On The Conditions And Modalities For The Return Of Property Rights

Original Language Title: o podmínkách a způsobu navrácení majetkových práv

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The Czech National Council

of 22 March. May 1991

on the conditions and modalities for the return of the property rights arising from the

Act No. 175/1990 Coll. repealing Act No. 68/1956 Coll.

Organization of physical education, and adapting some other relationships

regarding the voluntary physical training organisations

Change: 312/1991.

The Czech National Council agreed on this law:

§ 1

(1) this Act regulates the conditions and the way of the return of property rights

According to Act No. 175/1990 Coll. as amended by Act No. 247/1991.

(2) the Authorized organizations for the recovery of property rights are

Czechoslovak Sokol and others again arising from the voluntary

the Organization, which was property rights withdrawn laws no 187/1949 Coll., no.

71/1952 Coll. and no 68/1956 Coll., which exercises its rights in the legal

the successor to the organization listed in section 2 of the Act No. 68/1956 Coll. on the organisation

physical education, to 31. December 1991.

§ 2

(1) a claim for the recovery of the property rights of the beneficiary organisation shall apply

a written challenge within the time limit referred to in section 2 of the Act No. 175/1990 Coll., as amended by

law 247/1991 Coll. on the successor to the organization listed in section 2 of the Act

No 68/1956 Coll. (hereinafter referred to as "mandatory").

(2) the written call connects the beneficiary organisation

and) the registration document referred to in the special regulation ^ 1) and its statutes,

b) documents proving the claim; ^ 2) in the case of recovery of the rights to

movable things documents proving where the thing is.

(3) deleted

§ 3

(1) where the beneficiary organisation shall submit the documents referred to in section 2 (2). 2, closes

It required the organization within 30 days an agreement on the return of property rights.

(2) if required the Organization to conclude an agreement referred to in paragraph 1, the

the beneficiary organizations to exercise their rights with the authorities of arbitrage

not later than 31 December 2006. July 1992.

§ 4

Property rights to the extent referred to in § 1, return to authorized organizations

in the State in which they are movable and immovable things at the date of conclusion of the agreement.

§ 5

Eligible organizations are required to, within 60 days after the acquisition of the property to

immovable property to make the proposal to the appropriate Center of Geodesy at the registration

This property in the register of real estate. ^ 3)

§ 6

This law shall enter into force on 1 January 2005. June 1991.

Burešová, in r.

Pithart in r.

1) Law No. 68/1951 Coll., on voluntary organizations and gatherings,

in the wording of later regulations. Act No. 83/1990 Coll. on the Association


2) Eg. vindicative decrees.

3) Law No 22/1964 Coll., on registration of real estate.