To Mitigate Certain Property Injustices Caused By The Holocaust

Original Language Title: o zmírnění některých majetkových křivd způsobených holocaustem

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212/2000 Coll.


of 23 December 2003. June 2000

to mitigate certain property injustices caused by the Holocaust, and about

Amendment of the Act No. 243/1992 to regulate certain issues

relating to Act No. 229/1991 Coll., on the adjustment of the ownership

land and other agricultural property as amended by Act No. 93/1992 Coll., on

as amended

Change: 227/2002 Sb.

Change: 531/2006 Sb.

Parliament has passed the following Act of the United States:



§ 1

(1) To mitigate certain property-related injustices that, in the period from 29. September

1938 to 8. May 1945 the Jewish community suffered, foundations and associations by imprisonment

their property as a result of transfers or transition of ownership,

which have been declared invalid the Presidential Decree No.

5/1945 Coll., Act No. 128/1946 Coll., are converted into free of charge

ownership of the Federation of Jewish communities in the Czech Republic or to the

ownership of the Jewish communities in the Czech Republic things owned by the State

the effective date of this Act, that before these transfers or transitions

declared void are in possession of the Jewish community, foundations and associations

unless it is a

and) agricultural land and forest land demarcated the borders of national parks,

national nature reserves, national nature monuments,

nature reserves and natural monuments and the first protected zone

landscape areas,

(b)) things that Czech Republic is essential to the performance of its functions

arising from legislation and the fulfilment of these functions cannot be used

other things,

(c) land on which a building), which is not among the assets seized from

Jewish municipalities, foundations and associations, or

d) land that is undeveloped, which is subject to the provisions of

subparagraph (b)), or form a single functional unit.

(2) things owned by the State listed in the annex to this Act shall

transferred free of charge to the ownership of the Jewish Museum in Prague within 30 days

from the date of entry into force of this Act.

§ 2

(1) the Federation of Jewish communities in the Czech Republic 30. June 2002

the Government will submit a list of goods pursuant to § 1 (1). 1, in which determine who have

the property without charge to be converted.

(2) the Government shall determine the matters referred to in § 1, which will be free of charge

converted in accordance with paragraph 1 and shall determine the procedure for their transfer.

§ 3

(1) works of art, which has been in the period from 29. September 1938 to 4. may

1945 deprived of natural persons as a result of transfers or transitions

of property rights, which have been declared null and void by the Decree of the President of the

No. 5/1945 Coll., Act No. 128/1946 Coll., and which are to

the effective date of this Act, the State-owned, are converted

free of charge to the ownership of a natural person, which is against detention

owned, and if this person died, converted to ownership

her husband, or into the possession of her descendants, if the original

the owner and his or her spouse died.

(2) free transfer referred to in paragraph 1 shall be carried out on the basis of the request,

that can be applied against the person with the assets managed by

a special legal regulation.

§ 4

Gratuitous transfer of goods pursuant to section 1 shall be obliged to make the one who with the

the property owned by the United States is running under a special

legal regulation.

§ 5

Disputes arising from the application of this part of the Act are decided by the courts.


Amendment to Act No. 243/1992 to regulate certain issues

related to the law of the land, as amended

§ 6

Act No. 243/1992 to regulate certain issues relating to

the Act No. 229/1991 regulating ownership of land and other

agricultural property as amended by Act No. 93/1992 Coll., Act No.

441/1992 Coll., Constitutional Court No. 29/1996 Coll. and Act No. 30/1996

Coll., is amended as follows:

1. In article 2, paragraph 1, the following paragraph 2 is added:

"(2) a qualified person is a citizen of the United Kingdom further state that

lost property in the range specified by the special předpisem2) in the period from 29.

September 1938 to 8. in May 1945, and his property claims by Presidential Decree

President of the Republic No. 5/1945 Coll., on the invalidity of certain

property-legal proceedings from the time of oppression and a national managing

assets of Germans, Hungarians, traitors and collaborators and some

organisations and institutions, or by Act No. 128/1946 Coll., on the invalidity of the

some property-legal proceedings from the time of oppression and other interventions

the vzcházejících property, but this property was not the person entitled

returned, nor been compensated under those provisions, although they

compensated, nor was it should be compensated according to international treaties

concluded between the Czechoslovak Republic and other States after the second

After World War II. ".

Paragraphs 2 and 3 shall become paragraphs 3 and 4.

2. In article 2 (2). 3, after the words "in paragraph 1, the words" or "2".

3. in section 3, paragraph 1 reads:

"(1) eligible persons shall be issued for real estate, which were transferred to the State or the

another legal entity under the conditions referred to in § 2 (2). 1 and 2. ".

