On The Introduction Of The Classification Of Types Of Construction-Cc

Original Language Title: o zavedení Klasifikace stavebních děl CZ-CC

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321/2003 Coll.


The Czech Statistical Office

of 9 June. September 2003

on the introduction of the classification of types of construction-CC

The Czech Statistical Office pursuant to § 7 para. 2 of Act No. 89/1995 Coll., on

the national statistical service, as amended, communicate with

effect from 1. January 2004 introduction of the Classification of types of construction-CC

(hereinafter referred to as "the classification CZ-CC").

CZ-CC content is based on the international standard

Classification of types of construction (Classification of Types of

Constructions-CC) which Eurostat issued in October 1997. The abbreviation GB in

the name of the classification reflects the national version of the international standard.

Subject Classification CZ-CC is sort of all locally, and space

comprehensive construction works. CZ-CC will replace the existing

The classification of types of construction-KSD (section 46), which was released

measures of the Czech Statistical Office, 1993, published in the amount

69/1993 Coll. as annex Standard classifications of products. Measures,

KSD was released in accordance with the Act No. 309/1999 Coll., on the collection of

laws and the Collection of international treaties, shall expire on 31 December 2006.

December 2003.

CZ-CC has five parts: normative, methodological,

the systematic, explanatory notes and converters.

CZ-CC is binding for the statistical surveys carried out by the

Act No. 89/1995 Coll., on State statistical service, as amended

regulations, and in the cases where provided for by a special legal regulation.

CZ-CC is available on medium in electronic form in

the Information Services Department of the Czech Statistical Office, Josefská 6,

Prague 1 or on the CSO website at www.czso.cz.


Ing. Fischer, CSc in r.



The Czech Statistical Office releases the classification of types of construction (CC-

"Classification CZ-CC") on the basis of the international

Standard Classification of Types of Constructions CC, issued by

By Eurostat in October 1997. As a basis in the development of the classification of CC was

taken 52 international product classification section-CPC (Central Product

Classification), which published the Statistical Commission of the UNITED NATIONS in 1991.

In comparison with the structure of CPC's classification of the CC section "building"

divided in more detail, to sufficiently cover the required number of

classification of degrees. Binding on the classification of the CPC is listed in the

the systematic part Classification CZ-CZ CC acronym name classification

It expresses the national version of the international standard. CZ-CC is

binding for the statistical surveys carried out under Act No. 89/1995

Coll., on State statistical service, as amended, and

in cases where special legislation so provides. CZ-CC

in fourth place is fully compatible with the international standard CC.

The other two places were created for national purposes. The classification is

built so that it can be used, for example, for statistics

construction activities, the addition of houses and apartments, price statistics in construction

work or for the national accounts. It may be used for the definition of

buildings, which is needed for the security of information on specific

variables of short-term indicators (e.g.. building permits,

acceptance, commissioning). It can also make use of the entire

the service life of the construction for the registration of changes of use, for business meetings,

repair, reconstruction and modernisation. It may also be appropriate to its use

as the classification standard for the publication of tenders or concluding

contracts in the framework of public procurement can be used for

the tax and budgetary needs.

Subject classification

CZ-CC contains locally and space-complete construction works with

such equipment or facilities to carry out the functions separately, to

which they are intended. Such equipment must be construction work firmly

linked and cannot be removed without causing a breach of the construction, or to

the depreciation of the function or purpose of the construction work. They are usually part of the

its comprehensive deliveries.

To Classification CZ-CC do not include technological production equipment,

that can be dismantled and moved elsewhere. This technological production

zatřiďují device in the classification CZ-CPA-standard classification of

production, 2. the issue, introduced by the Czech Statistical Office, communication

published in the amount 198/2002 Coll. (according to type).

This rating also does not include works in new buildings,

the reconstruction, refurbishment, expansion-construction work,

repair and maintenance of construction works. The works are included in the CPA-

section 45.

