About The Army Of The Czech Republic And Amendments Of Some Related Regulations

Original Language Title: o Armádě ČR a o novelách některých souvisejících předpisů

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The Czech National Council

of 21 June 1999. December 1992

about the army of the United States and of amendments and additions to certain related

the laws of the

Change: 224/1999 Coll.

Change: 298/2007 Sb.

Change: 375/2007 Sb.

The Czech National Council decided on the following Act:


Army of the Czech Republic

§ 1


§ 2


§ 3

(1) there shall be established the other budgetary organization and allowance organizations

existing on the date of dissolution of the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic in the

the scope of the Federal Ministry of defence of the Czech Republic.

The Organization set up under the first sentence can be changed or cancelled

the Ministry of defence of the Czech Republic as the founder in accordance with generally

binding legislation.

(2) State-owned enterprises set up by the Federal Department of defence, based on

the territory of the Czech Republic with the law of management of the property of Czech and Slovak

The Federal Republic, which, according to the constitutional law on the Division of the property

The Czech and Slovak Federal Republic between Czech Republic and

The Slovak Republic and its transition to the Czech Republic and the Slovak

Republic are transferred to the Czech Republic, are considered to be established by the

the Ministry of defence of the Czech Republic.

§ 4


§ 5

Business ratios of the Czechoslovak Army soldiers, who are at the date of its

the demise of the members of the military services, and the device referred to in § 2 or

members of other budgetary organizations, organizations

and State-owned enterprises referred to in § 3, do not disappear, and these are

become members of the army of the Czech Republic in the military achieved


§ 6

(1) civilian employees of the Federal Ministry of Defense become

civil servants of the Ministry of defence of the Czech Republic.

(2) the Czechoslovak Army civilian employees who are in the

proportion to the military services and facilities referred to in section 2 and the other

budgetary organizations referred to in § 3 (1). 1, become civil

the staff of the army of the Czech Republic.

(3) civilian employees of the Czechoslovak army, who are in the

proportion to the contribution the organizations referred to in § 3 (1). 1 shall remain

civil employees of these organizations.



§ 7




§ 8



Amendment and supplement of the law of the Czech National Council No. 550/1991 Coll., on the

General health insurance, as amended

§ 9

The law of the Czech National Council No. 550/1991 Coll., on general health

insurance, as amended by Act of the Czech National Council No. 592/1992 Coll. and act

The Czech National Council No. 10/1993 Coll., shall be amended and supplemented as follows:

1. In section 10, paragraph 1, the following paragraph 2 is added:

"(2) Soldiers in active service, and students of military schools, preparing

the service of a soldier by profession and there are soldiers in active service, are

insured with Military health insurance. Basic health care for them

provides a health establishment, the garrison, and if it is not established, other

medical equipment, with which the Military insurance company concluded a contract of

the provision of health care. Follow-up out-patient or in-patient care

provides medical device designed by a doctor, who provided the basic

health care. The doctor can vote only in the context of the health care facility

referred to in the second and third sentence. ".

Paragraphs 2 and 3 shall become paragraphs 3 and 4.

2. In section 10, paragraph 2 shall be deleted, the words "compulsory

military, or ".


Change and the addition of the Czech National Council Act No. 586/1992 Coll., on insurance

for general health insurance

§ 10

The Czech National Council Act No. 592/1992 Coll., on premiums for General

health insurance, shall be amended and supplemented as follows:

1. in § 5 para. 3, the words "If the insured person has chosen to" be replaced by

the words "for which the insured person is insured".

2. Note No 20 footnote reads:

"20) § 10 para. 1 and 2, and section 11 (b). ) to c) of Act No. 550/1991 Coll.,

as amended by Act No. 593/1992 Coll., Act No. 10/1993 Coll. and act

No. 15/1993 Coll. ".

3. In section 27 para. 1 at the end of this sentence: "connects Military Health

the insurance company tells the necessary data to the register on all their

insured individuals with regard to the manner of keeping the registry General

health insurance and having regard to the need for the protection of classified

reality. ".



§ 11


Common, transitional and final provisions

§ 12

If a soldier or soldier in the other services until 31 December 2007. January 1993

of release from the service, will be released at their own request

According to the provisions in force until 31 December 2006. December, 1992. ^ 2)

section 13 of the

(1) citizens of the United States National Service in the army of the Slovak Republic

until 31 December 2004. March 1993 does not consider foreign military service. ^ 3)

(2) a military oath carried out until 31 December 2006. Whereas citizens of the United

States in accordance with the existing legislation is considered a military

the oath carried out by the Czech Republic.

(3) the soldiers referred to in section 14 shall be obliged to execute the military oath to

one month from the date of the granting of citizenship of the Czech Republic.

§ 14

The citizens of the Slovak Republic, who are the effective date of this Act,

professional soldiers of the army of the United States, can perform this service

until 31 December 2006. March 1993. After that date they can service in the army of the Czech Republic

exercise, provide proof that they have applied for release from citizenship

The Slovak Republic, up to the date of the request for the grant of

citizenship of the United States, but not later than 31 December 1998. December 1993.

§ 15

The effectiveness of the

This Act shall take effect on 1 January 2000. January 1993.

Uhde v.r.

Klaus v.r.

2) Eg. Act No. 76/1959 Coll., on certain service conditions of soldiers,

as amended (full text of the No 361/1992 Sb.)

3) § 56 of the Defence Act No. 92/1949 Coll., as amended

(the full text of no. 331/1992 Sb.).