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Original Language Title: o České tiskové kanceláři

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517/1992 Sb.


The Czech National Council

of 21 June 1999. October 1992

about the Czech Press Office

The Czech National Council decided on the following Act:

§ 1

(1) there is hereby established the Czech press agency (hereinafter referred to as "the press office)

based in Prague. The press office shall be extinguished by the transfer of assets and other

the rights referred to in paragraph 2.

(2) Press Office is an entity that disposes of its own

the property, which the asset is transferred from the Czechoslovak press

offices, ^ 1) and that by the time of the transfer of all property and other rights

Press Office to another legal entity or a special law

the procedure by a special Act. The press office with your own acts

acquires rights and undertakes to. is recorded in the Press Office of the business

the register. Press Office uses the abbreviation REUTERS.

(3) the State is not responsible for obligations of the press office and the Press Office

is not responsible for obligations of the State.

§ 2

(1) the Mission of the press office is to provide an objective and comprehensive

information for creating views.

(2) Press Office provides a service to the public by spreading the word and

video news from Czech Republic and from abroad.

(3) the same service provides press office abroad.

§ 3

(1) Press Office provides for remuneration, the verbal and pictorial

News other mass media and other

legal and natural persons.

(2) Press Office establishes a network of branches, correspondents and collaborators

in the Czech Republic and abroad.

(3) Press Office is authorised to carry out, under the conditions laid down

law of business activity, which must not jeopardise its


(4) the press office shall not operate a radio and television broadcasting

nor have the shareholding ^ 2) on the business assets of physical or

legal person, which is operated by the.

§ 4

(1) the Authority which exercises the right of the public to check the print

the Office is the Council Press Office (hereinafter referred to as "the Council"). The Council has seven

members. Members of the Council are elected and recalled by the Czech National Council.

(2) the members of the Council are elected for a term of five years, even

Once again. In this case, however, no more than two consecutive

the term of Office.

(3) the Council of its activities is the responsibility of the Czech National Council.

(4) the membership of the Council is a public function. ^ 3) in connection with its

It is for the members of the Council reward performance, the amount of which will determine the resolution

The Czech National Council.

(5) the Council shall elect a Chairman and dismisses him.

§ 5

(1) the membership of the Council is incompatible with the function of the Chairman or of a Member

the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister, the head of another central authority

of Government or their deputies.

(2) The Council shall not have the feature in political parties or in the

political movements or may not act in their favor in the performance of their

the functions of the Council; It must also not be a member of the organs of the company, which

run by the mass media, nor represent business interests,

that could be in conflict with the performance of his functions, or could

adversely affect his impartiality and objectivity of decision-making. A member of the

The Council or persons close to him ^ 4) shall have no financial interest in the

the operation of mass media the given property or

employment relationship.

§ 6

(1) membership in the Council shall be terminated:

and the date of expiry of term of Office)

b) resigns from the function,

(c) the reference from the function)

(d) the deprivation or restriction of eligibility) to perform legal acts,

e) death.

(2) the Czech National Council member of the Council of appeals function:

and if the lapse assumptions) for the performance of functions specified in § 5 of this

the law,

(b)) if convicted for an intentional criminal offence,

(c)) does not properly for a period of more than six months.

(3) the Czech National Council may appeal the Council, if the Council fails to fulfil its repeatedly

scope according to § 8 para. 1 (b). a), b) and (c)), § 8 para. 2 of this

the law, and if the United States or the National Council during the six months

your resolutions repeatedly, that the press office to fulfil its mission

pursuant to section 2 of this Act.

§ 7

(1) the activities of the Council are governed by the rules of procedure, that the Council shall adopt, within 30 days from the

beginning of term of Office.

(2) the Board shall take decisions by an absolute majority of its


§ 8

(1) the powers of the Council include:

and ensure consistent performance) the Mission of the Press Office

(b)) to appoint and dismiss the Director General (hereinafter referred to as "the Director"),

(c) approve the budget and the final) account Press Office

(d) on a proposal from the Director) approving the Statute of the press office, which, in particular,

adjust the structure,

e) to decide on complaints relating to the Director,

f) decide on complaints relating to the activities of the Press Office

g) to oversee the use of special-purpose subsidies according to § 10 para. 2 of this Act.

(2) the Council shall submit to the Czech National Council an annual report on the activities and

Press Office management. The Council is running according to its own budget.

(3) the costs of the Council's work and the remuneration of its members, shall be financed from the resources of

Press Office.

§ 9

(1) the statutory body is the Director of the press office. Its function is to

incompatible with the functions referred to in § 5 of this Act. Director cannot

be a member of the Council. Of its activities is the responsibility of the Council and has the right to

attend its meetings.

(2) the Director shall be appointed by the Council for a term of six years.

(3) the Director may be revoked by the Council by secret ballot before the end of

term of Office, said if his appeal at least five members

Of the Council. The appeal shall enter into force the appointment of a new Director.

§ 10

(1) the financial resources of the Press Office of whether free of charge

the provision of its services, resulting from the main subject of the activity, and

Furthermore, income from other business activities.

(2) Press Office can get targeted subsidies from the State budget

The United States, which, however, cannot be granted to cover the loss from the


§ 11

For the purposes of this Act, means the Czechoslovak press offices

The Czech Republic according to Act No. 123/1965 Coll., on the Czechoslovak press

the Office, in the wording of later regulations, according to the Press Office of the

the law.

§ 12

(1) from the effective date of this Act, to the election of an interim Director is

the statutory body of the Press Office of the Minister of culture of the Czech Republic.

(2) pending the appointment of the Director of the news agency is the statutory

Interim Director, which chooses the Czech National Council no later than 30

days of the effective date of this Act.

(3) the members of the Council elect a Czech National Council no later than 90 days from the effective date

the effectiveness of this Act.

section 13 of the

(1) this Act shall come into effect from the day 15. November 1992.

(2) the provisions of § 3 para. 4 shall enter into force on 1 January 2000. January 1993.

(3) this law shall cease to have effect on the date of termination of the press office under section

1 (1). 1 of this Act.

Uhde v.r.

Klaus v.r.

1) § 4 of law No 136/1991 Coll., on the Division of competence between the Czech and

The Slovak Federative Republic of Brazil and the Czech Republic and the Slovak

Republic in matters of the press and other information resources.

2) § 6 and 61 of Act No. 513/1991 Coll., the commercial code.

3) § 124 para. 1 of Act No. 65/1965 Coll., the labour code, as amended by

amended (the full text of No 451/1992 Sb.).

4) section 116 of the Act No. 40/1964 Coll., the civil code, as amended

(the full text of no. 47/1992 Sb.).

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