The structure of the classification

CZ-CC is a five-speed. For each instance is set out

This designation:

1 2 3 4 5 6

-+- -+- -+- -+- -+-

| | | | |

1. degree-section-+ | | | |

| | | |

2. grade-section a-----+ | | |

| | |

3. stage-group---------+ | |

| |

4. grade-class-------------+ |


5. degree-a------------------+

The classification includes:

2 section (1místný code)

6 sections (2-digit code)

20 groups (3-digit code)

46 classes (4-digit code)

336 subclasses (6-digit code)

In the classification of CZ-CC is drawn up for the construction works to the level of sorting

subclasses of the classification. Zpodrobnění was drawn up, so that was what

the most preserved the existing classification of the explanatory power of building

works (KSD-section 46) and at the same time respect the content

each class European standard CC.

Classification policy

Construction works are in the classification CZ-CC, divided into two sections: 1-

Buildings and 2-Engineering works.

Construction works are classified according to the technical solution of the construction

(the project), which follows from the special use of buildings (e.g. buildings

for trade, communication, water, keeping the remote works pipe, etc.);

the buildings are classified according to their main use (residential,

non-residential), engineering works according to the projects that directly determine the purpose and

the use of the construction works. The location of the construction works and the ownership relationships

they are not the essential criteria for this classification.

The basic concepts for this classification

For the construction of any building works shall be considered without regard to their

construction-technical design, purpose and duration;

-construction work means the outcome of building activities; make up the

spatially coherent or at least technically a separate part of the building;

the building is the construction of the above-ground spatially concentrated mostly on the outside and

a closed perimeter walls and roof structures; part of the building may

be only those underground facilities, which with the building design and construction

they relate;

-engineering works are all works which are not classified as

the building-e.g.. railways, roads, highways, bridges, airport area,

the dam, underground and overhead lines, pipelines.

The building:

-housing building is a building in which at least half of the usable

floor area intended for residential purposes;

-non-residential building is a building in which is more than half of the usable

floor area intended for non-residential purposes;

-the apartment is the file room (possibly the only living room), which

construction and technical arrangement and equipment comply with the requirements for permanent

housing and are intended for use for this purpose.

The unobstructed floor area includes areas that are used

for the same purpose and regardless of their location within the building. To

usable floor area shall not include:

-construction areas (e.g. areas of support, the Division or other

components-poles, pillars, walls, chimneys);

-functional areas for ancillary use (e.g. areas built up

vyhřívacími and air conditioning installations or electrical generators);

-communication areas (such as staircases, lifts, escalators).

Part of the total usable floor area of the building used for housing

includes the area earmarked for the kitchen, living room, bedroom and more

the room, part of the area earmarked for the cellar and common spaces,

used by the owners or tenants of residential units.

CZ-CC classification between the building also includes a separate underground

spaces that are suitable for the protection of human, animal, or the location or

objects (e.g. dugouts, underground hospitals, underground shopping

centers and workshops, underground garage). These underground areas have

as a rule, a separate six-digit code.

Underground construction works are such works, which is the top area of the

the roofing (including the cover layers directly on the ceiling construction)

below the level of the adjoining ground level consists of undecorated or solid

the field, IE. the field prior to the start of construction work carried out in the framework of the

of this work.

Connecting corridors are not a separate construction work, but are

přičleňovány for building a part, with which it technically or assigned


Methodology of classification

Classification unit is the construction work (building, communication, oil pipeline


When hashing the construction (construction works, file consisting for example of

several buildings and civil engineering works) it is necessary to classify each building

the work itself as a separate unit. If, for example. school

the object consists of school buildings and dormitories for students, the school

the building is classified by the code 1263 and a hostel for students code 1130.

However, if detailed supporting documents are not available, whether it is two

separate buildings, is classified as a complex school code 1263.

