On The Establishment Of The Podyjí National Park, And The Conditions Of Its Protection

Original Language Title: o zřízení Národního parku Podyjí a stanovení podmínek jeho ochrany

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164/1991 Coll.


The United States

of 20 December. March 1991,

establishing the Podyjí National park and sets out the conditions of its protection

Change: 114/1992.

Change: 24/1996.

The Government of the United States directs pursuant to § 8 para. 1 and section 9 of Act No.

40/1956 Coll., on State protection of nature:

§ 1

Podyjí National park

(1) to ensure the protection of nature and landscapes in the Podyji National Park in accordance with the

modern knowledge of the ecological and social disciplines are

national park Podyjí is hereby established (hereinafter referred to as "national park"). The territorial delimitation

the National Park is contained in annex 1 to this regulation; graphics

representation of the area of the Park is contained in annex 2 to this regulation.

(2) the territory of the National Park authorities shall indicate the Geodesy and cartography in

the registration of real estate. The base map, which is drawn together territories

National Park in the scale 1:10 000, is stored at the Ministry of the environment

the environment of the Czech Republic, maps derived from it are on deposit with the Czech

Institute for nature protection, on County and municipal offices, in whose

the circuit is located in the Park, and on the administration of the National Park

Podyji National Park, as well as to the territorial bodies of the Geodesy and cartography.

§ 2

The Mission of the National Park

(1) the Mission of the National Park is to preserve and improve the natural

environment, in particular the protection or restoration of self-controlling features natural

systems, strict protection of wild fauna and flora

plants, maintaining the typical appearance of the landscape, the furtherance of scientific and

educational objectives, as well as the use of the territory of the National Park to environmentally

viable tourism that does not impair the natural environment.

(2) the marketing and other uses must be subordinate to the National Park

the conservation and improvement of natural circumstances referred to in paragraph 1.

§ 3


§ 4

Breakdown of the National Park to the nature protection zones

(1) methods and ways of protection of the National Park are differentiated in accordance with

the Division of the National Park to the three zones defined with regard to the natural


(2) to 1. zone (strict nature) refers to the territories with the most

natural values in the National Park, in particular natural or little

amended by ecosystem suitable for fast recovery of self-controlling features.

The objective is to preserve or restore ecosystem functions and limitations of self-controlling

human interventions into the natural environment to maintain this State.

(3) to 2. the zone (controlled natural) refers to the territories with significant

natural values, the man largely amended the forest and agricultural

ecosystems suitable for limited, nature and gentle forest or

agricultural use of the. The aim is to maintain a natural equilibrium, the widest possible

species diversity and the gradual approximation of the ecosystems, natural


(4) to 3. zone (boundary) refers to the territory of man greatly altered

ecosystems. The objective is in accordance with the Mission of the National Park to maintain and

adequately support the use of this zone for agriculture, forestry and


(5) the definition of the different zones, the Ministry shall determine, after consultation with

the relevant public authorities and, in agreement with the Federal Department of

of Defense and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic and records them in the

the maps in the scale 1:10 000 and smaller stored at the Ministry,

the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic, the district and

municipal offices and the administration.

§ 5

Essential obligations for the protection of the National Park

(1) cancelled

(2) only with the consent of the authority of the State nature protection can be in the territory of

the National Park:

and artificially bred individuals discharged) species or again

introducing the original plant and animal species,

(b)) to establish, alter or interfere with the water works, "^ 1") to perform adjustment and

maintenance of waterways and other water bodies,

c) build new or renovate an existing surface drainage of the land,

(d)) to make changes in land use, including changes to the current tracks and areas

cultures of the land,

(e)) to carry out road-building, local roads, forest roads and svážnic,

(f)) to carry out geological surveys and geological works,

g) to carry out liming the land,

h) organise individual or scenic flights air traffic


I) provision new border crossings,

j) characterized by hiking and cycling paths and places for parking,

k) store wastes that originate in the territory of the National Park,

l) collect medicinal plants apart from specially protected, ^ 2)

m) approve forest economic plans, plans of the forestry

^ 3) and the management of fisheries plans. ^ 4)

(3) the protection of trees and shrubs growing outside the forest on the territory of the national

the Park follows specific rules. ^ 5) permits for felling can be

go for the discussion with the administration.

