For The Implementation Of § 9 Para. 3 (B). And The Crisis Of The Act)

Original Language Title: k provedení § 9 odst. 3 písm. a) krizového zákona

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281/2001 Sb.


The Ministry of education, youth and sports

of 3 July 2003. July 2001,

implementing the § 9 para. 3 (b). and) Act No. 240/2000 Coll., on the

crisis management and amending certain acts (the crisis Act)

Change: 237/2003 Coll.

The Ministry of education, youth and sports, determined in accordance with section 40 para. 2

Act No. 240/2000 Coll., on crisis management and amending certain acts

(emergency law):

§ 1

Basic provisions

This Decree lays down the conditions and manner of the exercise of custody of the children in the

preschool facilities, ^ 1) pupils, who performs in schools compulsory school

attendance, ^ 2), and children and youth in school facilities for institutional

education, protective care and preventative educational care ^ 3) (hereinafter referred to as

"pupils") included in the network of schools, preschools and schools

device ^ 4) (hereinafter referred to as "educational establishments"), if this care cannot be

a crisis situation to exercise the parents or other legal guardians ^ 5) (hereinafter referred to

"the guardians").

§ 2

The conditions for the exercise of care

(1) if the competent authority) will announce the State of ^ 6 danger or emergency

or a State of emergency State (hereinafter referred to as the "State of crisis") ^ 7), and if they cannot

legal guardians exercise the care of pupils, carries on after the period

necessary basic care specified educational establishments in order to ensure

the protection of life, health, personal property, and fundamental rights of pupils.

The training is intended for the care of a competent authority in a crisis


(2) educational institutions shall exercise the care of pupils in their

objects suitable for this activity with the created material

technical, personnel, and other conditions, or in other

corresponding to the objects that are provided on the basis of the Treaty

closed to the designated institution or established authorities in crisis


(3) educational institutions shall exercise care for pupils, usually in

the scope of crisis preparedness plans, ^ 8) that handle

in cooperation with the authorities of the region, ^ 9) the authorities of municipalities, or ^ 11) other

authorities designated under specific legislation and policies) ^ 12 in

the integrated rescue system. Crisis preparedness plans and

crisis plans make up the specified educational institutions by virtue of their

activity measures fulfilling the provisions of the Education Act; to

organizational security in them reflected the extraordinary measures to

address the impact of possible crisis situations in the field of education and training

and its security. These plans make up in accordance with the scope of their

inclusion in the system of crisis management in relevant crisis

^ 13 plans) and in accordance with the plans of the county or municipality.

(4) the competent authority may be designated crisis management education

device to entrust the care of pupils and other educational establishments, not more than

However, the number of approved plan provided for crisis preparedness.

(5) educational establishments with creating conditions for crisis

situations, in particular,

and adopting preventive measures)

(b)) to ensure that the selection, training and training staff or pupils,

c) cooperate with the competent public authorities and other persons

in carrying out the obligations laid down by the emergency management authorities

the crisis of the Act.

§ 3

How to exercise care

(1) educational establishments provide after the announcement of a State of crisis

the continuous operation, if they cannot care for pupils in a crisis situation

to exercise the legal guardians; emergency management authorities within the

emergency measures, and in agreement with the directors of educational establishments store

natural persons work or work assistance ^ 14) in respect of

to the relevant educational establishments. After the Declaration of a State of crisis can be

order the work readiness ^ 15) relevant staff.

(2) educational establishments provide the necessary care for pupils

outside of the educational activity, in particular

and) accommodation,

b) catering,

(c)), psychological first aid and medical care in liaison with the

relevant professional bodies and establishments,

d) help pupils find their legal representatives as well as in addressing the

additional needs caused by the crisis situation,

e) permanently updated register of persons.

(3) the Designated educational institution as part of its emergency plans

in particular, the readiness

and in a way taking into account the ways) and each type of threat

possible crisis situations and their levels in terms of the expected

risks, including determining the number of employees of the designated

an educational establishment in order to ensure its operation, and the maximum number of

pupils that can be in a given educational establishment for a period of a State of crisis

place, possibly in the context of alternative measures or meals


(b)) shall, for the period of a crisis State of the modified internal regulations

containing the organizational security operation in a crisis situation,

(c) in the period) to ensure that a State of crisis supervision or supervision of pupils

located in the objects outside of the classroom,

(d) ensure the operation of the personnel,) primarily provide familiarization

the staff and pupils, including workers providing supervision

and workers providing operation, with tasks that will be met when

a crisis situation, the relevant legal provisions, with the internal

Regulation referred to in subparagraph (b)) of this provision and to the change of the type of work for

of existing staff; to further increase the number of required

employees to ensure the fulfilment of the tasks in a crisis situation,

e) provide the necessary material resources, energy resources, and

technique, mainly food, water, toiletries, medications, supplies

for emergency accommodation, fire technology,

(f)) create the conditions for compliance with hygiene and health regulations

and regulations for safe operation, or may change these terms and conditions for

provided that the relevant competent authority allowed the extraordinary

temporary exemptions from these regulations in relation to the expected

crisis situations,

g) provide a temporary adjustment of the educational process in the wake of

the changes in operation, including editing the appropriate pedagogical documentation,

(h) ensure organizational requirements) for crisis management, in particular lead

a list of addresses and phone connection and request priority

telecommunications services primarily to the parent crisis staff, supply

centres, doctors, workers, social welfare, educational and psychological

counseling, provide the form to register placed pupils and

an overview of the staff, the supporting documents for the accounting system and the economic record,

I) conclude contracts to secure cooperation in the period of a State of crisis.

(4) the readiness of designated educational institutions to deal with crisis

situations, they arrange within their competences, their directors ^ 16) either as

statutory authorities in the case of legal persons or organisational units

together with statutory bodies of legal persons, which are designed

educational part of the device.

(5) the professional preparedness of the directors on crisis management ^ 17)

in cooperation with the providers of designated educational institutions

authority in the region in preparation for the region.

§ 4

The effectiveness of the

This Decree shall take effect on the date of publication.


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