In cases where the basis for the Division of buildings are not clear, it is

can be used for determining the volume of construction work by qualified estimate

the distribution of buildings. For practical reasons, this General

the rules provided for exceptions in cases where one of the construction

works is against each other, which immediately technically or assigned

related, a tiny range. Such construction work on a small scale

can be considered only for the file structure and the work of forming part of another

construction works in compliance with the following principles:

and the newly built construction) works provides the designer range

the affiliation of these structures and work (while respecting the efficiency


(b)) referred to the construction and work must directly relate to this building

work (functionally, structurally or assigned).

The buildings are classified according to the constituent. Buildings used

or intended for several purposes (e.g. the combination of an apartment house, Office and

medical equipment) are marked with a single classification code,

which is determined in the following manner:

-must be calculated the share of individual parts of the building to a total

usable floor area of buildings (e.g.), these individual parts

klasifikačně must be classified, then the building is used for several

purposes is classified by "top-down" ("top-down")

-the building is first hashed to the section (building or civil engineering works),

then in the section groups, classes and subclasses in the end.

Hashing of the building used for several purposes, we can explain to the

the following theoretical example:


| The type to use | Market share | Class |

| | overall | CZ-CC |

| | usable | |

| | floor | |

| |% Desktop | |


| 4 flats | 30 | 1122 |


the Office of the credit institution | | 10 | 1220 |


Pharmacy and shops | | 20 | 1230 |


| Library | 30 | 1262 |


' | ' doctor's Office | 10 | 1264 |


The building will be classified

in section 1 of the building

in section 12, non-residential Buildings (70% of the total usable floor


in the Group of 126 Buildings for social and cultural purposes, research,

education and health (40% in section 12)

in 1262 the Museum and library class (30% in the Group of 126)

in a subclass of 126211 buildings, museums, libraries, archives.

Explanatory notes

The explanatory notes to the classification of the CZ-CC are listed in section IV. the classification,

reflect the substantive and binding definition of the content of each class. Enumeration

may not be comprehensive, but clearly specifies where the construction production

It belongs to. Definition of abbreviations used in the explanatory notes:

From: means that the given class (or a subclass) includes the production of listed

under this acronym;

ZT: means that the given class (or a subclass), except as provided under

also includes more of the production;

N: indicates that the class (or a subclass of) does not include the production of listed

under this acronym; in parentheses is then given the code GB-CC, where the

the production belongs.


Editor's note. ASPI-explanatory notes are available in PDF format at

http://ftp.aspi.cz/aspi/cz-cc/EXPLANATIONS in the file. PDF or.


Link to other classifications

In the systematic part of the Classification CZ-CC is on the classes listed binding

on the classification of products of CPC, which at the classification process

construction works of the CC was based.

In the section on classification-transducers-binding Classification are listed

CZ-CC on have not yet used the classification of types of construction (KSD-section 46), and

the other way around. The transmitters are due to the different concept and klasifikačnímu

principles of classification reference only


Editor's note. ASPI-transmitters are available in PDF format at

http://ftp.aspi.cz/aspi/cz-cc/in the file en-CC-KSD. PDF and KSD-CZ-CC. PDF,

button is clicked. CZ-CC-KSD. Zip and KSD-CZ-CC. ZIP


In the names of some Classification CZ-CC items are used shortcuts,

whose meaning is the following:

etc. = and the like;

etc. = and so on;

n.e.c. = not elsewhere;

incl. = including



CZ-CC Code The Text Of The CPC


11 Buildings housing


Building single-111

1110 Building single-52 111. Q1

111011 Building single-

111012 Building single-service equipment

111021 cottages for recreation, single

111022 Cottages for recreation single-

111091 Fencing buildings 1110

112 Building two and multi-byte

1121 Building double 52 111. č2

112111 Buildings buildings

112112 Building double-staff facilities

112121 cottages for recreation buildings

112122 Cottages for recreation buildings

112191 Fencing buildings 1121

1122 Buildings three and multi-byte 52 119. Q1

112211 Building three and multibyte-type

112212 Buildings three and multibyte-untyped

112221 cottages for recreation of three and multi-byte

112222 Cottages for recreation of three and multi-byte

112291 Fence building 1122

113 Buildings housing other

1130 Building housing the other 52 119. č2

Building Services 113011 social care

113012 building for the accommodation of students, employees, etc.

