Work Organisation And Work Practices When Working In The Woods

Original Language Title: organizace práce a pracovních postupů při práci v lese

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28/2002 Sb.


of 10 June 1999. December 2001,

laying down the method of work organization and working practices that

the employer is obliged to ensure that when working in the Woods and in the workplace

of a similar nature

The Government directs pursuant to § 134e para. 2 of Act No. 65/1965 Coll., code

work, as amended by Act No. 155/2000 Coll.:

§ 1

For the purposes of this regulation, means a

and work in the forest) at workplaces of a similar nature of work performed

non-forest land to forest and in the maintenance of forests, parks, orchards, of land

on the road, in a circuit track, riparian vegetation, growing

work, care of the trees, mining, gathering firewood, handling,

storage and hauling wood, work at height on standing trees,

(b)) by the Department head space set aside by the employee for the work


(c)) the affected area of the space in which a person is exposed to danger,

that threatens her health and safety,

(d))-single by an employee of an employee who performs work during

work shifts in the workplace itself and without securing a continuous surveillance,

e) wood pokácený and lop-sided tree in full length, or assortments

wood, resulting from the handling or other processing of the tree,

or its branches,

f) portable chain saw (hereinafter referred to as "chainsaw") portable tools

with the engine, of which the cutting tool is an infinite chain driven by the

the guide rail (hereinafter referred to as "chain"), served by one

an employee,

g) křovinořezem portable tools with the engine, the cutting blade is

rotating blade, knife or cord,

h) hand tools tools used at work in the forest, such as

for example, hand saws, axes, hooks, billet, obracáky and wedges,

I) odvozním means road and a special vehicle designed and equipped with

for hauling wood,

j) mechanizačním means the work or transport the machine, which is

equipped with a separate engine, served by an employee and used in

working in the Woods and the workplaces of a similar nature.

§ 2

(1) the employer shall determine the working procedures and organise the work in the forest and

the workplaces of a similar nature with regard to the activities carried out,

technological procedures, the special features of the workplace, working conditions,

safety the implementation of individual operations and the possibility of danger

employees of the weather conditions, weather situations, animals or


(2) an employee shall be the employer before work is

established working procedures and organisation of the work referred to in paragraph 1

familiar. Must be familiar with the way the provision of first aid and

equipped with personal protective equipment. When the work carried out by the

alone or separately must be acquainted with the rules for employee

communication between employees in the workplace or for communication with the

the head of an employee.

(3) the employer shall equip the employee who carries out work with a portable

or hand tools with blades, bandage package. With regard to the risks

performed by the character of the employment, the workplace and the number of employees

the employer shall ensure that the working area was equipped with means for

first aid supplies, including ensuring the means to

summon emergency medical assistance.

(4) the employer shall ensure that an employee or as an orphan

Working employee off if cannot continue to work

in a safe way, and informed without undue interruption of work

delay of the head, or the employer.

§ 3

Additional requirements on the employer in determining work procedures and

the Organization of work are listed in the annex to this regulation.

§ 4

This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 January 2000. January 1, 2003.

Prime Minister:

Ing. Zeman in r.

1. the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of labour and Social Affairs:

PhDr. In r.


Additional requirements on how the Organization of work and working practices in

working in the Woods and the workplaces of a similar nature


Growing work

1. when the production work, the employer is obliged to ensure the Organization

work and working practices so that workers:

and) moved with the cutting edge hand tools used in the production works,

with the protective cover on the blade,

(b)) when you work with to comply with the manufacturer's instructions provided with the

the use, maintenance and repair; do not use brush cutter with front bezel

protective cover cutting tools, and that is not a prescribed suspension

the device,

(c)) before the beginning of and during the course of the work of kontrovali cutting tool fastening

and technical condition,

(d)) křovinořezem engine stopped while crossing in the workplace on the

the distance is greater than 50 m if the conditions safe for work do not require

stopping the engine running at a smaller distance,

e) moved shredder with not the cutting tool or with the

fitted protective cover.

2. When you're working with the affected area shall be deemed to be a circular

area with a radius of 15 m, unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer of the brushcutter otherwise.


Logging, processing of windfalls, polovývratů and windbreaks

1. when felling trees, the employer is obliged to arrange for the Organization of work

and working practices so that employees worked

and, the weather situation) when the káceného tree safely

comply with the intended direction of felling,

(b)) when temperature is below-15 ° C for the entire period of work,

c) when visibility is below the height of the tree, káceného

(d)) on the slopes, where at the same time work above him and other employees when

There is a danger of spontaneous movement of firewood,

(e)) in the affected area was suspended or standing tree

f) pruning, debarking or shortening the length of the tree in the distance

less than 5 meters between them,

(g)) at the same time on a single tree.

2. when mining activities the employer shall ensure that staff of the nekáceli

another tree through the tree by hanging up on a tree, hanging, neuvolňovali

hanging tree podřezáváním tree, on which hung a tree rests and

neodřezávali hanging tree after sawn rings.