4. section 6, including footnote 5a):

"section 6

(1) case cannot be issued,

and if you already have) was released by a special Act,

(b)) if the effective date of this Act regarding her approved

privatization project,

(c)) where the effective date of the law decision on her


(d)) was to release its claim on the issue until the final

a decision on this claim.

(2) the beneficiary shall be entitled to the refund to be granted in accordance with

special legislation. ^ 5a) compensation for property that cannot be

issue, and the procedure for the application of the refund system lays down specific legal

prescription. ^ 5)

§ 18a paragraph 5a). 2 of the Act No. 229/1991 Coll., as amended by Act No. 182/1993

Coll. ".

5. In Article 11a the following paragraph 3 is added:

"(3) a person authorized under section 2 (2). 2 may exercise the right to issue

of the property under this Act, not later than 30 June 2005. June 2001. ".



§ 6

(1) the provisions of part one of this Act shall become effective on the first day

of the second month following the date of publication.

(2) the provisions of part II of this Act shall become effective on the date of


Klaus r.

Havel, v. r.

in the financial times in the r..


Things in State ownership, which shall be transferred pursuant to § 1 (1). 2

1. Jewish Museum 27 486, Frant. Meister, mercury with Akteonem and the herd

oil, 950x770 mm

National Gallery O 10733, Central European painter 1. item 18. century.,

Mythological scene, oil on canvas, 945x770 mm

2. Jewish Museum 60537, v. Špála, illustration to Grandma's, watercolor,

295x440 mm

NATIONAL GALLERY DK 5310, Špála Václav, illustration to Grandma's, watercolor,

295x440 mm

3. Jewish Museum 60539, v. Špála, rustic jug, oil, 450x360 mm

National Gallery O 11013, Špála Václav, bouquet in a blue vase, oil,

canvas, 460x370 mm

4. Jewish Museum 60540, Jan Slavicek, still life, watercolor, 620x500 mm

NATIONAL GALLERY DK 5309, Jan Slavicek, still life, watercolor, 620x500 mm

5. Jewish Museum 60 556, Žufan, farmyard, watercolour, 240x310 mm

National Gallery K 43125, Žufan Bořivoj, farmyard, watercolour, 240x310


6. Jewish Museum 60569, Max Schurmann, spring landscape, oil, 770x620


National Gallery O 11007, Schurmann Max, the road above the village, oil,

cardboard, 770x615 mm

7. Jewish Museum 60571, Emil Filla, still life, oil, 380x540mm NATIONAL

GALLERY of 11018, Filla Emil, still life with a tray and a bottle of wine, oil,

canvas, 380x555 mm

8. Jewish Museum 60572, v. Špála, Yugoslav landscape, watercolour,

480x630 mm

National Gallery K 43133, Špála Václav, Yugoslav landscape, watercolour,

480x630 mm

9. Jewish Museum 60578, Jan Bauch, female nude, oil, 400x580mm

National Gallery O 11020, Bauch Jan, female nude, oil, canvas, 585x405


10. Jewish Museum 60580, Vlaminck, French village, Path

watercolor, 455x545 mm

NATIONAL GALLERY DK 5319, Vlaminck, French village Road, watercolor,

455x545 mm

11. Jewish Museum 60581, Maurice Utrillo, the Church of St. Petra market

in Paris, watercolor, 500x655 mm

National Gallery K 43129, Utrillo, Maurice, the Church of St. Petra market