§ 6

Restrictions on entry to the 1. and 2. zone

(1) in 1. the zone of the National Park can only be moved after the designated

the go. Off the tourist routes can be used only with the permission of

Authorities may issue for the performance of work and service

duties or for other important reasons.

(2) the provisions of paragraph 1 shall not prejudice the right of entry of owners or

land users, workers, public authorities in the performance of

their obligations and the right of entry under the provisions of the defence of the State and

the protection of State borders.

§ 7


§ 8

Territorial management and construction activities

(1) the territorial development in the National Park and in its protection zone is possible.

only on the basis of the plan of care for the national park (section 7) and approved by the territorial

planning documentation, in particular, a large plan of the territorial unit

Podyjí, which defines in the directive for the arrangement of the territory of the protection objectives


(2) investors and planners of constructions on the territory of the National Park are

required to customize the integration structures into the landscape and settlements and their

architectural design of the character of the traditional local buildings.

(3) in the 1. the zone is prohibited from placing and approving new construction projects, in addition to

those that serve the purposes of nature conservation.

(4) in the 2. the zone is prohibited from placing and approving new construction in addition to the

the necessary equipment, which is used to conserve nature, caring for the forest and

agricultural land and tourism, defence and protection of the State borders,

If agreed in advance with them State authority for nature conservation.

(5) In 3. the new construction and alterations of buildings permit just in case

respecting ecological and aesthetic aspects.

§ 9

Forest care

(1) the objective of all measures in forest management in the National Park is

achieve natural tracks stands completely corresponding to the


(2) forests on the territory of the National Park shall be published in the forests of the Special

determine ^ 6) if their nature do not meet the criteria for publication in

protective forests. In the forests of the National Park is managed by the approved

forest economic plan prepared in accordance with the Mission of the national

the Park (§ 2).

(3) in the forest management plans in the territory of 1. zone shall only apply

growing and mining interventions agreed with the State authority for nature conservation,

to ensure the maintenance or the restoration of self-controlling ability of forest

the ecosystem, in restricted the use of technical means. It is forbidden to

the use of pesticides, fertilizer and store chemical products

of any kind except in exceptional circumstances and unforeseen

the damage, when it is necessary to take all necessary measures, ^ 7) prior

the consent of the State nature protection institution.

(4) in the forests on the territory of 2. and (3). the zone is managed according to the approved

forest economic plan; in order to protect the gene pool as necessary

may extend the time of obmýtí and the length of time of regeneration. When you restore the stands

necessary to ensure and to use mainly natural wood and warehouse

the natural recovery of the forest. The application of normal mining technology

with the exclusion of heavy mining machinery.

§ 10


(1) agricultural land in national park uses primarily as pasture and

grazing for extensive livestock farming. It is not allowed to use the hard

agricultural machinery the worsening physical properties of the soil.

(2) the farming in the territory of the National Park it is prohibited:

-manure industrial fertilizers, apply liquid manure, silage juices and other

liquid waste,

-the use of pesticides,

-implement rychloobnovu sod and changing culture of the agricultural parcel on

arable land,

-operate and build buildings for housing cattle, with a capacity of pledge

greater than the ecological carrying capacity of the site.

§ 11

Water management

(1) water management, particularly water management and energy use

Dyje flow shall be carried out so as not to disturb the river ecosystem.

(2) the operator of a water power station in Vranov nad Dyjí is obliged to

ensure ecologically viable mode of flow in the river Dyje river.

§ 12

The protection zone

(1) the purpose of the protection zone of the National Park (hereinafter referred to as "protection zone")

is the security of the territory of the National Park and its landscape and natural

values before disturbing and harmful environmental influences and protection of landscape and

natural values and increased care for the registered office on the territory of the protection zone.

The territorial establishment of the protection zone is contained in Appendix 3 of this

of the regulation.

(2) in the protection zone are not allowed to carry out economic, civil and

Another activity, which would be contrary to the purpose of the protection zone,

in particular:

and perform construction activities) which would be in conflict with the applicable territorial

planning documentation,

b) pollute water courses, other surface water and groundwater,

(c)) when you cross the ecologically viable farming mode

nutrients, particularly potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus, and the use of pesticides

as a substitute for better environmental practices, except in cases of imminent

the risk of outbreaks and the overgrowth of pests,

(d) air pollute exhaláty),

(e)) position and establish permanent and temporary landfills

(f)), constitute a fire camp, park motor vehicles and residential

trailers outside the reserved space.

