On The Secondment Of Staff Uniforms, As Bodies Of The State Forest Management

Original Language Title: o služebních stejnokrojích zaměstnanců orgánů státní správy lesů

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79/1996 Coll.


The Ministry of agriculture

of 18 May. March 1996

on the secondment of staff uniforms, bodies of State administration of forests and about

their label

Change: 52/1999 Coll.

The Ministry of agriculture lays down pursuant to § 51 para. 3 of law no 289/1995

Coll., on forests, and amending and supplementing certain laws (forest law):

§ 1

Definition of the forms of the staff uniforms

(1) a business uniform (hereinafter referred to as "uniform") is a green-grey color.

Uniform dress or tailored to make up the required garments

referred to in annex 1; in the same annex gives also permissible

garments that can be with the compulsory clothing components


(2) the jacket is without nárameníků tmavozeleným collar with stand-up collar and

tmavozeleným trim pockets and flaps.

(3) the employees of the military uniform of forestry is the color green with

tmavozeleným collar and tmavozelenými výpustkami on trousers. Mandatory

even permissible garments uniforms of the military staff of the forest

Office are listed in annex 1.

(4) part of the uniforms is a metal badge of State administration of forests. The badge is

from the white metal with enamel, bearing the registration number on the reverse side.

The badge is worn on the left side of the jacket. The pattern of the outside of the badge is

given in annex 2.

§ 2

The allocation of uniform

(1) the head of the State forest management authorities shall lay down the professional circuit

employees of these authorities, which are to carry out their assigned functions

uniform; the uniform is allocated only after a probationary period. ^ 1)

(2) the character of the CAP staff issues and if necessary be replaced

the competent authority of the State administration of forests.

(3) when the first allocation of uniforms to employees will only allocate

required components for uniforms.

(4) Stejnokrojové components vary per year with a value corresponding to 50

% of the value of the compulsory part of the uniform.

(5) destruction of or damage to the uniforms or its components in the

due to extraordinary circumstances without any fault of the employee shall be allocated

the competent authority of the State forest management employees required components

uniforms, without their value counts towards the normal replacement

part of the stejnokrojových.

(6) the place of secondment is not part of the cash stejnokrojových

the performance.

§ 3


(1) a claim for the replacement of a part of the stejnokrojových arises in the annual

intervals. Stejnokrojové component in the value of the amount of the annual financial

variations can be drawn up within two years after the claim.

(2) Evidence on the issue of stejnokrojových components and of their financial

the value of the leads on the accountancy sheets on which your employees

the signature confirms the release date, number and species taken

part of the stejnokrojových.

§ 4

The use of uniforms

(1) Uniforms, which are authorized to wear in the exercise of their functions, must

employees to use as efficiently as possible and to maintain it in good condition.

Cannot edit each component so that the stejnokrojové has been changed

their outward appearance or wear on the uniform of any other marking

or ornaments.

(2) Uniform is not allowed to complement other components than listed

in Appendix 2 of this order (permissible stejnokrojové components). To

uniform is worn low brown shoes. In operational conditions can be used to

uniform wear high shoes or boots. Components of the uniforms are

wear, Alternatively, with respect to the seasons.

(3) an employee who, in the performance of their duties the uniform on a regular basis

do not wear, the head of the competent authority of the State administration of forests shortened

the financial limit for the replacement part for the next stejnokrojových

calendar year (§ 2 (4)).

(4) in the event that the employee terminates the employment, uniform

does not return, returns only the badge of the State administration of forests.

Final provisions

§ 5

The yield is hereby repealed the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic No. 58/1992

Coll., laying down details of forestry uniforms.

§ 6

This Decree shall take effect on the date of publication.


Ing. Lux in r.

Č. 1

Garments of the staff uniforms

Mandatory component: jacket


shirts Green

bundokošile Green

tie Green

tea-green coat with insert

Cap winter

Hat Green

low brown shoes

Permitted component: skirt Green

little green

shirt White

Hubertus Green

jacket Green

sweater Green

scarf Green

rain coat Green

pants work

the shoes work

gumofilcové-rubber boots


business bag

Č. 2

Badge of the State forest management pattern (scale 1:1)

1) section 31 of Act No. 65/1965 Coll., the labour code.