Aeroclub Of The Czech Republic About The Credentials Of The Performance Of State Administration

Original Language Title: o pověření Aeroklubu ČR výkonem státní správy

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262/2010 Sb.


The Ministry of transport

The Ministry of transport has published 3 June. March 2010 on the basis of the provisions of §

paragraph 82. 1 of Act No. 49/1997 Coll., on civil aviation and amending and

additions to law No. 455/1991 Coll., on trades

(Trade Act), as amended, as amended

regulations, a decision on the credentials of the Aeroclub of the Czech Republic performance

State administration in matters of sports flying device (no j.

94/2010 -220-SP/3), which came into force January 3. March 30, 2010. The text of the

that decision is as follows:

Ministry of transport-Civil Aviation Department, as factually and locally

competent administrative authority according to the provisions of § 88 para. 1 (b). h) of law No.

49/1997 Coll., on Civil Aviation, and amending and supplementing Act No.

455/1991 Coll., on trades (Trade Act), as amended by

amended, as amended, and section 11 (1) 1 (b).

e) Act No. 500/2004 Coll., the administrative code, as amended,

on request of the Aeroclub of the Czech Republic has decided as follows:

Aeroclub of the Czech Republic, identification number: 00 53 74 03, Prague 4-based

South Korea, at 3, postal code 141 00, according to the provisions of § 82 para. 1 of the law

No. 49/1997 Coll., as amended, authorizes the exercise of State

Administration in matters of sports flying devices, namely, authentication

their airworthiness and competence of pilots, builders, manufacturers and

other users of sports flying devices, including registration and

the issuance of the relevant documents.

1) Club Czech Republic (hereinafter the "authorized person") performs the

activities referred to in the provisions of § 83 para. 1 of Act No. 49/1997 Coll., on

as amended, for sport parachutes and components, which

means the main parachutes, parachutes and harnesses their carrier (hereinafter

"sport parachutes").

2) this decision about credentials to authenticate to airworthiness shall entitle the

Sport parachutes manufactured on the territory of the Czech Republic, as well as

Sport parachutes manufactured and approved to operate in foreign countries,

which have been imported on the territory of the Czech Republic.

3) the designated officer shall notify the responsible person designated by the Ministry of transport

in order to ensure the exercise of State administration in the field of sport flying

equipment in the scope of this mandate within 10 days from the effective date of its effectiveness.

4), the designated person shall proceed in accordance with the implementing regulations, which publishes and

which govern in detail each of its activities in the exercise of

the State administration. One set of all regulations issued by the responsible person is

in authenticated texts stored in the Ministry of transport.

5) the designated officer shall be exercised in accordance with the provisions of § 83 para. 1 (b).

and k) of the Act) and no. 49/1997 Coll., as amended, the supervision of the

the activities of the paratroopers, producers and other users of sport parachutes

through the competent person according to the provisions of § 84a of the same

the law.

and as part of this oversight), and in the interests of the prevention of accidents and incidents in the

parašutistickém operation and the prevention of damage is the designated officer

authorized by competent persons according to the provisions of § 84a

Law No. 49/1997 Coll., as amended, carry out

systematic or random checks on the operation and production of sporting parachutes.

In case of detection of deficiencies, which can adversely affect the

the safety of parachuting, the designated officer shall be entitled to

take measures to increase safety and to prevent damage.

(b)) in the performance of traffic control, the designated person is focused on

monitoring of compliance with the rules for the implementation of sport parachute jumps and

the procedures for the exercise of other activities related to the use of

Sport parachute, as specified in the General rules of flying

and regulations issued by the responsible person, including control of the activities of the

instructors and centers for the provision of training.

6) the authorized person is under this mandate shall be required to:

and notified to the Ministry of transport) a change of the responsible person designated to

securing the exercise of State administration according to article 3.

(b)) to submit changes in regulations, which are subject to approval according to

the provisions of § 83 para. 1 (b). (b)) of the Act No. 49/1997 Coll., as amended by

amended, the Ministry of transport at least 30 days prior to their

by performing.

(c) the appointment of inspectors) operation and inspectors techniques professionally

eligible persons to ensure in accordance with point 5 of this supervision credential

over the activities of users sporting parachutes and submit their list of

The Ministry of transport.

(d)) to provide the Ministry of transport on request data from the register

those kinds of TEARS and registration of certificates of competency issued their


e) to notify the Ministry of transport serious cases justifying the

suspecting the user TEARS for committing an administrative offense,

in particular cases, when the activities of users of TEARS there was a threat to the life and

the health or property of third parties.

(f)) to ensure the availability of regulations, training curricula and other procedures

issued by the person responsible for all of their users.

7) the authorized person is also entitled to:

and to announce a public competition skydiving), which will be attended by

only users of sports, and to permit the skydiving parachutes, skydivers

outside the airport.

(b)) on the conservation of the eligibility for rescue of pilot parachutes

operators in the Czech Republic to carry out the following activities:

I) verifying the eligibility of operational rescue pilot parachutes in

accordance with the accompanying technical documentation-padákovými recorders

rescue pilot parachutes,

(ii) the inspection and packaging) rescue pilot parachutes from

technical descriptions,

(iii) the implementation of training, checking) and the recognition of qualifications for

the applicant for obtaining permissions for packaging various types of rescue

pilot parachutes.

The above activities must be carried out in accordance with the changed service

and according to the instructions of the authorized manufacturer of rescue of pilot parachutes. Type

proof of eligibility, i.e. the rescue canopy. consent to the use of the product

in civil aviation, and the appropriate authority by the manufacturer or service provider, you may

issued only to the Ministry of transport.

Date of legal effect of this mandate shall expire credentials issued

Ministry of transport-Civil Aviation Department of the decision

December 9, 2005, no. 1456/2005 -220-SP/3.


In the course of proceedings, the applicant has shown that the credential meets all

the formalities required by Act No. 49/1997 Coll., as amended

the regulations, therefore, is for the verification of airworthiness sport parachutes

and the eligibility of their users, including records and issue the relevant

documents, appropriate technical equipment and qualified staff.

In accordance with the provisions of § 68 para. 4 Act No. 500/2004 Coll., as amended by

amended, more detailed justification is not necessary, because

the applicant meets in its entirety. In view of the above, it was

decided, as is stated in the operative part of the decision.


JUDr. Bárta in r.