(3) the authorities of the State administration shall issue decisions and takes measures, if

affecting the conservation and development of the territory in the protection zone,

the consent of the State nature protection institution and upon prior consultation with the

The Administration, in particular with regard to:

and negotiating planning documentation) or land-use planning

supporting documents,

(b)) to the hearing and assessment of investment projects and project preparation

documentation of all buildings and mining works and surveys, that requires

Earth works, even when they do not need a permit and construction, drainage and land reclamation

and even where it is carried out in a way non-investment (e.g. in the

under maintenance)

(c) planning, authorisation) of buildings, constructions and changes to maintenance work,

authorisation of landscaping, works and equipment,

(d) agricultural and border) changes in forest land resources and changes the use of the


(e)) the preparation of directives relating to the management of agriculture, including

Summary for land consolidation projects, forest plans,

(f) waste disposal solutions)

g) authorisation of camping and parking of motor vehicles and residential


h) organizing mass sporting, tourist and other public


(4) in the protection of trees and shrubs growing outside the forest on the territory of the protection

the band progresses according to a special prescription. ^ 5) permits for felling can be

issue only after discussion with the administration.

section 13 of the

Transitional and final provisions

(1) The services of the County outside the town of Znojmo, whose built-up territory

boundaries of the protection zone of the National Park, are viewed as a whole

lay in the protection zone of the National Park.

(2) Repealed the yield MK CZECHOSLOVAKIA REF. 22 927/78 of 11 December. December 1978 on

the establishment of the Podyjí protected landscape area registered in the amount of no.

4/1979 Sb.

§ 14

This Regulation shall enter into force on the date of publication.

v.z. Vlasak v.r.

Č. 1

The definition of the boundaries of the Podyjí National Park:

In the West, starts with the boundaries of the Podyjí National Park on the border between

CZECHOSLOVAKIA and Austria, Southeast of the village Podmýče. The edge of the forest

After 500 m towards the bend to the North and continues along the border of bow and the West

the shore of the pond Jejkal to the local ad hoc communication. From there take place

further north on the border of the forest complex of the over dimension up to 429 on State

Road Podmýče-Branov n.D. continues after the border of the forest

East of State road through dimension described 424. On the day of the nameless Gorge

in the Woods is getting into the Felicinina Valley, approx. 150 m after continues the downstream

in the direction of the stream, and then rises after the edge of the forest and, subsequently, after the local

communication for passing up on the national road Podmýče-Branov n.D. before

the gate of the Castle (dimension 389). From there, falls within the north side to

the right bank of the Dyje river, after which it continues in the direction of flow. After about 450 m

begins to copy the border ranked Vranov n.D.-local part of the back

Hamry. Here turns to the West, the border is being ranked and

the forest and the river continues along the road that runs along the left bank of the Dyje river to

Vranovu n.D. For the accounts department CHPV Hamerské wrinkles continues West

the direction of the border and the forest up to the residential State Road Vranov n.D.-

Lesna. Here turns to the East, copies the switchbacks as referred to

State Road, after which it continues. Passing a village, located to the North and Onšov

After about 600 m after the crossroads with roads leading to the objects of the animal

production of agricultural cooperative in Onšově, 200 m south of the dimensions 460,

turns south towards the forest. Towards the East is the forest

over dimension to the southern outskirts of 471. From there it continues

the South-East along the right bank of the Klaperova stream, the

the dam of the pond below the Forest and continues along the border of forest land. In

the South-eastern direction is lined by forest complex, the Upper State Road

Břečkov-Čížkov and continues along the border of the forest North of the pond called

Moryskovo the sea. From the tip of the forest is about 200 m along the North-East

direction, following the contour line 420, up to the northern tip of the forest in the track

