On The Establishment, Operation, Safeguarding And Disposal Of The Equipment

Original Language Title: o zřizování, provozu, zajištění a likvidaci zařízení

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99/1992 Sb.


The Czech Mining Authority

of 20 December. February 1992

on the establishment, operation, disposal, seizure and storage devices

waste in underground spaces

300/2005: Sb.

The Czech mining Office pursuant to § 34 paragraph 1. 4 of law No. 44/1988 Coll., on the protection and

the use of mineral wealth (the top Act), as amended by the law of the Czech

the National Council No. 541/1991 Coll., provides:


General provisions

§ 1

The subject of the edit

This Decree incorporates the relevant provisions of the European Communities ^ 1)

and regulates the further details for the establishment, operation, safeguarding and

disposal facilities for waste disposal in underground spaces (

"the store") as a specific intervention in the Earth's crust ^ 2).

§ 2

Definition of terms

For the purposes of this Ordinance shall be construed as

and the storage of waste)-underground spaces resulting from the natural effects of or

mining activities, or activities carried out using mining techniques, in

storing waste,

(b)) provisioning storage-the activity giving rise to the waste storage, IE.

the design, construction or reconstruction of the underground space of the appropriate

as the storage of waste, including their prospecting and exploration,

(c) storage-operation activities) when storing wastes in underground

areas on the basis of the operational regulations,

(d) storage-design) ensuring the necessary precautions when temporary

stop the operation of the storage of waste,

e) disposal of storage-make the necessary arrangements to

permanent cessation of operation of the storage of waste.

§ 3

Storage of waste

(1) to store waste underground legal and natural persons may only

the basis of the obtained permission ^ 3) ^ 4). The repository is expressed

the competent authority of the State administration under a special legal regulation ^ 5).

(2) a precondition for the issuance of the permit is the previous determination of the protected

the territory according to the specific legislation. ^ 6)

(3) to the storage of waste cannot be accepted waste specified in the annex (hereinafter referred to as

"the excluded wastes").

(4) in the storage of the waste may be accepted only waste that fulfils the

requirements laid down by special legislation on waste ^ 6a) persisted

to the landfill the same group to which the repository was classified according to

the results of an integrated assessment of storage ^ 6b). The waste, which could

interact, must be defined in the basic characterisation of the waste

producer and divided into groups according to the mutual compatibility;

each storage group must be separated.


Provisioning storage of waste

§ 4

Search and survey waste sites

(1) search and survey waste sites can be carried out only on the

the basis of a permit issued under the specific legislation. ^ 7)

(2) for the prospecting and exploration are legal and natural persons are obliged to:

and special-interest territory) verify as to detect and evaluate comprehensively

the geological conditions,

(b)) to verify storage conditions and development area of interest so that the

design and construction of underground storage could take place according to the

principles of mining technology and has been used for all of the positive

the properties of the rock mass,

(c)) use such methods and procedures to avoid a freeze-out or

subsequent use of the rock mass disfigurement for the purposes of the underground

storage of waste,

(d)) to determine the facts needed to an assessment of possible effects of storage

waste bearing minerals, water resources, the environment and other

important public interests,

(e)) when you cancel the search and survey to implement measures in order to

nezmařila mine workings and implementation of further research by neztížilo.

§ 5

Design and construction of the waste sites

(1) The design, construction or reconstruction of the waste storage

subject to building regulations, ^ 8) where this Ordinance or other legal

^ 9) legislation provides otherwise.

(2) documentation building referred to in paragraph 1 must, in addition to requirements

laid down in other general regulations provide

optimal deployment) surface and underground structures, devices, and

mine workings,

b) safety and health and safety at work,

ensure the mine workings, ventilation, pumping and draining of mine water, protection

against explosions, průvalům, fire and shock hazards, as well as against the průtržím

rocks and gases

(c)) dealing with relations to other sectors and the public interest národohospodářským

protected by specific provisions, ^ 10) not only in terms of direct

the consequences of the planned investment, but also in terms of the consequences

United waste disposal underground.

