For A Certificate Of Eligibility To Project And To Carry Out Geological Work

Original Language Title: o osvědčení způsobilosti projektovat a provádět geologické práce

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206/2001 Sb.


Ministry of the environment

from day 4. June 2001

about the CPC design, implement and evaluate

geological work

Ministry of the environment shall be determined according to section 26 para. 1 of law No.

62/1988 Coll., on geological works, as amended by Act No. 366/2000 Coll.

(hereinafter referred to as the "Act") to implement section 3 (2). 4 of the Act:

§ 1

The subject of the edit

This Decree regulates the scopes for which the certifying the competence of the

design, implement and evaluate geologic work (hereinafter referred to as

"competence") provides the evidence needed to prove the professional

eligibility, the scope of necessary knowledge of legislation

the geological activities related to verification of the professional

eligibility and how to register and the publication of decisions on

certificate of professional competence (hereinafter referred to as the "certificate").

§ 2

Fields of competence

(1) the competence of the certifying examination of the geological survey for scopes

construction, geology, hydrogeology, engineering geology,

environmental geology, geology, geochemistry, and the remediation of geophysics. These

scopes are placed on the round stamp of the responsible Solver geological

work. ^ 1)

(2) For the purposes of this Ordinance, means the

and examination of the geological structures) geological work referred to in § 2 (2). 1

(a). and) of the Act,

b) bearing the geology of the geological work referred to in § 2 (2). 1 (b). (b))

and (e)) of the Act,

(c)) hydrogeologií geological works referred to in § 2 (2). 1 (b). (c)), and (d))

the Act, as they relate to hydrogeology,

d) engineering geology geological works referred to in § 2 (2). 1 (b). (d))

the Act, as they relate to engineering geology,

(e)) the environmental geology the geological work referred to in § 2 (2). 1

(a). (f)) of the Act,

(f) the remediation of the geology of the geological work) referred to in § 2 (2). 1 (b). (g))

the law,

g) geochemií geological works referred to in § 2 (2). 1 (b). a) to (g))

the law, if they are carried out by geochemickými methods

h) geofyzikou geological work referred to in

§ 2 (2). 1 (b). a) to (g)) of the Act if they are carried out only

geophysical methods.

§ 3

The condition of professional competence

A natural person applying for a certificate (hereinafter referred to as "the applicant") shall comply with the

the following conditions:

and) integrity, ^ 2)

(b)) a college education in the field of natural sciences or with the

geological focus and experience in the field of at least three years, or

full secondary vocational education with geological focus with experience in the field

at least five years,

(c)) share the solution of geological tasks; the evidence of songwriting or

the copyright of the overall solution of geological tasks in the field, for

that certificate is requested, or the songwriting of publications aimed at

the scope,

(d) the level of the current work) (section 5),

e) exam knowledge of legislation relating to

geological activity (hereinafter referred to as "knowledge of the law") (section 6).

To verify the technical competence

§ 4

(1) when the verification of professional competence shall be assessed the expert level

previous works (§ 5) and validates the knowledge of the law (§ 6).

(2) verification of professional competence shall be initiated upon a written

application submitted by the applicant to the Ministry of the environment (hereinafter referred to as

"the Ministry").

(3) the request contains

and) name, surname, academic degree, or. also, degree

date and place of birth, address of residence and telephone.

electronic connection,

(b)) the scope for which is the competence of the requested

(c)) an extract from the criminal record not older than six months,

(d) evidence of the required education). At the high-school educated applicants

officially certified copies are required report card showing the composition of the

graduation of the subject teaching, focusing on geology. U

graduates of higher vocational colleges with geology courses

demonstrating a certified copy of a document on the discharge. For College/University

educated applicants is required to officially certified copy of diploma,

a report card on State graduation test, or similar document issued by the

high school, which shows get higher education according to the

§ 3 (b). b). If it is not clear from the document that the

the condition is true, you must complete the application document of the Studio. ^ 3)

Graduates of foreign schools submitted similar documents proving the

required training

e) length and focus of the current practice of the applicant when design,

implementation and evaluation of geological works accompanied by an overview

current professional activities and a list of works (projects, partial and

the final report, or parts thereof, and further technical work) in the field, for

requested certificate, which the applicant is the author of, or on the

the overall solution is co-authored. When a larger number of works can be

only a selection of the works, which the applicant considers to be representative,

(f)) of the selected projects, the partial and final report and further technical work,

by which the applicant demonstrates your level of expertise and the ability to project,

manage and evaluate the geological works. In geology presents

the applicant at least one project and one message, for other disciplines at least

one project and two messages, or other professional work. In cases

When the applicant can submit a project, replaces it with the message. For projects and

messages, on which the applicant only participated in solemn form, specify:

a statement that part of the project or the message, which is his work. If

some of the submitted works or part thereof constitutes trade secrets ^ 4)

the principal work, applicants shall indicate that fact in the request,

g) proof of payment of the administrative fee kolkovými. ^ 5)

(4) the Ministry issues a certificate for an indefinite period, ^ 6) on the basis of

compliance with the conditions referred to in section 3. The certificate shall specify the scope of geological

work under section 2, for which the certificate is valid.

