Hygiene Requirements For The Facilities And Operation Of The Children's Group. Up To 12 Children

Original Language Title: hygienické požadavky na prostory a provoz dětské skup. do 12 dětí

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281/2014 Sb.


of 27 June. November 2014

on sanitary requirements for premises and operation of children's groups to 12


The Ministry of labour and Social Affairs, determined in accordance with section 26 of Act No.

247/2014 Coll. on the provision of services to child care in the children's group and the

change related laws:

§ 1

Outdoor spaces

A provider shall ensure that the child group to 12 children of undeveloped area

the land designated for the stay and the games of children or stay and games children

out on the available public playground or in the countryside.

§ 2

Room for daily stay and rest

(1) for the purposes of the provision of services to child care in the children's group is for

children's group to 12 children set aside a separate room designated for

daily stay and rest of children that the spatial conditions, including

furniture, equipment and toys, corresponds to the age, needs and

number of children (hereinafter referred to as "day room"). Day room area is

at least 3 m2 on one child.

(2) to ensure the rest of the children's day room equipped with sun loungers,

Cribs or high mattresses that provide fixed

support for the back and the number of which corresponds to the number of children in the children's group. Space

for storage bunks, high mattresses and bedding must enable them to

proper ventilation and separate stowage of linen for each child. Every child

must have access to their own marked bedding. The exchange of bed linen,

carried out at least once every 3 weeks, if necessary, immediately.

(3) part of the equipment of the day room is a first aid kit, which is equipped with

first aid supplies.

§ 3

Dressing room

(1) as regards a child's group of not more than 4 children, set aside

space for swapping clothes and footwear for children and carers equipped

wardrobe furniture.

(2) as regards the children's group from 5 to 12 children, the provider shall reserve

the space, which is not included in the daily room to drop the garment and

footwear for children and carers equipped wardrobe furniture.

§ 4

Sanitary facilities

(1) the provider must ensure the appropriate sanitary facilities

equipped, in terms of the children's group

and a maximum of 4 children), 1 toilet, 1 washbasin, 1 shower,

(b)), from 5 to 12 children, in which the most 6 children, 1 child and 1 toilet

sink, in other cases, 2 children's toilets and wash basins, 2 from 5

up to 12 children on 1 baby bath water with a shower or shower box, 1

If they are in a group of children younger than 3 years, a corresponding number of children

Chamber pots, changing table and covered dustbin with a stamp

disposable cylinder.

(2) the sink and shower must be connected to the supply flowing drinking cold

and hot water, and must be provided with only one discharge of water linked to

the Central mixing battery located out of reach of children. When it comes to children's

a group of children from 5 to 12, the sink must be placed at a height of 50 cm above the

the floor and close the outlet valve at a height of 60 cm above the floor; in the case of care

for children under 3 years of age must not exceed the height of the upper edge of the wash basin 43 cm

above the floor.

(3) sanitary facilities must be equipped with toilet paper and SOAP in

the dosage must be ensured and the possibility of drying hands disposable hand towels

use or each child has their own towel placed so that each

towels do not touch. Change of towels is done once per week, in

immediately if necessary.

(4) as regards the children's group from 5 to 12 children, must be hygienic

facilities for caregivers separate from sanitary device

for children, and consists of 1 toilet and 1 wash basin connected to the tap

potable hot and cold water. Sanitary facilities must be equipped with

toilet paper, SOAP in the dispenser and an indoor waste land

the Insert for one use, and must be guaranteed the possibility of drying

hand towels, disposable or hands.

(5) as regards the children's group from 5 to 12 children, the provider must

and) to ensure

1. space equipped with a sink with flowing supply of potable cold and hot

water, including the water outlet, or

2. in the area of hygiene equipment designed for caregivers, other

technical equipment which will ensure the supply of potable hot and cold running

water, including the water outlet located so as to permit the washing and

disinfection of the children's Chamber pots, and

(b)) to ensure a room or cupboard for storing cleaning and

AIDS, which are not accessible to children.

§ 5

Cleaning and linen management

(1) in any premises in which the service is provided in child care

children's group, is done cleaning

and all floors and wiping) surfaces on damp, carpet cleaning

vacuum cleaner,

(b) taking out the rubbish)

c) washing sinks, lavatories and children's Chamber pots for the use of detergents

resources with disinfectant effect,

(d)) by washing and disinfection of washable parts of the walls of the hygiene

the device,

(e)) by Windows including frames, lamps and light sources,

(f) the overall cleaning of all spaces), including wet cleaning carpets and

items, including toys,

g) painting;

the scope and frequency of cleaning modifies the provider in the internal rules.

(2) Clean and the towels and bedding shall be stored separately. Used

towels and bedding shall be stored in the specified space and out of reach of


§ 6

The effectiveness of the

This Decree shall take effect on the date of its publication.


Mgr. Marksová in r.