About How To Use The Resources Of The State Housing Development Fund

Original Language Title: o použití prostředků Státního fondu rozvoje bydlení

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481/2000 Sb.


from day 4. December 2000

about how to use the resources of the State housing development fund in the form of subsidies to

cover part of the costs associated with the construction of apartments

Modified: 294/2001 Sb.

Change: 141/2002 Sb.

Change: 145/2003 Coll.

Change: 303/2005 Sb.

Change: 209/Sb.

The Government ordered pursuant to section 9 of Act No. 211/2000 Coll. on the State Fund

housing development and amending Act No. 171/1991 Coll., on the scope of the authorities

The United States in cases of transfers of State assets to other persons and the Fund

National Property Fund of the Czech Republic, as amended, to the

the implementation of § 3 para. 1 (b). (c)) of this Act:

§ 1

The subject of the edit

This regulation governs the scope and conditions for the provision of subsidies to municipalities of the

the resources of the State Housing Development Fund (hereinafter referred to as "the Fund") to support the

the construction of rental housing.

§ 2

Definition of terms

In this regulation means

and the rental apartment apartment intended) to satisfy the housing needs of citizens

form of tenancy, including special purpose apartment ^ 1) and an apartment in the House

Special purpose, ^ 2) when these flats in a residential building that is

the construction of housing, in which housing predominates, with the exception of

buildings for housing, which its design corresponds to the request

on family housing, in which more than half the floor space

rooms and spaces intended for housing, and has a maximum of 3 separate apartments,

not more than 2 above ground and 1 underground floor and attic, ^ 3)

(b)) special purpose flat flat especially modified for the accommodation of disabled

people with disabilities, "^ 1")

(c)) in the House of special purpose flat apartment in House nursing home

or in a House with comprehensive facilities for people with disabilities, ^ 2)

d) construction

1. construction of an apartment house with ocean flats [)],

2. the change of the construction, which will create a new rental apartment from space

unfit for habitation, if these facilities were not, or never flat

from the places used for purposes other than housing, or

3. the superstructure, attic or extension, if it creates a new

rental apartment.

§ 3

The conditions for obtaining a grant

(1) a grant may be awarded to the municipality in whose territory is carried out the construction of the

rental apartments in the ownership or co-ownership of the municipality where they are

subject to the following conditions:

the municipality has approved) master plan. The land on which the construction of the

carried out, it is in the possession or ownership of the village. If the construction

performed by changing the construction, superstructure, or an extension of, the attic apartment construction

the building must be in the possession or ownership of the village,

(b) the building contractor will be selected), in accordance with the legislation of the

public procurement,

(c)) rental income from rental apartments with subsidies should not be taken for a period of 20

years from the final decision on the acceptance of the construction (hereinafter referred to as

"acceptance") provided is higher than the rent according to the usměrňované, in substance,

a special legal regulation,

(d)) the municipality does not convert for 20 years from the approval of the ownership of buildings or

a dwelling or non-residential premises in accordance with the law on the ownership of flats ^ 4) on

another person, even a co-ownership share,

(e)) for a period of 20 years from the approval of a change of use shall not be

rental of the apartment for purposes other than habitation, and after this time must be

lease an apartment used by the law of tenancy,

f) in the case of a building with 15 and more, the ocean flats, at least 5% of the

rental apartments, always at least 1 rental apartment, meet the requirements of

established by special legislation, which determines the General technical

conditions ensuring the use of buildings by persons with reduced mobility

motion and orientation of ^ 5); If the with the Minister for local development in

the basis of a written and reasoned request of the municipality's consent, can the construction

100 and more flats within the same investment project to be apartments that meet the

the terms of use by persons with reduced mobility

located in each building uneven, if the proportion of these

the total number of apartments all apartments built communities with grants under this

Regulation is at least 5%, and if, in every building is located

at least one such apartment, with no share of these apartments building

does not exceed one third of the number of all flats in the building,

(g)) the decision on the acceptance not remarry within 3 years from the date of

the provision of subsidies,

h) grant is requested for the construction of rental apartments, which will be launched

until the end of 2002, if the application for a grant is made by the

Ministry for regional development in the framework of the programme of support for the construction of

rental housing and technical infrastructure or in the framework of a programme of support

the construction of the home care service, and if this request

It was not granted.