Paris, watercolor, 500x655 mm

12. Jewish Museum 60587, Unknown Russian author, Large still life, oil,

1250x1430 mm

National Gallery O 11034, Russian painter from 1911, Floral still life,

oil, canvas, 1255x1430mm

13. Jewish Museum 60589, Žufan, large flower Bush, watercolour, 570x440


National Gallery K 43126, Žufan Bořivoj, large flower Bush, watercolour,

570x440 mm

14. Jewish Museum 60608, Paul Signac, a steamship on the Seine, oil, 740x920


National Gallery O 11032, Signac Paul, the Seine at Samois, oil on canvas,

740x925 mm

15. Jewish Museum 60609, v. Zykmund, memory of a deserted house, oil,

520x655 mm

National Gallery O 11029, Zykmund v., deserted house, oil, canvas,

505x655 mm

16. Jewish Museum 60618, Vlaminck, small town in winter, drawing, 450x550


NATIONAL GALLERY DK 5320, Vlaminck, small town in winter, drawing, 450x550 mm

17. Jewish Museum 60619, Vlaminck, French village in winter,

drawing, 450x550 mm

NATIONAL GALLERY DK 5321, Vlaminck, French village in winter, drawing,

450x550 mm

18. Jewish Museum 60620, Vlaminck, French village, 600x700 mm

National Gallery K 43120, French village, drawing, 600x700 mm

19. Jewish Museum 60623, v. Sychra, lying women. nude, oil, 490x930 mm

National Gallery O 11008, Sychra v., Reclining nude, oil, canvas, 480x940


20. Jewish Museum 60630, v. Špála, still life, oil, 320x410 mm NATIONAL

Gallery O 11014, Špála Václav, still life with watermelon, oil, canvas, 310x405


21. Jewish Museum 60631, Kubišta, landscape with the factory, oil, 670x820


National Gallery O 11015, Kubišta b., the factory at Bráník, oil on canvas,

670x825 mm

22. Jewish Museum 60648, women's portrait, oil, 1100x800 mm NATIONAL

GALLERY 011002, Sychra v., Lady in red, oil on canvas,

1100x790 mm

23. Jewish Museum 60653, Prof. Wagner, summer landscape, oil, 540x680


National Gallery O 11004, Wagner k., landscape with trees, oil, canvas,

540x675 mm

24. Jewish Museum 60654, Salzmann Martin, female nude, oil, 550x450


National Gallery O 11024, Salcman, nude women, oil, canvas, 550x460 mm

25. Jewish Museum 60661, j. Bauch 1930, dancing in the night bar, oil,

580x835 mm

National Gallery O 11069, Bauch Jan (Rykr?), dancing at the Café, oil,

canvas, 675x825 mm

26. Jewish Museum 60663, Segal a., route 27 in the orchards, oil, 680x890


National Gallery O 10991, Segal a., landscape with walkers, oil on canvas,

685x890 mm

27. Jewish Museum 60667, a. Adámek, Dalmatian coastal landscape,

oil, 500x620 mm

National Gallery O 10998, Adámek, Dalmatian and landscape II, 1937, oil,

canvas, 495x630 mm

28. Jewish Museum 60672, e. a. LoNárodní galerieen, river landscape,

oil, 590x610 mm

National Gallery O 11016, Pittermann-LoNárodní galerieen, e. a., factory

at the River, oil, canvas, 580x605 mm

29. Jewish Museum 60674, n. Berry, mountain landscape, oil, 430x600


National Gallery O 10996, n. Berry, a mountainous landscape with a House for

path, oil, canvas, 435x610 mm

30. Jewish Museum 60680, o. Kerhart, Corsican landscape, oil, 649x750


National Gallery O 11022, Kerhart a., Southern landscape with extras will be figurative,