(5) an applicant whose application has been rejected, you may submit a new application

soon as possible after the expiry of one year from the effective date of the decision of the

rejection of the application.

(6) a person to whom the certificate was revoked by the Ministry, ^ 6) may submit a new

request at the earliest after expiry of two years from the effective date of the decision of the

the cancellation of the certificate.

§ 5

The assessment of the proficiency of past work

(1) the professional level of the current work is assessed by evaluating

the work submitted by the expert guarantors. To obtain a certificate is

necessary that the applicant has received positive reviews and recommendations at least

two expert guarantors.

(2) an assessment of the professional level of the existing work must be done

in writing and professional guarantor in it must detail the reasons for which

recommends or does not recommend the granting of professional competence. These reasons

must be based on an assessment of the professional level of the existing work, or

other geological works, the author is demonstrably the applicant.

Expert guarantor of the evaluation must be signed and dated.

(3) Professional guarantors for each scope of geological work called and

recalled by the Ministry from the ranks of experts recommended by professional

organisations. For each scope is designated as not more than 7 expert guarantors.

Recommendation on the appointment, which shall be submitted to the profession and professional

the Association of geologists and geological organizations must include professional

profile of the proposed guarantor and detailed factual statement of reasons.

§ 6

Verification of knowledge of the rules

(1) knowledge of the law is being validated by examination before the examining Board

(hereinafter referred to as "the Commission"). The Commission consists of the President, the Vice-President and the other

Members, who are appointed and dismissed by the Ministry. The Commission has

at least 4 and not more than 7 members. The Vice-President shall represent the President at the time of

his absence. The activities of the Commission shall arrange for the Secretary of the Commission appointed by the

the Ministry, which is not a member of the Commission.

(2) a quorum of the Commission in the presence of the President or

Vice-Presidents and at least three other members of the Commission. Decides by a simple

a majority of votes of the present members of the Commission. In the event of a tie

is decided by the vote of the Chairman or in his absence the Vice-President vote.

(3) the subject of the test is to verify the knowledge of the following legal

rules and their application:

and) for all applicants, the law and the implementing legislation for the law,

(b)) for applicants for the scope of the geology the top law, legislation

regulating mining activities and relevant parts of the building Act, in

provisions concerning work and utilization of geological bearing

their results,

(c)) for applicants for scopes, hydrogeology, engineering geology,

environmental geology and geology of the bailout legislation in the area of

the activities carried out using mining techniques, the law on waters and construction

the law, in the provisions concerning the relevant geological works,

(d)) for all applicants, the civil code, the commercial code, the administrative code, and

laws governing legally protected interests that represent

clashes with the design, implementation and evaluation of the geological work.

Subject tests are the provisions relating to the preparation, implementation,

evaluation and liquidation of consequences of geological work and use their

the results.

(4) in the context of the verification of professional competence can be a test of knowledge

legislation not more than twice, and no later than 6 months

Since the submission of the application. By this time does not include time that was

proceedings discontinued.

(5) a closer definition of the legislation and the Ministry topics

publish in the journal of the Ministry of the environment and communicate them to the

the applicant in the summons for the test.

(6) the opinion of the Commission a test result is "pass" or "fail". In

If the applicant has not complied with, the Commission President will acquaint applicants with

the reasons which the Commission gave rise to negative reviews. The test result is

on the day of the test is announced.

(7) the report shall be drawn up, which shall indicate the test

questions, and the test result. In the event that the applicant has not complied with, the

justification. The Protocol signed by the Chairman or Deputy Chairman of the Commission.

§ 7

The confidentiality of

Materials submitted by the applicant to request professional qualifications are

confidential and without the prior written consent of the applicant may be

made available only to professional garantům and employees of the Ministry, who

provide verification of professional competence.

§ 8

The method of accounting for and disclosure of certificates issued

(1) the register of the Ministry about certificates issued (hereinafter referred to as "the register")

contains a list of the names of the holders of certificates issued and their address,

the definition of the scope of geological work, for which the certificate is valid, the date

issue of the certificate and the term of validity of those certificates

It was released for a limited period in accordance with the existing legislation.

(2) any person may inspect the register and make excerpts and copies.

(3) the information from the records of the Ministry in the Bulletin of the Ministry publishes

of the environment and on its website.

§ 9

Transitional provisions

(1) Valid certificates issued for a limited period in accordance with the existing legal

modifications shall remain in force for the period for which it was issued.

(2) the applicant with a certificate issued for a limited period in accordance with the existing legal

Edit, which you must lodge an application before the expiry of this period, the

design, implement and evaluate the geological work for six months

from the period of validity of the certificate.

(3) a certificate issued for the geological works-remediation shall be construed as

certificates issued for the redevelopment of geology.

§ 10

Regulation (EEC)

Repeals the Decree 412/1992 Coll., on the certificate of professional competence

design, implement and evaluate the geological work.

§ 11

The effectiveness of the

This Decree shall take effect on the date of publication.


RNDr. Kužvart in r.

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Act No. 366/2000 Coll.

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