Decree Of Accessibility

Original Language Title: vyhláška o přístupnosti

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64/2008 Sb.


of 7 November. February 2008

on the form of the publication of information related to performance of public administration

through the Web site for people with disabilities

(Decree of accessibility)

Ministry of the Interior shall establish in accordance with § 12 para. 1 (b). (d)) of law No.

365/2000 Coll., on public administration information systems and amending

certain other laws, as amended by Act No. 81/2006 Coll., Act No.

110/2007 Coll. and Act No. 269/2007 Coll.:

§ 1

(1) the form of the publication of information, to ensure that the information

associated with the performance of public administration uveřejňovanými way

allowing remote access to the extent necessary to meet the person

with disabilities, is listed in the annex to this Decree.

(2) If a public authority shall publish the information referred to in paragraph 1 and

in the version that is not in accordance with the form of publication of the information referred to in

This order will allow the Web sites to which such a version

located, access to the website, that the requirements of this

the decrees meet, in a way that is for persons with disabilities

feasible without difficulty.

§ 2

This Decree shall enter into force on 1 January 2000. in March 2008.


Mudr. Mgr. Langer in r.


The rules for creating accessible Web pages

-------- --------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------

The NUMBER of the BINDING FORCE of the rule description


-------- --------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------

Website content must be accessible and readable

-------- --------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------

1 every non-text element bearing semantic communication must have its P

a text alternative.

2 multimedia elements carrying meaning communication must be fitted with P

text subtitles, if it is not just an alternative to an existing

the text of the content.

3 If the nature of the website does not exclude information communicated PP

using scripts, objects, applets, cascading style sheets, cookies

and other accessories, the user must be available without

any of these supplements and pages by default, must be

to operate. Otherwise, the public authority shall communicate the

the information in any other way.

4 information provided the Visual design of Web pages, shapes, P

each of the elements, their sizes, or by placing the order must be

available even in the event that the user cannot perceive these aspects.

5 color information to be communicated shall be available without color P

the resolution.

6 of the foreground and background colors of text (or text in the image) must be against the P

enough contrast when text bears the meaningful communication.

7 font size must be at least can increase 200% and reduce P

at least 50% of the original value with standard features

browser. When such a change in the size must not be lost

content or functionality.

-------- --------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------

Working with a Web page controlled by the user

-------- --------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------

8 content or code of Web pages shall not assume or require P

specific output or control device.

9 content or code of Web pages shall not assume or require PP

specific way to use nor a specific software. If there is a

expected or required of a particular software, it can

only be due to the technical adaptation of the contents of nerealizovatelnosti

and all Web page code softwares.

10 loading a new Web page or redirect it shall be possible only after the

activate the link or after submitting the form.

11 loading a new Web page in a new browser window must be possible

only in justified cases and the user it must be previously


12 on a Web page must be no faster than 3 times per second to a P

significant changes in the color, brightness, size, or position of the element.

13 Sound is inserted on the Web page for more than three seconds must be

on this website you can off or adjust the volume.

14 time limit for working with the Web page must be sufficient. If The PP

This does not preclude the character of the Web page, the user may time out

extended or shut down.

-------- --------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------

The information must be understandable and clear

-------- --------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------

15 Web pages must communicate information in a simple language and PP

in an intelligible form, if the nature of the Web page.

16 Large content blocks must be divided into smaller aptly P

nadepsaných units.

17 Blocks of content that are repeated on multiple Web pages of the PP

of a public authority, it is possible to skip. If a Web page

they do not have great range, you may not be sure to skip repetitive

blocks of content.

-------- --------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------

Control of the website must be clear and comprehensible

-------- --------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------

18 Navigation must be clear and consistent, and on all Web P

pages similar to those of a public authority. From the rest of the content of the Web

the page must be clearly separated.

19 each Web page (in addition to the Web start page) must contain a P

a reference to a higher level in the hierarchy of Web sites and a link to the home

Web page.

20 if this is a more extensive Web site must be in addition to the navigation to PP

There is also a search or link to a map of the website.

Link to a map of the Web pages or the search form must be

available on each Web page.

21 each Web page must have a descriptive name corresponding to its P

the content.

22 Each form element must have a label that articulates the desired content. P

23 If the user makes a mistake when filling out a Web form, must be PP

available information about that item is an error. If it

the character of the Web form does not preclude also must be available

for information about how to remove this error.

24 the link Text or its directly related text must aptly describe the P

target of the link. If the link goes to a different file type than the Web

This page must be completed by a reference type, or communication about the size

This file.

25, each frame must have a suitable name or description that conveys its meaning and P

the functionality of the.

The source code must be technically competent and structured

26-Semantic tags that are used for content formatting, you must be

used in the source code to reflect the importance of the content.

27 Markup Language Elements that are paired, must always have an P

start and end tags. Tag must be properly nested, and must not

experience their crossing.

28 in the source code must be the main language of the Web page content. P

29 the elements constituting the headings and lists must be properly marked in the P

the source code and must be concise.

30 if the table is used to display tabular data, must include a P

the markup for the header rows or columns.

31 contents of all tables should make sense when read left-to-right. P

-------- --------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------

Declaration of accessibility of Web pages

-------- --------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------

32 each Web page must always contain a statement of the form P

the disclosure of the information is in accordance with this Decree (Declaration of

accessibility) or link to this statement.

33 If the public authority any of conditionally mandatory rules PP

referred to under item numbers 3, 9, 14, 15, 17, 20 and 23 in accordance with the

listed condition does not apply, must disclose this information in the

Declaration of accessibility, and their numerical listing, including

the relevant statement of reasons.

-------- --------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------

Abbreviations used: "P" = optional; "PP" = conditionally mandatory