3. The work of the employees in the extraction of timber, the employer shall organise

so, in order to ensure their check at least every 30 minutes

during the work shift and the employee did not work under conditions which

alone cannot ensure a safe cutting down trees.

4. mining activities the employer shall ensure that all employees,

who are moving in an area where there is a risk, in particular the fall of branches and

trees, use protective helmets.

5. when the workflow tree felling, the employer shall

take into account, in particular, the kind of wood species, diameter, and height of the trunk, old age and health

the State tree, the shape of the Crown, the nature of the workplace and climatic conditions and

weather situation and to determine the direction of the felling.

6. before cutting down the tree, the employer shall ensure the safe

exit the path diagonally to the rear of the intended direction of fall of tree so that

can an employee who cut down the tree, retreat before the tree falls on

the ground; at the same time must ensure the cleanup of the area tree from káceného

obstacles and perform cutting and attaching branch reinforced root;

the lower part of the tree up to the height of the shoulders of the employee.

7. when cutting down a tree with a diameter of 15 inches on the stump

the employer shall ensure that a direction notch was made to a depth of one

fifths to one-third of the diameter of the tree; the height of the direction of the notch must

be equal to two-thirds of its depth and the main section with horizontal leads

the top half of the directional slit. To ensure the safe fall into

the specified direction is left nedořez main section with a diameter of 2 cm.

For the tree to a diameter of 15 cm on the stump can be directional notch replace

horizontal cut. Against the grip of the chain saw and to direct the tree to

the direction of the fall to the main section inserts a suitable tool, such as

wood cutting blade or a wedge.

8. when processing napružených trees must be laid in the first cut on the side of the

pressure, strain doříznutí is carried out on the side of the stroke, while an employee

must take a position outside the direction of spring.

9. when limbing and debarking the tree must be work carried out from

the top of the slope above the tree.

10. Vývraty, polovývraty, they did standing or hanging trees must

to be released on a priority basis. If you fail to release the hanging tree, even after

exhausted all the options available during the work shift, must be

released at the latest during the next work shift. When the garbage collector

the hanging tree, you can use one of the following ways

and the tree use mechanical handling equipment) device or cover,

(b)) the rotation of the suspended tree around its axis,

c) pushing a lever, tree

(d) special stahovákem).

11. work in the difficult working conditions, which are particularly

cutting down the trees rotted and rotten, processing of concentrated

windfalls, polovývratů and windbreaks, as well as the felling of trees in the ground

communications within the perimeter of the track and in the protection zones, must be carried out only

for continuous professional supervision specified by the employer.

12. An affected area when felling a tree means a circular area

with a radius of at least twice the height of the káceného tree, if required

the nature of the workplace, even less. Prior to the start of the main section and when you

custom cutting down the tree until its impact on the ground in the affected area

must be a natural person, which do not take place in the affected area


13. In the processing of windbreaks, the employer is obliged to ensure the Organization

work and work processes to

and the employee did not work alone,)

(b)) all access roads and terminal lines have been released


(c)) the procedure of mining partnership approach to vegetation, taking

as a priority, were suspended and polovyvrácené trees,

d) purchased vývraty were processed only after pulling the tree

mechanizačním means

e) before each cut, in addition to limbing employee

prepared a safe exit route,

(f)) when cutting vývratu was the root of pie before the Department tree

secured against reversing; If the root tart inclined in the direction of

the fallen tree trunk can be separated at a distance equal to the

the height of the cake, or to further. After the separation of the strain must be the root of pie

return to the original position and, where appropriate, to separate further usable oddenkovou

part of the tribe.

14. in the mechanized mining of wood must be adjusted before

the mechanisation of the resource for the extraction of firewood made preparation of the workplace

so that they are broken down, the number of stands and the direction vyklizovacích

lines for concentration and the respective handling and

storage space including their designation; at the same time must be

ensure the stability of the mechanized device for the extraction of timber. When

the deployment of more machinery for the extraction of wood on a single

the workplace must be co-ordinated by their operation.

15. An affected area when using the machine for the extraction of firewood means

circular area with a radius of at least twice the height of the tree, káceného

plus the length of the arm of the machine.


Working with the chain saw

1. when working with the chain saw, the employer is obliged to ensure

work organization and working practices so that workers:

and did not work from a ladder) and rozřezávané wood nepřidržovali hands

or feet,

(b)) follow the instructions included in the instructions for use, maintenance and


c) before and during the work as necessary check status

security features of chain saws; When you start holding the chain

the saw by the front handle and clinging to the feet, the saw had resting on

the hard surface and verify that the chain does not touch any subject,

d) stopped the engine of the chain saw if the switch to

the workplace of more than 150 m, if the conditions for safe work

do not require the stopping of the engine is running at a shorter distance. When

Navigate with the chain saw with the engine running should be blocked from running

saw chain safety brake chain.

2. About the State of the chain saw and use throughout the operation is

employer must keep a record that includes, in particular,

identifying information, the date of putting into operation, the number of hours of operation

per month and a record of the results of the inspections and repairs.


