not.

VIII. Before taking control of the gauge to the official discovery of the product

must be the topmost control body perfectly propláchnuty alcohol

hutnoty outside the prescribed container collection and embedded, also both beakers Xk and

XJ, and it by pouring a sufficient amount of ethyl alcohol into the chute (Q).

After rinsing the discards of the collection containers, alcohol pipkami nk and nj.

It must also be the scoop prior to any deployment and before taking

control gauge thoroughly washed and washed with a strong alcohol.


and the gauge of the system Fučikovského) is collecting container to the specified to the collection

sample checks direct, accessible doors, Emptying the contents of containers of TK.

To the right is happening, laid below pipkou Nk, while emptying the container

inset left, going with the Lk to the wall cabinets for more and the amount raised by the

pipkou etak.

Analyses of alcoholic samples for any reason from the gauge procured,

the technical Inspectorate carries out financial control in Prague.

Důchodkového Manager of the surveillance authority is bound to the contents of that time

the Dipper, the authorities used the top ad. checks, each time the performance

superkontroly in lihovarském revisním sheet or in the register marked,

zanésti the first time registration in the register of lihovarského.

(b)) (J) for samples of the Collection container higher inspection as well as the appropriate container

cartridge Lj is accessible doors I.e. on the right side the control gauge.

Consolidated container J downs below resting pipkou, container cartridge

pipkou etaj, which is placed above and to the right the wall cabinets more

the gauge. Container vzduvná Y is located inside the gauge on the outside rear

the wall of the trough swings.

In the investigation of the internal components of the gauge is in control

specific drum vyzkoušeti and his operation, which must be continuous and

netrhavý, and vyzkoušeti for easy mobility of the urychlovadla. How to get them

počínati you urychlovadla, described above.

Also must be checked whenever the top reliably tested connection

the shaft of the drum with the axis of the main counter.

The axis of the drum in the front bearing blanking nakápnutím oil. If he is

oil company Fučikovský to the gauge control in special mazničce

added, you must use it to gauge oil lubrication only bone.

During the examination of the container should be vzduvné Y with the greatest care first

find out if this container is empty. If not, let it be after drafting

činopisu in the presence of a responsible representative of the entire contents of the undertaking

the bottle poured into a clean container, seal the party and finally the top

control and on the way official sent to investigate the quantity and

the quality of the content of the technical service responsible for the fin. control in Prague.

When you write the result to the lihovarského index superkontroly, or

the revisního sheet, the authority must control every time the contents of the top vyznačiti

the Dipper, that time used.

Replace of the Dipper, as may be noted, which are done: only when the contents of the

collection and inset Bowl both checks has been emptied, and hutnota

a collection of alcohol, as well as the hutnota of alcohol the next cylinder information

the counter in the official minutes precisely marked, was detected and

also in the same minutes marked by.

To achieve a rapid merging content into the Groove of the Dipper Q and pick-up

tube into the container collection is used both by the construction of the Dipper and its

zobanu, and on the shape of the parabolic trough, as well as the shape of his would do the walls,

and finally, a short tube on sváděcí. If, in

emptying of the Dipper into the Groove Q content dripping after the wall is not

It is allowed for redress effective in one way by the shape of the

zobanu. In this case, you must delete the defect only positional editing

the chute (Q).

X. in carrying out the measurement test gauge must be siphon E always