About Authorized Inspectors

Original Language Title: o autorizovaných inspektorech

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498/2006 Sb.


of 10 June 1999. November 2006

about authorized inspectors

Ministry for regional development shall determine pursuant to section 193 of the Act No. 183/2006

Coll., on zoning and the building code (the building Act):

§ 1

The subject of the edit

This Decree sets out the activities of the coordinating body for authorized

inspectors, content requirements for an application for the appointment of an authorised

Inspector, preparation, implementation and content of the tests, the elements and the way

the keeping of registers of authorized inspectors.

§ 2

(1) coordination body under section 150 para. 1 of the building Act is

Coordinating Council for authorized inspectors (hereinafter referred to as "the Council"), which

provides supporting evidence for the applicant's representation of the Chamber for the appointment

authorized by an inspector, of the persons appointed by the Minister establishes

individual test Commission, manages and unifies the activities of the examination by the Commission

and taking the necessary steps for the preparation and execution of the tests.

(2) the members of the Council shall elect a Chairman and a Vice-Chairman. The Vice-President shall represent the

Chairman. The Council shall meet as required so that they are properly and timely

processed requests on the appointment of an authorized by an inspector,

but at least twice a year.


§ 3

(1) the Examination of applicants are non-public; present can be a member of the Council or

responsible for employee in the Ministry for regional development. They are organized

as necessary, but at least twice a year. Date and place

exam candidates, the Council Announces submitted a request at least 30 days

before the test.

(2) the examination Board are five, their Chairmen appointed by the Council.

The examination Board is quorate if at least three are present

its members. The test controls the President of the Commission. In the event of a tie

a casting vote.

§ 4

(1) the test is focused on verification of the complex of professional theoretical and

practical knowledge, in particular concerning the preparation of constructions, processing

and discussing the design, implementation and use of the buildings.

(2) the examination shall consist of a written and an oral part, then it may be

spread over two days. Conceptual content of the test is given in annex 1 to the

This Decree.

(3) the written exam takes place in the form of a written test, aimed at

legal knowledge and practical assessment model in terms of documentation

its completeness, clarity, and proper arrangement, its compliance with the

legislation, respecting the opinions of the authorities concerned, to comply with

planning, land use, where appropriate, regulatory approval plan

or public service contract, and the other conditions laid down in

the underlying materials for processing documentation. Part of the written

the test Assembly is a draft plan of verification visits of the building in

stages critical to safe design and use of the building.

(4) the oral examination to see whether the Tenderer has the necessary

the context of the knowledge about the process of preparing, planning, permitting and

construction of buildings, and knowledge of the legislation necessary for the exercise of

supervision on the implementation of the construction.

(5) the test result shall be assessed by the statement "pass" If, in the written and

the oral part of the aspirant to succeed; otherwise the statement "fail". The candidate must be

After completion of the test with an informed and, if the dictum "failed" i

with the reasons why the test failed. If the applicant is in the written test

classified statement "fail", the test is discontinued. The candidate,

that he failed during the test, the test may be repeated soon after

one year.

(6) the candidate is also evaluated the statement "fail" If

and without apology) to exam

(b)), from the tests during the withdraws, without serious reasons to do so

(such as health), or

(c) interfering with the progress of the tests).

(7) on the progress of the trials and the reasons for which the applicant in the test

He failed, the Protocol shall be drawn up, a specimen of which is given in annex 2 to this

the Decree.

§ 5

Request for appointment as an authorized inspector of the Tenderer shall submit on a form

a specimen of which is given in annex 3 to this notice.

§ 6

Record keeping

(1) the Chamber of Commerce keeps records of authorized inspectors including data

relating to the preparation, examination, appointment, performance, features and their

their business so as to maintain the protection of their personal data.

(2) in a way allowing remote access will provide evidence of

authorized inspectors name, last name, title, address for service

of documents, date of appointment, and electronic or telephone

If the connection is authorized, the inspector said.

§ 7

The effectiveness of the

This Decree shall enter into force on 1 January 2000. January 1, 2007.


Mgr. Gandalovič in r.

Č. 1

Conceptual content tests to verify the eligibility of candidates for appointment

authorized inspector

(1) a candidate for the appointment of an authorised inspector must demonstrate

knowledge that will allow him to carry out the activities defined zoning laws.