Gathering firewood

1. Gathering firewood, the employer is obliged to ensure the Organization

work and work processes to

and not to exceed the permitted) svahová the availability of mechanical handling equipment


(b)) was a respected natural inclination on the landfill of soustřeďovaného wood in the rough;

staff nestoupali the collected wood and do not exceed it


(c) there is a concentration of bezúvazkovém) wood in the workplace, where

There is a risk of spontaneous movement of firewood,

d) employees help in internal angles of rope, between

under the ropes, ropes, under a suspended load and in the long direction stretched

LAN and neusměrňovali load hand rope are on the move,

e) employees in the affected area is not lifted,

transported and of wood when its concentration by helicopter,

(f)) was a respected a ban on entry into the affected area of the workplace, and were

used safety signs and signals, and before the start of the merger

the obstacles have been removed from the timber terminal lines and designed the affected

for each work operation, in particular areas for the performance of the fuel

and for the maintenance of equipment and the number of and location of landfills


g) gathering firewood chopper navigated a helicopter

a staff member of the Earth and the other an employee of consolidating or unfastening my

cargo being carried,

(h)) at the workplace, where there is a risk of spontaneous movement of firewood and the loss of

stability of the mechanized the device when operating, with wood vyklizovalo

the rope using a directional pulley; the release of wood on the slope of hand tools

must always be carried out from the top of the slope over the tree,

I) gathering wood rope transport facilities (hereinafter referred to as

"cableway installations") is just the reels stop sign

the employee who secures or releases the wood and use

provided for signalling and a staff member who attaches or wood

releases, watching its movement and moved so as not to

his contact with a relaxed, přetrženým pulley rope or odvalujícím is

timber. When you capture the wood of the barrier must be given a signal to stop

the running rope device.

2. Gathering wood horse cover must be time before the

fitting or removing timber from the odepnut cover, in order to avoid

possible injury to the employee during a sudden movement of the cover; employee

accompanied by trailing the timber at a safe distance, on the slope of the top of the

over the skin and in the corners of the horse must lead from the inside.

3. exceptionally, in the case of weak and short timber assortments,

vyklizování and carrying the wood by hand. Free running

the slope of the Viewports in the affected area must not be, in addition to

employees performing the job, another individual.

In the.

Handling and storage of wood in the rough

1. in the handling and storage of wood in the rough, the employer is obliged to ensure

work organization and working practices so that workers:

and for handling the temporary line) cross-cut saw from cut, if not

wood in the calm and stabilized,

(b)) nerozřezávali crossed the wood; manually nemanipulovali when it

navalování to the conveyor,

(c)) nadúrovňových after construction of stationary conveyors and

do not exceed the longitudinal carriers fly beyond the specified transitions,

(d)) of the Apostles on the stored wood,

e) nevyprošťovali rope manually and do not exceed them if they are in

movement and not in the affected area in rozkulování wood.

2. when the free storage of wood in a landfill, it is necessary to adhere to the

such a tendency of wood to avoid its spontaneous

motion; to ensure the locking wedges are used.

3. When you manually navalování the logs must not wood storage wood

exceed the 1.5 m; the manipulation is done after the individual pieces

firewood is stored in a single layer.


Hauling wood

1. the removal of timber, the employer is obliged to arrange for the Organization of work

and working practices so that workers:

and not loading on logging) or unloading from odvozního

a resource that is not secured against movement and roll over,

(b)) nepopojížděli with the burden of a suspended on hydraulic arms,

(c) to help the affected) area loaded or stacked


(d)) didn't carry wood unsecured against moving and falling out of the odvozního


2. The cargo area odvozního resource of wood stores so that

cargo for klanic does not exceed more than half form folds a Center

the load does not exceed the height of the klanic of more than 35 cm. For output to a

the loading area must be equipped with a means of logging truck ladders or tight

built-in steps shall be installed.


Work at height

1. when working at height on standing trees, the employer is obliged to

to ensure the Organization of work and working practices so that workers:

and worked in the Crown) standing tree unless they are equipped to

work at height; in the Crown of the tree is stationary may only work one

an employee, who must be protected another employee standing at the foot of

the tree,

(b)) did not work when the weather situation where dangerous

fluctuations of the trees,

c) worked at a temperature lower than-10 ° C during the work shift.

2. When working at height on standing trees must be at the workplace

at least two employees; for output to the trees are used

in particular, the safety device or the restraint belts and steel running boards.

3. prior to the commencement of work by the employer must be circumscribed by the affected

space and fixed signalling rules between an employee on

the country and the employer performing work at heights. Hand tools,

the Crown tree is transported by means of ropes, its use provides this

the activities specified by the employee.

4. Cutting the branches of the Crown standing tree using chain saws

carried out, in particular, of the working platforms or using other special

the techniques used for working at height. The employee and the chain saw must

be when you output to a tree, during work and during the descent, in detention

against the fall of independent fall arrest system resources, fixed to work

platform or to a tree outside the zone of the work to be performed.

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