On The Conditions For The Construction And Operation Of The Mine Fire Water Supply

Original Language Title: o podmínkách pro stavbu a provoz důlního požárního vodovodu

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2/1994 Sb.


The Czech Mining Authority

of 29 April 2004. November 1993,

laying down the conditions for the construction and operation of the mine fire

tap water

The Czech mining Office lays down pursuant to § 6 paragraph 1. 6 (a). Czech law)

the National Council No. 61/1988 Coll. on mining activities, explosives and

the State Mining Administration, as amended by the Act of the Czech National Council No. 425/1990

Coll., Act of the Czech National Council No. 542/1991 Coll. and Act No. 169/1993



Introductory provisions

§ 1

The scope of the

This Decree shall apply to the construction and operation of the mine fire water supply

in deep mines.

§ 2

Interpretation of the terms

For the purposes of this Ordinance shall be deemed to

and) fire water water that is in the event of a mine fire intended to

its extinction,

(b) the mine fire) supply and distribution of fire water

(c) the vertical pit mining work), šibík and also úklonné mining work leading to the


§ 3

Basic provisions

(1) Mining fire must be developed and dimensioned so that it

It was possible to remove the amount of fire water under section 4.

(2) Mining fire water supply system may be used for the supply of technological

water and for the purposes of protection of the mine explosion of coal dust.

(3) Mining fire water supply must be protected against freezing.

(4) fire water must not contain particles of the size of more than 1.2 mm.


Technical requirements

§ 4

The parameters of the mining of the fire water supply

Mine fire water supply system must be designed so as to allow

and) on coal mines of all used and accessible mining

parts of other mines in the areas referred to in § 13 para. 2 (a). and)

fire water supply in quantities of at least 400 l min-1 by hydraulic

the excess pressure at a flow rate of 0.25 MPa hydrostatic pressure, and at the end of

the pipe shall be not less than 0.4 MPa,

(b)) in the gassy mines II. class for disaster risk to bring

to the fire in the way described in the plan, the amount of water intended

This plan, but at least 900 URl.min-1 in compliance with the pressure referred to in subparagraph


§ 5

Calculation of water distribution network in mine

The dimension of each pipeline branches for the required parameters of the flow

and pressure can be determined from the nomogram for determining resistance in the

steel pipes according to annex No 1. This nomograph is compiled according to

Lummertova formula, while the coefficient of friction of the lambda = 0.047. U

the pipeline operated by more years must be taken into account increase

the coefficient of friction.

§ 6

Linking the mining of the fire water supply and discharge line

(1) the discharge of a series of major pumping stations must be able to rapidly

link to mine fire, New York. A possible way to link is listed

in Appendix 1, Figure 1.

(2) in case of failure of the fire water supply from the surface to the mine must be

addressed in the plan.

§ 7


(1) for mine fire is used for steel tubes.

(2) the Fittings shall be made of materials of the same or better

the material properties than ovens.

(3) the connection is carried out with flange or welding.

(4) sealing flange connections shall be determined having regard to hydrostatic

line pressure and resistance to the effects of fluids, corrosion and heat.

(5) fire fittings shall be of a material which is resistant to nejiskřivého

corrosion and the effects of the mining environment.

(6) fire valves and hoses must resist pressure to the limit (section 10).


Mine fire water supply system in mining

§ 8

The pipes in the pit

The water pipes in the pit must be rated at a pressure that is equal to the

the sum of the pressure shaft Bank pits or drainage sump and waterproof

pressure at a given location. Fastening of pipes must be done according to the

special prescription. ^ 1)

§ 9

Fire protection ensuring vertical mine workings

(1) all vtažné pit and all šibíky with the winze mining leadership the winds must

be equipped with fire protection zkrápěcími wreaths.

(2) fire protection zkrápěcími nevybavují you are testing the rim of the pit and

the testing šibíky that determines the racing down with the consent of the district mining

the Office.

(3) Fire zkrápěcí wreaths are built up of two degrees. The first

the degree is intended for immediate action against fire following its identification, and must

be sized just for such a volume flow of water to the aeromotorický

the pressure caused by the falling water flow has not caused adverse changes in

winds, throwing or congestion of the main or výpomocných fans

etc. The second stage must be sized to the maximum flow rate.

(4) if the calculation and assessment of the effects of the falling water shows that

use a second instance of fire-fighting zkrápěcího wreaths will not cause

adverse changes in the flow of the winds and imperil the ventilation devices, can be used in

the pit and the šibících built just one degree rated as the second

the degree.