Brychtova březinka. From there it continues again after the edge of the forest

the North-East, passing the right bank of the water tank below the upper

Břečkovem and the border of the forest is getting on the southern edge of the village. Here,

rotates in the southern direction, and copies the forest border to 422 to dimension on the shortcut

the track at the chapel. Here are getting into contact with fixed communications

(Čížovská road), which runs in a south-easterly direction to Luke's. About

100 m before the village lying in the southern direction, and from the junction of paths with asphalt

the surface continues after military special-purpose communication that previously lined

remnants-technical equipment of the surveillance of national borders. From the Southwest

the edge of the New Town (the local part of Luke's) monitors the boundary in the Southeast

the direction of the said ad hoc communications to the location of the splitter, where once again

continues after the edge of the forest. Turning towards the North and over dimension 406

the border passes through forest land. About 150 m south of the dimensions 430 Goat

top of the bend in a south-easterly direction, monitors the border forest over 410 and dimension

then the Ridge into the Valley of the Žleby falls Creek. From there it continues against the

stream this course after its right bank to the southern edge of the village

Podmolí. Here he refracts toward the South and the border of the forest there heads, respectively.

local roads, passing the site Nivky, turns to the East and continues

through the dimensions and local 416 385 track Mašovické nivky. Here, wringing

to the North, across the dimension of the 374 gets along the forest border to the State

Road Mašovice-Znojmo-Hradiste. This communication follows the East

direction to the dimension where the 349 diverts southwest to Mašovickému

the stream, and follows the edge of the forest. Under his cabin copies the left bank

water streams and the left bank of the pond. Here begins once again to follow the forest boundary, in

local track Ovčákům Hill turns the South-East and the border

forestry complex through the dimension tends to 341. About 100 m south of the

dimensions 341 local boundaries roads towards the South-East

up to 300 dimension in Hradiště terraces. From here follows the

the local road and the North-East through the dimension of 298 is getting into

Brewery Creek Valley. Here the bend in the South-East direction and

continues after the edge of the slope, approximately at the level of the contour line 310, lemujíc

intravilán the local part of Znojmo-Hradiste and the adjacent land

gardens. At the chapel of St. Elijah is the boundary to the North and turns sharply even after 170

m to the pedestrian communication, which leads to the Valley of Gránice

(Way of the cross). From there, it continues along the left bank of the Gránice in the direction of flow

up on the local road before undertaking River basin area of Moravia, moves through

the land of this area to the left edge of the dam water reservoir

Znojmo, goes after the Crown of the dam on the right bank and from there continues

the border of the forest (and at the same time the cadastral boundary) to the South-West. After

350 m in Southeast direction of the bend, and follows the border of gardens to

to the nameless ravine, which bottomed in approximately 200 m North-East

direction continues. After that rotates in the Southeast to the southern direction,

monitors the boundary settlements of Kraví hora and gardening over 281 after a local dimension

communication, which are at the same time the border of CHPV Kraví hora. Continues

Southwest border of Woods and vineyards. gardens, up to

crossing local roads at the northern edge of the Region. Here,

veering away slightly to the Southwest, goes after the edge of the field and ranked communities,

to the South, below the village of the bend in the East direction, it passes the national road

Konice-Popice. Rotates in the southern direction, and local roads

the site on the rocks is lined and Popický Hill. About 200 m south of the dimensions

313 turns to the West, goes through 250 m along the national road in the direction of

Konice, from which it differs in the Northwest direction and follows the North

the border of the vineyard. Also copies the forest edge, taking turns to the South, and

again continues after the western edge of the vineyard, overcomes the path-local

communication from the Seasfieldův stone Popic and copied up to the edge of the vineyards

the dimension 300-local track in the Grove. Here turns to the East,

monitors the local road to the Popic. About 100 m south of the pond Primarily

in the Popicích the border, follows the bend in a part of the village and then ranked

continues after the local road that separates the areas of the moorlands and gardens

south-westerly direction to Havraníkům. Continues after the local road, passing

the north-western edge of the municipality Havraníky and 322 for the dimension lines the Northwest

the edge of the vineyard complex, which is directly adjacent to the territory of CHPV Havranické

Heath. About 400 m south of the dimensions in the direction of the bend in the Northwest 339,

monitors communications with an asphalt surface to the paper mill, from which approx. 300 m

from the dimensions of the 296 left and follows the edge of the forest. Turning direction

the southern edge of the forest and continues through to the local dimension, 315

communication (the so-called. Fládnická path) on the dimension of the 304. Going through 250 m after this

communication towards the Northwest, and then copies the edge of the forest in the local

track Hatě. The said communication shall pass to the South, the border

forest plot lines the Long Hill and in southern direction, at the border of the

forest complex, he's getting about 150 m Southeast of the dimensions of the count's 354

a mountain on the border with Austria. From there it continues in the same way with the State

the boundary of the Northwest to the village of Podmýče.