A summary of this knowledge must cover the

the area of construction law),

(b)) the design and implementation of constructions,

(c)) the essential requirements regarding safety and utility properties


(2) in each of the areas of the Tenderer shall prove

and) in the area of construction law knowledge of law with a focus on

1. building law (in particular the principles of territorial decision making including

simplification of procedures, project activity in the construction and permission to

its implementation, the circle of construction progress management, and solution

the opposition parties, cooperation with local authorities, vocational guidance

construction, changes to the buildings before completion, construction management

Journal, the implementation of the monitoring inspections of buildings, the conditions for the use and

changes in the use of the buildings, setting buildings, expert assistance) and its

the implementing decrees, in particular the General requirements for the construction,

2. the administrative procedure, the competence of the Central Government departments (Toshiro Mifune), counties and

communities in matters of construction and urban planning,

3. the authorities concerned and their scope, the resolution of conflicts,

4. the law on technical requirements for products and Government Regulation, which

laying down technical requirements for the selected building products and materials,

the application of technical standards,

5. legal arrangements for special structures such as buildings

roads, railways, and on the runway, water supply and sewerage, energy construction

and buildings for electronic communications,

6. the selected legislation relevant to the construction, for example, about

assessment of the effects on the environment, on integrated pollution prevention and

control of pollution, waste, radiation protection, State conservation area

care, nature and landscape protection, air protection, public health and

protection against noise and vibration, fire protection, mining and geology

the rules and regulations of water rights;

(b)) in the field of design and construction knowledge

1. basic building technology and design from the perspective of

each material variants (for example, the construction of masonry,

concrete, steel, wood and combined),

2. methods of execution of works (monolithic, prefabricated, combined)

and use of construction materials and products,

3. the issue of the establishment of the buildings and the typology of building structures

including their static and dynamic action,

4. the problems of geology and hydrogeology the subsoil and soil mechanics,

hydrogeological surveys of the site,

5. a general understanding of the issues in related areas (device

technical equipment of buildings, building sites, construction staking, etc.), the effects of

construction of the surrounding area;

(c)) in the field of General requirements for the construction, in particular, knowledge of the

the issue of

1. mechanical strength and stability of constructions,

2. fire safety of buildings (in particular, the assessment of the fire risks

construction, fire safety, the determination of the distances from the

neighbouring buildings, escape routes, zones),

3. the health protection requirements of hygiene and protection against noise,

4. the requirements on the protection of the environment and its components,

5. safety in the use of the construction works (including use by persons with reduced


6. Special requirements for selected types of buildings,

7. permitted derogations and exceptions from the General requirements for the construction,

including the requirements of the indoor environment of buildings (e.g., day lighting,

the inner, ventilation),

8. safety when activities carried out using mining techniques when building

the works.

Č. 2


The Protocol of test candidates for the appointment of an authorised


and) name, surname and title of applicant

(b)) the authorization number, scope, and specialization or the number under which the

registered in the Chamber

c) place and date of test

(d) the composition of the Evaluation Commission)

-the President of the


e) test questions

(f) the result of the written part of the test)

(g) the result of the oral part of the exam)

The overall result of the test

The reasons for the interruption of the test

Justification in the event that the candidate is evaluated the statement "fail"

Name, surname and date of signatures

the President and members of the examination Board

Č. 3


Minister for local development

The request of the

on the appointment of an authorised Inspector

On the basis of the outcome of the tests to verify the eligibility for the appointment of an authorised

performed by the supervisor under section 143 paragraph. 1 (b). e) Act No. 183/2006 Coll.

land use planning and the building code (the building Act) under section 143, paragraph 1. 1

(a). and) of the Act on the appointment of an authorised Inspector and for the issue of

the certificate of appointment.

Surname, name, title

Date of birth

The address of the residence or stay of the reporting on the territory of the Czech Republic, or

the address of the place of residence abroad

The authorization number, scope, and specialization or the number under which it is registered in the


Date of exam


-extract from the criminal record, no older than 3 months

-proof of payment of an administrative fee (article 143, paragraph 3

the building Act)

Date signature of the applicant