(3) the safety and health protection at work and the safety of the operation when

establishment of underground storage of waste, including the safety of

technical equipment and fire protection is fully governed by the

special provision. ^ 11)


§ 6

The operation of the waste sites

(1) the district mining Office in the decision on the authorisation of activities

the conditions for the storage and handling of waste in underground storage, and it

in accordance with the conditions laid down by the competent authorities of the State administration ^ 5)

on the basis of categorization and characteristics of the waste according to the specific

legislation. ^ 12)

(2) the operator shall in particular:

and to dispose of waste as) prepared the operational order, which was

approved by the competent authority of the State administration, ^ 5)

(b) keep records of the quantity), type and origin of the waste is taken to

Save the. ^ 13) within the prescribed mapping documentation ^ 4) indicate the storage location


(c)) to handle the emergency plan to combat the serious traffic accidents and

accidents, ^ 14)

d) in the case that it is possible to make use of the stored waste as a source of secondary

raw materials or energy, to provide a way of storing the waste, which would

neznemožnil its future use,

(e)) to perform a regular sampling of water and vzdušin and according to the results

their analysis to check whether there is adverse change properties

waste and environmental hazards,

(f)) to receive operational measures to remove and correct the

the deficiencies and to create conditions of operation necessary for the care of

human health and the environment,

g) allow control authorities to access the objects, space and equipment, and

on request submit the documentation and to provide truthful and complete

information on facts related to the operation of an underground storage


h) activities related to the operation of underground storage of waste to carry out

through the workers, which was verified by their professional

eligibility, ^ 15)

ch) consistently learn about all their workers with legal and other

the operation of the storage regulations, including safety and waste

health at work, on a regular basis to verify their knowledge of these

regulations and continuously require and monitor compliance therewith.

§ 7

Work safety and operation

(1) the safety and health protection at work and the safety of operation

underground storage of waste, including the safety of technical

equipment and fire protection are governed by a special law. ^ 11)

(2) if the dumping of wastes into underground space in parallel with mining

commercial mineral, special prescription ^ 11) in its entirety.

(3) if there is no commercial mining of the mineral is performed concurrently, and if

the district mining Office provides otherwise, it applies to this activity

special prescription ^ 11) with the exception of provisions:

part one, part two, article 7 Inspections of workplaces

§ 8 Preliminary examinations of mine workings

§ 10 inspection service

part of the third section 16 of the Casting sites

part of the third part of the first section 33, exits from the mine

§ 34 Links the exits of mine

§ 35 exits from the workplace

part four, part of the first Ventilation gassy and coal mines

part two, section one Ventilation neplynujících neuhelných


section 117 of the coupling with a surface Wind down

§ 118 ways of ventilation

section two Mining winds and wind path

§ 122 mine winds Speed

the third section of the main and aux fans

the fourth section of the distribution of mining of the winds

the fifth section Auxiliary ventilation

the sixth section of mine Ventilation of the premises

the seventh section Ventilation temporarily unfilled

and abandoned mine workings

the eighth section check the ventilation and the device

to measure the concentration of gases

and gaseous pollutants

§ 149 Wind balance sheet

§ 150 head of ventilation

part of the fifth down Protection against explosion

coal dust

part six part two, fire protection, measures

against the formation of mine fires

§ 172 Mine Fire

§ 173 Check and repair of mining

fire water supply

§ 174 Fire tank

§ 183 Conveyors

§ 186 Preparatory fire protection dam

in gassy and coal


§ 187 of spontaneous combustion

part seven, part two of mine Dewatering, pumping down


(4) the safety and health protection at work and the safety of the operation when

dumping of wastes into underground space boreholes are governed by part I and II

special prescription. ^ 16)


§ 8

Ensure the storage and disposal of waste

Temporary or permanent cessation of the operation of an underground storage is permitted

on the basis of authorisation under special legislation. ^ 4)

§ 9

The effectiveness of the

This Decree shall take effect on the date of publication.

The President of the Czech Mining Authority:

Ing. Bartos v.r.



a) wastes listed in annex No 5 of Decree No. 294/2005 Coll.

b) wastes and their containers which might under storage conditions

react with water or with a rock environment and lead to:

1. change the volume,

2. creating samozápalných, toxic or explosive substances or gases,

3. another response, which could endanger the operational safety or

the integrity of the barrier of the rock environment,

c) wastes that are biodegradable,

d) wastes that can generate a mixture of gas and air, which is a toxic

or explosive. This applies particularly to wastes that:

1. cause the concentration of toxic gases as a result of partial pressure

their components,

2. create the saturation concentration inside the container, which are

more than 10% of the concentration corresponding to the lower between the explosion limits,

e) wastes that are not stable enough to match

geomechanickým conditions of storage.

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