Promulgating Český Les Protected Landscape Area

Original Language Title: , kterým se vyhlašuje Chráněná krajinná oblast Český les

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70/2005 Sb.


of 12 October. January 25, 2005

promulgating Český les protected landscape area

The Government directs pursuant to § 25 para. 3 of Act No. 114/1992 Coll., on the protection of

nature and landscape:

§ 1

Český les protected landscape area

To ensure nature conservation and landscape protection of the Czech forest shall be designated

Český les protected landscape area (the "area"). The area consists of

the mountains of the Bohemian Forest in the border with the Federal Republic of Germany, with

harmoniously shaped the landscape, a significant proportion of natural ecosystems

forest and permanent grassland, with high purity of environment and

minimum proportion of disturbed areas.

§ 2

Mission area

The Mission of the area is the preservation and restoration of the natural environment,

in particular, ecosystems, wildlife and flora,

and the preservation of the typical character of the landscape while developing

ecologically optimal system use of the landscape and their natural


§ 3

Demarcation of the area

(1) the area is located in the Pilsen region.

(2) the territorial definition and description of the boundaries is contained in Appendix No. 1 to this

Regulation, a graphical representation of the area is contained in annex 2 to the

application of this regulation.

(3) the basic map, in which the territory of the region is shown in the scale 1:50

000, is stored at the Ministry of the environment, the Regional Office

The Pilsen region, municipal authorities on whose territory the area is situated,

and the administration of the protected landscape area in the Czech Republic (hereinafter referred to as "Administration").

Management reports to the competent authority for registration of the cadastral register

real estate data change about how the protection of immovable property on the territory of

area. ^ 1)

§ 4

The breakdown of the area

(1) the territory of the region is divided into four zones of graduated protection of nature.

(2) zone I refers to the territory with the most natural

values, in particular natural or little altered ecosystems and more

extremely valuable territory specially protected areas (in particular the national

nature reserves, national nature monuments, nature reserves,

natural monuments), and selected parts of the territorial system of ecological stability

(hereinafter referred to as "the system of ecological stability") of supranational and

regional importance. The objective is to preserve or gradual recovery

self-controlling features and limitations of human interventions into the natural environment

at the lowest possible level.

(3) to II. the zone includes the territory of the forest and used economically

agricultural ecosystems with locally appropriate natural uchovalými

for the economic use of the environment-friendly way. In addition to this

incorporated and the territory of the zone necessary for the preservation of natural values in I.

zone. The aim is to sustain the natural values and the gradual increase of the species and

spatial diversity of ecosystems, in particular by creating a functional

the system of ecological stability.

(4) To III. the zones are to be significantly altered by human activity

ecosystems, intensively used by forest and agricultural land and

dispersed rural development. The aim is to maintain and support the use of

territory for environmentally optimised forestry and Agriculture and

appropriate forms of tourism and recreation.

(5) To (IV). the zone includes human activity heavily amended parts

nature and continuously built-up settlements with the territorial reserve and follow-up

cultivated agricultural land.

(6) if as a result of forestry, agriculture, and

the revitalisation of the countryside to improve the State of the natural environment,

any changes to the areas of individual zones carried out in consultation with the

owners and users of land.

More protective conditions

§ 5

(1) throughout the territory of the region is possible only with the prior consent of the Administration

and be marked hiking, cycling) and the cross-country trails,

(b)) to perform air application of fertilizers, ^ 2) chemical substances or

chemical preparations, ^ 3)

c) place information, advertising and promotional devices outside built-up

the territory of the municipality; This provision shall not apply to the placing of traffic

signs and traffic equipment on roads ^ 4) and signal and

equipment on the runway, ^ 5)

(d) indicate the place for parking) motor vehicles according to the specific

the legislation of the ^ 5) outside built-up areas of villages,

e) provision new border crossings,

(f) expand the use of existing) border crossings,

g) organize sports, recreational and other mass actions outside the space for


(h)) to perform takeoffs and landings with sports flying devices

under special legislation ^ 6) outside the space reserved for the

for this activity, after the written consent of an authorised person under the Special

legislation, ^ 7)

I) to enter on horseback and bicycles off the road and places


j) modify the trough of water flows,

k) benefit humolity.

(2) on the territory of the III. and (IV). zones can be used only with the consent of management set up

scopes or introduce the intensive breeding of game and fish.

§ 6

(1) in the restoration and education forest stands are progressing the persons to whom

obligations of a special legal regulation, ^ 8) so that the

strengthen the representation of the natural species composition of forests, and in I.