113019 Buildings housing other n.e.c.

113091 Fence building 1130


12 Buildings non-residential


121 Hotels and similar buildings

1211 Hotels 52 124. Q1

121111 Building hotels and similar accommodation

121112 Building restaurants, bars, cafés

121191 Fencing buildings 1211

1212 other Buildings for short-term accommodation 52 124. č2

other Buildings for short-term 121211 property

121291 Fencing buildings 1212

122 administrative Building

1220 administrative Building 52 122. Q1

122011 Building financial institutions

122012 Building of public administration

122013 the buildings of post offices

Building administrative 122019 other

122091 Fencing 1220 buildings

123 Buildings for trade

1230 Buildings for trade 52 122. č2

123011 Building a home business

123012 buildings for trade and services

123079 Underground shopping centres

123091 Fence building 1230

124 Buildings for transport and telecommunications

1241 Buildings for telecommunications, stations, terminals, and 52 122. Q3

the building belonging to them

124111 Station, terminals and buildings belonging to them

124112 buildings for telecommunications, radio and television


124113 coverage of the platforms and ramps

124114 Building airports

124115 buildings (towers) beacons

the underground building for telecommunications, 124179, railway station and


124191 Fencing buildings 1241

1242 Garage 52 122. No.4

124211 the above-ground Garage

124279 Garage underground

124291 Fencing buildings 1242

125 Buildings for industry and storage

1251 Buildings for industry 52 121. Q1

125111 building for industry

125112 Building production for energy

125113 building, water, sewage and water treatment plants

125179 Underground buildings for industry

125191 Fencing buildings 1251

1252 Building warehouses, tanks and silos 52 121. č2

125211 Building warehouse

125221 trays and pit-road

125222 separate Silos

125232 Tank

125279 Underground storages, tanks and silos

125291 fencing 1252

126 Buildings for social and cultural purposes, research,

education and health

1261 Buildings for social and cultural purposes 52 123

126111 Building theaters

126121 Building of cinemas

126131 Building Zoological and botanical gardens

126149 building for social and cultural purposes, j. n.

126179 Underground building for social and cultural purposes

126191 Fencing buildings 1261

1262 museums and libraries 52 125. Q1

126211 buildings, museums, libraries, archives

126291 Fencing buildings 1262

1263 schools, universities and the building for research 52 125. č2

126311 building of colleges and universities

126321 Building for science and research

126379 Underground buildings for the education, research, science, etc.

Fencing of buildings 126391 1263

1264 buildings for health 52 126

126411 the building of hospitals and hospital with policlinic

126412 Building health centres, polyclinics and

medical device

126413 Buildings and balneal therapeutic institutes

126414 Building health and hygiene-epidemiological services

126415 Building centers care for mother and child

126479 Underground building for health

Fencing of buildings 1264 126491

1265 buildings for sport 52 279. Q1

126511 Building for indoor sports

126521 Covered bleachers, stadiums

126531 indoor swimming pools

126541 Building gyms

126551 Buildings riding arenas

126569 Buildings for sport and recreation n.e.c.

126591 fencing 1265

127 non-residential Buildings other

1271 buildings for agriculture 52 129. Q1

Building for crop production 127111

127113 Greenhouses for growing plants

127121 Building for the storage and treatment of agricultural


127122 Silos for postharvest treatment and storage of grain

127131 buildings for livestock production

127179 Underground buildings for agriculture

127191 fencing 1271

1272 buildings for worship and religious activities 52 129. č2

127211 temples, churches, synagogues, etc.

