The Amendment To The Citizenship. Code

Original Language Title: Novela obč. zákoníku

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264/1992 Sb.


of 28 June. April 1992,

amending and supplementing the civil code, the law on the State

notary and the proceedings before the public notary office (the notarial regulations), and amended and

added some more laws

Change: 6/2002 Sb.

Change: 264/2006 Sb.

Change: 513/91 Coll. 91/Sb.

The Federal Assembly of the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic

committed to this Act:

Article. (I)


Article II

Law No. 403/1990 Coll. on the mitigation of certain property injustices,

as amended, is hereby amended as follows:

1. § 5 para. 3 read as follows:

"(3) if the subject matter of the agreement for the release of the property, the provisions of § 133

paragraph. 2 of the civil code. ".

2. section 8 reads as follows:

"section 8

The proposal to deposit in the land registry is the authorized person shall be required to

submit to the competent authority of the Republic ^ 6a) evidence of diversion of the amounts

referred to in section 7, or about how that has entered into an agreement on installments. ".

Note 6a) a footnote is added:

"6a) Act No. 265/1992 Coll., on the ownership and other substantive

rights to real estate. ".

Article. (III)

Law No. 87/1991 Coll. on extra-judicial rehabilitation, is amended as follows:

In § 5 para. 3 the second sentence reads: "If the subject of the agreement on the release of things

real estate, the provisions of § 133 paragraph 2. 2 of the civil code. ".

Article IV


Article. In



Act No. 527/1990 Coll., the Foreign Exchange Act, is amended as follows:

In § 31 para. 2 (a). a), the words "the State notary" shall be replaced by

"the Court".

Article. (VII)


Article. (VIII)


Article. (IX)

Act No. 21/1992 Coll., on banks, is amended as follows:

§ 38 paragraph 1(a). 4 shall be deleted.

Article. X


Article. XI

Act No. 92/1991 Coll., on conditions for the transfer of State assets to other persons,

as amended by Act No. 92/1992 Coll., is amended as follows:

In § 19 para. 3, the words "registration under special předpisů8)

does not require "are replaced by the words" the right of ownership to immovable property is transferred

the deposit in the land register ".

Note No 8) to § 19 para. 3 is deleted.

Article. (XII)

(1) Act No. 94/1963 Coll., on the State and management of the notary

before the public notary office (the notarial regulations), as amended.

(2) special laws shall determine who shall conduct the activities due under the

the existing regulations in the scope of the public notary.

(3) the District Court in whose district the there State notary, will take over the

the effective date of this Act, a document, objects, custody,

registration equipment and official stamps of the State notary, if the Special

the law provides otherwise.

(4) the Government is hereby repealed Regulation No 15/1953 Coll., on certification and

the signatures on the schedules of the national committees.

Article. XIII

This Act shall take effect on 1 January 2000. January 1993.

Havel, v. r.

DUBCEK in r.

Čalfa in r.