II. zone areas will preferably use the natural recovery of the forest


(2) the protection and use of surface and groundwater flow through

the person authorized by a special legal regulation ^ 9) in order to contribute

to maintain the natural conditions for the life aquatic and wetland

ecosystems while preserving the natural character and nature of the Middle

the appearance of the watercourses, water bodies and wetlands. When you edit or maintenance

troughs of watercourses flow through these persons to be renewed

natural or semi-natural watercourses trough.

The effectiveness of the

§ 7

This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 January 2000. August 2005.

Prime Minister:

JUDr. Gross v. r.

The Minister of the environment:

RNDr. Ambrozek in r.

Č. 1

The territorial delimitation and description of the boundaries of the protected landscape area Český les

The northern part of

From the border crossing with Germany Broumov-Mähring border crossing border after

communication (II)/201 to the village of Broumov for back of Chodov, where municipalities dodges

right after the eastern border of the land plot no 1366/1 in the cadastral authority of Broumov

on back of Chodov and drive through the eastern border of the land

plot no. 1353 in the cadastral authority of Broumov for back of Chodov to Hamerskému Creek and

After going up to the unnamed tributary to pravostrannému and after him on to the pond

Podlesák and after the local road III/19919 to local parts of the front Profile

(part of the municipality Chodský Újezd), where it veers to the right and in front of buildings after

edge of the forest is returning back to the head of communications, to the village of Halže. Before

the municipality borders on the right and avoids Halže continues after the edge of the forest to a special-purpose

communications (p. p. no 721/1 in cadastral Halže) and runs along purpose-built (p. p.

No 713/3 in cadastral Halže) and local (p. p. no 713/1 in cadastral Halže)

communication to the downstream and to the pond "on High". Further communication to the

the local part of the upper Uplands (part of the municipality of Halže), which in the North

bypasses the land parcel No. 326/1 in the cadastral authority of Uplands and returns

back to communication. After it runs, to communicate to the local

part of the lower Uplands (City Park), which bypasses the North after

cadastral boundary and returns back to communications III/19921. After her

to the South, skirting the water reservoir Lučinu and continues towards the Pile u Tachova

and in front of a pile of Tachov municipality along the border of the land territory,

divisive cadastral Pile of Tachov and cadastral Lucina of Tachov to

path-p # 1635 in cadastral Pile of Tachov (access road to

objects outside the village) to the House. 57 in the village a "pile" of Tachov, which

bypasses and continues along a dirt road to the unnamed stream and after him against

the stream to a local ad hoc communication and further to his hut "Hruškovna",

which bypasses, and returns to the communication III/19921. After further

the Boundary continues to the village of Lesná. Before municipalities in 627 veers to the right dimensions after

land parcel No. 1461/2 and # 1466 in cadastral Lesná (overgrown keywords: landscape

the journey, bound), and around the water tank is behind the village back to communication No.

III/39910. After about 2 km on a dirt path turns right and continues

New Houses in the local part (the part of the municipality of Rozvadov), from where, to communicate

leads to a dimension 549, where it branches off left on the forest path and follow it South

direction continues up to the State border with Germany.

The southern part of

From the border with Germany (border landmark 5/11, "fish bridge")

the boundaries of the PLA after the intersection of forest roads and followed it to the "Triangle" and further

to the East along the forest path to communicate with Diana-Svatá Kateřina

Rozvadov (local names of the forest roads: Prime, strategic,

dianská, elite). After the construction of the high-speed construction

(Nuremberg-Prague) boundaries of the Český les PROTECTED LANDSCAPE AREA from the border with Germany to the

Diana-the St. Kateřina communication after the southern edge of the housing of the track. Further

leads after this communication, and before a local parts of St. Catherine in Rozvadov

(part of the municipality of Rozvadov) branches off to the right after the nameless tributary

Kateřinského Brook and Kateřinském Brook to its

left-hand tributary (p. p. # 1253 in the cadastral authority of Saint Catherine in

Rozvadov) and followed it upstream to the boundary of the land parcel No.

998/1 in cadastral Svata Katerina in Rozvadov and after its western border to

p. communication No. 1192 in the cadastral authority of Saint Catherine in Rozvadov and over it

continues after the western border of the land plot no 72/1 in the cadastral authority of Holy

Catherine in Rozvadov and further along the western border of the land plot no.