127221 Crematorium, funeral homes

127231 Cemeteries and cemetery buildings

127291 Fencing religious buildings and cemeteries

1273 historical or cultural monuments 52 129. Q3

127311 castles

127351 Monuments, fountains and other minor architecture, other

cultural monuments

other non-residential Buildings 1274 52 129. No.4

127411 other non-residential Buildings

127479 Underground buildings non-residential other

127491 Fencing buildings 1274




CZ-CC Code The Text Of The CPC


21 Traffic works


211 Highway, road, local and special purpose communications

2111 Highway 52 211. Q1

211111 Highway and the road to the highway of

211112 road I and II. class

211123 parking lot at highways and roads 2111

211191 Fencing motorways and roads 2111

211192 Lighting network of highways and roads 2111

211193 Signaling and safety equipment of motorways and

roads 2111

2112 local and special purpose communications 52 211. č2

211211 Communication in communities

211219 Communication ground local and special-purpose machinery n.e.c.

211223 car park and areas of the nature of the land-based local


211291 fencing 2112

211292 Lighting network constructions of 2112

211293 signalling and safety devices in the buildings of 2112

212 Track rail

2121 Tracks long-distance 52 212. Q1

212111 Bottom railways railway main-beam

Upper railway tracks long-distance 212121-lines

212122 Upper railway tracks long-distance-station

212123 Upper railway tracks long-distance-turnouts

212124 Upper railway tracks long-distance-siding

212191 fencing 2121

212192 Lighting network constructions of 2121

212193 Signaling and safety equipment buildings 2121

2122 Railways rail urban and the other 52 212. č2

the bottom of the railways ' rolling stock of urban 212211 and other

212221 Upper railway rolling-metro, tram tracks

212229 Upper railway rolling stock by j. n.

212251 swinging Orbits

212291 fencing 2122

212292 Lighting network structures 2122

212293 Signaling and safety equipment buildings 2122

213 Area airports

2130 Area airports 52 213

213011 Runway take-off and landing

213019 other area airports

213091 Fencing airports

213092 Lighting airport network

213093 signalling and safety devices in airports

214 Bridges, suspended highways, tunnels, culverts and underpasses

2141 bridges and overhead Highway 52 221

52 222

214111 Bridges roads Inc. the superstructure of the

214112 Bridges of railway communications

214113 Bridges pooled

214114 Bridges industrial and footbridges

the hanging Highway 214121

214191 fencing 2141

214192 construction 2141 Lighting network

214193 Signaling and safety equipment buildings 2141

2142 Tunnels and subways 52 223

52 224

214211 Tunnels

Subways 214213

214231 Gallery (except mine)

214238 Shaft (in addition to the mine and the mine shafts in underground line)

214292 Lighting network constructions of 2142

214293 signalling and safety devices in the buildings of 2142

215 Ports, waterways, water and other water grade


2151 ports and ferry channels 52 232

215111 Ports

215121 pangolins

Sports Objects 215122 ferry, shipyard

215123 locks

215124 boat Hoist and troughs tilted

215131 Piers, docks, breakwaters etc.

215149 Other water works

215191 fencing 2151

215192 Lighting network constructions of 2151

215193 signalling and safety devices in buildings 2151

Water degree 2152 52 233

215211 dams and reservoirs on streams

215221 Dykes, Weirs and the degree of

215231 hydroelectric plant (substructure)

Edit 215241 waterways (control)

215291 fencing 2152

215292 Lighting network constructions of 2152

2153 Aqueducts, water for irrigation and drainage works 52 231

215311 bridges, water management (aqueducts)

215341 water works for irrigation

215342 water works for drainage

215391 fencing 2153

215392 Lighting network structures 2153

22 tube Management, telecommunications and electrical

221 Leadership long-distance piping, telecommunications and electrical

2211 Lines gas, oil and other products, the remote 241.52 č2


221111 Pipelines

221112 gas pipelines

221113 Leadership of other chemical products remote piping

221119 Keeping long-distance pipe j. n.

221129 construction for long-haul transport and distribution of gas,

crude oil and other products n.e.c. (except buildings)

221138 Shaft pipelines 2211

221141 pumping station on the main-Deck


221191 fencing 2211

221192 Lighting network of the outer buildings 2211

2212 Water Management remote pipe 52 241. Q1

221211 Series water inlet and supply

221212 boozers Series

221213 Network prameništní collection

221214 Series steam

221215 Series hot water and hot water

221216 Series vzduchovodní, air ducts

221219 Water Management remote pipe j. n.

221221 Leadership sewer remote piping

221232 Tank, sink, waste water treatment plants

-land (except buildings)

221238 Shaft pipelines 2212

221241 Related pump stations, water treatment plants, construction

water management (except buildings)

221279 underground construction water j. n.