Č. 2


Č. 3

Defining the boundaries of the protection zone the Podyjí National Park:

In the West, starts with the border protection zone of the National Park Podyjí

the border between CZECHOSLOVAKIA and Austria, Southeast of the village Podmýče.

Takes place after the old, defunct way State border-Podmýče. From

the junction with national road Podmýče-Vranov n.D. continues after boundaries

This road in the direction of Vranov n.D. farm near the front of the property of the State

Castle Vranov refracts toward the border in the North, passes through the border area and the

again adheres to the national road, after which direction to the village of

It passes through. At the beginning of the local part of Vranov ranked n.D.-still life

follows the edge of the forest. Thus passes through the Junáckým Valley, across the State

the road of Vranov n.D.-Lančov, copies the forest land forming the banks of water

the reservoir of Vranov, passes through the reservoir of Vranov dam. From there,

monitors the HIGH VOLTAGE line elektrovodu and Northwest of Klaryho cross

connects to the local road that passes through the forest over dimension 435 and

further along the edge of the Woods to the West edge of the village of Onšov. This bypasses the village

After its northern edge, the northern edge of the campus of animal

production, for which it connects to state road Onšov-Šumná. After this

the road continues Northeast until the junction with the road

Lesna-Šumná. From there it continues after the national road direction Lesná, Wale

the western edge of the village and a cemetery being ranked in Lesná continues after

State Road Lesná-Horní Břečkov. The border of the northern and Eastern

part intravilán of the municipality and includes farm ZD. Near the cemetery

He's getting on the national road Horní Břečkov-Lukov, with which it is up to the

the intersection of the same in Luke's Milíčovice. Monitor line

the north-eastern part of the village and from the junction with national road on Czech pronunciation:

continues after the State road leading from Luke's to Podmolí. Here follows the

the northern part of the village and then ranked continues along the national road

Podmolí-Mašovice. At the junction with State Highway Bezkov refracts toward

the North, in the North the line ranked behind the village again and Mašovic

monitors State Road Mašovice-Znojmo-Hradiste. Passes through the village, respectively.

After the Northwestern border of ranked and further along the national road

direction to Znojmo. The road bridge over the Gránický Creek is the boundary

sharply in the direction of the South-East and in the bend in the direction of flow follows the left bank of the

these water courses, which tracks almost to the mouth of the river Thaya-communication

before undertaking River basin area (within a few hundred yards is in

Gránickém Valley border font the same as border protection national

the Park). The boundaries of the protection zone continues South-East after

communication on the left bank of the river Dyje. In the place where the communication

turns into a hairpin curves toward Republic square, crosses the

communication for walking, which continues along the Bank of the river. For rail

the viaduct track Znojmo-Šatov crosses the line of this viaduct

on the right bank of the Dyje and continues in conformity with the railway line in the direction of

Šatov-Znojmo-to the railway crossing on the dimension of the 254 Havraníky. Here,

refracts toward the Southwest and follows the national road Znojmo-Havraníky. From this

communication with the communities on the ago dimension 28 diverts to the South, follows the line of the

the land area of livestock production and the southern part ranked in the headquarters and

the South-western part of the village once again begins to follow the national road at Hnánice.

With this road is identical, and before Hnánicemi departs from the Western

the party follows the boundary of the municipality. ranked Continues after the State

Road Hnánice-State border, where it ends.

1) § 38 of Act No. 138/1973 Coll. on waters (Water Act).

2) Decree No. 54/1958 Ú.l., which specify the protected species of flora and

the conditions for their protection.

3) section 24 of Act No. 23/1962 SB., about hunting.

4) § 8 para. 1 of Decree No. 103/1963 Coll., issuing detailed

the provisions of the Fisheries Act.

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