72/3 in cadastral Svata Katerina of Tachov to the unnamed tributary

Wenceslas Creek and followed it to pass on communications II/605. After this

the Boundary continues to the edge of communication development of Přimda, which

the route bypasses to the South under the power lines, and the city continues again

After the communication of the Přimda-Třemešné. After the communication is through the local part

Rájov (part of Přimda) and before the municipality turns right around Třemešné

fencing of family houses and agricultural area and the edge of the forest to

Bezděkovskému Creek. In the direction of the flow continues to the water

source and further down the dirt road to the campus shooting that bypasses and leads

After the edge of the forest and the western edge of the firing range, on the border

zastavitelného territory of the municipality of the village ZONING defined Třemešné in 2004 and

over the road Bezděkov-Nová Ves a dirt road to the pass and from it after

nameless water flow to Bezděkovskému Creek and after it continues to

the edge of the forest complex of the Hůrka. From here the boundaries of forest vegetation after

the local path on the road to Iron-Bělá nad Radbuzou. After approx. 100 m after the

the border turns south communication after the edge of the forest and follow up

the dirt road to communicate Smolov-Bělá nad Radbuzou. After this

communications to the town boundary continues Bělá nad Radbuzou, where before the city

the border turns to the municipal plan of 2003 designated development areas

and goes back to communication. After approx. 200 meters right after the border

the area of former barracks, after the local path of the local communication

"Smolovská," and then follow it to the local path to the Ford across the river Radbuza,

then after that the flow continues to the railway bridge and along the track to

to the area as defined in the zoning plan for housing and service centre, which

bypasses up to communicate Bělá nad Radbuzou-Bystřice. From this

communications branches off the border around the black pond on a dirt path and further

along the forest path to the pond-Island communications. After this communication

continues in the direction of the village pond, it turns to the left on the forest path

head to the white Mill. After approx. 500 m turns left and runs along the stream

the unnamed tributary Creek to the Old dirt road (Island-

Šidlákov) and after it and the adjoining forest path to the local part

Šidlákov (part of the village of Hora Sv. Václava). Before the buildings branches off

right on the dirt road and follow it up on the road Šidlákov-pond (God's

the torment), and the zastavitelného territory of a defined territorial

Plan of 2004 to the north up to the whole settlement Šidlákov bypasses on communication

the mountain to the village of St. Wenceslas. After it continues, from the municipalities of Mount St.

Václav turns right after the border territory of a defined zastavitelného

the zoning plan of the village in 2004 and along the northern edge of the forest returns to the

communication of the Mountain of St. Wenceslas-Drahotín. It turns right on field

the path leading to the local part of Načetín (part of the village of Hora Sv. Václava) and

follow it to its zastavitelnému territory defined by the zoning plan of the municipality in

2004 and after its southwestern border to Načetín the road bypasses

leading to the village of Hvožďany. Before the municipality borders on the right and turns Hvožďany

It runs along the line of power lines around the village up to the head of communications

to the village of Munich in Poběžovice farm. After this communication continues to the village of

Munich in Poběžovice farm, where it branches off on the communication (III). class in Munich

Poběžovice farm-Sezemín and the left continued after nameless flow and after

the eastern boundary of parcels # 5/1 and 833/1 in the cadastral authority for Munich

Poběžovice farm to pick a fight at the school, between the eastern edge of the

draw, on a dirt road and around the pheasantry on communication leading to

Pivoně. After this communication, cca 300 m and continues in the agricultural area

turns to the left on the dirt road and runs along the forest path to the downstream

633 to dimension. From there turns right and a dirt road leads to the dimension and 652

from there, to communicate Nový Kramolín-Novosedly approx. 200 m continues to

defunct municipalities Valtířov, where it branches off left on a dirt road. After this trip

over dimension 568 continues (around the agricultural area) to the edge of the forest in front of the

the municipality parts and along the eastern edge of the municipality Parts except for the bypasses communication

Parts-Klenčí pod Čerchovem. After this communication leading up to the village of Klenci

pod Čerchovem, where approximately 100 m before the municipality turns right and runs along the

the eastern border of the forest of communication klenci pod cerchovem-Capartice.

Furthermore, this communication leads to a dimension 672 and from there continues

communication leading to the village of Chodov u. Before the municipalities of Chodov u

Located right on the dirt road to the South-West, skirting the

Indian mountain and continues along a dirt road "on the rock" over housing

garage to křemennému wall of communication leading to the village of furnace. After this

communication continues up to 528 to dimension, where it branches off to the right on the forest path

head south along the edge of the forest and adjoining the tourist path

(marked in yellow) head across the channel Hot and communication

the natural flow of Warm and after its right bank up to the Hamerskému

mill. From the HAMR mill leads the frontier by the dirt road (p. p. No 756/2,

756/5 in cadastral Lower Folmava) on a path leading to a water tank and to

edge of the forest. On the border along the edge of the Woods leads to the tourist path

(green marked) and follow it up to the State border with Germany.

Č. 2

Graphical representation of the Český les protected landscape area

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