(2) after the expiry of at least 10 years from the approval of the municipality may make a written request

The amendment of the contract Fund to provide subsidies. The Fund shall conclude an agreement with the municipality of

amendment to the contract under which the municipality will no longer be bound by the terms and conditions for

the granting of the subsidy referred to in paragraph 1 (b). c) to (e)), only if the

If you can justify that the period referred to in the first sentence

has elapsed. At the request of the Fund, showing a copy of the contract for the provision of a village

the subsidies.

(3) paragraph 2 shall not apply if the subsidy was provided for the construction of

House nursing home.

§ 4

The amount of the subsidy

(1) a grant may be awarded to a maximum of 50% of the total costs of the construction

the apartment, and it's up to

320 000 €) on a flat, where, in subparagraphs (a) (b)) to (e)) is not provided for


b) 370 000 CZK per one bedroom apartment renovated former military formed


c) 400 000 CZK in the case of the construction of the apartment on nezainvestovaném territory

at the same time it is necessary to build the technical infrastructure,

d) 500 000 CZK per one bedroom apartment special ^ 1)

e) 700 000 CZK per one bedroom apartment in the House of special purpose. ^ 2)

(2) in the case of an apartment, apartment in special-purpose special purpose House and apartment

resulting from the reconstruction of the former military object can aid in the amount of

referred to in paragraph 1 (b). (b)), d) and (e)) do more than 50% of the cost of its


§ 5

The procedure for the granting of subsidies

(1) a grant may be awarded to the municipality on the basis of a written application submitted to

The Fund.

(2) the written request of the community attaches

a) in the case of new construction, an indication of an approved land use plan of the municipality or

spatial planning of the substrate to the replacement,

(b)), the final building permits,

(c)) an extract from the land register about the ownership of the land on which it is to be

the construction is being carried out

(d) a statement that the village) on the date of submission of the application for a grant has no liabilities

the due date in relation to the State budget and State funds,

e) extract from the land register about the ownership of the building, if the building

by construction, superstructure, or an extension of, the attic apartment construction

f) contract of Association, if the construction is carried out in cooperation between the two

or more investors.

§ 6

The provision of grants under this Regulation shall be in accordance with the

a special law governing the procedure for assessing the compatibility

public support with the obligations arising from the European Agreement establishing an

the association between the Czech Republic on the one hand, and the European

communities and their Member States, of the other part. ^ 6)

§ 7

Checking and sanctions

To check compliance with the conditions of contributions under this regulation and

the application of sanctions against unauthorized use or retention of subsidies paid

special legislation. ^ 7)

Section 7a

Transitional provisions

(1) for the purpose of this regulation, a subsidy may be granted on

the construction of rental apartments that were launched after 1. January 2003, if the

the request was made) and the Ministry for regional development within the framework of the programme

support for the construction of rental housing and technical infrastructure or within

Programme of support for the construction of the home care service by

December 31, 2002,

(b)) on the basis of grant applications submitted under subparagraph (a))

decided to Fund by 31 December 2002. December 2003,

(c) the rent of the apartment), which was granted a subsidy, does not

greater than the product of the acquisition price of the apartment and a monthly 0.00333 coefficient;

the municipality thus provided for rent each year to the 1. July, at the earliest

However, after 12 months, adjust the inflation rate expressed as addition

the average consumer price index for the 12 months of the last

calendar year, against the average of the 12 months of the penultimate calendar

year and published the Czech Statistical Office; the purchase price of the apartment is

shall mean the price recorded by a special legal regulation, ^ 8)

(d)) the village, asking for a subsidy, it meets the other conditions laid down in

This regulation, with the exception of the conditions laid down in paragraph 3 (b). (h))

with the term start of construction.

(2) under the conditions referred to in paragraph 1 (b). b), c) and (d)) can be used to provide

the subsidy for the construction of apartments in houses also the village nursing home,

that has been affected by the floods in 2002, if the request was made

not later than 31 December 2006. December 2002 with the Fund.

§ 8

This Regulation shall enter into force on the date of publication.

Prime Minister:

Ing. Zeman in r.

Minister for local development:

Ing. Lachnit, CSc. v. r.

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