oil, canvas, 630x755 mm

31. Jewish Museum 60684, a. Moravec, 2 girls and a flower vase,

oil, 480x650 mm

National Gallery O 11023, Moravec a., two women at the table, oil, cardboard,

475x630 mm

32. Jewish Museum 60685, e. Huber, Panorama, oil, 700x1000mm

National Gallery O 11006, Huber e., Kuessnacht, oil on canvas,


33. Jewish Museum 60687, j. Klein von Diepold, factory yard, oil,

600x800 mm

National Gallery O 10995, Klein von Diepold, market garden,

oil, canvas, 620x775 mm

34. Jewish Museum 60688, Cyprian Majerník, Don Quixote, 290 x 420 mm

NATIONAL GALLERY DK 5315, Majerník Cyprian, Don Quixote, drawing, 290 x 420


35. Jewish Museum 60689, Dufresne, in the Studio, drawing, 300x390 mm

NATIONAL GALLERY DK 5323, Dufresne, in the Studio, drawing, 300x390 mm

36. Jewish Museum 60691, Signac, landscape, watercolour, 280x440 mm

National Gallery K 43068, Signac a., landscape, watercolour, 280x440 mm

37. Jewish Museum 60692, Boř. Žufan, forest landscape, oil, 650x1000 mm

National Gallery O 11021, Žufan Bořivoj, a House among the trees, oil, canvas,

650x1000 mm

38. Jewish Museum 60693, v. Špála, Large flower., oil, 950x700mm

National Gallery O 11009, Špála Václav, bouquet in vase, oil on canvas,

950x700 mm

39. Jewish Museum 60694, v. Špála, small town in summer, oil, 650x810 mm

National Gallery O 11012, Špála Václav, Church in the resort town, oil,

canvas, 645x815 mm

40. Jewish Museum 60700, v. Špála, House in orchards, oil, 810x660 mm

National Gallery O 11011, Špála, in the Park, oil, canvas, 810x650 mm

41. Jewish Museum 60702, j. Grus, landscape, oil, 800x990 mm NATIONAL

Gallery O 11005, Grus Jaroslav, the path among the trees, oil, canvas,

800x990 mm

42. Jewish Museum 60704, v. Sychra, portrait of a lady, oil, 660x500 mm

National Gallery O 11010, Sychra v., portrait of a woman, oil, canvas,

655x500 mm

43. Jewish Museum 60705, Maurice Utrillo, vision of Calvados, oil,

350x460 mm

National Gallery O 11030, Utrillo Mauric, vision (Calvados), oil on canvas,

380x460 mm

44. Jewish Museum 60707, Vlaminck, landscape, watercolour, 300x385mm

NATIONAL GALLERY DK 5317, Vlaminck, landscape, watercolour, 300x385mm

45. Jewish Museum 60708, a. Derain, portrait of women, oil, 360x270 mm

National Gallery O 11031, Deraine André, the head of a young woman, oil, canvas,

355x270 mm

46. Jewish Museum 60710, a. Adámek, Dalmat. landscape, oil, 560x685 mm

National Gallery O 10994, Adámek, Dalmatian landscapes and i., oil on canvas,

560x680 mm

47. Jewish Museum 73002, Duša, Folk words. mountains, copper, 295x395 mm

NATIONAL GALLERY R 150890, Duša, Slovak mountains Folk, copper, 295x395


48. Jewish Museum 73003, Willi Nowak, 3 girls, oil, 440x570 mm

National Gallery O 11027, Nowak w., three girls with cherries, oil, canvas,

420x555 mm

49. Jewish Museum 73006, Willi Nowak, river landscape, oil, 370x495 mm

National Gallery O 11028, Nowak w., summer landscape with figural extras will be,

oil, canvas, 365x495 mm

50. Jewish Museum 73007, Rud. Bém, skating rink, oil, 900x825mm

National Gallery O 10993, Bém Rudolf, Embankment in winter, oil on canvas,

900x815 mm

51. Jewish Museum 73008, Otto Dill, polo players, oil, 500x680mm

National Gallery O 10985, Dill Otto, polo players, oil, wood, 500x660 mm

52. Jewish Museum 73012, Bedř. Kausek, Spain. mountain city, oil,

1000x850 mm

National Gallery O 11003, Kausek f., southern town with a bridge, oil, canvas,

1005x855 mm

53. Jewish Museum 73016, v. Heise, river landscape, oil, 470x620 mm

National Gallery O 11001, Heise v., houses with the river and a bridge, oil, canvas,

480x600 mm

54. Jewish Museum 73020, Willi Nowak, Bath. the company, watercolor,

NATIONAL GALLERY DK 260x330 mm 5314, Nowak w., basking company

watercolor, 260x330 mm

55. Jewish Museum 73024, Willi Hamacher, Paličkářky, oil, 760x1030


National Gallery O 11000, Willy Hamacher, women repairing fishing nets,

oil, canvas, 750x1000 mm

56. Jewish Museum 73138, Aug. Bromse, summer night, copper, 290x180 mm

The NATIONAL GALLERY of 150889, Bromse, and R., summer night, copper, 290x180 mm

57. Jewish Museum 89309, Otakar Nejedlý, mountain landscape at sunrise

the Sun, oil, 485x575 mm

National Gallery O 10997, Nejedlý o., landscape with a castle, oil on canvas,

480x585 mm

58. Jewish Museum 89495, Renoir Auguste, nude, oil, 250x175mm

National Gallery O 10869, Renoir Auguste, standing nude outdoor, oil,

canvas, 255x180 mm

59. Jewish Museum 97007, Filla Emil, still life, oil, 350x240mm

National Gallery O 11017, Filla Emil, still life with head salmon, oil,

canvas, 240x350 mm

60. Jewish Museum 97024, Marvánek o., ploughing, oil, 490x650 mm

National Gallery O 11026, Marvánek o., Ploughing with cows, oil, cardboard,

490x650 mm

61. Jewish Museum 97028, Rodionov m., old man, oil, 540x435 mm

National Gallery O 10992, Rodionov n., head of an old man, oil on canvas,

545x435 mm

62. Jewish Museum 97030, Rodionov m., Head of the Russian monk, oil,

500x400 mm

National Gallery O 11033, Rodionov n., Character of Dostoevsky's, oil,

canvas, 505x405 mm

63. Jewish Museum 97018, Oldř. Hobby, a fisherman on the sea coast,

oil, 550x650 mm

National Gallery O 11025, Koníček o., southern town, oil, canvas, 555x665