221291 fencing 2212

221292 Lighting network outside buildings 2212

2213 long-distance Telecommunication Lines 52 242

221311 management of long-distance telecommunications overhead

(long distance, international)

221319 management of long-distance telecommunications aboveground j. n.

221321 remote cable telecommunications Leadership underground

(long distance, international)

long distance telecommunications Lines underground 221329 n.e.c.

221331 the electrical wiring of the long-distance telecommunications


221338 Shafts underground leadership of 2213

221341 Tower for broadcast, relay towers and

Telecommunication masts

221349 Building operating telecommunications n.e.c. (except buildings)

221391 fencing 2213

221392 Lighting network of the outer buildings 2213

2214 long-distance electric Lines 52 243

221411 remote outdoor HIGH VOLTAGE overhead Lines

221412 Management remote INDOOR outdoor above-ground

221413 the management of railways and sidings main-traction

221419 management of remote electric aboveground j. n.

221421 management of long-distance HIGH VOLTAGE underground

221422 Management remote INDOOR underground

221429 Management remote electric underground n.e.c.

221438 Shafts underground leadership of 2214

221441 transformer stations, substations and substation management remote

221491 fencing 2214

221492 Lighting network of the outer buildings 2214

Management of local 222 pipe, electrical and telecommunications

2221 local gas pipe 52 250. Q1

222112 local network pipeline

the leadership of the other gases local 222119 pipe

222129 construction for local transport and distribution of gas and

other products n.e.c.

222138 Shaft of local underground leadership 2221

222192 Lighting network of external construction 2221

Water Management local 2222 tube 52 250. č2

the local water distribution Network 222211

222212 industrial water circulation Network

222213 water supply fire

local network steam 222214

222215 Network of local hot-water and hot-water

local network 222216 vzduchovodní

Management of the local water pipe 222219 n.e.c.

222232 Tank water land

222238 Shaft of local water management 2222

222241 water Tower stacks

222251 pumping Wells (wells drilled)

222252 Wells j. n. and abstraction of water

222253 fountains, hydrants, fountains

222291 fencing 2222

222292 Lighting network of the outer buildings 2222

2223 Leadership drain local pipe 52 250. Q3

222311 Leadership drain local piping

the leadership of the local sewer pipe 222319 n.e.c.

the construction of local plants and 222321 treatment of wastewater

(except buildings)

222332 tanks, sink the local sewer management

222338 Shaft local sewer management

222391 fencing 2223

222392 Lighting network of the outer buildings 2223

2224 local electricity and telecommunication Management 52 250. No.4

222411 management of the local INDOOR outdoor above-ground

222412 Leadership local NN outdoor above-ground

222413 Leadership of local railways and railway rolling stock traction

(overhead contact)

222414 regional Management nekolejových traction

(overhead contact)

222419 leadership and local distribution of the elevated j. n.

222421 management of the local INDOOR underground

222422 Leadership local NN underground

222423 Network cable lighting separate j. n.

222429 management of local electric underground n.e.c.

222431 the electrical wiring of local underground

222438 Shaft keeping local underground

222441 transformer stations, switching stations, sub-stations, local leadership

the leadership of the local telecommunications 222451 above-ground line,


222452 management of local telecommunications above ground connection

222453 management of local telecommunications overhead

the go-between

222454 management of local telecommunications aboveground Subscriber

222455 management of radio management

222458 telecommunication networks distribution in nespojových

organizations-above ground

the leadership of the local telecommunications 222459 aboveground j. n.