(5) the size of the aeromotorického the pressure exerted by the falling water

shall be calculated according to the formula:

16.4. q

Delta p =----------(Pa),

8.9 + in

Delta pL = delta p. (L). 10-2 (Pa),


Delta p is the pressure caused by the falling water at 100 m depth in Pa,

Delta pL is the pressure at any depth of the pit or šibíku in Pa,

L is the depth of the pit or šibíku in m,

q is the flow of the falling water in URl.min-1 per 1 m 2 of the cross-section of the pit

or šibíku,

in the current rate of větrního in the pit or šibíku in m.s-1.

(6) the number of degrees of fire zkrápěcích wreaths is determined on the basis of

calculate the size of aeromotorického the pressure exerted by the falling water and

evaluate the effects of falling water in the wind network, and the ventilation of the device.

The accuracy of the calculations shall be verified by practical test or modelling.

(7) to protipožárnímu zkrápěcímu with the first degree must be secured

the water supply of a specified volume flow calculation, to protipožárnímu

zkrápěcímu with the second level of the volume flow at least 50 URl.min-1

per 1 m2 cross section of the pit, or šibíku.

(8) fire protection zkrápěcí wreath (both grades) are placed

and in the vtažných pits under) fire hatches as close to the pit, shaft Bank

(b)) in the šibících with the úpadně guided větrním shock as close as possible to the mouth

šibíku on the top floor,

(c)) in the required pits and in šibících with inclined led by větrním shock

with the highest speed winds of 10 m. s-1 as in the vtažných pits.

(9) the water supply for fire-fighting zkrápěcím věncům is controlled by the

closing gate valves manually. For the first instance of fire zkrápěcích

wreaths and garlands at the fire zkrápěcího referred to in paragraph 4 may be next to

hand control also use automatic control with sensors

in such places and distances to a fire safe

indicated and device activity. The gate valves are placed so that the

If the fire was easily accessible. For the ability to control water flow

for the vacuum in the direction of the stream puts pressure gauge. When using the two

degree of fire zkrápěcích wreaths, the gauge must be

fire-fighting zkrápěcího first instance indicated a maximum rim

permissible pressure corresponding to the volume flow of water for the first degree.

This pressure when using fire zkrápěcích wreaths in the first degree

must not be exceeded.

(10) the shut-off valves must be marked with the information labels and must

be adequately secured against abuse.

(11) the Functional ability of the zkrápěcího device must be periodically, not more than

After 6 months, check. The water volume flow meter is checked

located behind the vacuum in the direction of the current. A check must be carried out to

the purpose of the designated worker. Of inspection must be kept in the record, in which the

the result of the inspection and shall indicate the measures to eliminate


§ 10

Burst pressure

Must be made of such technical measures, in order not to increase the

the water pressure in the pipe above the value of the limit pressure. The value of the limit pressure

is determined by the lowest value of the nominal pressure of the used fire hoses and

fittings, hoses for hemp 1.2 MPa, for isolated hoses 1.37

MPA and wall hydrant 1.6 MPa.

§ 11

Manifolds and sink

(1) the pressure in mine fire tap water can be, if necessary,

reduced by reducing station or sink.

(2) reducing station must be located in an accessible place. Handling

with pressure-reducing station must be prevented from unauthorized persons.

(3) if it is to reduce the pressure applied to the bottoms must be adjusted to

ensure the smooth supply of water referred to in § 4. Recommended content

one sink is 5 m3. The sink may have multiple parts that are linked together.

§ 12

Safety valves

As the by-pass pressure reducing station must be fitted with safety valves with

set pressure less than the value of the limit pressure.

section 13 of the

The location of the branch for fire hose connections

(1) to ensure the collection of fire water pipe must be mine fire

a water main fitted with taps with wall hydrants for connection

fire hoses. Wall hydrant 52 or 75 connects

watertight onto the threaded neck of the relevant water pipe. The slope of the

the neck is set according to local conditions so that when you use the

avoid the quarry connected fire hoses.

(2) the turn-off with wall hydrants shall be

and) on all mines

1. at the opening of the gallery or winzes, if is the main mining unit,

2. on the shaft Bank pit,

3. in each of the pits and šibíku nárazišti,

4. for warehouses and storage of explosives,

5. storage of combustibles,

6. place the racing down after consultation with the Golden Hill mining

rescue station

(b)) on coal mines also

1. for all of the underground premises (Chambers), and about 5 to 10 m ago

entrance to the vtažné side,

2. the corridors with belt transport at distances more than 50 m,

3. all other operating corridors and other used

long mining at distances more than 200 m,

4. for wall porubů and headings mined long mines the most 50

m from the face (face) on the vtažné and the testing side,

5. the corridors with belt transport with his greater than 5 degrees in

most 40 m distances,

6. for otvírkových works, passing through the seams prone to spontaneous combustion of 20 m

the New York Times, before nafáráním for more after 50 m and the last at a distance of 20 m in

the transition to full profile excavation of rock

7.5 m from the last boom in the direction of the belt against the flow of mine

the winds,

8. at the end of each branch of the fire water supply, mining

9. in the preparatory and porubních corridors for most Chamber 50 m from the face

or Chamber,

10. at the beginning and at the end of a separate větrního Department. In gassy

mines II. class of danger at the turnoff valves at the beginning and at the end of

a separate větrního and nárazištích Department attached wall

hydrants 75.

