The Scope Of The Administration Of State Material Reserves

Original Language Title: o působnosti Správy státních hmotných rezerv

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of 25 June 2002. February 1993

the scope of the administration of State material reserves

Change: 272/1996 Coll.

Change: 189/1999 Coll.

Change: 256/2000 Sb.

Change: 241/2000 Coll.

Change: 419/2004 Sb.

Change: 174/2007 Sb.

Change: 151/2010 Sb.

Change: 250/2014 Sb.

Parliament has passed the following Act of the United States:

§ 1

(1) the administration of State material reserves ("Administration") is a central

State authority in the areas of economic measures for crisis

States and State material reserves.

(2) the seat of the Administration is to Prague.

(3) the management is headed by the President, who appoints and dismisses the Government; his

the selection, appointment and dismissal is governed by the civil service.

§ 2

(1) the Administration form

and the head office is based in) Prague,

(b)) the special organizational unit.

(2) the principles and activities of the Organization of the Administration modifies the Statute. The Statute adopts a

the Government.

§ 3

Management secures financing economic measures for crisis

the States of ^ 1) and financing, replacement, substitution, loan, rent, release

the sale, storage, protection and control of the State material reserves and

According to the requirements of contingency plans and take them. The administration carries out the additional

tasks provided for in specific legislation. ^ 1a) these activities

ensures, in conjunction with the other central State administration bodies.

section 3a

(1) based on the initiative of the Ministry of internal affairs management on behalf of the United

the Republic takes on movable property which is in time of crisis conditions

The Czech Republic donated within the foreign humanitarian aid. Starting with the

the date of its receipt is relevant with this Asset Management manage ^ 1b)

and incorporated it in his purpose to the appropriate category of State material


(2) for health crisis Management in the management of proceeds property

referred to in paragraph 1 in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of the Interior.

§ 4

(1) in terms of the purpose of the State material reserves broken down into material reserve

mobilisation reserves, emergency supplies and supplies for humanitarian


(2) the reserves make up the selected basic raw materials, materials,

preparations and products. They are intended to ensure the immunity and

national defence, for the removal of the consequences of crisis situations, and to protect the

the vital economic interests of the State.

(3) the Mobilization of the reserve consists of selected basic raw materials, materials,

semi-finished products, products, machinery and other property value specified for the

ensuring the supply of mobilization. ^ 2)

(4) emergency stocks make up the selected basic materials and products

designed to ensure the necessary supplies ^ 2a) for the support of the population,

the activities of the emergency services and fire rescue after its publication in the

crisis States, ^ 2b) in the secondary economy, ^ 2 c) which cannot be

ensure that in the usual way, and for material humanitarian aid

provided abroad ^ 2d).

(5) inventory for humanitarian aid to make up the selected basic materials and

products after the publication of crisis conditions to free provision of

natural person materially affected seriously.

(6) creation of State material reserves is included in the emergency plans.

§ 5

(1) on the basis of the requirements of contingency plans in process Management proposals

in particular, on the

and material reserves) list of items, their minimum limit and the indicative

target State,

(b)) the release of the reserve and the conditions for its implementation,

(c) the substitution of items material reserves) below the minimum limit, including the determination of

the conditions of its implementation.

(2) the application referred to in paragraph 1, approved by the Government. About these decisions

the Government shall inform the Parliament.

(3) the Government may authorize Management to sell or dispose of material reserves

exceeding the minimum limit that does not serve its purpose. If the Government

otherwise, the Administration may make a substitution material reserves

exceeding the minimum limit.

§ 6

(1) State reserves are the property of the State. The costs for their

acquisition, protecting and storage are to be paid from the State budget. On

reimbursement of expenses for the acquisition of State material reserves, their variations

and záměnách, the Administration may also use income for the State sold the material

in the reserve. These revenues are transferable to the next year and are not income

the State budget.

(2) the Administration, in cooperation with the State agricultural intervention fund

coordinates the volumes and terms of inventory replenishment of agricultural products and

food in reserve and their release for the domestic market and for

any exports.

§ 7

(1) for the unauthorized use of the property for which you want to manage the right management

can save to manage individuals fined up to one million

and legal persons up to five million crowns.

(2) The proceedings referred to in paragraph 1 shall be subject to the General provisions of administrative

control. ^ 3)

(3) a fine imposed under paragraph 1 shall constitute revenue of the State budget.

§ 8

Statutory measures shall be repealed with the Bureau of the National Assembly no.

69/1964 Coll., on administration of State material reserves.

§ 9

This Act shall take effect on the date of publication.

Uhde v.r.

Havel v.r.

Klaus v.r.

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and amending certain related laws, as amended.

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oil shortage and amending some related laws (Act on emergency

oil stocks).

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