222461 cable Management local underground line, network

222462 local underground cable connection Management

the leadership of the local underground cable 222463 go-between

222464 management of local underground cable Subscriber

222465 Network for Informatics (cable TV, data network

, etc.) -underground

222466 low-voltage Control network (a single time, public

fire alarms, supply network radio, signaling

, etc.) -underground

the leadership of the local underground cable 222467 special

222468 telecommunication network distribution in nespojových


Telecommunications Management local underground 222469 n.e.c.

222471 other works for the power-bases, etc.

power equipment

222479 underground construction for energy

222491 fencing 2224

222492 Lighting network of the outer buildings 2224


23 Files buildings for industrial purposes


Files 230 buildings for industrial purposes

2301 Construction mining and extraction of 52 261

the work of mining-230111 wells and pits

230112 Works mine-šibíky, překopy, corridors, tunnels

the work of mining 230119-spatial works and other works of mine

230121 Track rope trackless ground for extraction of raw materials

and transport costs

230131 Objects editing raw materials

230132 Objects of production of building materials

230141 towers, masts, Tower stacks for mining and

extraction of raw materials

230151 Various construction land production for extraction (in addition to the


Basics of technological production equipment 230171

230191 fencing 2301

external Lighting network structures 230192 2301

the construction of power plants, 2302 (works of energy production) 52 262

230211 Objects of nuclear power stations (except buildings)

230218 Objects of nuclear power plants operating auxiliary and

Special (except buildings)

230221 nuclear non-energy reactors operating Objects

(except buildings)

230231 Objects of power plants heat, wind, water and

incinerators (except buildings)

230239 Other construction electricity auxiliary and similar

(except buildings)

Cooling Towers for energy 230241

230249 Construction production for energy, j. n. (except buildings)

230251 Chimneys and flue pipes for energy

230271 fundamentals of energy technological production


230279 underground construction electricity

230291 fencing 2302

230292 Lighting network outside buildings 2302

2303 Construction for chemical industry 52 263

230311 Construction for the production and treatment of chemical raw materials

(except buildings)

the construction of additional land for 230318 chemical production

(except buildings)

230341 towers, masts, Tower stacks of chemical enterprises

230349 Construction production of chemical enterprises, j. n. (in addition to the


industrial chimneys 230351 chemical companies

230379 underground construction of chemical enterprises

230391 fencing 2303

230392 Lighting network of the outer buildings 2303

2304 constructions for other industries n.e.c. 52 269

230411 Construction of metallurgical and heavy industry (except buildings)

230418 Building land additional for metallurgical and heavy industry

230441 towers, masts, Tower-trays for other


230449 production for other industries n.e.c. (in addition to the


230451 industrial chimneys for other industries

230471 Basics of technological equipment for production

other industry

230479 underground construction for other industries

230491 fencing 2304

230492 Lighting network of the outer buildings 2304


24 Other engineering works


241 constructions for sport and recreation

sports field 52 271 2411

241111 Area stadiums

241112 Desktop courses and training grounds

241113 golf courses

241131 Uncovered swimming-pool

241132 Outdoor shooting range

241151 racetracks

241169 exposed surfaces sports n.e.c.

241191 fencing 2411

241192 Lighting network outside buildings 2411

2412 other buildings for sport and recreation 52 279. č2

241211 parks and gardens

241212 children's and school playground

241221 Area ski trails

241222 the area uncovered the rinks

241231 Port Accessories for sailing boats, yachts and

sports boats

241249 other buildings for sport and recreation (except buildings)

241291 fencing 2412

external Lighting network structures 241292 2412

242 Other engineering works n.e.c.

2420 Other engineering works n.e.c. 52 290

Construction Engineering 242011 military (except buildings)

242021 launch pad and the base for satellites

242041 landfill of waste

242051 monuments and fine architecture

242052 wall and ramparts of the separate

242061 Design of hop gardens

242062 Construction vineyards

242079 military underground construction

242089 Other civil engineering works n.e.c.

242091 Fences separate j. n.

242092 Lighting network outside buildings 2420


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