And The Transfer Of Assets Hluboka Branch Of The Czech Republic On The Ground

Original Language Title: A Transfer Of Assets Hluboka Branch Of The Schwarzenberg On The Ground Czech

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143/1947, Sb.


of 10 June 1999. July 1947

on the transfer of the ownership of assets of the Hluboká branch Schwarzenbergů on Earth

The Czech

The constituent National Assembly of the Czechoslovak Republic, have decided to

This Act:

§ 1

(1) the ownership of assets of the genus Schwarzenbergů, the branches of t.. of primogeniture

on the Deep n. Vlt., if you are located in the Czechoslovak Republic,

passes to the extent provided for in paragraph 2 of the Act on the Czech country.

(2) the property referred to in paragraph 1 shall be the agricultural real property,

the forest, the pond, the industrial, commercial and trade, written a library

on Josef Adolf, Prince of Schwarzenbergů, Duke of

Schwarzenbergů and Dr. Adolph Schwarzenberg, starting with all the

buildings and castles with their equipment, with all the rights and obligations of, on the live

even the dead inventory and finally every working capital.

(3) for the assessment of that property of crossing referred to in paragraphs 1 and

2 the country of the Czech Republic, is applicable on the date of State 9. in May 1945. The subject of the

the transfer of the property is not acquired by third persons according to the law of

16. April 199,919. No 215 of prevents large property of the land, and

regulations changing or supplementing it. Annexation under this Act to

items in paragraphs 1 and 2, if you have not yet been transferred to the

a third person, shall be cancelled.

(4) changes in the assets or its parts after 9. May 1945 are

invalid, if the Earth's National Committee in Prague against them no later than

within six months from the effective date of this law raised objections.

§ 2

(1) the property referred to in section 1 will be managed as a whole by the directives

the Earth's National Committee in Prague.

(2) within 3 months from the date of the beginning of the effectiveness of this law shall determine the

the Ministry of agriculture and the National Committee in Prague agreement, which

of agricultural land, which is not an economic unit needed, and in

what area will be allocated to eligible applicants in accordance with the principles of the Decree

the President of the Republic, of 21 April. in June 1945, no. 12, on confiscation and

accelerated distribution of agricultural property of Germans, Hungarians, as well as the traitors

and enemies of the Czech and the Slovak nation, and the Decree of the President of the Republic of

of 20 December. in July 1945, no. 28 on the settlement of agricultural land of Germans,

Hungarians and other enemies of the State Czech, Slovak and other

Slavic farmers. In accordance with the principles of these decrees will be loaded with the

forest area, if it is a lonely forest units smaller than 100 ha. In

doubtful cases shall be decided by the Government.

(3) country Czech is obliged to the creator for historical monuments, of which

property acquired on the basis of this Act.

§ 3

(1) Employees of the assets referred to in § 1 remain their

the staff and contracts with all the rights acquired by existing,

for them the applicable official rules.

(2) all equipment for the benefit of employees, such as foundations, funds and

below, takes over the country United and manages and conducts the way of

existing resources for the benefit of employees taken over, as well as persons,

enjoying retirement, sick, orphans or other pensions.

(3) the obligation to poskytovati from resources arising from the management of the

the assets referred to in § 1, old age, sickness, widows ', orphans ' and other

pensions, the effective date of this Act to the Czech country.

(4) Real sponsorships, how they are connected with real estate, as well as

voluntary performance, remain in its content and scope.

§ 4

Ownership rights, as well as any other rights under

the provisions of section 1 shall be carried out for the benefit of the country, the Czech courts or offices

which are public records of real property or other rights of

at the request of the provincial National Committee in Prague.

§ 5

(1) the property passes into ownership of the former Czech lands without compensation


(2) Previous owners named in § 1, para. 2 provide the country

Czech provident pension in an amount to be determined by the Government.

§ 6

(1) the assets of a separate unit after the legal, economic and

accounting, managed by the Board.

(2) the Board of Directors is composed of 16 members, of whom one shall appoint

a quarter of the Ministers of the Interior, agriculture and industry, two quarters of land

the National Committee in Prague, and that four of the South-Bohemian region; one quarter of the

elect employees converted farms and enterprises. For each Member of the

is appointed or elected by the alternate member. The term of Office is three years.

(3) the Board of Directors is headed by the provincial agricultural officer of the national

Committee in Prague. The Board of Directors shall elect two Vice Presidents on the

the term of Office of three years. One of the deputies is always from among the employees.

The Board of Directors is eligible to usnášeti in the presence of at least half of the

its members and decides by a simple majority of votes.

(4) the powers and responsibilities of the various authorities issue a provincial

the National Committee in Prague.

section 7 of the

All negotiations and acts for the implementation of this law shall be exempt from

taxes, duties and fees. Transferred ownership to discharge the duty of

the eviction.

§ 8

This Act shall take effect on the date of the notice; It shall carry out all

members of the Government.