(3) the emergency plan shall designate the places with a high fire risk. In these

sites must also be able to subscribe to fire water and

spaced hose cabinets.

§ 14

Fittings and hose cabinets

(1) valves are placed on the right-hand side of each branch pipe

network in all directions. In addition, the place for greater flexibility

shut-off valves at distances of about 500 to 800 m from the branches

each of the branches.

(2) spout wall hydrant must be easily accessible.

(3) Hose portable Cabinet must be made of non-combustible material

and must contain at least the following equipment:

and with fire hoses with) půlspojkami 52 x 20 3 SC,

(b)) and on the key hook couplings fittings 1 SC,

(c) the sleeve on the hose) 5 SC,

d) watershed line clonovou or fog-1 PCs.

In gassy mines II. class of danger must hose portable wardrobe

located in the places according to § 13 para. 2 the last sentence also contain

reduction polospojku for transition from the fittings C 52 B 75.


Inspection, measurement and marking of

§ 15

Review of the mining of the fire water supply

Check ^ 2) State pipeline and all accessories water consists

in particular, of the checks

and) whether the mine fire under pressure

(b)) of all the flanged and threaded connections for leaks,

(c) all valves in the network), whose proper function is maintained,

where appropriate, the exchange of seals, protáčením and spindle lubrication, cleaning

the contact surfaces and so on,

(d)), the content of the hose

e) pits and reduction stations including safety valves.

section 16 of the

How to check the pressure and quantity

(1) to measure the amount and pressure of water in the mine fire tap water is

It's the T-piece fitted with a manometer with a range from 0 to 1.5 MPa and

an aperture with a diameter of 21 mm or 32 mm in accordance with Annex 2, which is part of the

of this order. Measuring the T-piece bearing a fixed coupling 52 or fixed

clutch 75 75/52 using transition is connected directly to the wall


(2) hydraulic pressure is measured when fully open wall hydrant.

The pressure value on the control pressure gauge shall be deducted after its settling after

fully open the hydrant. The quantity of water flowing through an aperture with a diameter of

21 and 32 mm for different pressures, will be evaluated in accordance with the table set out in

Annex No. 3, which is part of this order.

(3) on the outcome of these checks and measures to eliminate the defects must be

the record is made.

(4) the place of a physical quantity measurement in accordance with § 4 para. 1 (b).

(b)) determined by local conditions, racing down.

§ 17


(1) to indicate the pipeline ^ 3) fire water supply sufficient deep mining

red stripes with a width of 20 cm in the distances of 30 m. The mark must be

also, for each branch and fittings.

(2) Hose cabinets must be painted red and marked with white paint

the inscription "hose Cabinet" with a height of 10 cm, or white letters "H" with a height of 20



Transitional and final provisions

section 18

Transitional provisions

The obligations referred to in § 9 para. 2 (a). 6 in the last sentence must be

met by 31 December 2006. December 1994.

§ 19


Czech Mining Authority may, in exceptional cases, allow exceptions to the

the provisions of § 4, § 6 (1). 1, § 7 (2). 1 and 5, § 9 para. 1, section 13 and section 14

paragraph. 4, a request together with a draft alternative measures.

section 20

The effectiveness of the

This Decree shall take effect on the date of publication.


Ing. Bartos v.r.

Č. 1

Nomograph for determination of the resistance of the steel pipes (according to

Lummertova formulas)

Fig. 1. the Scheme linking the mining of the fire water supply and discharge


Č. 2

T-piece for measuring hydraulic pressure

Č. 3

The table for the evaluation of water flow

Hydraulic pressure Discharge (min-1)

for the flow (MPa) an aperture with a diameter of

21 mm 32 mm

0.10 169 370

0.20 384 750

0.25 454 880

0.30 511 960

0.35 559 1040

0.40 600 1100

0.45 637 1170

0.50 670

0.55 700

0.60 727

0.65 751

0.70 775

0.75 796

0.80 810

0.85 835

0.90 853

0.95 870

1.00 886

1.05 900

1) Decree of the Czech Mining Authority No 22/1989 Coll. on safety and

occupational health and safety in mining activities and

When activities carried out using mining techniques in the underground, in the text of the


2) § 173 paragraph. 2 Decree No. 22/1989 Coll.

3) § 222 para. 3 Decree No. 22/1989 Coll.

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